WESTPORT WELCOMES YOU Dear Parents and Students The staff at by mrsnoble


									                      WESTPORT WELCOMES YOU
  Dear Parents and Students,
         The staff at Westport Elementary School extends a warm welcome                 While on the bus, students, students are to keep their hands and
  to all of our students and their families. The new school year will be full   heads inside the bus at all times. Remember that loud talking and
  of new challenges, exciting educational opportunities, and plenty of          laughing divert the driver’s attention and make safe driving difficult.
  Westport School spirit!                                                       Horseplay is not permitted at the bus stops, on the bus or around the bus
         We’re looking forward to another great year at WESTPORT                itself.
                CERES DISTRICT MISSION STATEMENT                                      Students may purchase hot meals in the cafeteria. Students must
  Our students will achieve mastery of academic standards in a safe and         pay for lunch in the cafeteria before school in the morning. Parents are
  supportive environment. We will provide a quality, balanced education         encouraged to pay for lunches a week or month in advance.
  that result in academic excellence, and career preparation with attitudes           Student Breakfast-$1.25/day or $6.25/week.
  and skills necessary to produce self-directed, productive citizens.                 Breakfast will be served from 8:15-8:40 a.m. daily in the
                 WESTPORT’S MISSION STATEMENT                                         Student Lunch-$1.75 per day or $8.75 per week. Milk can be
                  Welcome every student                                         purchased by students bringing their own lunch for $.30 per day. All
                  Encouraging a love of learning                                prices subject to change.
                  Specializing in meeting individual needs
                  Teaming up with community                                                              DISCIPLINE POLICY
                  Promoting perfect attendance                                         Westport has a school-wide discipline policy developed by staff,
                  Opening the door to the future                                parents and students. We believe a safe and orderly environment is
                  Reaching the CA State Standards                               important for students to learn and study. We expect students to follow
                  Teaching is our passion!                                      the school-wide rules. Students who decide to break the rules will receive
                                                                                citations and consequences. Citations Will be given for misbehavior
                              ABSENCES                                          outside the classroom, on the yard, cafeteria and getting on and off the
  WHAT CAN YOU DO?                                                              bus. Students who follow the rules will be rewarded.
  1) Make every effort to have your child in school every day and on            SCHOOL-WIDE RULES
     time.                                                                             1. Follow directions first time given.
  2) It will be helpful if you contact the school before 9:30 a.m. at                  2. Stay in assigned area.
     556-1700 to report your child absent. If you do not have a                        3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
     telephone or are unable to reach the school be sure to send a note                4. No name calling, cussing or teasing.
     explaining the absence with your child upon his/her return.                       5. No fighting—Assault, Battery or Threatening.
  3) On days your child must be absent for 5 days or more for reasons                  6. Be respectful to all supervising adults at Westport.
     other than illness (family emergencies, trips, etc.) arrangements
     can be made to continue his/her studies through independent                                      DRESS AND GROOMING
     studies. Your child will be given credit for the days absent. The          The school follows the District guidelines regarding dress and grooming
     school must depend upon the parent to notify the office and make           as stated on the “Conduct Code and Parent Information K-12”
     arrangements for INDEPENDENT STUDY assignments.
                                                                                                   FOGGY DAY BUS PROCEDURES
                                BUS RULES                                       IT IS REQUESTED THAT YOU DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOLS,
  Students are to go immediately to the buses as soon as they are dismissed     DISTRICT OFFICE OR TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT ON
  from school in the afternoon. Riding the school bus is a privilege.           FOGGY DAYS. It is important that these lines be kept open for bus
  Improper conduct on the buses will result in that privilege being denied.     driver reports and any emergency calls. PLEASE LISTEN TO
Students should be on time at the designated school bus stops. They should      YOUR RADIO STATION FOR REPORTS OR CALL 538-0266.
  wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to enter or

                                                                                                    EMERGENCY INFORMATION
                                                                                     The Registration Card which is filled out at the beginning of the
                                                                                year or at the time of registration is the only link between the school
                       DAILY SCHEDULE                                           and home.
                                                                                     It is extremely important that our school has up-to-date emergency
            Grades 1-6………………………..8:40-3:25                                      information regarding your child(ren). Please see to it that the following
            AM Preschool………………..….8:20-12:00                                    information is kept current:
            AM Kindergarten……….………8:40-12:00
            PM Preschool…………….……..11:45-3:25                                        1) Home phone and work phone numbers.
            PM Kindergarten……………....12:05-3:25
                Students may NOT ARRIVE at school                                   2) Home and/or work phone number of friends/relatives who can
                          prior to 8:15 a.m.                                           be contacted in case of an emergency.
                   MINIMUM DAY SCHEDULE
            Breakfast…………………………….....8:15                                           3) Phone number of child care facility or baby-sitter if one is
                                                                                       used on a regular basis.
            Grades 1-6………...…………….8:40-12:55
            AM Kindergarten……………….8:40-12:00                                        4) Any unusual medical problem.
            PM Kindergarten………………..12:05-3:25
                                                                                     The only adults to whom students may be released are parents,
                                                                                legal guardians and those listed as emergency contacts on the
                                                                                Registration Card.
       If fog conditions require a delay in the bus schedules, the following                               PHONE/E-MAIL
       procedures will be in effect:                                                Phone calls made to students or teacher during the day will be
  1.    The transportation department will make a decision in the morning. If       forwarded to the teachers’ voice mail. You may e-mail a staff
        the buses are to be late picking children up… PLEASE LISTEN TO              member with their first initial last name @ceres.k12.ca.us (for
        THE RADIO.                                                                  example, mmack@ceres.k12.ca.us).
  2.    If the buses are late, the initial delay will be for one hour. This means
        your child will be picked up one hour later than normal. Cooperating
        radio stations will begin making these announcements at                            STUDENT RESPONSIBILITY FOR MATERIALS
        approximately 6:45 a.m.                                                          At the beginning of the school year, students are issued
  3.    If conditions require a further delay, announcements will be made by        textbooks and other materials and supplies. They must maintain these
        the radio stations.                                                         materials, including library books, in good condition and return them
  4.    All schools will maintain their regular starting times on foggy days.       when asked or else pay for any loss or damage. Report cards will be
  5.    Afternoon take-home times will normally be at the regular times. If         denied until all fees and fines are paid.
        cancellation of these runs is required, announcements will be made on
        the radio                                                                                              SUSPENSION
                                                                                    The following behaviors will result in automatic suspension from
                             LIBRARY SERVICES                                       school: AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION LAW (State Law 48900)
     Each student will be checking out books from the school library.                     1. Physical injury to another person-actual or threatened.
Students are responsible for the materials that they check out. Books are to              2. Disruption of school activities or defiance of school
be returned promptly and in good condition. If a book is lost or damaged, it                  authorities.
needs to be paid for before a student may check out any other materials or                3. Commission of obscene acts or engagement in habitual
given a report card at the end of the year. It is also possible that they may be              profanity or vulgarity.
denied specific school activities. Students may not check out books if                    4. Damage to or theft of school or private property.
anything is overdue. Classes will be going to the library each week.                      5. Possession or sale of weapons.
                                                                                          6. Possession or sale of drugs, alcoholic beverages, or
    NONDISCRIMINATION IN DISTRICT PROGRAMS AND                                                intoxicants.
                              ACTIVITIES                                                  7. Possession or use of tobacco.
     The Governing Board is committed to equal opportunity for all                        8. Sexual harassment
individuals in education. District programs and activities shall be free from             9. Hate violence
discrimination based on gender, sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national            10. Intimidation
origin, ethnic group identification, marital or parental status, physical or
mental disability, sexual orientation or the perception of one or more of such                                     TARDINESS
characteristics. The Board shall promote programs which ensure that                      Any student who reports to his/her classroom after 8:40 a.m. is ) is
discriminatory practices are eliminated in all district activities. The officer     considered tardy for class. STUDENTS WHO ARE LATE TO SCHOOL
responsible for equity and compliance with Title IX is the Coordinator of           MUST REPORT TO THE OFFICE BEFORE GOING TO CLASS.
Child Welfare and Attendance, 2503 Lawrence Street, Ceres, Ca 95307,                Tardiness is very disruptive for the individual student, the other students
(209)556-1500.                                                                      in the class, and the teacher. Students who develop a pattern of tardiness
                       PERSONAL PROPERTY                                            or who are, in the principal’s judgment, habitually tardy may be subject
     Bringing any personal property of value to school is discouraged as the        disciplinary action.
school cannot assume responsibility for it if it should be lost or damaged.
The Ceres Unified School District, its officers, agents or employees shall not                      TOBACCO-FREE SCHOOL/SMOKING
be responsible, in any manner, for the loss, theft, damage, or destruction of            Ample evidence has demonstrated the health hazards associated with
any personal property brought onto District premises by students, for any           the use of tobacco products, including smoking and the breathing of
reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to, a request by a staff member.      second-hand smoke. Therefore, in accordance with state and federal law,
Students who bring personal property onto school premises assume all risk           as well as Ceres Unified School District Policy, Westport Elementary
of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the personal property which may            prohibits the use of tobacco anywhere and anytime on district property.

      PROCEDIMENTOS DE SEGURIDAD DE ESTUDIANTES                                     If your child is a bus rider and you are not at the school to pick up your
  The following information is very important for the safety and security           child BEFORE the buses leave, your child will be put on the bus to be
  of your child.                                                                    taken home. If your child is late arriving home on the bus, you may
     1. Parents MUST sign out students in the office. No student will be            call the school before 4:00 P.M. or the district transportation office at
         released directly from the classroom.                                      556-1595.
     2. Parents/guardians must have a picture ID and his/her name must
         be on the student’s enrollment card to be released by the office.                    ACADEMIC SUPPORT AND AFTER SCHOOL
         If you sent someone to pick up your child and his/her name is not                        PROGRAMSAfter School Program (ASP)
         on the card, the office WILL NOT release your child to that                The goal of the Academic Intervention Program is to give students who
         person.                                                                    are “at-risk” of not passing the California High School Exit Exam
     3. A bus pass, issued by the school office, is the only way a bus              (CAHSEE) the extra academic support needed for promotion for the
         driver will allow students to depart from the bus at a stop other          next grade level. Classes are offered for 1 ½ hours per day after school,
         than their regular stop. To get a bus pass you must:                       three days per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
           a) Send a note to the office indicating your desire to have your
              child released at a location other than his/her regular bus           After School Education and Safety Program (ASES)
              stop. (Bring the note to the office in the morning.)                  ASES is open to all students in grades 1st through 6th. The ASES
           b) Include in the note students name, parent’s name, and                 program runs Monday through Friday beginning right after school and
              location change and phone number where to reach you to                ends at 6:00 P.M. Students receive a snack and the program is
              verify the note.                                                      supervised by Ceres Unified recreational leaders who provide
           c) Once the office has verified the note the bus pass will be            homework support and recreational, enrichment activities in a safe and
              issued.                                                               structured environment.
                                                             PARENT INVOLVEMENT
We are committed to building partnerships with our families. We welcome volunteers and encourage parent participation. Together our students succeed.
Ways families may get involved:

      Visitors and volunteers are welcome at Westport School! Please remember that all are required to sign in at the school office before going any
    other place on campus and to sign out when leaving. Visitors signing in at the school office will be given a visitor’s badge to wear while they are on
    campus. All staff members have been asked to question adults who are on campus without an identifying badge. Please continue cooperating with
    our efforts to ensure the safety and security of all students.

      As parents you are welcome to visit and observe our educational program. If you plan to visit your child’s class, please make prior
   arrangements with his/her teacher to arrange for a convenient time.
      Individuals who would like to become involved in the educational process as volunteers are very welcome. During Back to School Night in
   the Fall, your child’s teacher will provide you with the information necessary to be a volunteer in their classroom. Volunteers are an important
   part of education. If you are interested in helping in other ways—library, clerical, duplicating, etc.—please contact the school.
      One of the best ways to be involved is to assist your child. Know what they are doing in school. The education of your child is greatly
   influenced by you and your attitude. Determine areas in which they are having trouble, and contact their teacher to find out how you can assist
   at home. Know when an award comes home, and praise positive behavior.

      P.T.C. is an organization of parents and teachers designed to assist the school in its educational mission. Our P.T.C. is an active one that has
   informative meetings, plans special activities for students, and helps to build communication between the school and home.

     School Site Council, composed of parents, staff, and students, oversees the special programs at school that are funded through state and
   federal monies. The council provides ideas, and community involvement in the school improvement process. If you are interested in serving on
   the School Site Council, please call Westport at 556-1700.

     ELAC is a committee made of our parents forming a stronger bond through communication between school and community. The meetings
   are a minimum of four times a year and are delivered in Spanish.

                                                         SCHOOL HEALTH INFORMATION
Welcome to a new school year! Healthy children learn best and your           scalp for lice or eggs. The eggs will appear as white specks stuck to the
school nurse is here to help each child reach and maintain optimal health.   hair shaft near the scalp. You must accompany your child to be checked
We would like to share some information with you to help ensure a safe,      by school personnel to determine if your child is cleared to return to
healthy year for your student.                                               school once they have been excluded due to lice. If you discover your
                                                                             child has lice, please notify the school so other students in the class can be
EMERGENCY INFORMATION: Please keep the office informed of                    screened for lice.
changes in home and work phone numbers. It is also important that you
have local emergency numbers for when you cannot be reached. We will         ILLNESS: Your child will be in close contact with other children in the
always attempt to notify parents/guardians first, but need the emergency     school setting. Please be alert to signs of illness and keep your child home
number so an ill or injured child can receive prompt care.                   if you suspect he/she is not well. This will reduce the spread of illnesses
                                                                             in the school setting. If you think your child might have a communicable
CHRONIC HEALTH PROBLEMS: If your child has a chronic health                  disease such as chicken pox, ringworm, impetigo, strep throat, etc., please
problem such as diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, allergic reactions, etc., please notify the school office.
notify your school nurse and child’s teacher. This allows them to plan for
any special needs your child might have.                                     FIRST GRADE PHYSICALS: The California Health and Safety code
                                                                             requires that every child entering first grade in a California school have a
MEDICATION: California Education Code 11753.1 allows the school to           health check-up. A certificate signed by a doctor, must be presented to the
assist in the administration of medication if requested to do so by the      school by December 1st to verify this requirement. Physical examinations
physician and parent. An authorization form, available from the school       completed after March 1, 2007 meet this requirement.
office, must be completed by the physician and parent. Medications must
be brought to school by an adult in the original pharmacy labeled bottle.    KINDERGARDEN DENTAL REQUIREMENT: California law requires
Medication requests must be renewed each year and any changes in the         every Kindergarden student to have an oral health assessment prior to
medication should be reported to the school by the parent.                   May 31st. The law specifies that the assessment must be performed by a
School personnel are legally not allowed to give children ANY medication     licensed dentist or other licensed or registered health professional. Oral
including aspirin, Tylenol and cough drops, without the written              health assessments that have happened within the last 12 months before
permission of a physician and the parent.                                    your child enters school meet the requirement.
Inhalers and auto-injectable epinephrine (Epipen) may be carried by the
student, as long as the student’s parents and doctor give permission and     GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: The school nurse will be meeting
the notes are on file in the nurse’s office. It is recommended that all      with the 4th, 5th and 6th grade girls and the 5th and 6th grade boys in the
students carrying an inhaler have a back-up inhaler in the nurse’s office.   Spring. Topics related to body changes experienced during puberty, and
Be aware that the school may take disciplinary action if a student misuses   HIV/AIDs information will be discussed. A parent preview will be held
an inhaler or Epipen in any way.                                             prior to the presentations. The parents will be notified by mail regarding
                                                                             the date and times of the parent preview. If you do not wish your child to
LICE: Ceres Unified School District has a NO NIT policy, which means         participate in these presentations please sign the exclusion request
all eggs (dead or alive) must be removed before a child is allowed to        provided with the preview information and return to the school office.
return to school. Lice is an easily treatable condition that can be          Please call the school nurse for any questions related to the growth and
eliminated once discovered. If your child is constantly itching, check the   development presentations

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