NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT OracleDBASYLLABUS Pre Requisite Unix Oracle and Unix Admin Storage Management

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 Pre-Requisite: Unix, Oracle and Unix Admin.                                 Storage Management
                                                                              Creating, Maintaining tables using appropriate storage settings
 Architecture:                                                                 - initial, minextents, pctfree, etc
  Defining an Oracle Server, Database, Instance.                             Obtaining table information like avg. row length, chained rows,
  Understanding Physical Structure, Memory Structure, Process                 etc after analyzing the tables
   Structure, Logical Structure, Execution of SQL Statements,                 Managing. Listing diff. types of Indexes and their uses. Creating
   User Session                                                                B-Tree and Bitmap Indexes, Maintaining Indexes, Identifying
                                                                               unused Indexes, Obtaining Index nformation
 Creating a New Database:
   Identifying the application and the no. of applications the DB             User Management
   will support. Adv. of having each application on each DB. Adv. of           Creating user's, Managing resources with profiles, User
   having common DB.for all Applications. UnderstandingTS,                     Authentication, Managing user privileges and roles.
   Changing Initialization parameters- SGAsize, Processes, TS
   Naming Conventions, Block Sizes, Type of DB, No. of users the              Managing Export's & Import's
   DB has to support, etc, Dropping a Database, ASM Database,                  Main Tasks of Exports and Imports Incremental, Cumulative and
   sysaux, Tablespace, Default Tablespace.                                     Complete Export and Import Points to remember before doing
                                                                               export and import
 Managing an Oracle Database
  Creating and Managing Initialization files - PFILE and SPFILE,             Oracle Data Pump
   Adv. of SPFILE over PFILE                                                  Introduction, Benefits of Data Pump Export and Import
  Identifying the various states/options of Instance                         Data Pump Export and Import modes
   Startup/Shutdown, DB Mount/Open stages                                     Transport of Tablespace across different platform's
  Monitoring Alert and Trace Files in udump, bdump and cdump
   for DB Troubleshooting                                                    Managing Undo Segments
  Configuring System Global Area (SGA) - DB Buffer Cache, Log                Understanding Oracle Undo Segments, Retention Policy,
   Buffer and Shared Pool                                                     Retention Gurantee/ Nogurantee, Switching Undo Table spaces
  Understanding Background Processes - Mandatory/Optional
   and the jobs performed by them using the Data Dictionary to               Maintaining the Control File. Redo Log File and Archive Log
   retrieve information about the database - V$, DBA_views                   Files
                                                                              Importance, Role, Sizing, Contents, Multiplexing and Backing up
 Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles                                             of the Control File
  Creating and Altering Tablespaces, adding, resizing, renaming              Purpose of and how online redo tog files work with their
   and relocating a Datafile,Renaming Tablespace.Tablespace -                   associated Background Processes
   offline, online, readonly, readwrite, Temporary tablespace                 Controlling log switches and checkpoints, Multiplexing and
   groups, multiple blocks                                                      Archiving online redo log files
  Creating and Managing a Tablespace when using OMF and the
   advantages                        of                     OMF              Networking Overview
   feature                                                                    Explaining solutions included with Oracle for managing complex
  Extent management- Dictionary Managed and Locally Managed                   networks
   Tablespaces (AUTOALLOCATE, UNIFORM) and advantages of                      Oracle Net Architecture - Explaining the key components, Role
   locally managed over dictionary managed tablespaces                         in Client/Server connections
  Big File Tablespace, Temporary Tablespace Group.

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 Oracle Net Services Server-side Configuration, Oracle Net                Performance_.Tuning
  Services Client-Side Configuration                                        Overview of Tuning Phases, Goals, Methodology and Common
 Configuring and Maintaining Distributed DBs by creating DB                 Performance problems
  Links, Materialized Views Usage and Configuration of Oracle               Tuning O/S, Virtual and Physical Memory, Paging and Swapping,
  Shared Server, Components of the Oracle Shared                             CPU Tuning guidelines
  Server, Configuring Shared Servers and Dispatchers,                       DB Conf. and I/O Issues, File Striping, Optimize/Tuning Sorting
  Identifying Useful Data Dictionary Views                                   Operations, Diagnosing
                                                                            and Tuning Latch and Lock Contention, Partitioning, Redo Log
 Backup and Recovery                                                         File Configuration, Online
• Describing the basics of DB Backup, Restore and Recovery,                 Segment Shrinking
  Listing         the          types        of           Failures           Enabling Oracle's Parallel Query Option, Multiple DB Writers,
  that may occur in an Oracle Environment, Defining Backup and               Log Writers, Table Caching
  Recovery Strategies. Instance and Media Recovery Structures               Sizing of SGA- Shared Pool (Reuse Stmts., etc.), Buffer Cache,
  - Describing the Oracle Processes, Memory Structures and                   Redo Log Buffer Cache
  Files related to Recovery, identifying the importance of                  Tuning Rollback/Undo Segments - Usage, Configuration,
  Checkpoints, Redo Log Files and Archived Log Files, Describing             Detecting and Resolving problems
  the ways to tune Instance Recovery                                        Diagnostic and Tuning Tools -Alert Log File, Trace Files, TKPROF,
• User Managed Backups and Recoveries - Backup and Recovery                  Explain Plan, trcsess,
  Operations, Closed and Open DB Backups (Hot and Cold),                    Dynamic Performance Views, T1MED_ STATISTICS parameter to
  Complete      Recovery,       Identifying  the       situations            collect statistics, AWR, ASH,ADDM,ASMM
  which require Incomplete Recovery, Recovery from loss of                  Application Tuning - SQL Tuning, Optimizer Modes, Plan Stability,
  Online Redo Logs, Creating Clone DBs                                       Hints, Detecting and
• Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) - Features and components,                 Resolving Row Chaining and Migration, Indexes, Data Storage
Repository, Channel Allocation, Configuring RMAN Environment.                Structures, Resumable
Backup Commands and Scripts for Backup sets. Image copies,                  Space Allocation, Composite partitioning
Complete and Incomplete Recovery and Full/ Incremental
Compressed backups. Incremental backups with block                          Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
change tracking, RMAN compressed backup                                    Creating OEM Repository, Configuring OEM with Oracle intelligent
Availability                                                               Agent and Management Server. Creating DB Objects
                                                                           (Tablespaces, Rollback Segments, etc., Performing various DBA
Dataguard- offers Maximum Protection/ Performance, centralizing            operations (DB Backup, RMAN Backup), Scheduling Jobs, Events
and simplifying mgmt.. safeguarding against physical corruptions,          and Event- Notification, Undo Advisor.
provides Fail Over and Switch Over .
                                                                           Oracle Advanced Replication
Logminer - Read and Analyze the contents of redo log files,                Configuring Master Sites and Materialized View Sites for
obtain info, about DML activities on standard tables, provides a           Multimaster Replication and Materialized View Replication using
means of auditing actions to either specific tables or by users            Oracle Replication Management Tool

Flashback Technology- Intro to Flash Recovery Area. Flashback              Oracle Installation
Version Query, Flashback Transaction Query                                 OraclelOg on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

                                                                                    Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL

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The program covers the concepts of both relational               Oracle 9i Database Administration Fundamental II
and object relational databases and the powerful                 This program gives the Oracle database administrator
SQL programming language. This program counts                    (DBA) a firm foundation in Oracle Net administration and
towards the Oracle 9i Database Administrator                     backup and recovery operations.
                                                                 Students learn about transporting data between databases
Oracle 9i: Program with PL/SQL                                   and the utilities used to perform these activities. Students
This program introduces students to PL/SQL and                   are also introduced to networking concepts and
helps them understand the benefits of this powerful              configuration parameters, as well as how to solve some
programming language. In the program, students                   common network problems. This program also addresses
learn to create PL/SQL blocks of application code                backup and recovery techniques, and examines various
that can be shared by multiple forms, reports, and               backup, failure, restore and recovery scenarios.
data management applications.
                                                                 Oracle 9i Database Performance Tuning
Oracle 9i Forms Developer: Build Internet                         This program will introduce participants to the importance
Applications                                                      of good initial database design, and the method used to
 This program teaches students to develop and                     tune a production Oracle9i database. The focus is on
deploy Internet applications using Oracle9i Forms.                Database and Instance tuning rather than specific
Working in a rapid development environment,                       operating system performance issues. Using the available
participants learn how to customize forms through                 Oracle tools, such as Oracle Enterprise Manager (with the
user input items and how to control data access by                Diagnostics and Tuning Packs) and STATSPACK participants
creating event-related triggers. In this practical                also learn how to recognize, troubleshoot and resolve
program, you also learn how to test and debug your                common performance related problems in administering
Web applications through the Forms environment.                   an Oracle database

Oracle 9i Database Administration Fundamental I
This program is your first step towards success as
an Oracle professional, designed to give you a firm
foundation in basic database tasks. In this program,
you'll learn how to design, create, and maintain an
Oracle database.

Students will gain a conceptual understanding of the
Oracle database architecture and how its
components work and interact with one another and
how to create an operational database and properly
manage the various structures in an effective and
efficient manner.

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