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									    AGRIFICA                                             Pty (Ltd)
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 Agrifica (Pty) Ltd 141 Cresswell Street, Weavind Park Pretoria, South Africa
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Introducing AGRIFICA (Pty) LTD
Agrifica is an agribusiness development and intelligence company in Pretoria,
South Africa and established in 2001.

Agrifica had the African agricultural prosperity as its vision and the promotion of
agriculture in Africa as its primary objective by providing value added information
on the agricultural and agro-processing sectors of countries and regions in Africa
to local and international clients.

Agrifica`s mission is to promote awareness of Africa’s agricultural and food
security potential.

To facilitate, assist and support the development process by channeling South
African entrepreneurial, managerial and technical skills to most promising
opportunities and projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Highlight the importance of agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa and
seek support for the vision from African governments, universities, research bodies,
aid organisations and the private sector.

AGRIFICA CONTRIBUTION to food security in Africa

   Production of quarterly magazine “The Farm Africa”. (** see page 7)

   Annual “Agribusiness Africa” conference and exhibition.

   Partnership with Agricommex and World Commodity Exchange to promote
    and provide market access for agricultural products.

   Partnership with Africa Project Access – Agriculture for early alerting
    intelligence on projects.

   Partnership with Buhle Farmers Academy to implement training and
    mentoring small-scale and emerging commercial farmers.

   Formation of Joint Action Group; supported by DTI as part of its mandate to
    promote SA products export into Africa.

   Facilitate establishment of agriculture based projects on partnership basis
    including pre-investment investigation, preparing bankable business plan
    and assist to raise finance.

   Contribute to CNBC AFRICA programmes to disseminate agricultural

   Establish and maintain a WEBB PAGE providing linked access to S.A.
    companies, advertising and editorial.

AGRIFICA Agricultural Development Model *

The model that has evolved over time is based on:

    Government and/or landowner identifying a large enough piece of land
     for commercial farming.

    Agrifica with relevant team members undertakes investigation.

    Positive finding results in an MOU between the Parties for the establishment
     of a farming operation that forms the core of a localized commercial hub.

    Training and mentoring of surrounding small scale farmers that can
     contribute feedstock to the commercial hub forms part of the project.

    A bankable business plan is drawn up as basis of funds sourcing, project
     implementation and management responsibilities.

As an example :

Synopsis of planning that precedes projects implementation

The Objective is a commercially sound project providing abundant food of
international standard.

Basic principles apply to the variety of agricultural products able to be produced.

Typical example will be discussed :

PROJECT :      Beef and Meat Goods for Tourist, Catering and Retail trade.

      Selected farm is assessed for croplands and animal husbandry potential.

      If possible less productive areas are set aside for industrial / commercial /
       residential development e.g.

                          Reservoirs
                          Feed mill
                          Cattle feedlot
                          Abattoir and meat processing plant
                          Tannery, etc.
                          Effluent treatment plant

    Based on targeted market requirements and all relevant legal prescriptions,
     the processing plant and all ancillaries are designed and specifications
     drawn up for implementation according to business plan.

    In parallel, selected croplands are planned and prepared.
                         - De-bushing
                         - Sculpturing
                         - Irrigation systems
                         - Road network
                         - Machinery and implements

    Identified grazing areas divided into camps provided with water supply,
     allowing controlled intensive grazing.

    Beef herd parent stock selected and established by importing appropriate
     bulls and heifers-in-calf – indigenous herd improvement programme

    Soils analysis, climatic conditions and availability of water will influence the
     varieties of plants selected for feed and food production.

Agrifica assisting …………………….. to identify suitable agricultural based
development projects, in alignment with social responsibility and
environmentally acceptable practices, as pertain to mining / infrastructure
development / other industrial projects that have Chinese involvement.

Agrifica assisting …………………… in assessing food security requirements(and
related job opportunities) or the environmental impact of proposed
development projects.

Other agriculturally orientated aspects of contemplated projects.

Collaboration in investigating business opportunities, primary produce
beneficiation and markets in and for the Countries of Africa

Agrifica services :

Agrifica arranges agricultural tours, inward and outward trade missions,
symposia, exhibitions and various agribusiness forums. Other services include
specialised market research and marketing strategy development and

Agrifica Business Model: (Synopsis) *

Agrifica is specializing in creating and developing agribusiness opportunities in
sub-Saharan African countries, there are many opportunities for agribusinesses
to benefit from partnering with African countries and private sector firms to
develop the rich natural resource base of Africa. They are strong proponents
of a development model called the “hub-and-spoke” model whereby core
commercial farming operation s are established as technology and training
hubs and small scale farmers are involved as out growers or contract
producers. This model has the advantage that commercially viable and
sustainable operations are established that not only serve to introduce and
showcase new technology, equipment, techniques, etc, but also assist with
training of local farmers, supply of farming inputs and requisites and also
processing and marketing of products produced by them. Farmers,
agribusinesses and investors becoming part of this model would have access
to various existing and new farming and other agribusiness opportunities on a
sustainable basis with a model that is generally acceptable in Africa. Within
this model foreign involvement is normally perceived to be taking place on a
mutually beneficial “partnership” basis, rather than as one-sided and
exploitive in nature.

   4th Agribusiness Africa Exhibition and Conference:

   Agrifica initiated the Agribusiness Africa Exhibition and Conference in 2007 as
   a unique annual business platform to facilitate a rapid and significant
   intervention in the development of agribusiness in Africa. This unique event
   caters for agricultural trade between South Africa and Africa and creates a
   powerful platform for matchmaking between local, regional & international
   agribusinesses. Various project development and supply opportunities exist in
   Africa for local & international companies and Agribusiness Africa is the
   platform where business contacts are made and networks developed that
   contributes to the growth of commercial agriculture, agribusiness and rural
   development in Africa.

   Agribusiness Africa is endorsed by the Foundation for the Development of
   Africa (FDA) and has the full support of the Department of Trade & Industry
   (DTI). It is however, a private sector driven initiative and the support and buy-in
   from the private sector that ensures the long-term sustainability of this
   intervention and eventually also the development of a thriving agribusiness
   sector in Africa.

   At Agribusiness Exhibition 2010 an Africa Pavilion is available to market and
   exhibit agricultural products such as agro-processing and packaging, new skills
   development, entrepreneurial projects, new inventions and technology.

   TheFarmAfrica **, published in South Africa by Agrifica (Pty) Ltd since 2003, this
   glossy full-colour quaterly publication focusing on how Africa can be
   supported in practical ways to develop a growing and flourishing agricultural

   TheFarmAfrica has created a strong and growing platform for stakeholders in
   agriculture and agro-processing to showcase their projects, products and

   TheFarmAfrica was born out of Africa`s expressed need for access to
   information on appropriate solutions for the huge challenges facing the
   agricultural sector across the continent. Agrifica has hands-on experience of
   what it takes to make agricultural and agro-processing work in Africa and can
   assist existing role players and new entrants to expand their business utilizing
   TheFarmAfrica as marketing platform.

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