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Reviewed GJR/28/08/09
                                                    BRAMINGHAM WARD FORUM ACTIONS

Date of Forum             Issue                     Solution                 Who should be        Referred to                  Outcome
2nd March 2009   Proper cleaning of         Cleaning Department          LBC                      Alex
                 Whitwell alleyways                                      Street Services          Greene

2nd March 2009   Paths Hampshire            Cleaning Department          LBC                      Rob Scott     We have arranged for the probation
                 Way/Whitehaven, paths                                   Highways Division                      service to clear this as a community
                 need cleaning as they                                                                          project. The right of way is useable
                 are narrowing.                                          Robb Scott is going to                 at this moment
                                                                         walk the path with                     (Rob Scott 21/08/09)
                 Right of Way               Cycle Paths                  Councillors and
2nd March 2009   Update on Pelican                                       LBC                      Jonathan      There are no proposals to install a
                 Crossing Grassmere                                      Engineering &            Palmer        pelican crossing in Grasmere Road.
                 Road                                                    Transportation                         (J Palmer 15/7/09)

2nd March 2009   327 Turnpike Drive land    Dog Wardens Street           LBC                      Alex
                 to side is deteriorating   Cleaning                     Street Services          Greene
                 the dog mess is getting
                 worse bins are required

2nd March 2009   7 J Sainsbury’s trolleys   Speak to J Sainsbury’s                                Gary          Letter sent.
                 along footpaths                                                                  Roberts
                 Hampshire Way/Whitwell     The Area Committee
                 Close.                     Support Manager will write
                                            to the manager of

2nd March 2009   What will be done about                                                                        I would suggest that local residents
                 changing Firework                                                                              put a petition together outlining the
                 Legislation.                                                                                   changes that they would like to see
                                                                                                                take place. This could be submitted
                                                                                                                to the Home Secretary with a copy of
                                                                                                                the Member of Parliament for Luton
                                                                                                                North, Kelvin Hopkins.

                                                 BRAMINGHAM WARD FORUM ACTIONS (cont’d)

Date of Forum              Issue                      Solution              Who should be   Referred to                  Outcome
2nd March 2009   Peak time problems           Rob Scott/Christine Davy   LBC                Christine     Which road is this? The majority of
                 around Bramingham            maybe able to do an        Engineering &      Davy          parents park in Sainsbury Car Park.
                 Primary School car park      assessment                 Transportation
                 blogging access to

                 Cars park to close to        Highways
                                                                                                          Which crossing ins this?
                 crossing , blind spot for

                 Traffic islands are in the   Highways                                                    The locations of the traffic islands
                 wrong place or can bus                                                                   and bus stops have been constantly
                 stops be moved                                                                           monitored since they were installed.
                                                                                                          There are no plans to move either.
                                                                                                          The pedestrian refuges are situated
                                                                                                          on desire lines for pedestrians.
                                                                                                          C. Davy 12-6-09.

2nd March 2009   Smoking area for                                        LBC                Gary          A letter will be sent to the Principal of
                 students at Barnfield                                   Area Committee     Roberts       the college expressing the views of
                 Bramingham campus                                       Support Manager                  the area committee and ask whether
                                                                                                          there is a designated smoking area
                 Close gates for students                                                                 in the college grounds and if not can
                 near the Whitwell Close                                                                  one be put in place.
                                                                                                          (Gary Roberts – Area Committee
                                                                                                          Support Manager)
2nd March 2009   Leagrave Park in                                        LBC                Barry         Joining in the bids is not possible as
                 consultation with Ground                                Parks Division     Timms         the Heritage lottery fund will only look
                 works, should the                                                                        at historical parks.
                 Bramingham/Leagrave                                                                      Therefore a separate bid must be
                 Parks join together as a                                                                 made for the other parks.
                 North Area Park Project
                 so that funding can be

                                              BRAMINGHAM WARD FORUM ACTIONS (cont’d)

Date of Forum              Issue                   Solution                Who should be       Referred to                 Outcome
2nd March 2009   Quantock Rise near                                     LBC                    Christine     Quantock Rise is an important
                 Sainsbury’s delivery                                   Engineering &          Davy          distributor road for the area and
                 entrance – 2 accidents                                 Transportation                       emergency response route. There
                 last week by traffic                                                                        are no plans to reduce the speed
                 island. Need to reduce                                                                      limit to 20mph.
                 speed limit to 20mph                                                                        (J Palmer 15/7/09)
15th July 2009   Whitwell Close what’s    Gating panel a week on        LBC                    Vicky Hayes   Legal services have been instructed
                 happening.               Friday – statements a         Community Safety                     to draw up the notice required to
                                          representative?                                                    carry out the formal consultation in
                                                                                                             relation to Whitwell footpath.
                                                                                                             The consultation period is due to
                                                                                                             start shortly. This will invite local
                                                                                                             residents and interested
                                                                                                             persons/groups to make written
                                                                                                             representation either in support or
                                                                                                             objecting to the closure of the
                                                                                                             footpath. This matter will then be
                                                                                                             referred back to the Regulation
                                                                                                             Committee for a final decision.
15th July 2009   Pavement on Quantock     Pavement needs replacing      LBC                    Rob Scott     No Safety issues, however an order
                 Rise/Sharple             tarmac has broken up and      Highways Division                    was raised to overlay part of the
                                          needs replacing.                                                   footway (Rob Scott 5/08/09)
15th July 2009   Leamingrton Road         Defective materials on        LBC                    Chris         Works due September, residents
                                          road will have to be ripped   Highways Division      Godden        will be notified. (Chris Godden
                                          up and done again – no                                             28/08/09)
15th July 2009   Whitwell Close           Weeds through the bocks       LBC Street Cleansing   Alex
                                          – public highway                                     Greene
29th September   Solar traffic speed      Moved top and pole why?       LBC                    Peter
2009             control signs –                                                               Tilbury

29th September   Whitwell Close           Duck crossing signs, paint    LBC, Highways          Jonathan
2009                                      “slow down” on the road.                             Palmer

29th September   Hampshire/Whitehaven     Bottom ends need              LBC Street Services    Celia Robb
2009             Paths                  completely clearing

29th September   Morrell/Wotton Close   Vegetation needs clearing,     LBC Street Service      Celia Robb,
2009                                    impossible to get through      and Parks               Barry
                                        with buggies to parks.                                 Timms.

29th September   Bramingham Primary     Locations of traffic islands   LBC, Traffic Wardens,
2009             School                 should be changed or get       Police
                                        some traffic wardens.

29th September   Whitwell Close         Emptying bins at bottom of     LBC Street Services
2009                                    close. The middle bin is

29th September                          Brown Bins supposed to         LBC Refuges             Alistair
2009                                    be emptied on a Thursday,                              Gordon
                                        this has not been

                                        Dates required.

29th September   Keech Cottage          Footpath near Keech            LBC
2009                                    Cottage is disappearing
                                        (not tarmaced)

29th September   Whitehorse Vale        Hedge fronting onto            LBC Parks               Barry
2009                                    Whitehorse Vale near the                               Timms
                                        wood is not maintained.


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