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					                            Tips for Cutting the Salt out of Your Diet

1. Hide the salt shaker
   ! Remove the salt shaker from the table.
   ! Replace with a salt-free substitute like Mrs. Dash®, Papa Dash®, Kroger Zesty Blends®
      or your own mixture of favorite spices.
   ! Check with your physician before taking a salt substitute (eg. Nu Salt, Lite Salt).
      Substitutes contain potassium and should be avoided by some people.

2. Avoid canned or boxed foods
   ! Sodium is often used as a preservative in canned and boxed foods.
   ! Avoid soups, canned vegetables, frozen convenience foods, TV dinners,
      and pre-prepared pasta and rice mixes unless it is a "no added salt" version.
   ! Try to use fresh or frozen vegetables, and make foods from "scratch."

3. Condiments:
   ! Use low sodium condiments like:
    No-Added-Salt Ketchup         No-Added-Salt Honey Mustard               No-Added-Salt Tomato Sauce
    No-Added-Salt Mustard         No-Added-Salt Sweet & Sour Sauce          No-Added-Salt Peanut Butter
   !   Avoid high sodium condiments including:
    BBQ Sauce      Cheese        Gravy             Mustard         Salad Dressing   Soy Sauce     Teriyaki
    Bouillon       Chili Sauce   Kosher Salt       Onion Salt      Seasoned Salt    Steak Sauce   Worcestershire
    Catsup         Garlic Salt   Light Soy Sauce   Pickles         Sea Salt         Taco Sauce

4. Learn to prepare meals with less salt
   ! Limit the amount of cheese you consume; Choose low sodium cheese, or use small amounts
      of sharp-flavored cheese such as cheddar or grated Parmesan.
   ! Season with herbs, spices, herbed vinegar, and fruit juices

5. Choose low sodium breakfast cereals like:
    Oatmeal (not instant)        Puffed Cereals                 Cream of Wheat
    Wheatena®                    Shredded Wheat                 Uncle Sam®

6. Avoid obviously salty snacks like:
    Corn Chips      Pickles & Olives     Salted Nuts & Seeds
    Potato Chips    Pretzels             Snack Crackers

7. Limit the number of meals you eat away from home. When you do eat out, request that the
   chef prepares your food without added salt and request all sauces "on the side".
8. High salt meats include smoked, processed, canned or pickled meats. Examples include:
    Bacon                   Deli Meats               Polish Sausage           Sauerkraut
    Beef Jerky              Frankfurters             Pepperoni                Sausage
    Bratwurst               Ham                      Salami                   Tuna (canned)
    Braunschweiger          Liverwurst               Salmon (canned)
    Canadian Bacon          Lunch Meats              Sardines

9. Substitute low sodium foods for high sodium foods. For example:

Try:                                                               Instead of:
Low Sodium Cheese                                                  Cheese
Fresh Beef Sirloin or Round Steak                                  Hot dog
Fresh Pork Tenderloin Cutlet                                       Ham, sausage, Canadian bacon, bacon
Fresh Skinless Turkey Breast                                       Smoked Turkey Deli Meat
Canned "Very Low Sodium" Albacore Tuna                             Canned Tuna
Olive Oil, Flavored Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Herbs,                   Bottled Salad Dressings
Spices, Pepper
"No Added Salt" Ketchup & Mustard                                  Regular Ketchup & Mustard
Brown Rice, Baked Potato                                           Tortilla
Oats, Barley, Whole Grain Pasta, Low Sodium Bread                  Rolls, Pitas, Bagels
Roasted Nuts in the Shell                                          Salted Nuts

10. Read food labels to determine sodium content:

                                      Nutrition Facts
                             Serving Size ½ cup (114g)
                             Servings Per Container 4
                             Amount Per Serving                               Sodium: What Does % Daily
                             Calories 90  Calories from Fat                          Value Mean?
                                               % Daily Value*
                             Total Fat 3g                 5%                More than 20% = Red Light
                             Saturated Fat 0g             0%                Stop! This food is too high in
  Limit your intake                                                         sodium.
                             Cholesterol 0mg              0%
  of sodium to less
                             Sodium 300mg                13%                10-20% = Yellow Light
  than 2000 mg per
                             Total Carbohydrate 13g       4%                Use with caution and carefully
                              Dietary Fiber 3g           12%                monitor portion sizes to avoid
                              Sugars 3g                                     eating too much sodium.
                             Protein 3g
                                                !                           0-10% = Green Light
                             Vitamin A              Vitamin C
                             Calcium            !   Iron                    This is a low sodium food.

         For questions on your diet call Decatur Memorial Hospital Nutrition Services at 217-876-5301