CURRICULUM VITAE : SCOTT BLICK


      ADDRESS:                    Ohmstraat 62,
                                  2561 SG Den Haag,
                                  The Netherlands.

      TELEPHONE:                  00 31 (0)70 3452764 (hm) 06 1886 3573 (mobile)
      NATIONALITY:                Australian
      DATE OF BIRTH:              17 March 1959


1.    GENERAL:

      1991-95:                    The Koninklijk Conservatorium: Docent Musicus Diploma.
                                  Principle Instructors: Rita DAMS, Diane FORLANO, Marius van ALTENA.
                                  (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1978:                       The Australian Academy of Ballet: One year course.
                                  (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

      1977:                       Alexander Mackie School of Arts: Diploma in Arts (Painting, Sculpture and
                                  (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

      1976:                       Higher School Certificate.

Scott began his professional carrier as a dancer/actor in Australia working with companies such as The Australian Opera
Dancers, North Queensland Ballet, En‟tracte Mime and One Extra Company: Dance and Theatre.
In 1988 he moved to the Nederlands to study classical singing with Max van Egmond. Scott went on to enrole at the Royal
Conservatorium in Den Haag where he graduated as a counter tenor in 1994, a student of Rita Dams and Diane Forlano.

During, as well as following his study Scott worked in productions where the combination of the different disciplines (acting ,
singing and movement/dance) was the main focus. In the Nederlands he have worked as a freelance singer/actor for
companies such as Onafhankelijk Toneel and Toneelschuur Productions and independent projects for the Korzo Theatre and
Naranti Productions, and in England with DV8 Physical Theatre.

Since 1998 Scott works primarily as director, assistent-director and choreographer, and then mainly for opera or music-
theatre productions. He has assisted on opera productions for the conservatoriums in Den Haag and Maastricht , in addition
to productions for the festival in Alden Biesen, Belgium, BarokOpera Amsterdam and for the production company of the
Rotterdam Schouwburg.

As choreographer Scott has created pieces for the Toneelschuur‟s „The Comedian Harmonists‟, Opera Trio nfo‟s succesfull
production of Poulencs 'Les Mamelles de Tirésias' (2001), 'The Fairy Queen' for BarokOpera Amsterdam (2002) and the new
Dutch opera “Marthe” for Art Buro Limburg (2003).

In 2001 Scott set up his own company BLUE BOTTLE PRODUCTIONS and has since staged and directed shortened
versions of Mozart‟s „Don Giovanni‟ for 7 singers and puppets, and Strauss‟ „Die Fledermaus‟. In 2002 with funding from the
FPK he presented a new music theatre piece entitled "Paper Chrysanthemum", a co-production with the Korzo Theatre, Den

In addition to his work in the theatre, Scott also coaches professional singers in acting, and give workshops in stagecraft and
acting to singers and instrumentalists at several conservatoriums in the Netherlands. Also to am ateur groups and individuals
- giving lessons at the LAK theatre in Leiden. From 2000 to 2005 Scott was a guest teacher at the summer singing course in
Farrendou, France directed by the British baritone David Wilson Johnson.

In 2006 his production of Mozart‟s opera Bastien und Bastienne was nominated in Australië for 3 CONDA awards – Best
Director, Best Production and Best Décor Design. In 2007 his music theatre piece Drusella and Hagatha was also nominted
for 2 CONDA awards - – Best Director and Best Production
                      CURRICULUM VITAE : SCOTT BLICK


       2008:    Repeats – Director
                Zimbello Music Ensemble (staged concert)
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                La Serva Padrona – Director and stage/costume design
                Blue Bottle Productions

                Peter Pan – Director/Choreographer
                Hanswijkers Musical Vereniging
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                Attima – Assistant Director
                Co-production between Stichting Attima and Schouwburg Den Haag
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

       2007:    Drusella and Hagatha – Director
                Blue Bottle Productions

       2006:    Tovenaarslering – Director and performer.
                Presentation for the Dr Anton Philipszaal.
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                A Christmas Carol – Assistant Director
                RIJSWIJK Jeugdtheater
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                Merlijn – Director and stage/costume design
                Rijswijk Jeugdtheater
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

       2005:    Bastien und Bastienne – Director and décor design.
                Blue Bottle Productions
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                Carmen – Director
                RITS (music theatre society)
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                Alleen op de Wereld – Co Director
                RIJSWIJK Jeugdtheater
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

       2004:    Miss Match – Director.
                Kruimels (movement theatre)
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                Love and Jealousy, and 3 Sisters – Director.
                Two new short operas by students of the Koninklijk Conservatorium
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                Der Zigeuneurbaron – Co Director.
                Operette Society Cantiamo.
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

       2003:    Marthe – Assistant Director/Choreographer.
                A new Dutch opera by Willem Dragstra.
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                Oberto – Assistant Director.
                The Rotterdamse Opera.
                (THE NETHERLANDS)

                ‘Contact’ : Menotti‟s The Telephone and The Medium – Assistant Director.
                Rotterdamse Schouwburg Production House
                (Tour, The NETHERLANDS)
                     CURRICULUM VITAE : SCOTT BLICK
production cont‟d.

               The Mikado – Assistant Director.
               A production of the Cantiamo Opera Society.
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

2002:          Orlando Furioso – Director
               A semi-staged production of spoken text , madrigals and instrumental pieces based on Ariosto‟s work:
               Orlando Furioso.
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

               Paper Chrysanthemum – Director
               Music-theatre piece for soprano, lute player, electronic music and slides. Spoken text in Japanese and
               Dutch, songs in Japanese, Dutch and Italian. A co-production with Korzo Theater.
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

2001:          Die Fledermaus – Director
               Shortened version for 7 singers and pianist.
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

               Landscapes of the Soul – Director
               Royal Conservatorium - graduation exam: singing.
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

2000:          Don Giovanni – Director
               Shortened version for 7 singers, pianist and puppets.
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

               L’Opera desnuda – Director
               Music-theatre piece for 3 sopranos and mixed ensemble. Composed by the Argentinian composer Maria
               de los Angeles Esteves. Gaudeamus Young Composers Competition.
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

               Scenes from La Bohéme and Die Fledermaus – Director
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

               Scenes from Le Nozze di Figaro – Director
               Royal Conservatorium.
               (THE NEHTERLANDS)

               Alceste – Assistant Director
               A Stichting Barokopera Amsterdam production.
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

1999:          The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore – Director
               Staging for a selection of madrigals from Menotti‟s.
               Xynyx. (chamber opera).
               (THE NETHERLANDS)

               Gaslight, a new Dutch opera by Frank Mol – Assistant Director.
               A Stichting Kunst en Welzijn Production.

               Don Giovanni – Assistant Director/Choreographer
               Opera Festival Alden Biesen.
               (Alden Biesen, BELGIUM)

               Movement/staging advisor for the children‟s opera Kreng.
               An adaptation of Shakespeare‟s „The Taming of the Shrew‟. Xynyx. (chamber opera).
               (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)

1996/97:       A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Assistant Director/Stage Manager
               The Royal Conservatorium Opera Class.
               (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)

               Assistant director for the Sweelink Conservatorium Opera class.
               (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)

1995:          A Thousand, thousand sighs – Director
               Royal Coservatorium - graduation exam: singing.
               (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)
                       CURRICULUM VITAE : SCOTT BLICK
      2007:   Moulin Rouge (Musical)
              RITS (music theatre society)
              (THE NETHERLANDS)

      2003:      Marthe (opera)
                 Art Bureau Limburg.
                 (THE NETHERLANDS)

      2002:      The Fairy Queen (opera)
                 Stichting Barokopera Amsterdam.
                 (National tour, THE NETHERLANDS)

      2001:      Les Mamelles de Tirésias (opera)
                 Co-production of Opera Trionfo and Haarlem Schouwberg.
                 (National tour, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1997:      The Comedian Harmonists (theatre piece)
                 Toneelschuur Productions.
                 (National tour, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1995:      A Thousand, thousand sighs (recital)
                 Royal Conservatorium – graduation exam: singing.
                 (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1990:      Berlin, Paris, Broadway (theatre)
                 A program of Kurt Weill music performed by final year singing students of the Royal Conservatorium.
                 (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1988:      Blue Moon
                 Performed by The Opera Dancers for the Benelong Program, Sydney Opera House.
                 (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

      1988:      Mayakovsky: the man and his Work
                 Theatre piece in association with Beverly Blankenship and the New South Wales Art Gallery.
                 (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

3:    SINGING:


      1989-95:   Varied solo and combined recitals performed in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia, and The Netherlands.
                 The repertoire includes a wide ranging selection of works from Renaissance through to Contem porary


      1999:      Ribbons of Steel (music-theatre)                            role: singer/actor
                 A co-production between BHP Australia and                   direction: Brian Joyce
                 Community Arts Centre.
                 (Newcastle, AUSTRALIA)

                 The Cloud Juggler (music-theatre)                           role: singer/actor
                 A theatre solo with text, movement and song.                direction: Scott Blick and Marvin Kolk
                 A co-production between Korzo Theatre Productions           music: Wart Wamsteker
                 and Scott Blick.
                 (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1998:      De Tijd Affaire (musical)                                   role: singer/actor
                 A co-production between the Rabo Bank and                   direction: Eddy Hubbema
                 Companions Productions.
                 (Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS)

                 Een Kooi van Licht (theatre)                                role: singer - Piet the bird
                 A theatre piece using puppets and film.                     direction: Truus Melissen
                 A Stichting Nootjes production.                             music: Truus Melissen and Louis Ter Burg

      1997:      A Taste of Glamour (opera and dance)                        role: singer/dancer
                 A co-production between Korzo Theatre Productions           direction: Joaquim Sabate
                 and Naranti Productions.                                    music: Patricio Wang
                 (National tour, THE NETHERLANDS)
                              CURRICULUM VITAE : SCOTT BLICK
      Singing cont‟d.

      1996:             The Comedian Harmonists (theatre)                          role: singer/actor - Leshnikof
                        A Toneelschuur production.                                 direction: Javier López Piñón
                        (National tour, THE NETHERLANDS)

                        Hamlet (danceopera)                                        role: acor/singer - Polonius
                        An Onafhankelijk Toneel production.                        direction: Miriam Koen
                        (Rotterdam, THE NEHTERLANDS)

      1996:             Il Segreto di Susanna (opera)                              role: actor - Sante
                        A Utrechtsch Studenten Concert production.                 direction: Hans Nieuwenhuis
                        (Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1995:             The Tempest (opera)                                        role: actor - Caliban
                        A Stichting Muziekprojecten Utrecht production.            direction: David Prins
                        (Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1994:             L’Incoronazione di Poppea (opera)                          role: Ottone
                        A Royal Conservatorium production.                         direction: Javier López Piñón
                        (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1992:             Armide (opera)                                             role: Renaud
                        A Melkweg production.                                      direction: Jean-Louis Cabane
                        (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)

                        La Calisto (opera)                                         role: Lynphea
                        A Royal Conservatorium production.                         direction: Javier López Piñón
                        (Den Haag, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1991:             Hippolyte et Aricie (opera)                                role: choir soloist
                        A combined project of the Guildhall, London, England       musical direction: William Christie
                        and the conservatoriums of Den Haag, The Netherlands
                        and Paris France.

      1990:             If Only (dancetheatre)                                     role: singer
                        Dancetheatre piece with solo singer.                       direction: Lloyd Newson
                        (London, ENGLAND and International tour.)


      2001:             Concert – LOOS (Amersfoort, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1997:             Brian Wilson Extravaganza.
                        A combined project with The Gene Carl Band, Mondrian Quartet, Available Jelly and the Jaques
                        Palinxk Ensemble.
                        (National tour, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1995:             The Gene Carl Band - contemporary repertoire.
                        (Amsterdam, Rotterdam en Den Bosch, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1991:             Central Kamer Koor - contemporary repertoire.
                        (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)

                        The Bach Vereniging Koor - baroque repertoire.
                        (Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS)

      1990-91:          Zaandam Koor - mixed repertoire.
                        (Zaandam, THE NETHERLANDS)

4.    DANCE:

      1991-99:          Mime and movement actor with the Nederlands Opera.
                        (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)
                        Works include: Hansel and Gretel, Idomineo, Cellini, Cosi Fan Tutti, Moses and Aaron, Rosa – a horse
                        opera, Götterdämmerung, Il ritorno d‟Ulisse in Patria and Hier°.

      1990:             DV8 Physical Theatre
                        (London, ENGLAND)
                         CURRICULUM VITAE : SCOTT BLICK
     Dancing cont‟d.

     1984-88:      One Extra Co, Dance and Theatre
                   (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

     1983-84:      En’tracte Mime Theatre
                   (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

     1983:         The North Queensland Ballet Company
                   (Townsville, AUSTRALIA)

     1981:         Evita
                   (National tour, AUSTRALIA)

     1979:         Folkloric Australia
                   (Sydney, AUSTRALIA)


     2006 - 2008: Individuele workshops met verschillende groepen.
                  LAKtheater in Leiden. De zanger als verhaalverteller.

     2005:         Workshops in physical theatre and text treatment for singing students at the Vrije Akademie Delft and for
                   RITS - a musical group in Delft.
                   De Spielerei – theatergroep in Den Haag
                   LAKtheater in Leiden. De zanger als verhaalverteller.
                   Physical awareness and text workshops for the vocal ensemble Airs Vocalis in Delft and for a Male
                   Barbershop Choir (30 men) in Rotterdam.

     2000-05:      Ferrandou Summer Singing Course.
                   Chapou, Southern France.
                   Guest teacher of acting, body awareness and movement lessons.
                   Course directed by the British baritone David Wilson-Johnson.

     1999-2004: Acting and movement workshops at the following Dutch conservatoriums – The Royal Conservatorium,
                Den Haag, Groningen Conservatorium, Groningen and Rotterdam Conservatorium, Rotterdam.

     1999:         Tandem Theatre.
                   Speers Point, Australia.
                   Drama classes for young people aged 8 to 18.

                   XYNYX Chamber Opera
                   Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
                   Acting, voice and movement lessons for the ensemble members.

     1995-98:      Private singing and voice lessons.
                   The Netherlands.

     1993-95:      The British School.
                   Voorschoten, The Netherlands.
                   Private singing lessons and casual music teacher at the primary and secondary schools.

     1989-91:      Freewheels Theatre.
                   Speers Point, Australia.
                   Acting, voice and movement workshops for the ensemble members.

     1985-88:      One Extra Co. Dance and Theatre.
                   Sydney, Australia.
                   N.S.W. and Central Coast schools tour.
                   Movement and acting workshops for primary and secondary school students

     1984:         One Extra Co. Dance and Theatre.
                   Sydney, Australia.
                   Movement and acting workshops for primary and secondary school students

                   En’tracte Mime Theatre.
                   Sydney, Australia.
                   Movement and acting workshops for primary and secondary school students

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