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					             HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR HOSTESS                                                                                2010 SCAVENGER HUNT
This game will help keep your demonstration short, informative and to the point, plus your guests will         Write down these collections and candles, then as you go
have fun and want to book a show. These 6 questions allow you to elaborate on specific area and focus on,
bookings, sponsoring and candle care. Everyone can play, it‘s a multiple choice game.                          through the catalog write down the page number that they
     1. What is the hostess‘ favorite type of candle scent?                                                    are FEATURED on.
                a.    Fruity & Citrus          d. Fresh & Clean
                b. Edible & Spicy              e. Herbal & Woodsy                                              Receive a raffle ticket for each correct page.
                c.    Floral
     2. Where is the hostess‘ favorite room to burn candles:
                a.    Kitchen                                                                                  African Inspiration (pg 26-28)
                b. Bedroom
                c.    Bathroom
                d. Living room                                                                                 Aroma Simmers & Warmers (pg 60-61)
     3. Why does the hostess burn candles:
                a.    To cover up stinky order (ie., husband‘s feet or burnt food)
                b. To create ambiance and to relax                                                             Cascading Fountain (pg 16)
                c.    For Romance
     4. When the hostess closes her party tonight and begins her shopping spree, what will she spend
           the majority of her free credit on?                                                                 Couture Collection (pg 36-37)
                a.    Accessories
                b. Wax                                                                                         Essentials Collection (pg 48)
                c.    Gifts for her friends
     5. Which 3 friends or family will the hostess say are going to help her by booking a show?
                a.    (HAVE GUESTS WRITE DOWN THE NAMES OF 3 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM                                Fresh Home Collection (pg 58-59)
     6. If the hostess were to absolutely lose her mind and decide to be a CANDLE LADY like me,
           why would she do it?                                                                                Global Ambiance (pg 28)
                a.    For the CASH!
                b. To feed her candle addiction
                c.    For the FREE vacations                                                                   Hammered Silver Holder (pg 12)
Go back and review the questions, giving a raffle ticket to everyone who guessed the right answers, this is
where you get to elaborate on each part of the business, that‘s your demo!                                     Incense (NEW) (pg. 19)
Spend a little time on question #4, see if there is any one who has been to PartyLite show before, and ask
them what they like most and if they hosted a party, how much FREE stuff did them get. Explain that
they can help the hostess two ways tonight, they can spend $100, which will make you a very happy              Lanterns (pg 6-7)
consultant, and the hostess will receive $25 in FREE credit to shop, or better yet! They can book a show
and hostess will get $25 in booking credits and they can go on a FREE shopping spree at their show.
Refer to the booking gifts and tell them what the hostess has selected, and romance the poop out of it.        S-Pod & Refills (pg 21)
Question #5 will help you pinpoint who the hostess believes will book a show. Explain how easy and
painless it is to hold a show of their own. Suggest theme parties or dual hostess parties. Reminded them       Siena Lights   (page 24)
they get extra raffle tickets if they say YES. Find out what item they LOVE, and how easy it can be to get
it FREE. Refer to the hostess specials for the upcoming month to entice guests to book within 30 days.
                                                                                                               Two Sister Gourmet (center folder )
Always check to see what day of the week would be better for them, then offer them to dates from your
calendar so your in control. Remind them to get your there guest list back in 5 days to lock in the date, or
you will book over them. (Keep in mind this is your business and you need to treat it like a business.)        Wedding, Anniverary items (pg 40-43)
                                                                                                               Well Being SPA collection (page 52-59)
                     PURSE GAME SUGGESTIONS                                               EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY!

Ask your guest to find something in there purse that starts with a letter, give                    (the sneaky guest list game)
raffle ticket or card, one item per person, first 2 if you want. Then tell them
                     what that letter in PartyLite stands for:
                                                                                  Give each guest a paper and pen. Ask them to write on
                                                                                  the paper the names of:
E- EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY, EXPERIENCE (NON-NEEDED)                                (3) Friends
H- HOST/HOSTESS SPECIALS, HUG(PILLARS) HALF-PRICE ITEMS.                          (3) Relatives
K- KIT                                                                            (3) Neighbors
N- NO INVESTMENT                                                                  (3) Co-Workers
                                                                                  (3) Club or Church Members.
S- STARTER SHOW,                                                                  The first one finished receives a gift, (tea-lite or votive)
V- VOTIVES, VISA, VISIT WITH FRIENDS                                              After everyone is through tell them, their guest list is
Y- YOU OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS                                                      already made out if they would like to host a party of
                                                                                  their, just check with you for a good date!
                                                                                                           THE RECRUITING GAME
                                                                                           This is a great game to play to wrap up your demonstration. Once
Once you have opened and done your personal commercial, ask ―WHO WANTS 5                everyone has completed their door prize slip, have them flip it over,
RAFFLE TICKETS?” This is the person who will give the clues while the other             and as you read the questions, have them write down their score.
guests, guess what word or words are on your cards. Give the card to the guest who      Highest score wins. (Tea-lite or Votive)
gets the answer right with a raffle ticket. After all the cards have been handed out,
go to each person with a card(s) and one by one ask them what they know about
what is on the card. Then you can fill in with the correct information.                     If any selling you have done before, put down 10 for the start
                                                                                             of your score.
CONSULTANT: I‘m a consultant and we earn 25% profit on each show we do, also
7% additional at the end of the month for sales over $1800. We work about 2 to 3            If you have a car and are able to drive, the thing you must do is
hours per show. We also get the opportunity to earn FREE products, jewelry, cash,            just add 5
gifts and trips.
HOST/HOSTESS: A hostess receives 25% of her sales with a $200 show with 1                   If some extra money is what you would like, add 10 more
booking, plus (1) ½ price item for every $200 in sales, and Host/Hostess specials            which is just about right.
(show current month specials) from PartyLite, with 60 to 70% savings. And booking
gifts or extra credit.                                                                      A little spare time will add to your score, for this you may add
CANDLE CARE: Snip, snuff and hug, plus clearest burning and best of all liquid
                                                                                             15 more.
                                                                                            If you like people and think they are grand, add 6 more to see
STARTER KIT: Explain about turning a party into a ―starter show‖, with at least 6            just where you stand.
guests booking their own party in the next 21 days. New consultant get to earn there
starter kit with over $350 in products, all their paperwork to get them through there
first 6 shows. There is a minimal charge of $4.95 per month to cover all paper work
                                                                                            Add 10 points if you think parties are fun, and when you add
and mailings from PartyLite. There is a consultant manual that gives you all the             this, your almost done.
information you need plus a video of a show demo.
                                                                                            If you score the highest, it is plain to see, a PARTYLITE
100% GUARANTEE: PartyLite has a 60 day guarantee on everything that is                       CONSULTANT, you should be!
purchased, and a personal warrantee when burning PartyLite candles in our
products, for replacements, exchanges and full refunds.
                                                                                            Add 10 to your score if you would like information about what
LEAD FREE: there is no lead in our wicks, so they burn clean with no black                   I do, it‘s FREE to get started, you have nothing to lose.
residue on your walls. There are no toxins, like formaldehyde in our wax, 100%
USDA food grade wax.

You can give out raffle tickets to anyone asking a question during the demo about
your job or PartyLite.
                       HOW IN A BAG!
                                                                                         LEFT AND RIGHT POEM
This game is good for repeat guests and hostesses. See just how
much know.                                                           When (hostess) booked a show, I knew RIGHT away, That working
Place the items below, each in a clear plastic bag, and distribute   with her would just make my day.
one bag to each guest. (small group, some may get 2). Ask each       She made up her list of who to invite, Then went over it twice to make
guest what they think the item represents in regards to PartyLite.   sure it was RIGHT.
After they have given there answer, give them a raffle ticket, and   As replies came in, she checked them RIGHT off her list, Until no
elaborate or demonstrate what the item does. Have fun with there     one was LEFT and no one was missed.
answers.                                                             She chose the RIGHT day for her friends to meet, And LEFT it to me
                                                                     to make it complete.
   1. Nylon Stocking: to clean and polish candles.                   She did all the RIGHT things and was excited to see, What she would
                                                                     receive from her wish list for free!
   2. Nothing: What it cost to get started.                          As I packed up my things for the party tonight, I was certain the
                                                                     evening would go, just RIGHT.
    3. Sand: Do you enjoy relaxing in the sun and playing in the     With everything packed, I LEFT RIGHT away, Thinking about
        sand? You won‘t want to miss our next FREE incentive         (hostess’s) party, and the RIGHT things to say.
        vacation. (ARUBA, JAMAICA,CANCUN, BAHAMA,                    I arrived RIGHT on times and set up my things, To share the joy that
          HAWAII, MOON PLACE MEXICO, EASTERN &                       PartyLite brings
                 WESTERN CARRIBEAN CRUISES,                          Selecting the RIGHT gift won‘t seem like a chore, When you browse
                    MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE..                           through our catalog – it won‘t be a bore.
                                                                     Crystal or wrought iron- you can‘t seem to choose? Book a party
   4. Metal wick holder: this is all that remains in your holders    today—you have nothing to lose!!
      when your burning PartyLite candles.                           Our hostess plan is generous and great, Check your calendar, and let‘s
                                                                     set the date!
   5. Scissors: Trim wicks (not the smallest nor the biggest)        Shopping make simple, RIGHT to your door—Just provide your
                                                                     home, and I‘ll bring the store.
   6. $100 Bill: The credit to go on a FREE shopping                 And if perhaps you‘re looking for a change in your life, PartyLite
      spree.(explain hostess program and show specials)              could be that decision all RIGHT.
                                                                      Great income potential, a flexible schedule and more, An opportunity
   7. Cork of wine bottle: Candles are very relaxing, so sit         made simple, RIGHT here, come on board.
      back with a glass of wine and enjoy them.                      All your dreams could finally come true, Don‘t be LEFT out, it‘s just
                                                                     up to you!
                                                                     Thanks again for joining me here tonight, The only thing LEFT, is the
                                                                     winner on your RIGHT!!
               BODY PART’S GAME                                                       Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Trivia Game
                                                                         1. What is the name of the company being show here:
                                                                         a. lia sophia                                      c. At Home America
This game works like the purse game, but instead of pulling items out    b. PartyLite                                       d. Candle Lite
of their purses that begin with a Special letter, they yell out a BODY
                                                                         2. What style of candle is drip less and has no fragrance?
PART that begins with the letters you give them! The first 3 to yell     a. Dinner Tapers                           c. Tea lights
out an answer get a raffle ticket!! (FUN GAME)                           b . Votives                                 d. Jar Candles

F This is FUN, it ‗s the only rule when you come to a candle party,      3.How long do our round votives candles burn?
if you don‘t have fun, it‘s your own fault!                              a. 1-3 hours                                           c. 8 – 10 hours
                                                                         b. 5- 8 hours                                          d. 3-5 hours

                                                                         4. Candles should be snuffed out, not blown out because
H Hostess special, 70% off special items just for our hostess. Plus      a. the wax is liquid and could make a mess       c. holder will be cleaner
FREE products and half price items.                                      b. the wick will be blown off center.            d. All of your holders

                                                                         5..PartyLite hostess program is the best because
                                                                         a. you get 25% of your sales in Free products      c.70% off Monthly Specials
M MONEY! The #1 reason people join PartyLite today, to make              b. you get a ½ price item for every $200 in sales. d. All of the above & more
more money in less time. (hand a 100 bill to volunteers and ask them
what they would spend it on)                                             6. Where is the Free Incentive 2010 PartyLite Vacation to:
                                                                         a. The Ramada Inn, in Hartford                  c. Foxwoods Casino
                                                                         b. Mediterranean Cruise                        d. Tent at the North Pole
S    Specials – hostess as well as guest attendance specials.
                                                                         7. What is the out of pocket expense to start PartyLite?
                                                                         a. $200                                            c. $500
N    No investment to get started – do you have 6 to 8 friends who       b. $00.00                                          d. $1000
would love to go on FREE shopping spree?
                                                                         8.How much does the average new consultant earn per show?
                                                                         a. no cash, just product.                         c. $35 - $50 per hr
T     TIME!! How many hours do I need to put into my business each       b. 10 per cent of sales                           d. $25.00
week? ANSWER-as much or as little as I want. Can anyone here use
an addition $100 a week? What would you do with it!!!                    9. You will book a party to help your friend because?
                                                                         a. You love getting FREE stuff                        c. You love to party
                                                                         b. It‘s fun & easy                                    d. ALL THE ABOVE
A    All expense paid tropical vacation!!! American Cancer Society
.                                                                        10. Which method of payment is NOT accepted at this party tonight?
                                                                         a. Personal Checks made out to ME                c. Cash
                                                                         b. MasterCard, Visa or Discover-credit/debit     d. YOUR GOOD LOOKS!
            STEALING HEARTS GAME                                                                    Penny Game
             For Sponsoring at your shows
                                                                       Supplies needed:        1 Zip lock bag of 20 or so pennies.
                                                                                               15 Tealights
Using a regular deck of playing cards,(you only need two (2)                                   Assortment of stickers
suits, the hearts and either black suit) separate them into 2                                  Bag to hold all the tealights in
piles. You will need 1 votive candle and 1 tea light candle.                                   1 Prize or gift (Votive or tea-light in holder)
                                                                   This is a game to increase bookings at your shows!! First, you will put the stickers
                                                                   on the bottoms of the tealights. You can put what ever you want on the stickers, but
To generate questions about what you do, tell your BUYING          here are suggestion that WORK…
quests (not kids) that they each have a chance to ask you 2
questions. It must have something to do with your job as a                  Have 8 t-lites with smiley faces on stickers = book a party
consultant with PartyLite.                                                  Have 3 t-lites with star stickers = exchange for a votive
                                                                            Have 1 t-lites with ice cream cone stickers = free shipping
                                                                            Have 1 t-lites with NO sticker = free tax
Each time they ask a question hand them one (1) heart card,                 Have 1 t-lite with WINNER on sticker = prize in bag or gift.
you must get rid of all 13 cards. You can suggest a question to
get things started. When all 13 cards have been handed out,
pick up the 13 black cards and your candles. Flipping through      Now here how to play the game:
each card, ask ―who has the ?? of hearts‖? That person gets to
                                                                   When your handing out nametags to everyone as they arrive, give them each a
pick the tea light or the votive. Flip the next card and see who
                                                                   penny. Tell them to hold onto their penny until later. Go about doing your normal
has the matching heart, when they pick the candle you handed       show demo and when it is time wrap up and they start shopping, tell them its‘ time to
off to someone else, they get to STEAL the candle. Everyone        use their penny. Make sure they have there penny, and explain that we are all here
will get the drift of the game as the tea light and votive are     to help our hostess. Ask them who here likes to gamble???? Tell them that in this
taken from one guest to anyone. Of course, the last two guests     bag there are tealights with stickers on them. Explain that there is free shipping, or
                                                                   an exchange for a votive, or book a party, free tax and one have WINNER on it, for
will get the candles.
                                                                   what‘s in the bag or wrapped gift. If they would like to gamble their penny they can
                                                                   exchange it to pick a tea-light from the bag. The have to agree to play by the rules
Great way for you to see who is interested by the questions        and book there candle party to help the hostess. As they exchange there penny for a
they ask. Make sure they get the Discover PartyLite Brochure       tea light don‘t tell them what the sticker means yet. After everyone who decides to
and remember to make an appointment to FOLOW UP!!                  play has picked their tea-light, read off what each sticker means. If someone gets
                                                                   the winning sticker they get the gift at the show, along with the ones who have free
                                                                   shipping and free tax, and exchange for a votive. All gamblers should be asked to
                                                                   book shows along with ‗smiley faced winners!!

                                                                   Good Luck!!
                                  PURSE GAME                                                    IF I’M DREAMING, PLASE DON’T WAKE ME!
Here is what you will need:
6 Tealights
                                                                                        Once upon a time, an ambitious woman entered a successful store with
    Or                                                                                   a reputation for beautiful, fine quality merchandise. She walked right
6-8 Double Raffle Tickets                                                                      up to the owner and said, ―I am very impressed with your
                                                                                        establishment. I‘d like to come on board and build a career here. I can
Give a tea light or ½ of a raffle ticket to the person who finds what your asking for    promise you that I will work hard and I will do a great job. However,
first! You can draw for a winner if you use raffle tickets.
1) Does anyone have something older than 34 years, with them?
                                                                                                          in return all I ask is for the following:
      Explain: PartyLite is well established as a company that has been around for 34
years. And we are #1 in the candle industry.                                             First, I‘d like 25% profit on everything I sell, and when I reach $1800
                                                                                        or more in sales each month, I want an extra 7% bonus on all my sales.
2)   Does anyone have something that begins with the letter ―S‖?                         If I meet special company incentives, I‘d like to earn free products or
     Explain: ―S‖ is for SHOPPING SPREE – are hostess program gives (hostess)
to get lots of free product, plus ½ price items, monthly hostess specials and FREE
                                                                                        gifts. And for each new sales person I bring on board, I want at 7% of
booking gifts, so booking a party helps you and (hostess).                              their sales each month. Now, when I do well, I expect praise, bonuses
                                                                                            and lot of recognition, not to mention beautiful gifts, and a dream
3) Does anyone have a credit card that‘s numbers start or end with ―O‖ or ―0‖?          vacation to tropical island locations, each year. By the way, I‘m afraid
     Explain: In PartyLite ―O‖ stands for Opportunity, for those who are looking.         I am not into the 9 to 5 scene and my family always comes first, so I
By joining us in PartyLite, you could pay off any debt you have on your credit card,
ZERO balance. Starting your own business with PartyLite has ZERO out of pocket
                                                                                         will want to make my own schedule and work when it suits me best!
start up cost.
                                                                                         Ok, I think that about covers it, so when can I start? After the owner
4)  Does anyone have something that starts with the letter ―W‖?                           of the store recovered from shock, he roared with laughter. ―Lady,
    Explain: ―W‖ is for WOW and one of PartyLite‘s WOWs is the array of                 you can‘t be serious!! Your living in a dream world, you‘ll never find
candles we offer – over 50 colors, fragrance and style choices with accessories to
match anyone‘s décor!
                                                                                                           an opportunity like that anywhere!‖

5)   Does anyone have a telephone/address book ?                                                                 HE WAS WRONG!
     Explain: By inviting everyone you know, it‘s very easy to have a party and go
on a FREE shopping spree.                                                                  THAT WOMAN IS ME, AND IT COULD BE YOU. THIS IS
6)  Does anyone have something that begins with the letter “T”?
                                                                                              WHAT PartyLite OFFERS EACH CONSULTANT!!
    Explain: ―T” is one of my favorite letters, because in PartyLite, I get to take
wonderful trips every year to places like The Maya Rivera All Inclusive Resort in
Cancun Mexico !!!
                           Let’s Get Rolling
                                                                                                          DRINKING GAME
This is a fun dice game to help get bookings. After demonstration,
ask if there are any gamblers in the group. Letting them know that the      When I give you a letter, you need to yell out a drink – alcoholic or non-alcoholic,
hostess program is the very best in Direct Sales, any one who with like     any type of liquid drink. (Give Tickets)
                                                                                                    Introduce yourself & thank hostess….
to ―Roll the Dices‖ to see what great gift they can have just for helping                    Ask why they came …. (2 ways to support Hostess)
the host or hostess, by booking their own qualified candle party. Let                   Ask guests to give the Hostess a compliment … “Why do you
them Roll the Dice once each and what ever numbers they roll, they                                                Love her?”
get the item listed below at their show. (change items to fit your own                                  Only rule tonight – Have Fun!!
                                                                            W - WAX!! (wine, whiskey, water, white Russian, wine cooler)
                                                                                    - Review candle care .. Show votives, tealights, etc.
ROLL A 2 - One extra ½ price item at their show.                                    -Ask guests to share why PL candles are so much better than
                                                                                     other candles.
ROLL A 3 - A dozen FREE Votives                                             M – MONEY !! (mudslides, margaritas, martinis, milk,
                                                                                    Manhattans, Mai Tai)
ROLL A 4 - A dozen FREE tealights                                                   Hand out $1000 bills to everyone and ask them to pretend for 1 month they
                                                                                    were a consultant & they went out to 10 parties – ate some great food, had a
                                                                                    drink & gave out tickets.. and you make $1000 that month… what would
ROLL A 5-      Free Shipping on Hostess Order                                       you spend it on?
                                                                            P – Perks of being a Hostess!! (Pina colada, pepsi, peach schapps)
ROLL A 6-      $10 off a hostess Special                                            -Ask them to name a reason why people host candle parties?
                                                                                    (Free shopping spree, ½ price items, specials, food, fun, friends, drinks,
                                                                                    helping the hostess.
ROLL A 7-      FREE Mini Jar Candle                                         B – BOOKING/BUYING (Beer, Bahama mama, Bacardi, Balileys)
                                                                                    -What 2 ways can you help the hostess, add more free credit to her show?
ROLL A 8-      FREE Reed Diffuser Refill                                            - Booking- at each show she will have the opportunity to get $50 in credit
                                                                                    with the FAST $50 program, for just $9.95… it‘s instant gratification .
ROLL A 9-      FREE 3 X 5 Pillar                                                    -Buying products and candles to decorate, celebration and eliminate.
                                                                            S-SPECIALS (screw driver, shots, soda, smoothies, Sex on the beach)
                                                                                    -Who get the special deals tonight? (hostess)
ROLL A 10- FREE Aroma Simmers                                                       -Show & tell hostess specials & GAB (if any)
                                                                                    -Show some our products-ask guests to spare where they would put it in
ROLL A 11- FREE Wax Filled Tin                                                      there home.
                                                                            A – ACS! (amaretto, absolute, appletini, Alabama slammer)
                                                                                    - Ask who know what charity PL supports?
ROLL A 12- Add $ 25 credit to Hostess Shopping Spree.                               -We raise $1,000.500,000. last year and were very proud of that
                                                                                    -Expand rounding up there change when you add up there order.
                       THE ENVELOPE GAME                                                                            10 FINGER QUIZ
                                                                                          Have everyone hold there hands up and make 2 fists. Asking the next 10 questions
Using (4) # 10 size envelopes, either white or colored, using large print, write #1       and for each NO, have them lift a finger. Offer a CD-Rom to those who have 5
through #4, one number on each envelope.                                                  fingers or more raised.

In #1 envelope place $100 in play money.                                                  1.. Ever look at ways to make extra money?

In #2 envelope place $700 in play money.                                                  2. Are you happy at your current job?

In #3 envelope place $1200 in play money.                                                 3. Are you making what your worth?

#4 envelope will remain empty.                                                            4. If you lost your job tomorrow, do you have a back up plan?

Hand out the envelopes to guests or ask for 4 volunteers to help you and give them        5. Do you have enough time in your life to do what you want?
each an envelope. Tell them NOT to open them or look inside until you tell them to.
You can call on each one in order of the numbers either between another game or           6. Do you enjoy being around positive fun loving people?
just to have fun playing the ENVELOPE GAME
As each one opens the envelope have then tell everyone what is inside it and what         7. Can you earn an all expense paid Tropical Vacation each year at your Job?
would they do with the EXTRA money if you handed them the real cash???? Make
them tell you exactly how they would spend it and then ask them if they know how          8. Do you receive recognition for doing you job?
that amount of money relates to PartyLite.
$100 shopping spree is what the average hostess gets when they host a party and           9. Can you take time off from you job to care for your family?
invite there friends to there candle party. It is also what the consultant will receive
in there paycheck from party for that show too.                                           10. Have you ever thought of doing what I do?
$700 is what a new consultant can earn in there first 6 shows with friends and family.
$1200 is what the average consultant can earn each month by holding 6 to 8 shows a        1 – 2 no‘s …. If they ever lose there jobs, have them call you, love dedicated
month. Most consultants want to hold 2 to 3 show a month.                                 employees.
EMPTY envelope is what it cost to start there own business with party, just by
hosting a decider show or starter show, there is no out of pocket expense to give         3-4 no‘s They should consider looking at PL as a fun way to make some extra $$
PartyLite a try…
                                                                                          5 or more, you should take a CD-Rom with you tonight and let me follow up with
                                                                                          you in 24 hrs to answer any questions.

                                                                                          9-10 Please accept my personal invitation to (next upcoming workshop or regional)

                                                                                          I’m not the candle stalker, but if anything I have said peeked your interest just
                                                                                          a little PLEASE take a free CD-ROM home with you, DON’T Leave Here
                                                                                          Wondering WHAT IF or saying If she can do this, so can I…
                            MARY MALL/ PATTY PARTYLITE

Ask for 2 volunteers, give them extra tickets or points for volunteering. One of them will be                             ANYTHING YOU WANT GAME
getting a job at the mall, and she will be Mary Mall. The other will sell PartyLite, and she is                                 (Purse, body parts, drinking, relationship)
Patty PartyLite. You will need $2300.00 in Play Money!
                                                                                                      Thank your hostess and guests… Ask ‗WHY THEY COME‖
Mary Mall decided she wanted to get a little part time job at the mall to earn some extra.            What 2 ways are there to help the host/hostess tonight… Place an order, book a
(Have a volunteer pick a store she would like to work at) We are going to be generous and say         party or both!!
that they are paying Mary Mall $10.00 an hour, minus deductions…About $100 per week.
Patty PartyLite decided she needed some extra cash also:
                                                                                                      F = FUN, FEAR!! Fun is they only rule at a candle party!
1 Week Mary Mall goes to pick up her very first check, she worked 20 hours and got                    F also stands for my FAVORITE party of my job.. it is helping my host/hostess
$100.00 for the week! (Hand her $100.00 Play Money)                                                   receive lots of FREE products, half price items and to be able to take advantage of
1st Week Patty PartyLite held 3 shows and worked 9 hours and she got her 1st paycheck for             PL awesome monthly specials.
$300.00!!!!!! (Hand her $300.00 Play Money)                                                           F also is one of main reasons people shy away from giving PartyLite a try, It‘s the
                                                                                                      FEAR of public speaking, or the FEAR of change, FEAR of rejections. Can
2nd Week, Mary Mall goes to pick up her second check, she worked 20 hours and got                     anyone relate to one of these?
$100.00 again for the week (Hand her $100.00 Play Money)
2nd Week, Patty PartyLite held 3 shows again, worked 9 hours and she got her 2 nd paycheck
of $300.00!!!!!!! (Hand her $300.00 Play Money)
                                                                                                      C = CANDLES, CAREER! Who lit a candle today? (CC) Who can name a reason
                                                                                                      why PL candles are above the rest? (CC) do candle care tips..
3rd Week, Mary Mall goes to pick up her check for her 3rd week, she worked 20 hours again             CAREER – do you think you can have a career selling WAX? 3 years into my PL
and she took home $100.00 for the week. (Hand her $100.00 Play Money)                                 biz, I was able to quit my FULL time job, my past career of 27 years. Of course we
3rd Week, Patty PartyLite held 3 shows again and worked 9 hours and got her 3rd paycheck              having consultant who are hobbyist and part-timers, they love the products at a huge
of $300.00!!!!!! (Hand her $300.00 Play Money)                                                        discount and can use a little extra money.
4th Week, Mary Mall goes to pick up her check for the 4th week, and she worked her normal             G = GIFT OF PartyLite Did anyone come to buy a gift or is it all about you
20 hours, again she brought home $100.00. (Hand her $100.00 Play Money)                               tonight? Give Gift to hostess. Can anyone guess the best gift PL has given me?
4th Week, Patty PartyLite held 3 shows yet again, worked 9 hours and she got her 4th
paycheck of $300.00!!!!! (Hand her $300.00 Play Money) BUT, because Patty PartyLite sold
                                                                                                      Freedom/Flexibility, Financial Income, Friends. Hand hostess Starter Kit show
over $2000.00 for the month she got an extra bonus check, so she received an extra check of           card. If (?????) decided to give PL a try, she would get this gift from PL, a $350.
$200.00 (Hand her $200.00 Play Money)                                                                 Starter kit. How many think she‘d be great at this? WHY!! Hand her $800 in play
                                                                                                      money. Ask her to count it and then what would she spend it on. What do you think
*Now ask Mary Mall if her favorite store would give her $400.00 in product for starting to            this money represents? This is what the average new consultant makes doing there
work for them? Of course not. Look at Patty PartyLite and say, you will get $400.00 in                first 6 show.
product for starting your business, PLUS (any incentive that they have for the month) PLUS,           GIFTS for hostess, MONTHLY SPECIALS 60 -70% savings, ½ price items, FREE
you get Brite Start rewards when you are in your first three months.                                  shopping spree – 25% credit from sales.
―All of this for just trying it out, holding six shows, and if you don‘t like it, you made a ton of
money, received a ton of FREE product, and had fun‖
                                                                                                      S = SPECIAL for GUESTs SPA LINE
                                                                                                        Share monthly guest appreciation gift!!
*Have them both count their money:                                                                      Share upcoming month Hostess special
Mary Mall Made: $400.00 and worked 80 Hours! That is just great!                                        Spa Line products
Patty PartyLite Made $1400.00 and worked 36 Hours! Received a BONUS of $200.00, PLUS
she got over $400.00 in FREE product! PLUS she got her Brite Start rewards!!!!

So………………………Mary Mall worked 44 Hours More than Patty PartyLite, and made
$1000.00 Less, and didn‘t get anything for FREE for working at the mall .

  This is your reason why you started PartyLite. To help
                    people relate to you.
              4 Thought-Starters to help you.

   1. “I joined PartyLite because                            “

   2. “Before PartyLite I                                    “

   3. “What I love most about what I’m doing now is

   4. “The reason I’m so excited about telling you this is

Top 10 Reasons Why Consultant Start Their Own Business.
        1. Builds Self-Confidence or Independence
        2. Big Dreams – Home-build it or buy it
        3. Change Peoples Lives ―Making a Difference
        4. Stress Relief – FUN
        5. Pay Off Debt/ Mortgage Payment
        6. Need a Vacation
        7. Opportunity to Work from Home
        8. Something for ―Yourself‖
        9. Security ―B Y O Boss
        10. Career with Income Growth Opportunity-YOURSELF
When you believe you can, the world opens up to you
            in so many marvelous ways…..
     The sun shines brighter, opportunities become
 steppingstones to future achievements and all those
  dreams you‘ve tucked away suddenly seem worth
                      reaching for.
As one door closes, another one opens, and you have
   the optimism to walk through it and give it your
 Suddenly, difficulties aren‘t so devastating because
     they are viewed as opportunities to build you
  With each step you take, another lesson is learned,
      and with each mistake you make, growth is
When you believe you can, you‘ll discover that even
 though the world may not always be easy, faith can
 lift you above the rushing tides and give you wings
                you never know you had.
              SO BELIEVE, AND FLY!!

                                   Linda C. Grazulis

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