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Feel better. And better and bett


									SPECIAL EVENTS at the Planet this month.
    Visit our website at
  to find out about special events and seminars
        being held this month in your area.
                                                                         Feel better. And better and better!
  Also, be sure to check out our recipe section
online for lots of quick and nutritious meal ideas.

                 Victoria                                Renew                                       Renew                                    Renew
            3995 Quadra Street                           Life                                        Life                                     Life
                                                         First                                       Rapid                                    Cleanse
            Port Coquitlam                               Cleanse                                     Cleanse                                  SMART
        2755 Lougheed Highway
             604-552-2799                                20% OFF                                     20% OFF                                  20% OFF
                                                         A unique, 15-day all natural herbal         A 7-day therapeutic cleansing            A two-part natural formula
            Edmonton North                               cleanse, formulated specifically for        program that works to detoxify           cleansing program, with herbs,
                                                         the ‘first time’ or ‘sensitive’ cleanser.   your entire body. Perfect for            vitamins, minerals and amino acids,
           12120 Jasper Avenue                           Strong and effective, yet more gentle       those that only wish to perform          designed to support detoxification
              780-452-4921                               than other advanced cleanses.               a short-term cleansing program.          of vital organs and the bowel.
            Edmonton South                                  made in canada | kit                        made in canada | kit                     made in canada | kit
             7917 - 104 Street

            Calgary North
         4625 Varsity Drive NW                           Renew Life                                                                           Genesis
             403-288-6700                                Ultimate                                    Genuine                                  Today
             Calgary South                               Flora                                       Health                                   Coco
          10233 Elbow Drive SW                           Critical Care                               Dermalipid                               Cacao 100

           Vaughan (Toronto)
                                                         20% OFF                                     20% OFF                                  20% OFF
                                                         When nothing else seems to work...          Moisturize, repair and protect your      Enjoy the benefits of chocolate
           8020 Bathurst Street                          Ultimate Flora does! Ultimate               skin from the inside out – naturally.    without the added sugar and
              905-707-5303                               Flora Critical Care helps create a          In just 21 days, you can achieve         milk! Try it in your morning
                                                         balanced intestinal environment in          moisturized and youthful skin–           beverage or cereal for an extra
      Port Credit (Mississauga)                          both the small and large intestine.         regardless of your age or the season.    boost!
       170 Lakeshore Road East
                                                            made in canada | 30 caps                    made in canada | 60 & 120 soft gels   made in USa | 946 ml

          6487 Quinpool Road
             902-425-7400                                                                                                                     Progressive
                                                         Wild                                        Flora                                    Adult Multi
       This newsletter is printed on paper that’s made
       from 100% recycled, 40% post-consumer waste,      Rose                                        Flor-                                    for Active
       processed chlorine-free.
                                                         Rhodiola                                    Essence                                  Women
                                                         20% OFF                                     20% OFF                                  20% OFF
                                                         This healing herb has been                  Features three premium herbal            6 individualized formulas
                                                         recommended to combat                       supplements that detoxify                specifically designed to target
                                                         fatigue and restore energy.                 your body for optimal health.            the challenges presented by
                                                         Helps the body stay healthy                 Includes Flor-Essence™,                  age, gender and activity levels.
                                                         and perform in top condition.               Pro-Essence™ and Floralax™.              Formulas as individual as you are!

                                                            made in canada | 60 vcaps                   made in canada | kit                  made in USa | 120 caps

                                      Store Hours • Special Events & Seminars • Recipes • Visit
                  Good Food. Good for You. Good for the Earth.®

                                                             Hot price picks!
Save your planet.                                            Nature’s Clean
                                                           Mandarin Grapefruit

 Save your money.
                                                              Dish Liquid

                                                                   2 for $8
                                                                                            made in canada | 575 ml


                                                                  made in USa | 300 g
                                                                                               $ 69
                                                                  Nature’s Path
 Share your Earth Day                                               Eco Packs
                                                                  Gorilla Munch
  wishes - $500 prize!
  Visit to enter!                                    8
                                                                   $ 49
                                                                                          made in canada | 650 g

       Join our Earth Day celebrations April 22nd!
                                (See store for details.)

                                                                              SaLe PRiceS eFFecTiVe maRch 31 - aPRiL 27, 2010
                      Planet favourites.
                                                                                                                                               Think Global.
                                                                                                                                               Drink Local.

        20%                 Sequel Vega Sport                                Natural Factors                        20%
       oFF                  – Berry & Vanilla
                                   Strengthen Tone
                                                                              PGX Daily
                                                                         Regulating blood sugar is a key
                                                                                                                    oFF                                                           20%
                                                                                                                                                                                   oFF KIT
                                 • Repair • Regenerate                 factor in many health conditions,
                             Helps improve performance,              including weight gain. Incorporating
                             increase muscle synthesis and           PGX Daily Ultra Matrix softgels into
                            strength, reduce inflammation              your diet can help you lose weight
                             and enhance recovery – safely               safely and gradually. Naturally,
                                and naturally. Mix with                 the beneficial effects of PGX will
                            water and make it part of your             be enhanced by a healthy diet and
                                 post-workout routine.               exercise, leading to incredible results.

                            made in canada | assorted sizes              made in canada | 120 softgels

                                                                                                                                                            sodastream eco
                                                                                                                                                  Turn water from your tap into fresh sparkling
Skeet & Ikes Popcorn                       Bio-Vert Laundry Detergent                         Wholesome Agave Syrup                                   water or soda in under 30 seconds.
       Certified organic and                Environmentally friendly cleaning product.           Blue Agave is a natural sweetener,                Sodastream provides an easy, great-tasting
     non-GMo corn is gently                 100% ecological, biodegradable, premium            with a low glycemic index. 25% sweeter              and green alternative to bottled beverages.
  air-popped and lightly salted.             quality, hypoallergenic and economical.              than sugar, without the calories.                   No batteries or electricity is required.
                                                                                                                                                     operates by the power contained in its
      2 for $6                                           $
                                                             8.49                                           $
                                                                                                                7.99                                 compressed gas carbonators, which are
                                                                                                                                                   returned to the company when empty – to
      made in USa | 113 g                              made in canada | 1.8 L                         made in meXicO | 666 g                       be cleaned, inspected, refilled and reused.

                                    Discoveries: What’s hot at the Planet?
Cultured Care                                                                                         Burt’s Bees
Probiotic Gum by                                                                                      Anti-Blemish
Prairie Naturals                                                                                      Solutions
Infection protection starts in                                                                        Formulated with Salicylic
your mouth. This is Canada’s                                                                          Acid derived from Willow
first probiotic gum formulated                                                                        Bark and other ingredients,
especially for oral health.                                                                           Burt’s Bees™ Natural
Made with organic flavours,                                                                           Anti-Blemish Solutions
sugar-free and does not                                                                               are clinically proven to
contain artificial sweeteners.                                                                        prevent and reduce acne.

20% OFF                            made in canada | 8 gum tablets                                     20% OFF                       made in USa | assorted sizes

                                                   W   W      W .    P   L    A    N     E    T   o     R       G   A   N   I   C    .   C    A
                                         Down-to-Earth Low Prices!
                        Eden Pasta                                Nuts To You             Kashi                                        Earth
                         Kamut &                                     organic              Go Lean                                      Balance
                           Quinoa                                    Almond               Cereal
                       Twisted Pair                                    Butter
                               4.49                                     $
                                                              made in canada | 250 g
                                                                                              5.49                                     $
                       made in USa | 340 g                                                    made in canada | 400 g                   made in USa | 369 g

Santa Cruz                                            Seventh Generation                  Le Grand                                                           New Moon
organic                                                     Free & Clear                  Pesto                                                                Cookies
Cranberry                                              Laundry Detergent                  - Selected                                                                 - Selected
                                                                                          Varieties                                                                    Varieties
    4.69                                                            $
                                                                        19.49             $
                                                                                              6.99                                                               $
made in USa | 946 ml                                              made in USa | 2.95 L        made in canada | 200 g                                   made in canada | 275 g

                                                             on sale in our deli.
           Quinoa                                        Curried                                       Tuna Salad                                   Meat Loaf
            Salad                                      Potato Salad                              (Made with Raincoast Tuna)                         (Beef with Millet)

                             $ 69   /100 g                                  1
                                                                            $ 29/100 g                                 3
                                                                                                                       $ 49   /100 g
                                                                                                                                                                     $ 49
                                                                                                                                                                         3   /100 g

            Greek                                       Citrus Loaf                            Belgian Chocolate                           New World Bliss Balls
            Salad                                             (Small)                              Brownies                                       - Selected Varieties

                             $ 99   /100 g                                  3
                                                                         $ 49    each                                  4
                                                                                                                       $ 99 2-pack
                                                                                                                       $2.69 each
                                                                                                                                                                     $ 49
                                                                                                                                                                         8    each

                                PROdUcTS may nOT aPPeaR eXacTLy aS ShOwn. we ReSeRVe The RighT TO LimiT qUanTiTieS and cORRecT PRinTing eRRORS.

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