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					Press release
                                                                competence in kitchen technique

Together a winning team!

                                             Who is BOHNER®?

                                             BOHNER® is a medium-sized private company
                                             in the south of Germany which is engaged for
                                             more than 30 years in the development, the
                                             production and the selling of high-quality
                                             large-scale kitchen technology.

                                             It is the philosophy of the enterprise to
                                             provide always the greatest possible use to
                                             the customer with high-performance, energy-
                                             saving technology and individual concepts.

                                             The entire BOHNER®-Team, the founder
                                             Hubert Bohner and Brigitte Bohner, supported
                                             by their oldest daughter Claudia in the
                                             management and the other daughters Karin
                                             and Sabine, and a team of experienced,
                                             competent co-workers, has set pride
                                             themselves to be always a reliable and
                                             innovative partner for all their customers.
  Sabine, Claudia, Hubert and Karin Bohner

BOHNER® is think tank for new trends and technologies!

Hubert Bohner can be called a pioneer for cooking on
induction technology within the gastronomy in Germany.

Already in the beginnings around 1988 he was convinced of
the fact, that cooking on induction will be the technology of
the future, which became generally accepted and confirmed
in the meantime.

But not only on the sector „Induction“ BOHNER® is future-
oriented. It is also a think tank for new trends and
technologies with electric griddle plates, Frontcooking-
systems and oven-concepts.

Customer’s suggestions are converted and market-relevant
innovations are continiously integrated.

                                                                   Owner and manager
                                                                   Hubert Bohner

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What offers BOHNER®?

BOHNER® is „competence in kitchen technique“ with a
wide attractive and high-quality range of thermical
devices for the gastronomic kitchen sector.

The versatile spectrum varies from single devices as
Table-top, Standing or Installation versions to
complete cooking facilities as well as frontcooking-
stations with integrated hood or edge suction.

Special solutions?
An exciting task for us.

As a competent partner, BOHNER®
offers everything from one source:

Practice oriented concepts, review planning, reliable
delivery and professional assembling from the single
device to the complete fitting of objects.

Trendsetting consultation, innovative
technologies and a high-quality
level assure the longterm success
to our customers.

                                             Your advantage:

                                             You benefit from the complex knowledge of
                                             our gastro-profis, as well as from our
                                             continious new and further developments of
                                             innovative and market-driven products.

                                             Extensive know-how is a solide basis that
                                             BOHNER®-devices meet the highest
                                             requirements and extreme appliances in the
                                             gastronomic branch.

                                             You have desiress and ideas?
                                             We convert them to reality for you.

                               We and our motivated team
                                 are looking forward to a
                               collaboration in partnership!

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BOHNER®-kitchen equipment is developed for the ambitious kitchen professional.
Innovative techniques at highest proficiency level, convincing qualitiy and fashionable
design are self-explanatory.

We, BOHNER® , fulfill your customer requests with individual planning and professional

Cooking facilities of stainless steel, design-stoves or cooking islands with granite-
covers as well as wooden, glass or corian elements, equipped with BOHNER®-drop-in
devices, will be adjusted to your wishes. By the use of precious materials and of up-to-
date techniques cooking becomes delightful!

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Professional high-performance devices for top kitchens!

A professional trio, for catering, party-service or for private household!
Glass-Ceramik-stove – induction stove (useable as wok) – griddle plate

superflat – powerful – compact –you will appreciate these advantages of the SLK-Line!
Ready for use by 230 V-bus bar at any time and at any place!

        Easy to clean!         Immediately available energy!       No burning of grill stuff!

                                    - Installation options –

By the BOHNER®–Table-top line with more power cooking and grilling becomes faster
and more professional.

                                        No sticking! No burning!

Just BOHNER®–Induction stoves and woks show what they can:

 faster than gas or other cooking ranges
 any loss of energy
 glass-ceramik-plate remains cold
 – only the cookware bottom is heated
 induction-stoves are easy to clean,
 because there's no burning

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Frontcooking at highest level!

Mobile, foldable and transportable
BOHNER®–Frontcooking-stations with
integrated bridge, hood or edge suction
independent of fix installed exhauster hoods
offer new features.

       Theme: Steakhouse                  Theme: Buffet           Theme: Teppanyaki

                                     Theme: LED/Play of colours

                   We make your kitchen dreams come true!

                                    BOHNER® Produktions GmbH
                                    Industriestraße 13, D-88339 Bad Waldsee           GERMANY

                                    Fon:    +49(0)7524-9706-21    Fax: +49(0)7524-9706-22
 competence in kitchen technique    E-mail:    Web:

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