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									Home Modification Tips for Aging Americans
Consumer tips from Benevia for modifying your home to receive home health care and
age in place

SEATTLE—November 13, 2007— Modifying your home or the home of an aging family
member to receive home health care is a key factor in enabling one to age in place,
according to Benevia (www.benevia.com), a one-stop consumer service that coordinates
relocations, care needs and professional services for older adults, their families and

“It is not surprising that many Americans age 65 and over wish to age in place, and
receive care in their home,” said Benevia Co-Founder and Vice President Eric Rovner.
“There are several considerations when preparing a safe, sound and secure home care
environment and Benevia’s modification tips are designed to facilitate such

Safe: Create uncluttered, brightly-lit and clear pathways for yourself and the care

   •   Minimize the change in levels on the home’s main floor and install non-slip
       flooring in the entryway.
   •   If possible, set up the master bedroom and bath on the first floor.
   •   Consider where you will reside and spend most of your time. Plan for getting up
       and down stairs if required.
   •   Remove loose electrical cords, carpeting, throw rugs and appliances from
   •   All hallways, walkways, bathrooms, stairwells and medicine dispensing areas
       should be brightly-lit. Consider night lights in addition to overhead ceiling lights
       and lamps.
   •   Have important telephone numbers and an emergency contact list (doctors,
       emergency, police, fire, family, and poison-control) in one central, easy-to-access
       location, and an emergency call system installed.
   •   Have first-aid and emergency preparedness kits in place; and install all
       necessary smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
   •   Have a fire escape and disaster plan in place.
   •   Install proper assistance devices, such as grab bars, ramps and handrails on all
   •   Assure that all medicines and dosages are clearly marked and noted, expiration
       dates are clearly visible, and expired medicine is discarded.

Sound and Secure: Create a home environment in which to receive the best possible

   •   Set up a guest or home care provider room if the care provider is required to
       sleep at the home.
   •   Set up a desk area or space for home care professionals to keep patient paper
       work and accomplish and track patient care and administrative tasks.
   •   Evaluate your pet. Is your pet’s temperament and behavior appropriate for
       someone coming into the home?
     •    Arrange for assisted transportation for yourself and consider whether the
          professional you hire will need their own transportation or transport the person
          being cared for. Have maps on hand for the care provider.
     •    Transitioning to a low-maintenance exterior will enable the home owner to focus
          resources on in-home care.
     •    Consider replacing door knobs with lever-style door handles because they are
          easier to use. A single-level open floor plan is easier to manage than multi-levels.

A service, such as Benevia’s can coordinate modifications that support safe, sound and
secure aging in place. A dedicated Benevia Transition Coordinator creates a
personalized plan and expertly coordinates the related details with Benevia’s network of
screened service providers, at no cost to the consumer or caregiver. Benevia’s three
areas of service include:

 •       Relocation and home needs – coordinating the moving process, home
         modifications and sales

 •       Care needs – identifying and coordinating high quality home care and placement

 •       Professional services -- identifying and coordinating insurance, legal, financial and
         estate planning services

Benevia can provide these services at minimum cost to the consumer because it is
compensated by its network of hand-selected service providers for the privilege of
assisting our valued clients. For more information, call toll free 888-BENEVIA (236-3842)
or visit www.benevia.com.

In the greater Seattle area, Benevia can also provide in-person service at an hourly rate
for clients who desire assistance with sorting, downsizing, packing, and distributing

About Benevia
Formed in 2003, Seattle-based Benevia (www.benevia.com) is a one-stop consumer
service dedicated to coordinating relocations, care needs and professional services for
older adults, their families and caregivers. Benevia is a member of the National
Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) and led by co-founders L. Paul
Goldberg, chairman; Michael Nemirow, CEO and director; and Eric G. Rovner, vice
president marketing and business development. The company’s management team
brings more than 40 years of experience in senior care marketing, operations
management, business development and high quality lead generation.

Media contact:
Eric Rovner
Ph: 206-910-6869, Email: ericr@benevia.com

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