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Bovee University Center 108
Web Site: http://academicsenate.cmich.edu
E-mail: acadsen@cmich.edu
Phone: 774-3659

Membership: Karen Adams, Mary Lou Aylor, Rick Backs, Mahmood Bahaee, Marcia Bankirer, Joyce Baugh, Tim
Boudreau, Joseph Camisa, Elizabeth Campbell, Judy Chandler, Daniel Chen, Kevin Corbett, John Dinan,, Richard
Divine, Lynn Dominguez, Mariah Doren, Claudia Douglass, Gary Dunbar, Maureen Eke, Donna Ericksen, Bob
Estabrook, Alison Grodzinski Fountain, Chad Fox, Alexandria Fraley, Dale Gust, Angela Haddad, James Hageman,
Tim Hall, Stephen Holder, William Hood, Bob Howell, Jim Jones, Robert Kohrman, Diane Krider, Marvis Jean
Lary, Jerry Ledlow, Robert Lee, J. J. Lewis, Bin Li, Jack Logomarsino, David Manville, Sue Ann Martin, William
Merrill, Thomas Moore, Sven Morgan, Ryan Naudi, Michael Rao, Ross Rapaport, Bruce Roscoe, James Scott, Rich
Senter, Jungsywan Sepanski, Gary Shapiro, Suzanne Shellady, Lal Singh, David Smith, Andrew Spencer, Susan
Steffel, Thomas Storch, Brad Swartz, Brandon Veale, Dan Vetter, Joanna White, Glen Williams, Basil Zimmer

                                        CMU ACADEMIC SENATE
                                              May 4, 2004
                                           Minutes of Meeting
                                          Robert Lee, Presiding

                                              Summary of Actions

1.      Elected students and faculty to senate committees.
2.      Elected faculty to serve on the Steering Committee to Review General Education at CMU.
3.      Received a resolution of thanks to Bob Lee for his year as chairperson.
4.      Reviewed the DASH recommendation to make the Essay Portion of the ACT highly recommended but not
5.      Received an update on NCA Accreditation Visit from Tim Hartshorne and Wayne Osborn.

Present: 53 of 64 members

Absent: Karen Adams, Mahmood Bahaee, Alison Fountain, Stephen Holder, Bob Howell, Marvis Jean Lary, Bin
        Li, Sue Ann Martin, Thomas Moore, Ryan Naudi, Jungsywan Sepanski, Dan Vetter

1.      Announcements
        A. The Senate Executive Board meets this Friday.
        B. The Speakers Series Committee asked if the Provost was willing to carry over the $5,000 promised this
        year. The Provost said no.

2.      Elections:
        A.      Committee on Committees Minutes, April 15, 2004, III. A – M
                Moved/Seconded (Lewis/Ericksen) to approve the Committee on Committees ballot. One
                correction: Renee Brown, graduate student in Public Administration.
                Motion passes

                A.       Academic Freedom Committee
                         Kyle Gascho         8/05           Student, So., BCA
                         Julie Pelak         8/05           Student, Jr., Biology
                         Katie Vigneron      8/05           Student, So., Public Relations

                B.       Assessment Council
                         James Courtad (FLLC)      8/07     HSBS
Academic Senate Minutes
May 4, 2004
Page 2

               C.         Athletic Committee
                          Josh Hildebrand          8/05     Student (non-athlete), So., History

               D.         Degrees, Admissions, Standards, and Honors (DASH)
                          Sonnet Carpenter        8/05     Student, So., Theatre and Interpretation
                          Lauren Cicotte          8/05     Student, Jr., Marketing & Logistics
                          Heide Gordon            8/05     Student, So., Language Arts
                          Aaron Jones             8/05     Student, So., BCA
                          Danielle Tippens        8/05     Student, So., Special Education
                          Matthew Wahl            8/05     Student, Jr., Business Teacher Education

               E.         Excellence in Teaching Award Committee
                          Megan Angerer           8/05   Student, Jr., Social Studies
                          Melissa Lamerato        8/05   Student, So., Health Fitness
                          Katie Olson             8/05   Student, Jr., Biology & Physical Science
                          Rod Rock                8/05   Student, Gr., Educational Leadership
                          Kristen Quenneville     8/05   Student, So., Special Education

               F.         Faculty Center for Academic Excellence
                          Rui Wang (LIB)          8/07   Library/Counseling
                          Regina Mitchell         8/05   Graduate Assistant, Ed. Administration
                          Kyle Gascho             8/05   Undergraduate Student, So., BCA

               G.         Graduate Council
                          Herm Triezenberg (RMS) 8/07       HP
                          Renée Brown            8/05       Graduate Student, Public Administration
                          Francis Umesiri        8/05       Graduate Student, Chemistry

               H.         Library Committee
                          Leah Brady               8/05     Student, Sr., Social Studies
                          Heather Gordon           8/05     Student, So., Marketing & Retail Management
                          Sarah Herzog             8/05     Student, Jr., Accounting
                          Jennifer Latarte         8/05     Student, Jr., Special Education
                          Sahara Willoughby        8/05     Student, So., Biology

               I.         MSA Council
                          JoBeth Smith             8/05     MSA Student

               J.         Multicultural and Diversity Education Council
                          Michelle Bigard (CNSLG) 8/05    Faculty
                          Kimberly Dorr            8/05   Student, So., Entrepreneurship
                          Christie Petersen        8/05   Student, So., Communication Disorders

               K.         Professional Education Curriculum Committee
                          Justin Oh-Lee (PSY)     8/06    HSBS
                          Michael Hixson (PSY)    8/07    HSBS

               L.         Professional Education Selection, Admission, and Retention Committee
                          Sharon House (ART)      8/06      CFA

               M.         Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
                          Gregory Falls (ECO)    8/07 BA
                          Julie Brown            8/05 Student, So., Political Science
                          Kay Dickerson          8/05 Student, So., Biology
                          Aila Osman             8/05 Student, So., Communication Disorders
Academic Senate Minutes
May 4, 2004
Page 3

       B.      General Education Subcommittee
               General Education Subcommittee: Social Sciences representative.
               No nominations so this item will carry over to the next Senate meeting.

       C.      Steering Committee for General Education Review at CMU
               Dunbar: Macleod is listed twice on the ballot. Which position should we vote for him under?
               Macleod nomination was withdrawn from UP Group 4. Moved/seconded (Singh/Lewis) to close
               nominations. Motion passes.

               Lee ordered that a unanimous ballot be recorded for the uncontested elections.

               College of Business Administration:
               Jim Scott (BIS)

               One faculty teaching in UP Group II:
               Joe Finck (PHY)

               Elections were held for the following positions:

               College of Health Professions:
               Nominated: Jodi Fisher(SHS); Tracy Olrich
               Jodie Fisher was elected.

               Two from College of Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences:
               Nominated: John Dinan (ENG); David Macleod (HST); George Ronan (PSY);
               Bob Stecker (PHL/REL).
               John Dinan and David Macleod were elected.

               College of Education and Human Services:
               Nominated: Peggy Burke (TEPD); Usha Chowdhary (HEV); Marguriete Terrill (TEPD)
               Usha Chowdhary was elected.

               College of Communication and Fine Arts
               Nominated: Heather Polinski (BCA); Mary Beth Minnis (MUS)
               Mary Beth Minnis was elected.

               College of Science and Technology
               Nominated: Azita Manouchehri (MTH); Jane Matty (GEL)
               Jane Matty was elected.

               One from among faculty who are or have formerly served as General Education Coordinator,
               Chair of the General Education Subcommittee, or Chair of the General Education Council:
               Nominated: David Smith (PHL/REL); Mike Shields (ECO)
               Mike Shields was elected.

               One faculty teaching in UP Group I:
               Nominated: Ted Clayton (PSC); Greg Spinner (PHL/REL)
               Ted Clayton was elected.

               One faculty teaching in UP Group III:
               Nominated: Orlando Perez (PSC); Kate Rosier (SASW); Mitch Hall (HST); Tamara Sbraga
               (PSY); Nancy White (FIN/LAW).
               Nancy White was elected.
Academic Senate Minutes
May 4, 2004
Page 4

               Two teaching in UP Group IV, at least one of whom shall represent Subgroup IVC:

               Groups IVA and IVB: Gary Fuller (PHL/REL); Elizabeth Kemm (BIS); David Macleod (HST);
               John Monahan(PSY); Lal Singh (CPS).

               Group IVC: Betty Campbell (FIN/LAW); Joyce Henricks (PHL/REL); Bob Newby (SASW)

               John Monahan and Joyce Henricks were elected.

                       Motion by Scott to set aside agenda; seconded. Motion passes.

                                      Senate Resolution of May 4, 2004

                  Whereas, Dr. Robert Lee works passionately in the protection of
                  shared governance at Central Michigan University while diligently
                  guarding faculty workloads and raising academic standards across the

                  And Whereas, Dr. Lee has worked tirelessly to complete the work of
                  the Academic Senate, to begin and end meetings on schedule and to
                  develop and guide the Chair-Elect, Angela Haddad, as she prepares to
                  take up the leadership of the Academic Senate this summer.

                  And Whereas, the 2003-2004 academic year has been especially trying
                  with the need to evaluate the University Program, to deal with severe
                  cuts in the university's budget that endanger the academic programs
                  that define us, and the modification of the university's calendar.

                  And Whereas, Dr. Lee has always accepted, appreciated, and recognized
                  the work of the myriad of senate committees and has taken the
                  initiative to write detailed notes to thank those various chairs and
                  to recognize their efforts to their supervisors.

                  Be it resolved that the Academic Senate of Central Michigan
                  University extends its heartfelt thanks to Dr. Robert Lee for his
                  service as Chair of the Academic Senate for the Academic year 2003
                  and 2004.

                  Thank you Bob for a job well done.

3.     DASH Minutes, March 19, 2004 – ACT Essay Portion
       Moved/seconded (Baugh/Lewis) to approve the DASH recommendation to make the Essay Portion of the
       ACT highly recommended but not required. Discussion: After much discussion, Baugh/Lewis withdrew
       their motion. The item dies for lack of a motion.
4.     President and Provost Reports
       No report other than a budget message tomorrow or the next day. We want to protect individuals from
       being discussed until they know they are being laid off. The formal notifications will come about the
       middle of May. The unions have been informed and also the individuals. Students are concerned about
       programs being eliminated [Museum Studies Minor]. They will be able to complete the minor. There is
       also concern about phasing out the museum. How do professors get access to artifacts? All I can say is not
       everything has been decided. Everyone seems unhappy about this. Scott: Would you like to comment on
       the recommendation of the Scholarship committee concerning the tuition waiver for Native American
Academic Senate Minutes
May 4, 2004
Page 5
        students? Rao: Yes, the Scholarship committee was split over whether to continue as is or not. I am going
        with awarding the waiver and letting the student keep it. This is important due to our relationship with the
        tribe. This helps students so they don’t drop out due to lack of money. Haddad: BRAC is a waste of time.
        We do not evaluate budgetary items and make recommendations as they address the priorities. What plans
        do you have for BRAC? Rao: That was my vision of what BRAC should be but it isn’t doing that. I have
        met with others and agreed it should move in another direction. Next meeting will be a more substantive
        agenda. There will be an ongoing schedule of reviews and looking at fees. We won’t discuss personnel
        decisions in public. Please let me know if it doesn’t happen. Haddad: I will.
         We are going through evaluation of some graduate programs on campus. Letters were sent out this week to
         departments for 40+ graduate programs. This is in response to a call for information from the legislature. I
         am also reviewing the make up of the Provost’s office. There will be an internal search for the Vice
         Provost. Baugh: What can you say about the CEL restructuring and relationship between CEL and campus.
         Storch: They have been working for months and are finishing up with online delivery and incentives. The
         final proposal is being brought to the Council of Deans next week. Changes will begin in the next month.
         Baugh: How will these changes effect relationships with the Senate and departments? Storch: There should
         be no change. There may be enhancements between the two. The deans will discuss and recommend
         modifications, if needed. Jones: Nothing will go outside the curricular process under the new organization?
         Storch: No changes outside the Senate. Rawls: No changes in relationship between CEL and departments
         and senate. We deliver CMU programs. Jones: There are no qualifiers creating a different process for CEL
         curricular items. Storch: There is nothing in there saying the curricular process changes. Rawls: This is a
         structural change so CEL can become more effective and efficient. We want to get though the restructuring
         before we make all the plans available in 4-6 weeks. Lee: Academic Planning Document --is it being sent
         to the APC tomorrow and discussed at the meeting on Friday? Storch: I have approved it. We will begin
         this summer with the review process for a few programs. Senter: This has been a wearing year on our
         status as a Doctoral research intensive institution. What types of students and faculty do we want here?
         Kirk: The museum is being cut. Will there be a phase out? Storch: Yes, a two-year phase out. Students
         will be provided with the courses they need in the next 3 to 4 semesters. We also have funds to decide
         what to do with the artifacts. Hastings: I want to express how upsetting this is for us and for advising
         students and talking with parents. It is hard to deal with the loss of the collections and the loss to the
         classes. We should try to keep museums open. Storch: Your disappointment is shared by SSBAG. It is a
         disappointment to all of us. I hope the revenue situation improves. However, if there are more cuts, this
         may be a model of what we may need to use with other programs.

6.       Update on NCA Accreditation Visit – Tim Hartshorne and Wayne Osborn
         Hartshorne and Osborn made a brief presentation on the work that has been done so far and the work that
         still needs to be accomplished for the Higher Learning Commission visit. They thanked senate for actions
         that it took to help get ready and stressed the shift in accreditation towards results, not inputs. The final
         report needs to be organized around the mission statement. Lee thanked Hartshorne and Osborn for their
         time and the senate update.
7.       Other
         Moved/seconded (Scott/Lewis) to adjourn. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 5:11 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

William L. Merrill
Secretary, Academic Senate