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									Nitrox Cost Breakdown
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                                                Nitrox Stik and    Partial Pressure      System with LP
                              Nitrox Stik          Controller          Blending           Compressor

Initial System Cost                  $2,300             $4,800                $2,000             $15,000
Cost of system per
Nitrox fill over life of
system                                  $0.19              $0.40                 $0.17                $1.25
Oxygen Cost per
Nitrox Fill                             $1.33              $1.33                 $1.58          N/A
HP air compressor
costs per Nitrox
SCUBA Tank fill                         $2.00              $2.00                 $2.00                $2.00
Maintenance and
Electricity cost per
Nitrox tank fill                  N/A                N/A                   N/A                        $0.60
Additional labor cost
associated with
Filling Tanks and
Monitoring System                       $2.50        N/A                         $6.25                $2.50
Total Cost per
NITROX tank fill                        $6.03              $3.73              $10.00                  $6.35
Total annual cost of
Nitrox System                     $7,230.63          $4,480.63           $12,000.75            $7,620.00
Annual Profit from
Nitrox                          $10,769.37          $13,519.37             $5,999.25          $10,380.00
Time Required to
recoup initial
investment (months)                       2.5                4.1                   3.9                 15.2
                           Tanks filled annually:                                1,200

                       Edit the following values to reflect costs for your Dive Shop.
                                                              HP air
                                                              costs per
                                                              SCUBA tank fill     Time Required
                                                              including           to PBB blend
 Sale Price of Tank                        # of Nitrox fills  electricity and     one Tank
      of Nitrox         Labor ($/hour) per month              maintenance.        (minutes)

       $15.00                  $15                 100               $2.00                 25

                                                                                     # of Nitrox Stik
  Oxygen cost per       Oxygen Cylinder       Nitrox Mix                              Tank Fills per
     Cylinder              Size (cuft)        Percentage                             Oxygen Cylinder

         $35                   250                32%                                     26.2

                       Lifespan of system (years) before major maintenance
                       Partial Pressure        Nitrox
                            Blending       Stik/Controller     Membrane
                                        10                 10                   10

Labor cost associated with filling air banks is negligible as operator need not continuously monitor it.

Labor cost while using the Nitrox Controller is negligible as operator is allowed to attend to other things, but must
still be in the vicinity.

It takes about half an hour to start/heat up the Membrane system before you can effectively fill Nitrox Tanks.

The re-occurring cost of maintenance and electricity is about 30% of the amount per tank fill for the LP Nitrox
Compressor as it is for the HP Air Compressor.

Time to recoup initial investment is based on the sale price of a tank of Nitrox, less the expenses associated with
filling that tank (labor, electricity, maintenance & oxygen).

Annual profit from Nitrox is based on the sale price of a tank of Nitrox less the total cost per Nitrox tank fill times
the number of tanks filled annually.

The calculation of the cost of oxygen for each tank is based on filling 80 CuFt Aluminum tanks (77.4 CuFt actual)
from 500 psi to 3000 psi.

 Industrial Oxygen cylinders are typically filled to 2200 psi. You can run the Oxygen cylinder down to <50 psi
when using the Nitrox Stik (~95% of Cylinder used). With Partial Pressure Blending, the cylinder typically gets
returned with ~400 psi remaining (~80% of Cylinder used), unless you have a booster pump which increases the
initial system cost.
Oxygen prices vary substantially around the country. The value of $35 is an average nation wide. Check with
your local gas provider for acurate prices.

If you are using your HP air bank to provide the air for your Membrane System, it takes approximately 2 times
the volume of one Scuba tank to feed the membrane, plus the costs associated with compressing the Nitrox
again, resulting in 3X the compressor cost and maintenance per tank fill.
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  that is not highlighted, this
 rk correctly.

 Partial Pressure and
eflect Price Quotes you have

                 System using
                  HP Bank Air










               Time Required
               for HP air
               compressor to
               fill one SCUBA
               Tank (minutes)


               # of PPB Tank
                  Fills per
               Oxygen Cylinder


uously monitor it.

end to other things, but must

ectively fill Nitrox Tanks.

r tank fill for the LP Nitrox

he expenses associated with

cost per Nitrox tank fill times

num tanks (77.4 CuFt actual)

cylinder down to <50 psi
, the cylinder typically gets
er pump which increases the
e nation wide. Check with

kes approximately 2 times
 compressing the Nitrox

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