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					G O D IVA C H O CO L AT I E R
Circle Center Mall, Indianapolis, IN

                                        In a space of 800 sq. ft., JGA, the
                                        retail design organization located in
                                        Southfield, MI, was challenged by
                                        Godiva Chocolatier to “create a more
                                        experiential retail concept that focuses
                                        on moving the consumer from a gift-
                                        ing mindset to a more self-indulgent
                                        purchase, while having the capability
                                        to flex during peak gifting seasons
                                        to still handle large inventory of pre-
                                        packaged gift products.” Through its
                                        new prototype design, Godiva, the
                                        world famous chocolatier, reinforces
                                        its European heritage and sense of
                                        prestige, and even though Godiva
                                        wants to make its brand and products
                                        more accessible—it still wants to keep
                                        the idea that its product “remains spe-
                                        cial as a unique, self-indulgent, social
                                        medium and thoughtful gift to others
                                        or oneself.”

36      RETAILdesign    December 2006
DesIgN: JGA, southfield, MI
                                                                     In the interest of modernizing
ChaIrMaN: Ken Nisch
CreatIve DIreCtor: Kathi McWilliams
                                                                 the Godiva image—while maintain-
DesIgN arChIteCts: Parisi Inc., Newtown, Pa                      ing its familiar Belgian art nouveau
LIghtINg DesIgNer: Illuminating Concepts, Farmington hills, MI   references—the architectural influ-
CLIeNt’s teaM                                                    ences moved from north and east
DIreCtor oF retaIL FaCILItIes: Bart Shea
                                                                 to the Viennese Wiener Werkstatte
PresIDeNt, goDIva INtL.: Geralyn Breig
PresIDeNt, goDIva WorLD WIDe: Jim Goldman
                                                                 movement. This calls for the use of
DIreCtor INterNatIoNaL MerChaNDIsINg: Chris Scinto               geometry, linear pattern, high contrast
vP gLobaL CreatIve servICes: Maria Williams                      graphic elements and luxurious mate-
vP retaIL saLes: Erin Clark                                      rials. Polished mosaic marble tiles,
DIreCtor retaIL MerChaNDIsINg: Shelly Kramer                     cast resin architectural details and the
vP gLobaL MarketINg & MerChaNDIsINg: Sharon Rothstein
                                                                 gently curved surfaces are juxtaposed
gLobaL vM MaNager: Jose Padron
PhotograPhy: Laszlo Regos Photography, berkley, MI
                                                                 against the rigid geometry. From the
                                                                 exterior, shoppers are treated to the
                                                                 “theater” of the dipping and bever-
                                                                 age bar where confections, cookies,
                                                                 and fruits are hand-dipped in the rich
                                                                 Belgian chocolate. “A self consump-

                                                                      RETAILdesign    December 2006      37
tion presentation case becomes a bold     custom made beverages. Here
invitation into the store delivering      shoppers mix and match assorted
warmth, interactivity, personal service   hand dipped or individual choco-
and a strong message that this is the     lates—“creating a treat just for them.”
place for treating oneself to luxury.”    “Crackled subway tile, leaning collage
Bold graphics, across the rear wall       graphic and over-scale Godiva brand-
of the case, create a powerful brand      ing, all contribute to a visual feast of
story while displaying menu and           texture, imagery and identity.” The
daily specialty treats. The perimeter     second and third zones carry “a series
of the store is lined with a variety of   of seasonal or special product stages
fixturing options so that shoppers can    that combined with flexible modu-
differentiate the candy collections.      larity allow for the bulk and assort-
Shelves and tables display pre-pack-      ment of food, seasonal and giftable
aged gift items while metal and wood      products.” The use of modular breaks
nesting tables offer flexible merchan-    within this area allows individual
dising display options.                   business to be highlighted within a
    The store is divided into three       strong geometry of backlit panels,
areas. One focuses on handmade,           under-lit shelves and storage bunkers.
individual pieces of chocolate and

38      RETAILdesign    December 2006
RETAILdesign    December 2006      39