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					                              Your Essential Guide to
                             Craft Show/Expo Success!
    Craft shows and Expos can be VERY rewarding if you put your focus in the right places!

Facts to focus on:

      Expos can be expensive but VERY worth the cost.
          o Even just one party can pay back your event fee.
          o Look beyond that party you book at the expo – realize the parties, sales, and
              advisors that can be traced back to that party and will continue to flow from that

      Sales are just “icing on the cake” – in MOST cases, you will want to put your focus on
       BOOKING parties.
           o Some people find it hard to choose items and order just by walking by a booth.
           o Some people don‟t want to wait for it to be ordered/shipped, etc.
           o You will get sales/profits from the parties you book – so keep your focus there!

                      3- Step Process to EXPO SUCCESS!
  Scene: Standing behind or to the side of my table, as someone approaches or walks by, I say,

                       “Did you get our free gift from lia sophia yet?”
                     (MOST people will smile, say „thank you‟ and take it).

           “We‟re doing a drawing for $300 in FREE jewelry – make sure you enter!”
                                     (MOST people will).

   As they are looking around or filling out the drawing slip, I say “Have you ever been to a lia
 sophia party before?...Well when you‟re done with that, make sure you spin our wheel/roll our
             dice/draw a card/pick a box [pick ONE!] and see what you would get!”

  Whatever they spin/roll/draw/pick, I excitedly say...”Oh my gosh, you landed on ANY $100
                            item FREE just for booking a party!!!
        Do you want to take a look at my calendar and see what might work for you?!”
              (Some people will say no, a lot will say YES so just keep trying!!!
                                     TO PREPARE:

1. Hand everyone a “little gift from lia sophia”

       o   Cellophane “treat bag” (Hobby Lobby, Michael‟s, Wal-Mart,

       o   Mini-catalog (make sure you have a label on it)

       o   Business Card

       o   Coupon

       o   The most important item: CHOCOLATE (a couple of pieces of your favorite!)

2. Offer a FREE JEWELRY drawing!

       o   Depending on how many people you have helping you with the event, you could
           do a drawing for $300 in free jewelry for example. This would be 3 bonus items
           up to $100 each. If you have 3 people helping, you can each agree to purchase one
           of the bonus items.

       o   You could offer a retired set (I do find that offering specific jewelry makes it easy
           for people to say…”I‟m not really a gold person…or a bling person…or a silver
           person, etc” and they don‟t fill out the drawing slips, so I like to do a $$ amount

3. Offer a booking incentive –the way you offer it is THE KEY TO SUCCESS!

       o   FUN IDEAS:

                  Have a PRIZE WHEEL for them to spin! Get them
                   to spin the wheel just to “see what they would get” and then be excited
                   about whatever it is!!!

                  Dice – throw the dice, the number they roll corresponds with a little
                   chart/sign. Roll a 2, get $50 in extra free credit at your show! Roll a 4, get
                   the Dress for Success necklace free, roll a double six, and get $200 in
                   FREE jewelry!!! Etc, etc.

                  Pull a card from the deck (lia sophia logo cards). Whatever they draw
                   corresponds to the chart/sign: J = any item up to $100 for $10, A = any
                   item up to $100 for $1, Joker = $100 in free jewelry at show, etc.

                  Boxes: Have about 30-50 lia sophia boxes in a big bin or basket – they get
                   to choose one; each has a certificate in it with different prizes for booking.
    Whatever you decide – let them spin/roll/draw/open BEFORE they even commit to
    booking – and BE EXCITED about whatever it is! (See verbiage above)

                                 DO’s and DON’TS
   DO talk to everyone – be friendly and SMILE! 

   DON‟T sit if at all possible – you look bored. If there is more than one of you, sit for a few
    minutes if you need a break, or step away from the table and take your break elsewhere.

   DON‟T eat at the table.

   DO mark off your personal calendar at least the day before and the day after (especially if
    this is a multi-day event). Look nice, but wear comfortable shoes. No one will see your
    cute heels most likely 

   DO wear a lia sophia logo shirt if you have one, looks cute when all team members have
    the same shirt, too! If you don‟t have one, DRESS NICE and COMFORTABLE (business
    casual is fine).

   DON‟T split the event with too many team members – time, effort and money should be
    worth it for everybody.

       o   2-3 team members at a time are perfect (no more than 3) per day.

       o   Split up days with team members vs. „working shifts‟.


   DON‟T be concerned with what you are giving away, even if a show isn‟t a huge show and
    you‟ve given away some of your profits – remember: it‟s what COMES from that show!

   DON‟T be discouraged if…

       o   someone says “no thanks” – they have your info, you were nice, they might
           contact you later!

       o   someone walks by without taking a bag – it‟s okay! Someone will be right behind
           them who will!

       o   someone says…‟oh you have to book a party to get that? I don‟t do parties, etc‟ –
           it‟s okay! Someone else will!

   DO follow-up!

       o   Send a lia sophia postcard with thank you sticker confirming date asap.

       o   Set up show and send a Show Assistant email asap.

       o   Make a thank you phone call within 1-2 days.
           o    Go through each drawing slip and first call anyone that checked YES or MAYBE
               for show or opportunity. Verbiage for non-winners: Hi, this is Stephanie I met
               you at the Holiday Expo! We did our drawing and you‟re one of our runner up
               winners! You get any item up to $100 for free just for hosting a show with me in
               (one month out)…if they say „not a good month‟…ask if the following month is
               better for them? If they say “no” I say…” Please look for an invitation in the mail
               for my special VIP events! I have one coming up soon!” This way, the
               conversation ends on a good note, no matter what!

Possible Supplies needed:

   o   Raffle box

   o   clipboard that opens is helpful

   o   order forms

   o   calendar (blank one works great),

   o   water, small snacks,

   o   mini-catalog bags: mini catalog, coupon, chocolate, business card, chocolate for table

   o   Drawing slips

   o   Booking Incentive items (wheel, dice, cards, etc)

   o   Catalogs

   o   Stock list

   o   Hostess packets

   o   Opportunity packets

   o   Pens

   o   Chocolate for table (magnet for women!)

   o   Jewelry and jewelry display items

   o   lia sophia banner

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