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Theme: build up ocean-economic region and food safety belt.
Time: 11 to 13, June, 2010.
Location: Weihai international exhibition centre , Hall A
Sponsors: China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of foodstuffs, native products and
           animal by-products. (COFNA)
            Shandong Province Commerce Department
            Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau
            Weihai Municipal People's Government
Organizers: Weihai Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation
            Weihai valon exhibition Co. Ltd
Cooperators: Japan External Trade Organization
             South Korea Agricultural and Fishery Marketing Corporation
             South Korea imports of Industry Association
             Taiwan’s Su-ao District Fishermen’s Association
             Renmin University of China School ,       Agriculture and Rural Department
             (China) Business Development Center (China Food Fair organized by the Chinese unit)
Media support: Weihai Daily, Weihai Evening News,            Shandong TV, Weihai TV, Japan MINATO
                 News,     Food Business Network,      First Food Network,     Great Food Network,      China
                 Food Information Network,      Nombo Network,       China Fishery Network,      China Fishery
                 Trade Network,     China Conference & Exhibition Net . etc. Hundreds of industry media.

1. Exhibition Subject
  The China Weihai International Food Fair in Weihai International Aquatic Products Fair based on the
  re-positioning, planning. Will focus on “ the interests of exhibitors as the fundamental interests of the
  invited buyers focusing on the work” as the principle of organizing exhibitions, balanced, well-designed
  to provide enterprises with a professional trade docking platform, exhibition and forum to show case
  and trade harmonization. Help companies increase their market competitiveness and further expand
  domestic and foreign markets and strive Northern of China largest, highest level, and the supporting
  activities, the most abundant, the effect of the most significant industry event.
2. Exhibition background
     (1) Advantages of geographical location and opening
        Weihai located in the east of Shandong Peninsula, with a total area of 5698 square kilometers,
        population 2.51 million. Weihai sea on the three sides, one side then the ground , with South
        Korea and Japan across the sea from Korea, China’s nearest city, just 93 sea miles away from a
        straight line.
        Weihai is China’s first “ National Health City “, the first batch of “ National Garden City “, the first
        “ National Environmental Protection Model City “ group, the first “ China Excellent Tourism City
        “ group, twice by the United Nations as “ the Dubai International Best Practices to improve the
        living environment “urban, has awarded the United Nations “ Habitat Award “ and “ China Habitat
   nvironment Award “, was named “ National Forest City “, was a friend at home and abroad as the
   “ most suitable for human habitation and the entrepreneurial city.”
   Weihai is rich in resources, beautiful environment, strong industrial base, three bases are under
   construction. There are agricultural planting and breeding, export processing base; tourist resort
   base; modern manufacturing base. Beautiful natural environment, a solid industrial base, good
   government services, convenient traffic conditions, attracted a large number of foreign
   businesses to invest, more than 2600 foreign-funded enterprises have settled in Weihai.
(2) resource superiority
   Weihai development of the food industry, especially the economic advantage of exceptional
   fishing, the sea is the largest development advantages in Weihai, the most broad space for
   development, the greatest potential and vitality of. Weihai coastline of nearly a thousand
   kilometers, accounting for one-third of the province, the blue sea boundaries of the land area is
   almost twice as rich in biological resources in coastal waters, location advantages are obvious;
   Also has nearly a thousand of marine and fishery processing enterprises, a large number of
   scientific and technological innovation oriented enterprises have continuously developed, the
   rapid rise of the development of fisheries in Weihai’s economy has other coastal cities can not
   match the resources, industrial and technological superiority. In 2008, the city’s aquatic
   production of 2.05 million tons, aquaculture production value of 56.1 billion yuan, fishing, main
   economic indicators for the province account for one-third of the total marine fishery production
   capacity ranks first in the country.
(3) The export of agricultural products quality and safety of regional management
   To promote agricultural exports, accelerate agricultural industrialization, standardization and
   internationalization processing. Weihai city in 2008 has begun to promote the regionalization of
   the export of agricultural products quality safety management, and to take the Government to
   promote, business driven, full action mode. Present, the export of agricultural products quality
   and safety of regional management in the context of Weihai city spreads throughout all the work
   has achieved initial success, the city has formed a departmental interaction, coordinated and
   efficient work force.
(4) Leading enterprises and food parks
   Weihai is one of the main agricultural export base in Shandong. In 2008 exports reached 900
   million U.S. dollars, Accounting for one-tenth of the procince. Products exported to Japan, South
   Korea, the United States, the European Union, Russia and more than 100 countries and regions.
   More than 100 enterprises engaged in agricultural production, processing, export business, in
   which more than 220 foreign invested enterprises, exports accounted for 68% of the city. There
   were 18 companies more than 10 million U.S. dollars of agricutural exports.
   City-wide food products are distributed in more than ten industrial parks, with a total area of
   nearly more than 40 square km. After years of development, food industrial park, Weihai has
   become a foreign capital, foreign technology, the effective carrier, food industrial park to attract a
   total of more than 200 food processing enterprises, the cumulative use of foreign capital more
   than 500 million U.S. dollars, and formed a series of deep processing of aquatic products, forzen
   Prepared Food, peanut products, canned food, as the representatives of the food processing
   system, the product export rate of over 80%.
(5) Exhibition Review
   Weihai International Aquatic Products Fair will fully rely on Weihai city of China’s large fishing
        industry advantage and adjacent South Korea and Japan’s regional advantages, as well as
        aquatic brand of leading enterprises organized by a professional brand seafood fair, from the
        beginning in 2006 inception, have been held four. The past four years, Weihai International
        Aquatic Products Fair has always insisted the operation of a professional exhibition, rich
        activities and priorities over the same period the idea of inviting visitors from the initial obscurity,
        and only less than 150 exhibition booths to develop into specialized small-and large-scale,
        high-specifications of fishing industry event starting from the third to fishing based on Fair
        successfully held the “ Chinese Culture week Weihai marine industry “, has been the strong
        support of the Ministry of Agriculture Bureau of Fisheries, held indluding professional exhibitions,
        forums, sports tourism and nearly 20 commercial and trade activities, fishing Expo popularity
        and influence of the rapidly increasing, and the brand becomes increasingly obvious benefits. It
        can be said, four fishing Expo Weihai effectively increase the visibility and reputation of marine
        industry, broke out in a larger context of the marine industry in Weihai brand for marine fisheries
        enterprises to provide a showcase corporate image, enhance corporate branding and
        strengthen regional exchange and cooperation platform.
3. Exhibition features and advantages
     (1) Focus on buyers, trades inviation
        By the Weihai Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau and other departments to focus
        on foreign expertise to invite the buyers are expected to more than 30 countries will visit the
        buyers to organize buyers and exhibitors face to face negotiztions, assisting enterprises to
        expand the international market;
        Organizing Committee set up a special department to invite buyers round to invite a large scale
        that group, small shops to the community, including:
        Strong reputation, network of sales terminals, distributors, agents, application providers,
        distribution companies, etc;
        Specialized wholesale markets, large supermarkets, chain stores, supermarket chains and
        convenience stores, community, professional markets, etc;
        Import and export trading companies, domestic and international professional organization of
        food producers, food production and processing bases, enterprise and technical personnel and
        senior managers, etc;
        Hotels, guesthouses, bars, entertainment venues, restaurants, major clubs, resorts and other
        important Group buy units.
     (2) Breakthrough in a simple exhibition service, providing deep business services. Provides
        businesses, including trade docking, technical exchanges, targeted offer, the buyer invite a
        variety of business services to achieve a new integration of industry events;
     (3) Fully three-dimensional combination of publicity, the greatest show enhanced influence.
        Through press conferences and newspapers, magazines television, websites, e-mail, fax, three
        dimensional advocacy organizations audiences at home and abroad to ensure that the
        economic benefits of particpating enterprises.
     (4) Professional exhibition, Professional invitation
        Have a choice in a planned way to visit domestic more of the same size and influence of the
        exhibition, distribution of 500000 viewers invitations and tickets.
4. Exhibits scope
     (1) Food Pavilion: All kinds of convenient nutrition, health functional foods and green food, livestock
        class products, meat products, frozen food, prepared good, grain and oil,nutritional clean food,
        freeze-dried food, bee products, canned food, preserved fruits, pickles and so on;
     (2) Aquatic Pavilion: Variety of dry, ice, fresh class aquatic products, aquatic processed foods, fish
        extravagant products, sea cucumber, abalone and other precious marine, all kinds of marine
        leisure foods, marine products and deep processing of marine products;
     (3) Hai zhi bao Area: Seaweed food pavilion represented by Hai zhi bao.
     (4) Subsidiary Agricultural products pavilion:    Variety of dried fruits, fresh fruit and finished
        products, agro-forestry products, fungi products, dehydrated vegetables and other agricultural
        products and processed products, subsidiary agricultural products; charateristics of farming, tea
        and purple craft, specialty melons and fruits, preservation, storage, refrigeration, submerge
        stains such as fruits and vegetables products;
     (5) Food processing machinery and packaging machinery pavilion.
5. Simultaneous activities
     (1) Weihai, China, exports of agricultural products quality and safety of international forums.
        Forum topics:    Agricultural and food quality and safety management;
                         Regionalization of agricultural products quality safety management;
                         Agricultural products in the international trade and Agricultural trends in the
                         international cooperation;
                         Agricultural science and technology and sustainable development;
     (2) jia jia yue group procurement promotion;
     (3) Investment and cooperation project promotion. Foreign cooperation projects on food industry to
        carry out promotion, negotiation and contracting activities of investment projects.
     (4) Well-known enterprises visit.
6. Promotions
     (1) A press conference will be covered by more than 60 mediums including newspapers, magazines
        and TV etc.Advertisements on the mass media from time to time to make sure the comeprehen-
        sive influence in the industry t.
     (2) In the food business network, Nombo network, the first Food network, China’s fisheries Trade
        network, China’s aquatic products network, and other major professional website to advertise,
        so that the exhibitors and professional visitors easy access to information and timely exhibition
     (3) Television Weihai, Weihai Evening News and other mainstream media, advertising, and a series
        of reports.
     (4) Have a choice in a planned way to visit China more of the same size and influence of the
        exhibition, invitations and tickets distributed to the audience.
     (5) Customer Invitation: Organizing Committee set up a special department to invite domestic and
        overseas foreign trading companies, wholesale markets, large supermarkets, chain stores,
        high-star hotels and other buyers.
7. Participation Fee
     (1) International standard booths ( 3m×3m):
        Sided booth opening 4500 yuan/each, Double-sided open booth go up 15%
        Standard booth includes three side panels, one fascia board, a desk and two chairs, a 5A/220V
     (2) Raw Space: 500yuan/m
             Minimum 36m       rent, do not contain any tackles.
8. Organizing Committee Contact

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