; Тема Мій улюблений вид спорту
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Тема Мій улюблений вид спорту


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									                                                             Лучин І.З.,
                                               вчитель англійської мови
    Методична розробка уроку англійської мови, проведеного в
                               6 (10) класі.

                       Тема: Nothing But the Truth
Мета:   - формувати та розвивати навички діалогічного мовлення, читання,
        аудіювання; закріпити практичне володіння матеріалом з теми
        „Умовний спосіб дієслова”, збагатити лексичний запас учнів;

     - розвивати увагу, уяву, пам„ять (довільну та мимовільну), логічне та
       асоціативне мислення;

     - збудити інтерес до здорового способу життя, виховувати чесність та
       повагу до людей з різноманітними життєвими позиціями та поглядами.

Тип уроку: комбінований

Обладнання: ілюстрації, комп‟ютер, магнітофон, роздатковий матеріал.

                                     Хід уроку

                                             “A bad truth is better than a good lie”

  1. Conversational warm-up.

  Teacher: Dear children! Today we shall discuss the topic “Nothing but the truth”.
  (Presentation of the lesson plan and epigraph). To start with, let us have a short
  conversation. Please, form two circles so that each of you is facing your partner.
  (Students make two circles). Now, please, speak on the topics I will read to you.
  You will have 30 seconds to speak on each topic, so don‟t think long, try to react
  and start talking as quickly as you can. Shall we begin?

  1. Roses are better than potatoes.
  2. If I were a vegetarian, I would…
  3. Our health depends on…
  4. If my friend smoked, I would...
  5. It is important that we should always tell the truth.
6. If only we could read other people‟s minds!

2. Brainstorm: homework check.

Teacher: Thank you very much for your active participation. Now, I would ask
you to write at least 2 reasons why people lie (as you remember, I asked you to
think about the reasons at home). Please, pass your reasons to one student in your
row so that we can compare them later. You have 2 minutes.

3. Listening and discussion.

Teacher: Let‟s sum up you reasons, please. (The students chosen to do it read the
most typical reasons that have been written by others). And now, will you look at
the pictures I am going to show you, listen to the lies and give possible reasons for
why people are lying in the given situations. (Slides are presented on a computer
screen). Now, listen to how those people justify their lies (See Appendix 1).

4. Quiz (jigsaw reading and discussion).

Teacher: I will give you some texts with incomplete information. After you have
read the text, try to obtain the information you lack from your partner. My special
recommendation for you would be to use the conditionals. For example, you can
ask an indirect question, such as “I wish I knew who painted the picture Guernica
in 1937”.

5. Pair work (skimming and finding the contradictions in the text).

Teacher: Of course, we cannot always tell the truth, yet it is a good practice to try
to be truthful as much as you can. In the following text, the author has made a lot
of untrue statements on purpose. Your task is to find those contradictions. We
shall work in pairs: one person writes down the true statements, and the other tries
to find the false information. Then, we shall compare our findings. Let us start
(Students read a story “Vegetarians don‟t eat meat” – See Appendix 2).

6. Discussion of proverbs that contradict.

Teacher: I have some more contradictions for you. They are in the form of
proverbs. Let us read, discuss and compare the following proverbs:

                 Proverbs Which Contradict

All good things come to those who
                                     BUT   Time and tide wait for no man

 Birds of a feather flock together   BUT          Opposites attract

 Absence makes the heart grow
                                     BUT      Out of sight, Out of mind

                                             Never judge a book by its
     Clothes make the man            BUT

 Don't cross your bridges before
                                     BUT      Forewarned is forearmed
        you come to them

   Good things come in small
                                     BUT       The bigger the better

 Great starts make great finishes    BUT      It ain't over 'till it's over

     He who hesitates is lost        BUT   Act in haste, Repent at leisure

                                            All work and no play makes
     Practice makes perfect          BUT
                                                   Jack a dull boy

                                            The squeaky wheel gets the
        Silence is golden            BUT

  The pen is mightier than the               Actions speak louder than
             sword                                     words

                                           You can't teach an old dog new
  You're never too old to learn      BUT

What's good for the goose is good           One man's meat is another
         for the gander                          man's poison

      Wise men think alike           BUT         Fools seldom differ

   6. Group work. Relaxation.

   Teacher: Now, I think you have worked well today. So, you deserve some fun.
   First, let me read you a joke about lies (just be sure not to take it personally, girls,


There are 3 people standing in front of a magic mirror. The mirror gives you anything
you desire if you tell it the truth, but you disappear if you lie. The first person to talk
to the mirror was a very fat brunette. She walked up to the mirror and said "I think I
am the thinnest person in the world." and poof, the mirror gobbled her up. The next
person to come up to the mirror was a very ugly red head. She told the mirror "I
think I am the prettiest person in the world" and poof, the mirror gobbled her up.
Lastly came the blonde. She walked up to the mirror and said "I think..." and poof,
the                mirror                  gobbled                  her                 up.

   Teacher: To have some more fun and to review our conditionals, I suggest that we
   play a board game. Please, form groups of 4 or 5 students and take your boards.
   You know the rules, don‟t you? Just roll the dice, move your pieces and answer
   correctly using the right conditional (zero, first, second or third). Good luck, and
   may the best one win!

                        Conditionals Board Game

The first column are all zero conditionals, the second column first conditionals and the
third column are all second conditionals. Cut up and divide into three piles.


What do you do if you have a headache?
What would you do if you won the lottery?

                               if you have a             if you could buy
    if you have a                 headache                 any car in the
       headache                   tomorrow                     world
                               if it rains this         if you could meet
 if you can't sleep
                                  weekend               any person in the

                                               if you saw an ex-
                       if you are invited to
  if you heat ice                                 partner in the
                        the cinema tonight
                                                 if you had the
                           if you don't
                                               chance to play any
if you drop an egg       understand this
                                                 sport for your
                                                 national team
                           if there is a     if you spoke
 if you get a cold     karaoke evening at English better than
                            the school       your teacher
  if you want to         if you see your        if you were the
  sneeze at the          teacher in town         leader of your
      cinema                 tomorrow                country
if you don't want to      if lessons are        if you found the
 eat something at a      cancelled next          winning lottery
    formal dinner              week            ticket on the bus
                                                  if you could
                         if you oversleep
 if you oversleep                              become a teacher
                                                for any subject
    if you can't
                                        if you could play
     remember      if you are asked to
                                           any musical
 someone's name      organise a party
                                       instrument in the
  when you are         this Saturday
talking to him/her
                                               if you forgot your
if someone forgets      if your teacher is
    your birthday         sleeping now!
                        if there is a stray
  if you call the                                if you had the
                        dog outside your
wrong number on                                chance to appear
     the phone                                 on a TV chat show


1                                         3

    zero            2                         third    4

                         second                             third           5


                    13                    FINISH                            6

                        second                         7                        zero

           12                                              second

            third            11                                 8

                                  first                             first

                                          10           9

                                              second        third

7. Evaluation. Home task setting.

Teacher: Thank you very much for your active participation. I‟d like to give all of
you good and excellent marks. What did you enjoy most during the lesson?
What did you like least? Would you like to play more board games?

Your home task will be to do a research on how we can lie or refuse to do
something politely, without hurting anyone‟s feelings. Think of your own
examples and experiences and make up either short dialogues or monologues.

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