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         Selecting Your Favorite Allegro Coffees & Espressos
Single Origins

These unblended, single-farm selections are the result of our search for the one coffee in every
crop year that most completely embodies the flavors of a classic growing region.

Central & South America

Colombian Vintage Select Allegro offers the finest regional Colombians available. Relative to other
Latin American coffees, Colombians are full-bodied and hearty, and offer delicious flavors of
caramel and walnut.

Costa Rican Dota This outstanding regional coffee offers hearty, full body, refreshing acidity and a
delightfully tangy milk chocolate note in its long, sweet finish. Year in and year out a true Central
American grand cru.

Guatemalan Antigua, from selected estates At their best, estate grown coffees from the Antigua
region are the finest coffees in all of Central America. High altitude and rich volcanic soil provided
by the three volcanoes surrounding Antigua, combine with a long, slow growing season, allow the
coffee to develop great flavor concentration. Lively and luscious, the classic Antigua flavor is a
complex interweaving of ripe fruit, bittersweet chocolate and peppery spice. As elegant and
multifaceted as a fine cognac.

East Africa & Arabia, Exotic & Fruity

Kenya Grand Cru While the overall quality of Kenyan coffee is the highest in the world, we select
only those few estate-grown offerings which possess the classic Kenyan profile: black currant
fruitiness, wine-like acidity and plush body. There is no finer coffee grown anywhere on earth.

Indonesia and the Pacific, Smooth & Earthy

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea produces some of the world's greatest, yet least known
coffees. Our current selection from the Arona and Sigri farms offers a perfect balance of Indonesian
richness with Central American-style crispness. Perhaps the most perfectly balanced coffee in the

Sumatra Blue Batak This exquisite Sumatran coffee has been triple sorted by hand to ensure the
purest, sweetest flavor possible. Creamy and smooth with tremendous depth of flavor.

Sulawesi While not as well known as Sumatran arabicas, coffees from the nearby island of Sulawesi
are equally prized. This coffee is enormously full-bodied and satisfying, with herbal and earthy
flavors, and a creamy butter-caramel finish.

Allegro's approach to blending stems from an appreciation of great single origin coffees. Our goal is
to preserve and present classic varietal flavors in new combinations, which offer a degree of
complexity and consistency that no single coffee can provide.

Light and Bright Blends

Allegro Blend Bright and bursting with aroma, our namesake blend combines the very best Central
American coffees available. The moderate roast makes Allegro Blend the drip breakfast coffee par
excellence - a showcase for the refined high mountain flavors that are our specialty.

Masai Blend The all-African blend has an intense, apricot-like aroma, brisk, fruity flavors
reminiscent of currants and blackberries, and a long, spicy finish. Exotic yet accessible, Masai Blend
is particularly good for drip and vacuum pot brewing.

Round, Rich and Full-Bodied Blends

Café Blend™ Hearty and full-bodied, with flavors reminiscent of dark chocolate laced with sweet
spice, Cafe Blend is deep but not dark. The deep roast chosen for this blend accentuates its sweet
body, leaving just enough lively acidity to keep it refreshing. Versatile and well-rounded.

Mocha Java In a day and age where most Mocha Java blends contain few of the namesake beans,
our version is a delightful find. Genuine Yemen Mocha is the principal component, providing
incomparable fruity high notes anchored and off-set by the earthy richness of the Indonesian
component. The result is a classically balanced blend that remains the standard by which all others
are measured.

Red Sea Blend This African blend offers aromas of blueberry with an exotic cocoa and spice taste.
It's flavors are reminiscent of red wine.

Scandinavian Blend Tangy and smoky, Scandinavian Blend is the perfect companion for rich
desserts. Taste the spicy contrast of light-roasted Latin American coffees with a dark French Roast.

Dark Roast Blends

Europa Blend This intricate blend of the very best coffees of Central America and Indonesia is plush
but powerful, with a seductive caramel-like sweetness. Europa is the richest, most complex of all
Allegro blends, ideally suited for after dinner as well as magnificent in an espresso machine.

French Roast Top quality Central American coffees, enriched with rare Indonesians for extra body,
are roasted to a rich, dark brown and glisten with natural flavor oils. Careful bean selection and
precision roasting result in a coffee which, while dark, has a trace of tangy acidity remaining.
Smoky but not burnt, this is a favorite dark roast for by-the-pot brewing.

Extra Dark French Ultra-smoky and intense, this classic "West Coast" French Roast is nearly black
in color. The ultimate coffee for dark roast fanatics.

Vail Blend™ This exotic blend was created with a spicy flavor and aroma to entice even the best
skiers off the mountain. Crafted from the finest Indonesian and Latin American coffees.

Vienna Roast A blend of sensual Central American coffees, roasted to a mahogany decadence for
deep rich flavor and full-bodied pleasure.
Espresso Blends

Espresso is a delicious, intense and complex expression of the very essence of coffee. The following
blends are specifically formulated for espresso brewing. They are truly extraordinary espresso
coffees, unsurpassed in quality at any price.

Espresso Allegro Dark, deep and intense, Espresso Allegro is the ultimate in richness and finesse.
Its Belgian chocolate-like flavors and earthy finish result from using only the very best Central
American and Indonesian arabicas available. Syrupy and sweet, it's great by itself, as well as an
ideal choice for assertively flavored cappuccinos and caffe lattes.

Organic Espresso Bel Canto® Inspired by the finest Northern Italian espresso, Organic Espresso Bel
Canto is a harmonious melding of the best coffees and their regions. It is creamy, full of flavor and
wonderfully aromatic.

Organic Espresso Sierra Developed especially for espresso brewing, Espresso Sierra's luscious full-
body and spicy chocolate flavors make it the ideal foundation for a first-rate cappuccino or caffe

Decaf Organic Espresso Bel Canto® Like its caffeinated equivalent, this is the first choice for
authentic espresso. Lively and well-balanced.

Decaf Organic Espresso Sierra A luscious and full-bodied organic espresso.

Decaffeinated Coffees

Allegro's Pure Water decaffeinated coffees are processed using decaffeinating agents which are
naturally found in foods. These natural processes include water and charcoal filters, carbon dioxide
and ethyl acetate, which naturally occurs in many fruits.

Decaf Allegro Blend Bright and light; ideal for breakfast.

Decaf Cafe Blend Hearty and full-bodied.

Decaf Colombian Fine Colombian flavor, 97% caffeine-free.

Decaf French Roast Smoky-sweet and smooth; nearly indistinguishable in flavor from its
caffeinated counterpart.

Decaf Sumatra The richest, most full-flavored decaf available.

Certified Organics

Organic El Salvador Organic El Salvador is now Rainforest Alliance Certified Organic. Under a dense
forest of shade, St. Adelaida cooperative has consistently produced one of the best organic coffees
in the Americas. A perfectly balanced sweet, smooth finish.

Organic Ethiopian Yirga Chaffe Ethiopian Yirga Chaffee has an enchanting tea-like character
radiating with jasmine blossom, lemon peel, bergamot and wildflower-honey, making it the most
ethereally aromatic coffee in the world. This specific lot comes for the Adido cooperative located on
the outskirts of the village of Yirga Chaffe.

Organic French Roast Similar to our regular French Roast, this blend allows you to taste the coffee
as well as the roast. It boasts extra body and richness, provided by rare organic Indonesian beans
added to the high-grown Latin American base.
Organic Guatemalan The villagers of Santiago on the shore of Guatemala's mesmerizingly beautiful
Lake Atitlan produce some of the country's most intricate weavings. Their coffee too is a tapestry
of flavors, with fruity high mountain acidity, subtle notes of smoke and spice, and sweet dark
chocolate to go with its mellow body.

Organic Italian Roast A hearty Southern Italian style espresso. It is rich, velvety and sweet.

Organic Mexican, from selected estates Cultivated for a century using the profoundly holistic
biodynamic form of organic agriculture, these coffees set the standard by which all other organic
coffees may be measured. There's a wonderful welcoming softness to the cup, with nutty, milk
chocolate flavors supported by tangy high mountain acidity.

Organic Scandinavian Blend An organic blend that's just right for rich desserts. After roasting,
Allegro hand blends the perfect combination of light roasted Latin American coffees with a dark
French Roast.

Decaf Organic French Roast This blend of premier quality Central American organics is smoky
sweet and very satisfying. No one will know it's decaf unless you tell them!

Decaf Organic Mexican Lively and light-bodied with soft, nutty Mexican flavors.

Flavored Coffees

Chocolate Hazelnut A blend of rich chocolate and smooth creamy hazelnut. A chocolate lover's
dream. Outstanding dessert coffee.

French Vanilla Truly the aristocrat of flavors, silky and delicious vanilla combined with rich coffee
aroma to weave a hypnotic and enchanting spell.

Hazelnut The unique flavor of hazelnuts has long been a staple of fine European confections. A
truly elegant traditional flavor experience.

Snickerdelight This heavenly combination of chocolate, hazelnut and cinnamon is patterned after
the traditional New England cookie recipe. Scrumptious!

Decaf Hazelnut The unique flavor of hazelnuts has long been a staple of fine European confections.
A truly elegant traditional flavor experience.

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