Frederick Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Digles, Helps Alleviate Pain From Slipped Discs by AndrwKar69


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									Frederick Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Digles, Helps Alleviate Pain From
Slipped Discs

Frederick, MD 04/30/10 - is happy to announce
that Dr. Steve Digles, offers chiropractic services designed to cater and
assist individuals experiencing pain due to slipped discs. This Frederick
chiropractic clinic strives to help everyone achieve total well being
through education and practical application of the chiropractic
principles of wellness.

Chiropractic wellness is the main theory governing the care and overall
approach taken by chiropractors. The theory goes back to as early as 1895
when Dr. Daniel Palmer first built the original school of chiropractic

The chiropractic philosophy is basically founded on the belief that being
healthy is all about having a healthy and well functioning spine. Since
the spine serves as the bridge between the brain and the body, any
irregularities in this system bring about a state of being unwell. As
people go through the simple activities of daily living, it is easy for
the different components of the spine to experience a slight shift, which
can bring about adverse effects to one's health including a great amount
of back and neck pains depending on which part of the spine is affected.

Chiropractors also believe that health is not just about the absence of
sickness and diseases. It actually goes beyond that. The principles of
chiropractic dwell on its holistic nature. It also prides in being a
natural form of medicine as it utilizes non-invasive and organic
procedures instead of the usual medications and surgical procedures
modern medicine has brought along.

This natural approach to health and wellness has been proven to be
effective and is currently being practiced to provide solutions to a
large number of ailments. More so, it does not focus on simply getting
rid of the pain but also on the need to determine and eliminate the root
of the problem for an overall healthy individual.

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members can contact the following for further details about this release.

Contact Person: Dr. Steve Digles

Company Name: The New Life Chiropractic Center

Address: 6550 Mercantile Drive East Suite 105, Frederick, MD 21703

Phone Number: 301-668-2222

Fax Number: 301-668-2223

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