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									                                  MENU & PRICE LIST

                                            COCO CAKE FAVOURITES

                                     $36/DOZEN. MINIMUM ORDER OF 2 DOZEN.

        COCO CAKE VANILLA                    COCO CAKE CHOCOLATE                            COCO GANACHE

     Lovely vanilla cake topped                Dark chocolate cake,                       Dark chocolate cake
      with vanilla buttercream                chocolate buttercream,                  covered in chocolate ganache
                                            Belgian chocolate sprinkles

    COCO CHOCOLATE VANILLA                  COCO CHOCO PEPPERMINT                             LEMON FRILL

       Dark chocolate cake                     Dark chocolate cake,                       Luscious lemon cake,
      with vanilla buttercream                peppermint buttercream                   lemon creamcheese frosting

         COCONUT DREAM                              BERRY GOOD                              BROWN VELOUR

       Yummy coconut cake,                   Berries and jam swirled in                Dark chocolate cake topped
    vanilla creamcheese frosting,         vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream         with vanilla creamcheese frosting
           toasted coconut

                                       COCO CAKE SPECIALTY FLAVOURS

                                     $40/DOZEN. MINIMUM ORDER OF 2 DOZEN.

                          COCO CAKE MOCHA                               COCO CAKE MATCHA

                   Dark chocolate and coffee cupcake,          Matcha green tea buttercream-topped
                    mocha buttercream, cocoa nibs                  vanilla buttermilk cupcakes

     COCO CAKE SNOWBALL                              RASPBERRY ROSE:                           CHAI TEA:

Raspberry jam-filled coconut cake,           raspberry jam-filled vanilla cake,          Chai tea cupcake with
  vanilla creamcheese frosting,                  pink vanilla buttercream,            vanilla creamcheese frosting
         toasted coconut                      fresh raspberries (when in season)

    Call 604.816.9922 or email to order
                                   COCO CAKE SPECIALTY MINI CUPCAKES

                                 $36/TWO DOZEN - MINIMUM ORDER OF 4 DOZEN

       Coco Cake Mini Cupcakes are available in both Favourite and Specialty Flavours.

                               COCO CAKE SPECIALTY DECORATED CUPCAKES

                               STARTS AT $48/DOZEN. MINIMUM ORDER OF 2 DOZEN.

     Fondant lettering in circle or scalloped discs, cute animal faces, buttercream rose or
           dahlia topped cupcakes, fondant flowers and fondant decorations, etc.


                           CAKE PRICING STARTS AT $75 FOR A 7 INCH CUTTING CAKE.
                              OTHER CAKE DESIGNS AND SIZES PLEASE INQUIRE.
                              MINIMUM ORDER OF 100 REGULAR SIZED CUPCAKES.

         Coco Cake makes cute cakes specializing in a vintage look, or cute animals!
Perfect as cutting cakes for weddings or birthday parties to match your Coco Cake cupcakes!

                               We offer vegan and/or gluten-free versions of Coco Ganache.
      Allergy alert: Please note that our cupcakes may contain coconut milk or may have come in contact with nuts.
                    All cupcakes come decorated, but if you want something extra fancy, please inquire.

                                     COCO CAKE CUPCAKES SPECIAL DECORATIVES:
              Handmade art paper announcement flags - first one complimentary, $0.50 per flag thereafter.

                        Orders are not confirmed until you have received the confirmation email.
                      Please give 1 week + notice for smaller orders and 2 weeks + for special orders!
   ORDER EARLY as we fill up quickly and only do a certain number of orders to ensure quality of product and design.
  Delivery, cupcake stand rental and set-up is recommended for weddings. Please contact us for costs to your desination!

                                         Thank you for supporting small business!!!
                             visit or

           Call 604.816.9922 or email to order

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