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         Putting Our
     Young People to Work:
      The Summer Youth
     Employment Program
         Implementation of the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

• Why the Summer Youth Employment
  Program is so important to this nation’s
  economic recovery and your city or

• How your city or town can prepare to
  utilize these funds and examples of the
  types of summer jobs your city may put
  in place.

  Gregg Weltz, Director,      Evan Rosenberg, Unit Chief,
Division of Youth Services   Youth Policy and Performance
Providing Summer and Year-Round
Employment for Disconnected Youth

  Presented by:

  Carlos Becerra
  Senior Program Associate, Disconnected Youth
  NLC Institute for Youth, Education, and Families
        Why Disconnected Youth?

• Dropouts, Juvenile Offenders, Foster Youth, Teen Parents &

• Positive effect on income and reduces other long-term local costs
  (i.e., unemployment, crime, welfare, homelessness, crime, social

• Build the skills and networks needed for long-term labor market

• Synergy between workforce development and disconnected
  youth strategies
NLC Technical Assistance Initiative
on Reengaging Disconnected Youth

• “City Leaders Reengaging Disconnected Youth Through Economic
  Recovery Efforts”

• Supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

• 2 phases -- Learning Community & Technical Assistance

• ARRA Focus: Summer Jobs, Green Jobs & Older Youth

• Sustaining Cross-System Collaboration

• Anchor Partners: WIB, Schools, Community Colleges, & Businesses

• RFP Deadline: Friday, May 29th
       NLC Economic Recovery Brief
            on Summer Jobs
         and Disconnected Youth
• Work with the local WIB to focus on disconnected youth, including
  young adults up to age 24
• Create work-learn opportunities for vulnerable youth within
  municipal government
• Engage employers in providing subsidized employment for
  disadvantaged youth
• Convene the WIB, local conservation corps, YouthBuild, and other
  programs for youth to explore additional employment opportunities
  created through ARRA funding.
• Apply to host VISTA volunteers to utilize volunteers in support of
  youth training and employment.
• Build stronger connections between education and workforce
                NLC Resources

• NLC TV Webcasts
   – Economic Recovery Overview
   – Economic Recovery Act – Transportation and Infrastructure
   – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant

• NLC Website
                    NLC Resources
• Recovery Briefs available online
   – Afterschool and Summer Programs
   – Preventing Youth Violence
   – Providing Multiple Pathways to Educational Success

• Join the Municipal Network for Disconnected Youth
• National Summit on Your City’s Families Summit in Boston, Oct 11-
  13, 2009
                      NLC Contacts
Neil Bomberg, Principal Legislative Counsel,
National League of Cities or 202/3042

Leon T. Andrews, Director for Youth Development
NLC Institute for Youth, Education and Families or 202/626-3039

Carlos Becerra, Senior Program Associate, Disconnected Youth
NLC Institute for Youth, Education and Families or 202/626-3160

Andrew Moore, Senior Fellow
NLC Institute for Youth, Education and Families or 215/848-6910
              Federal Resources
• Federal Government

• U.S. Department of Labor
1301 Pennsylvania Ave, NW • Washington, DC 20004


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