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Laureates 2009


									Laureates 2009

     Catherine Crevels

    Wouter de Beukelaar

     Grégoire de Theux

      Marie De Witte

      Natacha Jushko

      Alexander Kint

        Tanja Maes

        Joris Moors

        John Rollier

   Dimitri van Meerbeeck

  Bjorn Vandemeulebroucke

    Kristof Vandenweghe

      Johan Vermeire

    Sébastien Verwilghen
                                       Catherine Crevels
                               The House of Marketing (THoM)


Marketing consultancy The House of Marketing supports companies in improving their business results by
developing and implementing strong and effective growth strategies. THoM helps to close the gap between knowing
and doing by offering the right marketing expertise at the right time.

Catherine Crevels' task consisted of building up market insight and business relationships with the international
community in Shanghai in order to prepare for a successful entry into the market. In the meantime however, due to
the economic downturn, THoM has decided to leave the Chinese market.

Today, Catherine continues her international career and is working in London as a consultant in a marketing-led
strategic consultancy.
                                      Wouter de Beukelaar

                                                 South Africa

Composittrailer is an SME based in Lokeren, active in trailer building since 1870. Today, Composittrailer is a global
specialist in the design, development and manufacture of composite structures to transport heavy loads.

Wouter de Beukelaar had the challenging task to develop innovative housing products for townships and to generate
sales for this market. The project will be further developed.

Today, Wouter works as Business development manager for Alten Benelux, a Belgian based Engineering and
Consulting office.
                                    Grégoire de Theux


NEWTREE is an SME founded in 2001 by Benoit de Bruyn, a biochemist with a passion for
chocolate. NEWTREE "Natural Born Chocolates" is about quality with an essential ingredient: fun. Fresh, with
unique natural extracts for well-being, and a medley of flavors to tempt chocolate lovers’ mood. NEWTREE’s
philosophy is to create chocolates with astonishing flavours and nutritional benefits.

Grégoire de Theux mission was to launch NEWTREE on the Japanese market. The project has been implemented

Today, Grégoire continues to work for NEWTREE Japan.
                                          Marie De Witte


Galler Chocolatiers is a family owned SME, founded in 1976 by Jean Galler. Galler stands for gourmet chocolates
and owns currently a network of stores in Belgium , France , Luxemburg , Japan , Lebanon , the United States , the
United Arab Emirates and England .

Marie De Witte was based North of Boston from where she developed business relations with hotels in order to
enter Galler in this niche market and wrote the business plan for the opening of a second Galler store in the USA.
Due to the economical crisis the further development of the project has been put on hold.

Today, Marie is living in London with her husband and is hoping to start her own company in a few years. Until then,
she is involved in Business Development for a family-owned company.
                                          Natacha Jushko

                                    Democratic Republic Congo

Nexans, is a worldwide leader in the cable industry. As a global player in the infrastructure, industry, building and
Local Area Network (LAN) markets Nexans is also active in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC).

Natacha Jushko challenging project consisted in conducting a general study of the DRC market and to identify new
business opportunities to develop sales in DRC. The project was successfully implemented.

Today, Natacha continues working for Nexans as Sales Manager in the DRC.
                                        Alexander Kint


Umicore is a materials technology group active worldwide. Its activities are centered on four business areas:
Advanced Materials, Precious Metals Products and Catalysts, Precious Metals Services and Zinc Specialties

Alexander Kint joined Umicore’s team to design and implement a global marketing and sales plan for Active
Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) produced in the new greenfeeld site in Argentina (opening October 2008).

Today, Alexander continues working for Umicore Argentina as Business Development Manager. In the near future
he will be transferred to Umicore Hanau.
                                             Tanja Maes
                                    Alcopa two-wheels (Moteo)


Moteo (formerly known as Alcopa 2-Wheels) distributes a wide range of motorcycles, scooters, quads, mopeds and
accessories for its favored partners: Suzuki, SYM, Peugeot, Piaggio and Derbi. Distribution is carried out through
independent dealers in various countries, including Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands,
Portugal, Switzerland, South Africa, France and Germany. Through its distribution network Alcopa has positioned
itself as a top player in the sector of motorized two-wheelers.

Tanja Maes was asked to develop new business opportunities for the Latin American market. The project is still
going on and will most likely result in a joint venture between Moteo and a local company.

Today, Tanja continues working for Moteo as a Business Development - Project Manager.
                                               Joris Moors


Barco, a global technology company based in Kortrijk , designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of
selected professional markets: medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic &
transportation, defense & security, education & training and corporate AV.

Joris Moors worked on a project of Barco’s Media & Entertainment Division that focused on gaining market insight
on the potential in Media business (Sports and out-of-home visualisation) for the South American region. Due to
economic downturn, the project did not continue in 2009.

Today, Joris works for the Belgian company Waterleau in Brazil as Business Development Manager.

                           It’s all about bonding!
                                             John Rollier
                                              Shanghai Stow


Stow, is one of the major European market leaders in the storage equipment industry. Through a distribution
network Stow is active in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

John Rollier conducted a project in Shanghai in order to map the positioning and opportunities of Stow for
Australiasia & Middle east, search for distributors and implement operational procedures for Shanghai office. The
project has been successfully implemented.

Today, John is responsible for the operations and development of Realys Group (construction – real estate – project
management) which is active in China and the Middle East.
                                   Dimitri van Meerbeeck


EXKi stands for quality fast food, ‘natural, frech & ready’. The first EXKi opened in Brussels in 2001. Today there
are more then 30 EXKi, also in Luxembourg, France and Italy.

Dimitri van Meerbeeck made a business plan and conducted a market study for entry into the US market, more
specific in New York City. Due to investments in 2008 in Belgium and in France, EXKi will stay focused for the
next couple of years on its European (and mostly in France) development. The Project in the US will not be

Today, Dimitri is working in New York City for Les Tartes de Françoise (supplier of EXKi) and they will launch a
‘retail’ workshop for end of 2009, beginning of 2010.
                               Bjorn Vandemeulebroucke
                                        Dermo Expert Group

                                             Latin America

Dermo Expert Group produces and retails body & skincare products such as Seaderm, Sens and Spaderm. The
company was established in 2003 and is active in 23 countries.

Bjorn Vandemeulebroucke’s task consisted in implementing a new logistical platform and developing a business plan
in order to enter into the Latin American market in 2009. This goal has been successfully achieved.

Today, Bjorn is working in Argentina as International Business Developer for Seaderm (Dermo Expert Group).
                                     Kristof Vandenweghe


Barco, a global technology company based in Kortrijk, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of
selected professional markets: medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic &
transportation, defense & security, education & training and corporate AV.

Kristof Vandenweghe was asked to establish a sales representation in Latin America for Barco’s Medical Imaging
Devision together with the necessary sales to support for such an office. The project has successfully been put into

Today, Kristof has no concrete or fixed plans yet and is looking for new challenges.
                                         Johan Vermeire
                                          Le Pain Quotidien


Le Pain Quotidien (PQ) was set up by Alain Coumont in the 90s as a small bakery in Rue Dansaert in Brussels.
These days Vincent Herbert, a ‘Prince Albert Fund Laureate’, is the CEO of over 90 PQs in more than 14 countries
with worldwide sales of $113m and almost 2 300 employees.

Johan Vermeire was responsible to re-organize and to improve the international supply chain management of all
retail products and to look for new distributors in the US market.

Today, Johan is working as General Manager of the new concept stores (Red Market) of Delhaize Group and as
NBO (=New Business Opportunities) Manager of Delhaize Belgium.
                                   Sébastien Verwilghen
                                      Reynders Label Printing


Reynders Label Printing is European leading manufacturer of self adhesive labels. The company is a family owned
business and was created in 1953.

Sébastien Verwilghen had the task to set up a subsidiary of Reynders Label Printing in India and manage the
commercial division of the new printing plant in India. The project has been successfully implemented.

Today, Sébastien is working for Umicore as Commercial Manager for the venture line Umicore Recycling Solutions.

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