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					             Recovery Coordination Program                                                             Introduction to Tools
             Support for Wounded, Ill and Injured Service Members, Veterans, their
             Families and Those Who Support Them

The process of care, management, and transition coordination for Recovering Service Members (RSMs) is
composed of 10 uniform steps. The Comprehensive Recovery Plan (CRP) is the primary tool used for
indentifying needs and goals, and coordinating the delivery of services and resources. There are three
prerequisite tools used in sequential order to build the CRP:
     Category Assignment Tool
     Enrollment Form
     Comprehensive Needs Assessment

                     Category                     Comprehensive
                                     Enrollment                   Recovery
                    Assignment                       Needs
                                       Form                         Plan
                       Tool                        Assessment

   Category                           Enrollment                              Comprehensive            Comprehensive
  Assignment                            Form                                     Needs                   Recovery
     Tool                                                                      Assessment                  Plan
                                 Tool used to determine
  Tool used to                     the enrollment of the                       Tool used by the        Tool used to identify
  determine a                    RSM into the Recovery                        Recovery Team to       the RSM’s and family’s
Service member’s                  Coordination Program                          document the               personal and
      further                    with the assignment of a                    summary of identified    professional goals as
consideration for                     Recovery Care                           needs for the RSM          well as services,
enrollment in the                Coordinator (RCC) or a                         and/or family             resources and
    Recovery                     Federal Recovery Care                                                 activities required to
 Coordination or                    Coordinator (FRC).                                                    achieve them.
Federal Recovery

   This tool is                   This tool is completed                       This tool is used     This tool is created in
completed during                      during Step 3:                            during Step 4:       Step 5: Planning and
Step 2: Assigning                     Coordination                                Assessing           used in Step 6-10
The Recovery Coordination Program has developed 4 tools to categorize, collect, and manage the information
needed to support a Recovering Service Member and family across the recovery, rehabilitation, and
reintegration phases. These tools are: Category Assignment Tool, Enrollment Form, Comprehensive Needs
Assessment, and Comprehensive Recovery Plan (CRP).

The Category Assignment Tool is used to assign the RSM into a category (1, 2, or 3) based on extent of the
illness or injury. RSMs in Category 1 are those who will return to duty within 180 days. Category 2 RSMs may
return to duty, but will take longer than 180 days. RSMs in a Category 3 status are not likely to return to duty. If
a RSM is rated a Category 2 or 3 the Enrollment form is completed.

The Enrollment Form is the tool to determine if an RCC or FRC will be assigned to the RSM. It is completed by
the Service Wounded Warrior Programs, and details the level of support the RSM will need. The form has three
    1. Administrative Information - used to centrally collect all the basic demographic data about the RSM
    2. Acuity - potential key needs of the RSM and family resulting in a score that reflects the complexity of
       indentified needs and documents them in the preliminary needs section.
    3. Preliminary Needs - initial check of any need that will impact the recovery, rehabilitation, and/or
       reintegration of the RSM.

After completion of the Enrollment form, all RSM’s that have a qualifying acuity score will be enrolled in one
of the programs and assigned an RCC or FRC. The RCC/FRC will be responsible to identify all the needs of the
RSM after review of the RSM records (medical, personal, etc), interviews with the RSM and family, and
consultation with the recovery team. These initial needs and observations will be recorded in the
Comprehensive Needs Assessment.

Once the Comprehensive Needs Assessment is completed, the RCC/FRC will lead the development of a
recovery plan. The recovery plan documents the needs and goals of the RSM and family, and the action steps
that will need to occur to meet them. The action steps identify the lead recovery team member responsible for
the indentified action, along with applicable contact information and due dates.