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									     HONG KONG MONITOR
      A joint publication of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO), Hong Kong
      Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Hong Kong Australia Business Association
      (HKABA) and Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association (HKNZBA).

      No 6, 2006

     in the
T   HE Secretary for Commerce,
    Industry and Technology,
Mr Joseph W P Wong, in an
address to the 11th Asian
Telecom       and     Information            s THE Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, Mr Wu
Exchange Forum, has outlined               Bangguo (second left), at the opening ceremony of ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 with (from
Government plans to seize new            left) HKSAR Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang; ITU Secretary-General, Mr Yoshio Utsumi; and
opportunities in the digital world.       the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2006, Prof Muhammad Yunus. Mr Wu visited a number
   The Forum was held in conjunc-         of booths, including the Hong Kong, China Pavilion, which occupied an area of 2,528 sq m.
tion with ITU TELECOM WORLD                 He then had a short meeting with CEOs of eight participating international companies.
2006. Mr Wong said an update of
the Government’s Digital 21
Strategy – “a blueprint and
action plan” – would be released
in 2007. “We are pursuing a
number of initiatives in this blue-
                                         HK ‘gateway’ for
                                        IT market in China
print,” Mr Wong said. “We will
merge our broadcasting and
telecommunications regulators to
form a new unified regulator.
   “Following the current review,
we will update our spectrum
policy, which will provide clarity
                                        T   HE week-long International
                                            Telecommunication Union
                                        (ITU) TELECOM WORLD 2006 —
                                                                              held outside Geneva. "Less than
                                                                              two years from now, Beijing, our
                                                                              national capital, will proudly stage
                                                                                                                     tages on the digital front are mag-
                                                                                                                     nified many times by our unique
                                                                                                                     position as the premier gateway to
and predictability to the industry      – a leading global information and    the 2008 Olympic Games. But            China, the world's largest ICT mar-
and enable the community to             communication technology event        this week, we are thrilled to be       ket,” Mr Tsang said. “It makes us
derive maximum benefits from the        that attracts thousands of dele-      hosting the Olympics of the tele-      the ideal place for companies with
use of the designated spectrum.         gates from around the world –         com industry,” Mr Tsang said.          an eye on the market on the
   “We will launch digital terrestri-   was hosted by Hong Kong in               The mega-event was one of the       Mainland to showcase their excel-
al TV services by the end of next       December at AsiaWorld-Expo.           largest trade shows ever held in       lence and network with potential
year. And we will roll out more e-         Officiating at the opening cere-   Hong Kong. "It underlines Hong         business partners. Situated at the
Government services and provide         mony on December 3 were the           Kong's unique position as a global     doorstep of Mainland China, Hong
more integrated services through        Chairman of the Standing              hub for ICT. It reinforces our posi-   Kong possesses plenty of manage-
our one-stop portal.”                   Committee of the National             tion as an international events cap-   ment talent with an intimate
   Separately, Mr Wong briefed          People's Congress, Mr Wu              ital, a leading digital city, and      knowledge of the language and
delegates to ITU TELECOM                Bangguo; the Founder of               Asia's World City," he said.           business culture there.
WORLD 2006 on benefits avail-           Grameen Bank, Bangladesh,                Mr Tsang outlined the sophisti-        "With reliable, high-capacity
able in Hong Kong through the           and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate,       cated ICT infrastructure in Hong       telecommunications connections
Closer Economic Partnership             Prof Muhammad Yunus; the              Kong: broadband networks cover         between Hong Kong and the
Agreement with the Mainland.            Chief Executive of the HKSAR,         virtually all commercial and resi-     Mainland, setting up regional
   CEPA, he said, both facilitated      Mr Donald Tsang; and the              dential buildings, with a house-       operations in Hong Kong is the
Hong Kong's information technol-        Secretary-General of the ITU, Mr      hold penetration rate of 67 per        logical first step to entering the
ogy industry to access the              Yoshio Utsumi.                        cent; three-quarters of those fami-    Mainland market. So far, more
Mainland market, and provided              Welcoming guests, Mr Tsang         lies can choose between two or         than 3,800 overseas companies
third-party accreditation of the sys-   said Hong Kong was extremely          more broadband networks; and           have done so, and the number is
tems integration capability of          honoured that the ITU has given       the 3G broadband mobile net-           growing steadily.
Hong Kong service suppliers.            Hong Kong the privilege to host       works are being upgraded to 3.5G          The theme of this year's expo
   s Digital divide page 2.             the first TELECOM WORLD ever          standard. "Hong Kong's advan-                           Continued page 2
                                        CE launches InnoCentre
HONG KONG                               T    HE HKSAR Government is
                                             strongly committed to support-
                                        ing creative industries, the Chief
                                        Executive, Mr Donald Tsang,
                                        said when opening Hong Kong’s
                                        new InnoCentre in Kowloon
                                        Tong on November 13.
                                           “We promote applied R&D
                                        through funding schemes, infra-
                                        structure support, and collabora-
                                        tion with Mainland and overseas
                                        research institutes,” Mr Tsang said.
 Level 3, Hong Kong House,                 “We also endeavour to grow an
       80 Druitt Street,
 Sydney NSW 2000 Australia              innovation culture in the commu-
    Tel (61 2) 9261-8911                nity. Most recently, we launched
    Fax (61 2) 9261-8966                five new R&D centres, in which the
Email:           Government will invest over HK$2
  Web:                 billion. And we will roll out
                                                                                  s THE Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, officiating at the
    Director: Bonnie Shek               Science Park Phase 2 starting
                                                                                              opening ceremony of InnoCentre.
                                        next year.”
                                           To make the InnoCentre a mag-            This will help the centre hold      mainstream business process,
                                        net for design activities, the           exhibitions, conferences, work-        upgrade the capability of our
                                        Government has earmarked an              shops, networking functions and        design profession, and enhance
                                        additional HK$100 million to sup-        professional education and train-      the interface between designers,
                                        port the Hong Kong Design                ing courses. “We want to promote       industry and business users, acad-
                                        Centre over the coming five years.       the adoption of design in the          emics and the like,” Mr Tsang said.
    Tel (02) 9267-3158
    Fax (02) 9261-8966
                                             Tackling ‘digital divide’
    Tel (64 9) 307-1215
    Fax (64 9) 307-1216
                                        I T IS squarely Governments’
                                          responsibility to reduce the “dig-
                                        ital divide” in modern society, the
                                                                                 itive edge.” In the digital world,
                                                                                 another important role of govern-
                                                                                 ment was to create robust intellec-
                                                                                                                        round-the-clock monitoring,” he
                                                                                                                           “Information goods can be
  Web:                 Financial Secretary, Mr Henry            tual property rights regimes, Mr       transferred over the Internet with-
                                        Tang, told delegates to ITU TELE-        Tang said. “Here in Hong Kong,         out regard to national boundaries.
                                        COM WORLD 2006.                          we fully recognise our responsibili-   I sincerely hope that governments
                                           Speaking at the opening of an         ty in this area. We have set up        and law enforcement agencies all
                                        ITU forum on December 4, Mr              teams in the law enforcement           over the world can join hands to
                                        Tang said the United Nations ICT         agencies dedicated to tackling         protect information goods in the
                                        Task Force had identified three          piracy on the Internet through         digital world.”
                                        types of digital divide – access
                                        divide (on access to ICT facilities
 Level 1, Hong Kong House,
       80 Druitt Street,
                                        and connectivity), usage divide (on
                                        skills to use the facilities) and
                                                                                 HK, Canada renew MoU
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
    Tel (61 2) 9283-3222
    Fax (61 2) 9283-3818
                                        usage quality divide (on how peo-
                                        ple use ICT to transform their
                                        lives). “While the access divide is a
                                                                                 H   ONG KONG and Canada
                                                                                     have renewed a Memor-
                                                                                 andum of Understanding
                                                                                                                        Technology (Communications
                                                                                                                        and Technology), Mr Francis
                                                                                                                        Ho, and the President of the
            Email:                      problem of infrastructure that can       (MoU) to further enhance co-           Communications      Research             be tackled through providing addi-       operation in information and           Centre of the Department of
Web:             tional hardware facilities to less-      communications technology.             Industry of Canada, Dr Veena
    Director: Jenny Wallis              privileged segments of a commu-            The document was signed by           Rawat, during ITU TELECOM
                                        nity, the usage divide and usage         the Permanent Secretary for            WORLD 2006.
    For inquiries in New Zealand                                                 Commerce,      Industry  and
                                        quality divide can only be tackled
   about Hong Kong, including
                                        through enhancing ICT adoption
those related to investment and
                                        and knowledge building,” Mr
  business matters, call toll-free
(within New Zealand) 0800 822
                                        Tang said.                                   HK gateway for IT market
                                           “Investment by governments in
008, fax (64 9) 476 2051, email                                                  s From front page
                                        education       and    training     is
                                        absolutely necessary, to enable          was Living the Digital World,          officials to debate critical issues in or mail to PO Box 65
                                        one to utilise ICT properly and to       with the event comprising two          policies and regulation, key tech-
  415, Mairangi Bay, Auckland.
                                        turn information into knowledge.         parts – a dynamic exhibition and a     nologies, business applications
                                           “It is imperative for govern-         high-level forum.                      and environment.
This publication does not necessari-
                                        ments of developed economies to             The exhibition enabled industry        About 700 exhibitors from
ly reflect the views of the HKTDC,
                                        invest in formal and continuous          players to showcase their latest       across the world shared total exhi-
the HKETO, the HKABA or the
HKNZBA. Information published is        education to help the workforce          equipment, services or technolo-       bition space of 66,000 sq m at
believed to be accurate and reliable,   consistently upgrade its knowl-          gies, while the forum provided a       AsiaWorld Expo, to showcase
but the HKTDC, the HKETO, their         edge base and skills levels so as to     platform for industry players,         their achievements to an estimat-
employees, the HKABA and the            maintain productivity and compet-        users and senior government            ed 60,000 visitors.
HKNZBA and their members accept
no responsibility.                      Page 2 Hong Kong Monitor No 6 2006
     IMF tips                            FUND BUSINESS LEAPS                                                                 Bright
      5.5-6%                                                                                                                 outlook
      growth                                                                                                                for IPOs
A     N International Monetary
      Fund (IMF) Staff Mission to
Hong Kong has welcomed the
                                                                                                                       C    ONTINUING growth of the
                                                                                                                            Mainland economy augurs
                                                                                                                       well for Hong Kong as a centre
Government's efforts to further                                                                                        for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
strengthen market infrastructure                                                                                       and other fund-raising activities by
and to promote financial integra-                                                                                      Mainland enterprises, Hong Kong
tion with the Mainland, both keys                                                                                      Monetary Authority Chief
to Hong Kong's competitiveness.                                                                                        Executive, Mr Joseph Yam, says.
   The Mission expects the Hong                                                                                           In a Viewpoint article published
Kong economy to grow by 5.5-6                                                                                          on the Authority's website, Mr
per cent this year, and around five                                                                                    Yam said several large IPOs were
per cent in 2007 and over the                                                                                          organised successfully in Hong
medium term.                                 s THE Financial Secretary, Mr Henry Tang, launching                       Kong, with no excessive volatility
   The main near-term risks to this       Financial World Expo 2006 at the Hong Kong Convention                        in the interbank rates, or hiccups
outlook are a sharper slowdown in                          and Exhibition Centre.                                      in the interbank payment system
global demand, particularly in the                                                                                     on payment and refund days.
US, and a rise in protectionist sen-
timents against the Mainland.           H    ONG KONG’s combined
                                             fund management business
                                        reached HK$4,526 billion in 2005,
                                                                               favourable and promising outlook
                                                                               for our wealth management
                                                                               industry,” Mr Tang said.
                                                                                                                          He said: "One interesting phe-
                                                                                                                       nomenon observed during the
   Over the medium term, growth                                                                                        course of the large IPO activities in
                                        a 25 per cent increase, the               “Rapid economic growth in the
prospects will depend on how well                                                                                      Hong Kong is that, with global
                                        Financial Secretary, Mr Henry          Mainland has effectuated greater
evolving financial integration with                                                                                    financial markets awash with liq-
                                        Tang, told guests at the opening       accumulation of personal savings,
Mainland China is managed and                                                                                          uidity, whenever there is new sup-
                                        ceremony of Financial World            thus huge demand for investment
expanded, and competitive pres-                                                                                        ply of quality financial instruments
                                        Expo 2006, organised by the            and wealth management services.
sures from other regional financial                                                                                    in a market of international stand-
                                        Institute of Financial Planners        And with increasing liberalisation
centres are withstood, the Staff                                                                                       ing, attracting international invest-
                                        of Hong Kong.                          of exchange control, I believe the
Mission said.                                                                                                          ment funds is not a problem.
                                           “Looking ahead, we see a            market potential is enormous.”
   It recognised that, in addition to                                                                                     "There seems no longer to be
a strong external environment,                                                                                         any need, for example, to organise

                                        12 quarters of
skilful macro-economic manage-                                                                                         primary or secondary listing in
ment, continued strengthening of                                                                                       Europe and America in order to
financial market infrastructure,                                                                                       attract investment funds from
and the underlying flexibility of                                                                                      those areas.

                                        strong growth
Hong Kong's markets were keys in                                                                                          “International road shows are,
the remarkable turnaround of the                                                                                       of course, still essential to stimu-
economy from the situation three                                                                                       late investor interest, but advanced
years ago.                                                                                                             information technology is increas-
   The Mission also endorsed the
general policy framework of the
Government, including its fiscal
                                        T   HE Hong Kong economy
                                            gathered strong momentum in
                                        the third quarter, with GDP
                                                                               ket activities. Mrs Chan said the
                                                                               outlook for the remainder of 2006
                                                                               is for further expansion in eco-
                                                                                                                       ingly making this easier. So I hope
                                                                                                                       these large IPOs serve to consoli-
                                                                                                                       date the status of Hong Kong as
and exchange rate systems.              expanding briskly by 6.8 per cent      nomic activity at a solid pace.         the preferred IPO centre for
   The assessment was made by           in real terms, up on a 5.5 per cent        Externally, despite the economic    Mainland enterprises."
the IMF Mission in its Concluding       rise in the second quarter, the        slowdown in the US, the                    Noting that the Mainland had
Statement          published       in   Acting Government Economist,           economic situation elsewhere is         become increasingly integrated
November, following completion          Mrs Helen Chan, said.                  still very favourable. The vibrant      with the rest of the world, and
of its annual review of Hong               This signified the 12th consecu-    Mainland economy and its surging        that its economy keeps growing at
Kong's exchange rate, fiscal and        tive quarter of distinctly above-      trade flows, in particular, will con-   a brisk pace, Mr Yam said there
structural policies.                    trend growth since the current         tinue to provide the main impetus       will be more Mainland enterprises
   The Mission welcomed public          upturn began in mid-2003.              to Hong Kong's trade growth.            achieving success in their own
discussion on ways to broaden the          Mrs Chan said Hong Kong’s               Mrs Chan said local consumer        fields, and attaining international
tax base, given the volatility of       forecast GDP growth for 2006 as a      spending rose solidly, amid improv-     status.
Government revenues. It consid-         whole had been revised up from 4-      ing employment income, expand-             While this augurs well for Hong
ered a low-rated and broad-based        5 per cent to 6.5 per cent.            ing job opportunities and a buoy-       Kong as a centre for IPOs and
Goods and Services Tax to be an            She said external trade regained    ant stock market.                       other fund-raising activities by
efficient way forward, given the        vigour in the third quarter after          Overall investment spending         Mainland enterprises, particularly
ageing population.                      some moderation in the second.         accelerated markedly to double-         those intending to go internation-
   The Financial Secretary, Mr             Merchandise exports saw faster      digit growth at 12.7 per cent in        al, he cautioned that the savings
Henry Tang, said the Mission's          growth of 8.9 per cent in real         real terms in the third quarter over    rate on the Mainland is still very
positive assessment on the robust       terms in the third quarter over a      a year earlier, marking the fastest     high, and therefore there is great
market infrastructure of Hong           year earlier, thanks to thriving       growth since the fourth quarter of      investor demand there that needs
Kong was welcome.                       trade flows in the Mainland and        2000. Consumer price inflation          to be satisfied.
   "Efficient and well-regulated        the renewed weakening of the US        had remained moderate so far this          "The sustainability of Hong
financial intermediation is crucial     dollar in recent months.               year and was likely to remain so        Kong as the IPO centre for
to the competitiveness of an inter-        Exports of services likewise grew   through to year's-end, given the        Mainland enterprises depends, I
national financial centre. We will      strongly, by 8.6 per cent in real      recent easing in oil prices and         think, on whether we can satisfy
strive to maintain Hong Kong's          terms, along with vibrant offshore     notable growth in labour produc-        investor      demand       on    the
success on this front," he said.        trade and buoyant financial mar-       tivity.                                 Mainland," he said.

                                                                                                         Hong Kong Monitor No 6 2006 Page 3
Chan wins
WHO post
T    HE HKSAR Government has
     congratulated Dr Margaret
Chan following endorsement by
the World Health Assembly of
her nomination as the Director-
General of the World Health
Organisation (WHO).
   A Government spokesman said
Dr Chan's calibre, vision and
wealth of experience in public                                                                                             …And meeting the
                                      s THE Secretary for Economic Development and Labour, Mr                           Chairman of Tourism New
health issues would make her an
                                      Stephen Ip, delivering a keynote address at the Hong Kong-                         South Wales, Mr Maurice
outstanding Director-General.
                                          Australia Business Association (NSW Chapter) Gala                             Newman, to share experi-
   The Chief Executive, Mr
                                                           Dinner in Sydney…                                           ences on tourism promotion.
Donald Tsang, said while on a
visit in Europe that Dr Chan was
the first Chinese elected as the
Director-General of WHO. This was
a great honour for the nation and
                                         HK moving ahead on
for the people of Hong Kong.
   The Acting Chief Executive,
Mr Rafael Hui, noted that Dr
                                        cruise hub for Kai Tak
Chan had been elected with over-
whelming support, reflecting the
wide recognition of Dr Chan by all
                                      T   HE Secretary for Economic
                                          Development and Labour,
                                      Mr Stephen Ip, visited Sydney in
                                                                              Airport site. Earlier, in Hong Kong
                                                                              (October 24), Mr Ip had
                                                                              announced the Government’s
                                                                                                                       site of 7.6 hectares earmarked at
                                                                                                                       the southern end of the runway.
                                                                                                                          It will then offer land adjacent
the voting countries.                 November to promote Hong                cruise         terminal         plans.   to the cruise terminal for develop-
   The Secretary for Health,          Kong as a leading business hub          Development of new facilities was        ment of tourism-related facilities,
Welfare and Food, Dr York             and premier tourist destination.        important for Hong Kong to cap-          such as hotels, shopping malls and
Chow,       said     the     HKSAR       He met Australian Gover-             ture the growth of the cruise            conference facilities.
Government would continue to          nment officials and business rep-       industry in the Asia Pacific region,        Priority will be given to the new
work closely with WHO, and par-       resentatives to update them on lat-     and sustain its development as a         cruise terminal facilities to allow
ticipate actively in global endeav-   est developments and investment         regional cruise hub, he said.            early completion. Other tourism-
ours to combat diseases and           opportunities in Hong Kong, and            “It has always been the               related facilities will proceed as the
improve global health.                met with the Chairman of                Government's intention to devel-         Kai Tak Development evolves.
                                      Tourism New South Wales, Mr             op new cruise terminal facilities at        The project will include recon-
                                      Maurice Newman, to share expe-          Kai Tak, as it is the only site within   struction of the existing seawall,
                                      riences on tourism promotion.           Victoria Harbour with the capa-          and development of two alongside
                                         As officiating guest of the          bility to provide two or more            berths which can meet the needs
                                      HKABA (NSW Chapter) annual              alongside berths without reclama-        of cruise vessels up to a displace-
                                      Business Awards gala dinner, Mr         tion,” he said. “The outcome of          ment of 100,000 tonnes.
                                      Ip delivered a keynote speech. He       the recently completed Stage 3              “Depending on the implemen-
                                      also presented the Awards.              Public Participation of the Kai          tation programme of the success-
                                         Mr Ip briefed Australian media       Tak Planning Review indicated            ful bidder, the first berth at Kai Tak
                                      on the Government’s efforts to          general public support for the           is expected to be completed in
                                      facilitate growth in the logistics      development of cruise terminal           2012,” Mr Ip said. Development
                                      and tourism industries, including       facilities at Kai Tak.”                  cost for the berthing and support-
                                      development of cruise terminal             The Government will first             ing facilities at Kai Tak is estimated
     s Dr Margaret Chan               facilities at the former Kai Tak        develop a new cruise terminal on a       to be HK$2.4 billion.

HKIA world’s top airport four years running
F  OR the fourth year in a row,
   Hong Kong International
Airport has earned the TTG's
                                      agents, hoteliers and other travel
                                      professionals. Readers who voted
                                      for Hong Kong International
                                                                              of this year (2006), HKIA will bring
                                                                              travellers and other airport users
                                                                              an even wider choice of facilities
                                                                                                                       the six months ended September
                                                                                                                       30. The unaudited results includ-
                                                                                                                       ed solid growth in passenger and
Best Airport award.                   Airport praised its excellent facili-   and services in shopping, dining         cargo throughput.
   The Airport Authority's Chief      ties;     user-friendliness     and     and entertainment, further con-             Compared with the six months
Executive Officer, Dr David           efficiency of immigration and bag-      firming our status as Asia's pre-        ended September 30, 2005,
Pang, said the award showed that      gage claim; well-designed floor         mier aviation hub,” he said.             turnover rose 9.2 per cent to
not only the flying population but    layout; and convenient ground                                                    HK$3,814 million. Total passenger
travel industry professionals had     accessibility. Dr Pang said the         n IN ITS FIRST interim                   volume rose 9.2 per cent, to 22.7
recognised the airport's achieve-     Authority will continue to redefine     results announcement, Airport            million, cargo throughput grew
ment.                                 and refine its services, as well as     Authority Hong Kong on                   3.5 per cent to around 1.8 million
   TTG is a leading global brand-     enhance airport hardware.               November 29 revealed strong              tonnes, and aircraft movements
name for a list of renowned trade        "When Passenger Terminal 2           growth in turnover and profit            increased 6.0 per cent, to
publications targetted at travel      commences operation by the end          attributable to shareholders for         140,700.

Page 4 Hong Kong Monitor No 6 2006
Ngong Ping
360 opens
                                               Six firms acclaimed
on Lantau                                      in Business Awards
                                                                                                                   s WINNERS of the 2006
H    ONG KONG’s tourism indus-
     try continues to perform well,
the Financial Secretary, Mr
                                                                                                                    HKABA NSW Business
                                                                                                                 Awards (left) with Mr Philip
Henry Tang, said at the opening                                                                                  Ruddock, Attorney-General
ceremony for Ngong Ping 360,                                                                                      (far right) and Peter Sinn,
Hong Kong’s newest tourism                                                                                          Chairman of the NSW
attraction.                                                                                                      Business Awards Organising
   The cable-car ride connecting                                                                                     Committee and Vice
Ngong Ping to Tung Chung                                                                                          President of HKABA NSW
offers a spectacular panoramic                                                                                   Chapter (second from right).
view of Lantau Island. It is
operated by Skyrail-ITM (Hong
Kong) Limited. Skyrail-ITM runs                                                                                    s BELOW... Lucinda Chan,
the      world-famous        Skyrail                                                                               President of HKABA NSW
Rainforest Cableway in Cairns,                                                                                     Chapter (right), and Peter
Queensland.                                                                                                       Sinn, Chairman of the NSW
   “This new attraction combines                                                                                     Business Awards 2006
nicely with other attractions in                                                                                   Organising Committee &
Ngong Ping, such as the Big                                                                                            Vice President of
Buddha, the Po Lin Monastery                                                                                      HKABA NSW Chapter (left),
and the Path of Wisdom,” Mr                                                                                       presenting the big cheque
Tang said. “It also gives our visitors                                                                           to Mr Hatton Kwok OAM JP,
convenient access to explore other                                                                                Chairman of the Australian
intriguing parts of Lantau, such as                                                                               Nursing Home Foundation.
the fishing village of Tai O, the
beaches in South Lantau and his-
torical sites at Mui Wo.”
   Mr Tang said Hong Kong visitor
arrivals increased by nearly 10 per                                                                              community. The HKABA acknow-
cent in the first nine months to                                                                                 ledges the generous support
about 19 million. Arrivals from the                                                                              of all Business Awards sponsors –
Mainland were            particularly                                                                            Platinum      Sponsor,    Qantas
strong, growing by 11 per cent to                                                                                Airways; and supporting spon-
10 million.                                                                                                      sors, the Hong Kong Economic
   “The Government will continue                                                                                 & Trade Office; the Hong Kong
to invest in our tourism infrastruc-                                                                             Tourism                   Board;
ture and improve our quality of                                                                                  the     Hong      Kong      Trade
service to strengthen Hong Kong's                                                                                Development Council; Asia
position as the premier destination                                                                              Today International; Australian
for visitors in Asia and in the
world,” Mr Tang said.
   In October, visitor arrivals in
                                         T  HE HKABA NSW Business
                                            Awards, widely regarded as a
                                         prestigious badge of honour, were
                                                                             Stephen Ip, HKSAR Secretary
                                                                             for Economic Development and
                                                                             Labour, and Mr Philip Ruddock,
                                                                                                                 Chinese Daily; CMC Markets;
                                                                                                                 China Travel Service (Aust) Pty.
                                                                                                                 Ltd.; Ettason Pty Ltd; Golden
Hong Kong from Australia, New            presented to winners at a Gala      Australia’s Attorney-General.       Century Seafood Restaurant;
Zealand and the South Pacific            Dinner on November 10 at The          The six companies receiving       Highlight Marketing; Mac-
totalled 65,041, an 11.5 per cent        Westin, Sydney.                     Awards for 2006 were:               quarie Bank Ltd; MHS Group;
year-on-year increase.                     Guests of honour were Mr            Export of Goods Award             Oatlands House; OGAWA
                                                                             Winner – CMC Markets.               Health-Care (Aust) Pty Ltd;
                                                                               Export of Services Award          QBE Insurance; Think And
                                                                             Winner – Page Kirkland Group.       Grow Pty Ltd; and University of
                                                                               Import of Goods Award             Technology Sydney.
                                                                             Winner – Ettason Pty Ltd.              Business Awards Finalists were
                                                                               Import of Services Award          – Accsoft OnMyWeb, AJL
                                                                             Winner – China Travel Service       Global Pty Ltd, China Travel
                                                                             (Aust) Pty Ltd.                     Service (Australia) Pty Ltd,
                                                                               Creative SME Award Winner         CMC Markets, Dymocks Group
                                                                             – Accsoft OnMyWeb.                  Of Companies, Ettason Pty Ltd,
                                                                               Contribution to Industry          OGAWA Health-Care (Aust) Pty
                                                                             Award Winner — NewSouth             Ltd, Page Kirkland Group,
                                                                             Global Pty Limited, University of   NewSouth Global Pty Limited,
                                                                             New South Wales.                    University of New South
                                                                               HKABA NSW Chapter proudly         Wales, Premium China Funds
                                                                             donated all Business Awards         Management Pty Ltd, Royal
                                                                             Gala Dinner Raffle proceeds (to     Jewellery and Zilver Group.
                                                                             the amount of $5,932) to the
       s THE Financial Secretary, Mr Henry Tang, hits the                    Australian      Nursing   Home       s VIC Pearl Awards winners,
         ceremonial drum to launch "Ngong Ping 360".                         Foundation, to support the local                page 7.

                                                                                                    Hong Kong Monitor No 6 2006 Page 5
  s AT the Hong Kong Forum . . . Mrs              s PICTURED at the HKABA Stand at the                  s Stephen Liu, Immediate Past
Jenny Wallis, Director of the HKETO for             Hong Kong Forum are Victor Moo,                  Honorary Secretary of the Federation
Australia/New Zealand; the Lord Mayor                President of SA Chapter, and Ian                of Hong Kong Business Associations
 of Adelaide, Mr Michael Harbison; and               Mathison, SA Chapter Committee                  Worldwide, and his wife, Helen, pic-
    Ms Bonnie Shek, Director of the               Member. Ian contributed this report on               tured at the Welcome Dinner for
   HKTDC for Australia/New Zealand.                             the Forum.                           delegates to the Hong Kong Forum.

500 attend the Hong Kong Forum
A    LMOST 500 associates of the
     Federation       of
Kong Business Associations
                                                                                                                   On the second day of the
                                                                                                                Forum, delegates were invited to
                                                                                                                attend      the     International
Worldwide gathered in Hong                                                                                      Business Convention, for which
Kong on November 27 to attend                                                                                   the theme was New Strategies
the 7th Hong Kong Forum, the                                                                                    for a Borderless World.
World SME Expo and the                                                                                             Another significant event in the
Innovation and Design Expo,                                                                                     programme was the opening of
which were concurrent events.                                                                                   the World SME Expo and the
   Nearly 70 associates travelled                                                                               Innovation and Design Expo by
from Australasia, with SA Chap-                                                                                 Mr Peter Woo, Chairman of the
ter taking a record number of 28                                                                                HKTDC.
registered delegates. Others were                                                                                  The Forum concluded with a
from      Queensland,        NSW,                                                                               Cocktail Party to celebrate the
Victoria, Western Australia and                                                                                 HKTDC’s 40th Anniversary.
the National Office, led by                                                                                        Guest speaker was the Chief
National President, Wilkin Fon.                                                                                 Executive of the HKSAR, Mr
   The Lord Mayor of Adelaide,        s WINNERS . . . (l to r) Victor Moo, President of SA Chapter;             Donald Tsang, who was joined
Mr Michael Harbison, led the SA        Wilkin Fon, National President of the HKABA; and Lucinda                 on stage by guests from the Hong
Chapter delegation and actively       Chan, President of NSW Chapter, pictured after presentation               Kong Government and the
embraced the programme to sup-         of the Outstanding Initiative Awards, two of which were                  HKTDC to toast the future suc-
port 20 South Australian compa-                     won by SA and NSW Chapters.                                 cess of Hong Kong, the 11th
nies attending the Forum.                                                                                       largest trading economy in mer-
   Theme of this Forum centred                                                                                  chandise trade in the world.
on the Pan-Pearl River Delta,                                                                                      SA and NSW Chapters of the
which includes nine provinces plus                                                                              HKABA won two of six
the Special Administrative                                                                                      Outstanding Initiative Awards
Regions of Hong Kong and                                                                                        presented by the Federation,
Macau. The overall Pan- Pearl                                                                                   NSW Chapter for its Business
River region contributes 30 per                                                                                 Awards and SA Chapter for its
cent of Mainland China GDP.                                                                                     Food and Wine Appreciation
   All speakers focussed their pre-                                                                             Dinner initiatives. There were
sentations on the potential for                                                                                 23      entrants       for      the
Hong Kong to provide a platform                                                                                 Federation Awards – from
for commercial and foreign invest-                                                                              Europe, Australasia and North
ment within and between China                                                                                   America.
and the world.                                                                                                    The 8th Hong Kong Forum
   The Breakout Session, titled                                                                                 will be held on December 11 and
                                        s MEMBERS of SA Chapter of the HKABA pictured at the
Be Prepared for China’s                                                                                         12, 2007.
                                                Hong Kong Forum Welcome Dinner.
Booming Consumerism, cov-
ered economic growth and a bur-       er for a luncheon hosted by the        The Welcome Dinner was
geoning consumer market, retail       Federation and the HKTDC on         held in the Super Star Seafood
opportunities in the China distrib-   November 28.                        Restaurant, Times Square,
ution market, and success and            Afternoon sessions focussed on   Causeway Bay, and featured the
challenges in establishing and pro-   regional caucuses and election of   “Big Bowl Feast”, a signature
tecting brands in the China mar-      Federation officers for 2006-08.    dish prepared only in Hong Kong’s
ket.                                  HKABA National President,           historic walled villages, for reli-
   The Financial Secretary, Mr        Wilkin Fon, was elected             gious rituals, wedding banquets
Henry Tang, was keynote speak-        Honorary Treasurer.                 and special occasions.

Page 6 Hong Kong Monitor No 6 2006
                           HKTDC Marketplace
                                                                                                                 Lighting Fair
  VIC Pearl Award winners                                                                                        brightens HK
     exporter of live lobsters to
Hong Kong and China, Pacific                                                                                     E   NTERING its eighth year, the
                                                                                                                     International Lighting Fair
Fish (SA) Pty Ltd, has won the                                                                                   has become one of the largest of
Golden Pearl Award for                                                                                           its kind in Asia, attracting more
Excellence in the HKABA Pearl                                                                                    than 1,200 companies from 27
Business Awards, organised by                                                                                    countries and regions.
VIC Chapter of the HKABA.                                                                                           Four new sections were intro-
   Other Pearl Award winners                                                                                     duced in 2006 — the Green
were –                                                                                                           Lighting Zone, the Holiday
   n Business Entrepreneurial                                                                                    Favour Zone, a Parts &
Achievement – Michel Rene (The                                                                                   Accessories Pavilion, and a
Wig Gallery);                                                                                                    World of Table Lamps.
   n Business Innovation and                                                                                        The Outdoor Lighting sec-
Development – Clean TeQ Pty                                                                                      tion attracted more than 60
Ltd;                                    s 2006 Victorian Pearl Business Award winners and presen-                exhibitors, presenting street
   n Marketing, Communicat-            ters (l to r) Mr Greg Toll, Clean TeQ Pty Ltd; Eva & Raymond              lamps, garden lighting and other
ion and Business Promotion –            Ng, AKA Pty Ltd; Mr Anson Lai, Deputy Director - HKETO;                  outdoor illumination.
AKA Corporation Pty Ltd.               Mr Jonathan Wong, Pacific Fish (SA) Pty Ltd;Mr Gordon Rich-                  Held concurrently, the Hong
   The Awards were presented                Phillips; Mr Andre Haermeyer; Mr John So; Mr Peter                   Kong International Hardware
during a Gala Dinner at the                     Kennedy (for Michel Rene-The Wig Gallery).                       & Home Improvement Fair cel-
National Gallery of Victoria.                                                                                    ebrated its 10th anniversary this
   VIP guests included Mr              So, and the Lady Mayoress,           HKETO,     HKTDC,      HKTB,         year, with 130 exhibitors from
Andrew Haermeyer, Victoria’s           Wendy Cheung; the Consul-            City of Melbourne, Victorian         nine countries and regions.
Minister for Small Business            General of the People’s              Department of Investment,               Three themed zones were
for the Financial Services             Republic     of     China,    in     Innovation    and    Regional        introduced — a Décor Zone,
Industry and Minister for              Melbourne, Mr Liang Shugen;          Development, Austrade, NAB,          Outdoor & Gardening World,
Manufacturing and Export; Mr           and Victoria State Manager of        Jeanswest, Orient Express,           and Sanitary World.
Gordon Rich-Phillips, Shadow           Austrade, Mr Robert Boylan.          Cathay Pacific, Minter Ellison
Minister for Finance; the Lord
Mayor of Melbourne, Cr John
                                         Supporters of the 2006 Victoria
                                       Pearl Business Awards were the
                                                                            and Deans world Cargo.
                                                                                                                    Monday Jan 1 – The first day
TDC sponsors New Inventor Award                                                                                  of January.
                                                                                                                    Saturday Feb 17 – The day
T   HE final episode of the ABC
    New Inventors Programme
was recorded on November 27 in
                                         His invention, the Kangan
                                      Roo, was most popular, as voted
                                      by more than one million regular
                                                                               The People’s Choice winner,
                                                                            sponsored by the HKTDC,
                                                                            received a return trip to Hong
                                                                                                                 preceding Lunar New Year's Day.
                                                                                                                    Monday Feb 19 –          The
                                                                                                                 second day of the Lunar New
front of a live audience, including   ABC TV viewers. The Kangan Roo        Kong, accommodation, and com-
the Governor-General, Major           is a sporty-looking electric wheel-   plimentary exhibition booth space
                                                                                                                    Tuesday Feb 20 – The third
General Michael Jeffery, and          chair that can automatically trans-   at the Hong Kong Innovation
                                                                                                                 day of the Lunar New Year.
Mrs Marlena Jeffery.                  form from a robust, outdoor, gut-     and      Design     Expo     from
                                                                                                                    Thursday Apr 5 – Ching
   The 2006 New Inventors             ter-hopping wheelchair to a com-      November 29 – December 1. ID
                                                                                                                 Ming Festival.
People's Choice Award was pre-        pact, indoor wheelchair – with the    Expo is a global platform for
                                                                                                                    Friday Apr 6 – Good Friday.
sented to Mr Colin Johanson.          push of a button.                     design, innovation and technology.
                                                                                                                    Saturday Apr 7 – The day
                                                                                                                 following Good Friday.
 Trade Diary                              Apr 14-17: Hong Kong
                                       Electronics Fair (Spring Edition),
                                                                            Fashion Week for Spring
                                                                                                                    Monday Apr 9 – Easter
   Jan 8-11: Hong Kong Toys &          International ICT Expo.                 Jul 18-24: Hong Kong Book            Tuesday May 1 – Labour Day.
Games Fair.                               Apr 21-24: Hong Kong              Fair.                                   Thursday May 24 – The
   Jan 8-11: Hong Kong                 Houseware Fair.                         Aug 16-20: Food Expo.             Buddha's Birthday.
International Stationery Fair.            Apr 28-May 1: Hong Kong              Aug 16-20: International             Tuesday Jun 19 – Tuen Ng
   Jan 15-18: Hong Kong                Gifts & Premium Fair.                Conference & Exhibition of the       Festival.
Fashion Week for Fall/Winter,             Apr 28-May 1: Hong Kong           Modernisation of Chinese                Monday Jul 2 – The day
World Boutique Hong Kong.              International Auto Parts Fair.       Medicine & Health Products.          following      Hong        Kong
   Feb 1-4: Education & Careers           Apr 28-May 1: Hong Kong              Aug 16-20: Hong Kong              Special Administrative Region
Expo.                                  International     Printing    and    International Medical & Health       Establishment Day.
   Mar 6-10: Hong Kong                 Packaging Fair                       Care Fair.                              Wednesday Sep 26 – The
International Jewellery Show.             Jul 3-5: Hong Kong Licensing         Sep 5-9: Hong Kong Watch &        day following Chinese Mid-
   Mar 20-23: Hong Kong                Show.                                Clock Fair.                          Autumn Festival.
International Film & TV Market            Jul 3-6: Summer Sourcing             For more information on all          Monday Oct 1 – National Day.
(FILMART), Entertainment Expo,         Show Gifts, Houseware & Toys.        2006/07 events visit http://            Fri Oct 19 – Chung Yeung
Hong Kong.                                Jul 10-13: Hong Kong                   Holiday.

  ANY QUESTIONS?                      FOR inquiries, please contact the HKTDC’s Sydney office on (61 2) 9261 8911 or email

                                                                                                    Hong Kong Monitor No 6 2006 Page 7
                         HKTDC Marketplace
                                                                            Trade Publications
Business and Fun at                                                         Gifts and Premiums
Toys and Games Fair F                                                          ASCINATING and innovative gifts, creative premi-
                                                                               ums to convey goodwill and reinforce company
                                                                            messages, and stationery in a multitude of new
                                     Aust/NZ; Mr Steve Wang, Head
B    USINESS and fun are
     expected at Asia’s biggest
Toys and Games Fair in Hong
                                     of Bigworld; Mr David Mackey,
                                     CEO, LeadMaster Hong Kong;
                                                                            designs, are all presented in the HKTDC’s Hong Kong Gifts, Premiums
                                                                            & Stationery magazine.
                                                                               Published quarterly, the latest edition allows you to source the follow-
Kong from January 8-11.              and Mr Neil Barrett, Managing
                                                                            ing — Bar accessories; Camping/ picnic sets; Ceramics/crystal glass-
     Special sections are being      Director of Moni-Tec.
                                                                            ware;      Consumer        electronics;        Decorative/craft     items;
staged to help buyers find what
                                                                            Giveaways/novelties/souvenirs; Hats/caps; Hotel items; Smoker
they need. They include:
   – Baby Toys and Products             Electronics                         accessories; Silverware/metalware; Soap/toiletries; Sporting/out-
                                                                            door goods; Stationery/printed matter/gift packaging;
   – Hobby Goods
   – Outdoor + Sporting items
   – Magic Section
                                     T   HE Hong Kong Electronics
                                         Fair (Autumn Edition) in
                                     October attracted close to 2,500
                                                                            Toys/games; Travel goods /handbags; and Watches/clocks.
                                                                               For     further      information       visit    our     website       at:
   – Candy Toys                      exhibitors from 29 countries and
   – Paper Toys                      regions, a 17 per cent increase
   In response to popular
demand, the show will be adding
                                     over last year.
                                        The 2006 event saw 57,791            First Building                          governmental and non-govern-
                                                                                                                     mental organisations attended
two new sections in 2007, Train
Sets and Story Books. There are
                                     buyers from 151 countries and
                                     regions attend. These included
                                                                             Fair a winner                           because they see great opportuni-
                                                                                                                     ties for environmental protection
also Battery Operated and            1,100 Australian and New                                                        in the Chinese Mainland and
Electronic        Toys;
Cast/Mechanical Toys and
                              Die    Zealand buyers, continuing
                                     strong interest from the region.
                                                                            T    HE     first
                                                                            Materials and Construction Fair
                                                                                                                     Hong Kong.
                                                                                                                        Exhibitors from Australia and
Action Figures; Educational             Held concurrently with the          in October was jointly organised         New Zealand included a
Toys and Games; Party Items;         Hong Kong Electronics Fair,            by the HKTDC and CIEC                    delegation led by the Gold
Toy Parts and Accessories; and       electronicAsia attracted 540           Exhibition Company (HK) Ltd.             Coast         City       Council;
Soft Toys and Dolls at the Fair.     exhibitors from 14 countries and          This was the first specialised fair   Swanbury Penglase; AXO;
   It is simply hard to go home      regions, and some 33,276 buyers        of its kind staged in Hong Kong to       Shredders; and Environmental
empty-handed!                        from 127 countries and regions;        display the latest in building mate-     Decontamination Limited.
   Strong Australian Presence –      This included a strong representa-     rials, indoor decorative materials,         Eco Expo Asia will take place
2007 will see a strong Australian    tion of 501 buyers from Australia      construction equipment, building         next year at AsiaWorld-Expo from
exhibitor’s presence, with 11        and New Zealand.                       technology, building engineering         October          27–30.       For
Australian companies, displaying                                            and related services.                    more        information,     visit
products ranging from electronic                                               A total of 230 exhibitors from
board games and soft toys to
model cars and DVD trivia games.
                                     Furniture Fair                         10 countries and regions including
                                                                            Australia, took part.
                                                                                                                        Optical Fair
The 2006 Fair also attracted a
total of 1,935 exhibitors from 37    T   HE     first    Hong      Kong
                                         International Furniture Fair
                                                                               Key players industry included
                                                                            Guangdong Fenglu Aluminium
countries and regions.
   Stationery Fair – To be held
                                     in October attracted 170
                                     exhibitors from Hong Kong,
                                                                            Company Limited, Xishi Group
                                                                            Company, and CSG Holding
                                                                                                                     O    RGANISED by the HKTDC,
                                                                                                                          the 14th Hong Kong
                                                                                                                     Optical Fair attracted more than
simultaneously, with the Toys and    Australia,        the      Chinese
                                                                            Company Limited.                         10,000 buyers.
Games Fair, the Hong Kong            Mainland, India, Italy, Japan,
                                                                               The Fair attracted a total of            The event saw Mr Richard
International Stationery Fair        Korea,         Malaysia,         the
                                                                            5,813 buyers from Australia (100         Beaurepaire,         CEO       of
will welcome an expected 261         Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,
                                                                            buyers), the Chinese Mainland,           Beauvision Australia, officiate
exhibitors and an estimated          Thailand, the US and Vietnam.
                                                                            Chile, France, Japan, Malaysia,          at the opening ceremony with Mr
15,000 buyers.                          A wide selection of products
                                                                            the Middle East, Russia,                 Fred Lam, Executive Director of
                                     from around the world included
                                                                            Singapore and the US.                    the HKTDC.
 ICT Gateway                         indoor furniture, outdoor furni-
                                     ture, office furniture, parts and                                                  More than 530 exhibitors from
                                                                                                                     23 countries and regions took
T    HE HKTDC, together with the
     NSW Department of State
                                     accessories for furniture, furniture
                                     for contract business, smart-                Eco Expo                           part in the dazzling three-day
                                                                                                                     show, co-organised by the Hong
and Regional Development
and the Western Sydney IT
Cluster, hosted a market update
                                     home, smart-office solutions,
                                     designer furniture, ethnic furni-
                                     ture and antique furniture.
                                                                            A    LMOST 8,000 visitors came
                                                                                 to see 128 exhibitors at
                                                                            Hong Kong’s first environmental
                                                                                                                     Kong Optical Manufacturers
                                                                                                                     Association. A total of 275 buy-
titled Hong Kong – ICT                  Three Australian companies          protection fair, Eco Expo Asia,          ers from Australia and New
Gateway       to    China     on     were on show, highlighting their       held at AsiaWorld-Expo from              Zealand attended.
November       2    at    North      unique products in contemporary        October 27-30.                                 HONG
Parramatta. The event was            Australian furniture, stylish home        Exhibitors were delighted with              KONG
attended by a group wanting to       entertainment units and classic        the quality of visitors, resulting in        FORUM
know more about the IT/ICT mar-      designer tiles. The event attracted    the show being viewed as a new               REPORT,
ket in Hong Kong.                    7,301 buyers, with 4,426 from          international business hub for the            PAGE 6
    Guest speakers included Ms       overseas. A total of 177 buyers        environmental protection industry.
Bonnie Shek, Director HKTDC,         from Australia/NZ attended.               Many exhibitors, commercial,

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