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         Since its creation in 1926 in Brussels, Belgium, Godiva Chocolatier has become
       one of the most prestigious chocolate brands in the world. A passion for innovation
  and luxur y combined with a truly memorable experience contained in each mouthful has made
     Godiva legendar y. Fresh, natural ingredients blended with craftsmanship and dedication
      by Godiva’s employees, have resulted in the company’s appointment as official supplier
                                  to the Royal Court of Belgium.

Today, Godiva’s expert Master Chocolatiers use their precious talents to create innovative recipes
    using the freshest ingredients. Flavours are enticing, textures are delicate and decorations
   eye-catching. Arranged in stunning and contemporar y packaging, these delectable chocolates
            are available at sophisticated Godiva boutiques in select cities worldwide.

    Opening a box of Godiva chocolates is a sensor y experience in itself, one to be savoured.
Let your fingertips dance over the unique textures of the ballotin – its silky ribbon, the embossed
  Lady Godiva. Remove the ribbon and lift the lid. Let your nose inhale in the magnificent scent
    of premium chocolate. Now open your eyes and be enthralled with a wonderful selection
     of tempting shapes and textures in mouth-watering white chocolate, silky milk chocolate
     and sophisticated dark chocolate – from velvety melt-in-your-mouth to crunchy delight,
                  each piece will stimulate the senses. Indulge yourself and enjoy.

                 Godiva Chocolates, the perfect gift to show your appreciation!
                                            OUR MISSION
              Together we will establish Godiva as the World’s Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence.

                                      GODIVA WORLDWIDE
   We are the worldwide market leader in premium chocolate. We have a large retail presence in the US,
  Japan, Hong Kong, the Middle East and Europe. Our brand is available in major luxur y department stores
         all over the world and our presence in the international travel retail business is notorious.
             Thanks to our continuous efforts in branding, innovation and market trend watch,
                                   our company is growing constantly.

                                       ACCESSIBLE LUXURY
  The analysis of global trends clearly demonstrates the emergence of a new concept “Accessible Luxur y”.
     While in the past luxurious items were only for the planet’s limited wealthy today, luxur y is more
  broadly available and affordable to a broad range of consumers. To escape from the speed of modern life ,
  people tend to reward themselves more frequently with luxurious treats such as city trips, spa sessions,
                                     fine food and of course... chocolate.
    Chocolate is a truly luxurious item. From the cocoa bean to the exquisite chocolate that takes you
  away, it requires tremendous ‘savoir faire’. Only an experienced Maître Chocolatier, who knows different
              craftsmanship techniques can create these small pieces of art, inviting consumers
                                  to an unforgettable journey of the palate.

                          EXPANDING THROUGH FRANCHISING
     Are you interested in working with a company that has shown steady growth in sales? A company
     whose values include accelerating results and satisfying customer needs? A company that is proud
        of its tradition as well as its ability to innovate? A company that has an ever growing share
                            in the luxur y and premium chocolate market segment?
                  A company that has experience in franchising since more than 15 years?
                          Would you like to be part of our expansion and success?

                                              Then read on…

                                   Signature Lait Café
Lune Praline Tourbillon Praline
 Eclat Feuilletine Lady Noir
                            ARE YOU A BUSINESS DEVELOPER?
  We offer a great product and a great concept, but you are the key factor in the success of your store .
        To make your store successful and your business profitable, you need strong sales skills,
      good knowledge of your local market and you need to be resourceful in exploring new ways
                                        to expand your network.

Carrés Noir 50%                                               Car
                                                                                           Carrés L
                                                                               Carrés Noir 50%

  Eclat Feuilletine
                                               Lingot Noisette
                                          DO YOU LOVE PEOPLE?
               Chocolate is an emotional product. It evokes childhood memories and happy moments.
          Its content contains substances that give you energy and make you happy. People love to receive
       chocolate as a gift and treat themselves to a chocolate moment. When customers come into your shop
           they buy more than Godiva chocolate. They look forward to a memorable shopping experience ,
           whether they are 7 or 70 years old. We expect you to be able to deliver that experience. How?
            By having a positive attitude, speaking with confidence, offering excellent ser vice and sharing
                                   your passion and (acquired) chocolate expertise.

                            C AN YOU TURN SHOPPERS INTO BUYERS?
           Do you have the willingness to listen to your customers, understand their needs, offer the right
           products, make the sale and make them look forward to return to your store? That willingness
               combined with your sales skills will make the difference in your shop’s success stor y.

                                  ARE YOU A CHOCOLATE EXPERT?
          Or interested in becoming one? If you wish to excite your customers about chocolate, you need
       to know what you are talking about. Godiva offers a comprehensive chocolate and product knowledge
             programme because we believe that product knowledge is crucial to your success in sales.

                                          DO YOU LOVE VARIETY?
       There are many aspects to being a Godiva franchisee: you need to be an energetic self starter, hands-on
        and have the ability to motivate others (whether it be customers or employees). You love the variety
         of running a successful Godiva store: going on the road for corporate business, preparing Christmas
             orders, tying the ribbons for the Easter Collection, dipping at an event and coaching yourself
        and your staff to higher levels of performance. You will need to organise events and take the initiative
                                           to organise promotional activities.

               Although you will be working independently, you know that you are part of a dynamic
       and suppor tive retail network. Partnering with us gives you access to a wealth of support programmes
                                including training, merchandising, promotion and more.

                               DO YOU HAVE A SENSE FOR LUXURY?
             Your sense for luxur y lets you know what it takes to keep up the high standards we expect
                 our shops to have, whether we are talking about product knowledge, presentation,
                                             hygiene or customer ser vice.

                      Do you see yourself? Then don’t hesitate to fill out the application form.

Lait                                     Carrés Noir 50%
rés Noir 85%
  Carrés Lait
                                             Eclat Feuilletine
Our passion for chocolate innovation and luxur y combined with the tr uly memor able exper ience contained
      in each mouthful has made us legendar y. Synonymous with style and prestige the wor ld over,
                  Godiva Chocolatier makes the r ight statement, whatever the occasion.

                              EXQUISITE CHOCOLATE GIFTS
                                FOR EVERY OCC ASION…

                                            GOLD COLLECTION

                                          TRUFFLES COLLECTION

                         Godiva Dipping            Chocoiste

                               CHOCOISTE: DEC ADENTE ON THE GO !

                                TRUFFLES COLLECTION

                                 CHOCOLIXIR: COOL SUMMER DRINKS

         Eclat Feuilletine
Signature Lait Café                       Eclat Feuilletine




                   Christmas Collection
St. Valentine’s Collection
      Easter Collection
                                 KEY SUCCESS
OUR PRODUCT             – With a large assortment of succulent chocolate recipes, Godiva’s stylish ranges
fuse authentic chocolate recipes with intense cocoa flavours. All collections reflect Godiva’s commitment
to its craftsmanship and heritage as the world’s luxur y chocolate brand.

OUR BRAND NAME               – Godiva is the worldwide market leader in its segment. Renowned the
world over for its exquisite chocolates and packaging, Godiva is a highly appreciated and respected
brand – the reference in offering the ver y best in luxur y chocolate.

YOU AS A FRANCHISEE              – You are one of the true ambassadors of our brand.
Your success is our success.

GODIVA AS A BUSINESS PARTNER                    – Our longstanding experience in chocolate and retail
have culminated in a beautiful concept that works. Our investment involves:

              w i t h t h e S ta rt u p :
   S u p p o rt
      • Extensive information on Godiva, the market, the concept, the financial investments and ratios,
      • Assistance with the selection of a location
      • Organising a festive store opening
      • A plan for the store layout and a detailed concept book
      • Extensive training

              on an on-going baSiS:
   S u p p o rt
      • Numerous product launches per year supported by sophisticated but easy to implement visual
        merchandising support
      • Support for your enthusiastic District Manager to help you analyse your performance and to offer
        advice where necessar y through regular store visits
      • The advantage of our network experience, communicated on a monthly and even a weekly basis
        in order to share best practices in terms of sales, merchandising, operations and people
      • Regular Marketing promotions (either global or in your countr y)
      • A toolbox with promotional tools for ever y occasion, including corporate sales, local marketing,
        and your presence at special events
      • User-friendly tools for your orders and the follow-up of your sales results