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					Monday 22 December 2008                                                                                                                                                             Shanghai Daily

A8 SPECIAL                                                                                                                                                   

  Pavilion to mark role of early industries
      The heritage of Shanghai’s
 industries will be celebrated in a
special pavilion on the Shanghai
  World Expo site, paying tribute
       to the industries and their
   success as early Expo award
        winners, writes Yang Jian

            he Shanghai World       recyclable materials.
            Expo site was once         It will be one of the largest
            home to China’s         corporate pavilions on the
            most concentrated       Shanghai Expo site and will
collection of industries and        offer a “dreamlike” journey
corporations. The nation’s          to all the Expo visitors, said
earliest steel corporation, ship-   Gu Shuhang, president of the
yard, cotton factory, tap water     Shanghai Corporate Pavilion.
factory and coal gas factory,          City corporations made
all built between 1900 and the      their offical World Expo
1920s, were based there.            debuts in 1915 at the
   The former glory of these        Panama-Pacific Interna-
business and industry com-          tional Exposition held in
munities will be revived at         San Francisco. It was also
the 2010 World Expo in the          the first time that Chinese
Shanghai Corporate Pavilion         corporations had participated
which will rise from the            in a World Expo.                                                      An artistic rendition of the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion
debris of these factories.             The main aims of the            railings with Chinese-style       corporations won prizes.          and “butterfly,” derived         “butterflies” will fly around
   Thirty-eight corporations        Chinese corporations for the       flower chains curved along           A clock from the Shanghai      from “Zhuang Zhou’s              and guide visitors, mist will
under the State-owned Assets        1915 Expo were to “establish       it. Products were displayed       Mei Hua Li Clock Company          dream with butterfly,” an        swirl at ground level, virtual
Supervision and Administra-         worldwide reputations of           on wooden shelves.                and pottery from Shanghai Ge      ancient Chinese story with       “people” will wander around
tion Commission of Shanghai         products ‘made in China’,”             However, the simple deco-     De He Pottery Company won         philosophical meanings, said     and talk, looking curiously
municipal government, or            and to “help the development       ration did not deter visitor      the highest level prizes.         Edwin Schlossberg, princi-       at visitors just as visitors will
the city’s financial authority,     of local corporations.”            enthusiasm for the Chinese           The Shanghai Corporate         pal of US-based ESI Design,      look at them, and a three-di-
have announced they will               About 20 Shanghai corpo-        products, the pavilion attract-   Pavilion for the 2010 World       the pavilion’s chief designer.   mensional video will depict
jointly build this Expo pavil-      rations, most of them wine         ing more than 80,000 visitors     Expo will not exhibit products       The transformation of the     Shanghai’s development.
ion to showcase the common          producers and clock manu-          on its opening day. The US        from local corporations. It       butterfly is one of the most        The Shanghai Expo will
spirit of local corporations.       facturers, exhibited dozens        President Woodrow Wilson          will use “abstract ways” to       miraculous and beautiful         have 16 corporate pavilions
   The Shanghai Corporate           of products in a corporate         also visited the pavilion.        showcase elements of the spirit   natural processes, and is a      from both home and abroad.
Pavilion organizers have se-        section inside the 5,400-              China won the most prizes     of local corporations, such as    metaphor for the transforma-     So far, 183 countries and
cured a 4,000-square-meter          square-meter China Pavilion        of all participants at the 1915   forward-looking and innova-       tion of local corporations       45 international organiza-
plot for the environmen-            at the Panama-Pacific Expo.        Expo with 196 gold, 239           tive, said Gu.                    from small to giant, Schloss-    tions have confirmed their
tally friendly transparent             The exhibition areas were       silver and 147 bronze prizes.        The dominant motifs of         berg said.                       participation in the 2010
structure to be made from           simply isolated by wooden          Products from seven Shanghai      the pavilion will be “dream”         According to his concept,     World Expo.

                                                         Prize-winning Shanghai products at World Expos
  Yung Kee Silk (Gold and                   of silk to the first World Expo in      The Ge De He Pottery Company                                                   Philadelphia World Expo)
                                            London in 1851 but it at first went     was a member of the Ge family
  Silver prizes at the 1851                 unnoticed because of its simple         company established in Yixing
  London World Expo)                        packaging. However the judges           City of Jiangsu Province in 1860.                                              The Wang Yu Tai Tea Shop was
                                            were not so blinded and, noticing       Ge Yiyun opened a branch of Ge                                                 established by Wang Lizheng, an
                                            the silk in a quality test among        De He in Japan’s Nagoya in 1912.                                               Anhui native, in Shanghai in 1856.
                                            all other silk exhibits, awarded it     It was one of China’s most famous                                              Wang left his hometown in Jixi
                                            both the gold and silver prizes.        pottery teapot manufacturers and                                               County, which was famous for tea,
                                                                                    eventually moved to Shanghai’s                                                 and went to Shanghai when he
                                                                                    Pudong New Area.                                                               was 12. Wang traded tea from Jixi
                                            Ge De He Pottery (Gold                                                                                                 to Shanghai and later opened the
                                            Prize at the 1915 Panama-                                                                                              shop in what is now Henan Road.
                                            Pacific World Expo)                     Mei Hua Li Clock (Gold                  company produced the country’s         Wang Yu Tai Tea became famous
                                                                                    Prize at the 1915 Panama-               first homegrown clock and              throughout Southeast Asia.
                                                                                    Pacific World Expo)                     earned a worldwide reputation
                                                                                                                            after winning the Gold Prize at
                                                                                                                            the 1915 Panama-Pacific Expo.
                                                                                    Shanghai Mei Hua Li Clock               The company is now operating at
                                                                                    Company was established                 Nanjing Road W.
  Yung Kee Silk was the first prod-                                                 in Shanghai in 1876 by Sun
  uct from China that won a World                                                   Tingyuan, father of Sun Meitang
  Expo prize. Shanghai Business-                                                    who later became the city’s “King       Wang Yu Tai Tea (Gold
  man Xu Rongcun took 12 batches                                                    of Clocks” in the 1920s. The            Prize at the 1926