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					                The Queensland Geologist
   Bi-monthly Newsletter of the Geological Society of Australia Inc. Queensland Division
                            Volume 108 No. 5 – October 2008

    Report from the Chair
    Report on GSAQ/AIG activities at Brainwaves at the EKKA and National Science
    Week at the Queensland Museum
    Dorothy Hill and Neville Stevens Medal presentations
    New members


Wednesday 28th October: GSAQ Dorothy Hill and Neville Stevens medal presentations
Event:  Dorothy Hill and Neville Stevens medal presentations to Ian Withnall and David
        O’Connell (both winners will give a short response presentation)
Where: Eves on the Park, Roma Street Parklands, 3 Parkland Boulevard, Brisbane
        (10 minutes from Roma Street station!)
Time:   5:30pm for 6:00pm


****Register Now with AIG-Q – only a couple of days****
8th – 10th October:
Where: Royal on the Park, Brisbane Qld
Conference Details and Registration Forms at
         The Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) is pleased to host a new technical conference focused
solely on the collection and analysis of geological information from drilling. Be it grassroots exploration,
mining operations or engineering projects, drilling is the prime method used for geological data collection and is
often the biggest single cost centre for exploration and mine geology budgets.
         Drilling for Geology 2008 consists of two days of technical presentations and trade exhibition, with the
third day devoted to running seven professional development workshops.


Date to be determined February / March 2009: The AK Denmead lecture will be for
early next year with a topic relating to the planned GSAQ – AIG Field Conference in
June 2009.

4th and 5th June 2009: North Queensland Exploration Conference NQEM 2009
Where: Jupiters Hotel Townsville
Contact: Kaylene Camuti at
For information on sponsorship, exhibition booths or advertising contact Doug Young at

6th,7th and 8th June 2009(Queens Birthday Weekend): GSAQ – AIG Field Conference
2009 (starts from Townsville after NQEM)
Where: Charters Towers District – Charters Towers, Pajingo site visits
Contact: for further information.
2                          The Queensland Geologist
Chair’s Report

It has been a very busy year! Since the very successful Australian Earth Science Convention
in Perth in July, GSAQ has been busy collaborating with the Queensland Branch of AIG to
promote Geoscience to the public through National Science Week activities. For the first time
ever, we took the bold step of preparing and presenting a booth at the National Science Week
Pavilion at the EKKA. Friedrich von Gnielinski headed the committee, and we owe him a
tremendous vote of thanks for keeping it on track and putting in a huge personal effort to see
it through! I cannot thank him enough for his efforts. His report about the event appears later
in this issue. Not to be pre-emptive, but I must also thank the many volunteers who gave of
their time, expertise and specimens to make the event a success. Thanks go to Mark Berry,
the Chair of the Qld Branch of AIG, for his personal efforts and for marshalling the great
contribution of the AIG members, to the Geological Survey of Queensland, both staff and
management, for the donation of much staff time, including Fred’s, and printing and design
expertise of the posters, to the many GSA members who donated specimens and helped man
the booth, and to the students from UQ and QUT who shared their ample enthusiasm for
Geoscience with the public. All in all it was an enriching experience for the public and for us!
In all, around 47,000 members of the public came through the pavilion! Thanks to all who
were involved.

The following week we took the same display on the road to the Queensland Museum for the
“Science for Life” event on the 20th of August. Here we again interacted with the public and
school groups in particular. Mark Berry gave a talk on Geoscience Careers with input from
Larissa Hansson from the University of Queensland and Alex Hepple from the Queensland
University of Technology. We then presented our awards for academic achievement to
Queensland High School and University students. A separate report of the event follows in
this issue. Finally, Sue Golding, your Vice Chair gave a public lecture on Early Life in the
Pilbara. Thanks again to all who were involved!

The two events mentioned above represent a tremendous amount of effort, but thanks to the
help of many individuals they succeeded nicely. We were able to promote knowledge and
understanding about our field and its critical role for society, and for Queenslanders in
particular, to a much larger audience than we commonly address. This type of service to the
community and to our profession is one of the key goals of GSA. The members of GSA and
AIG who donated their time to these endeavours, despite the huge workloads associated with
the minerals and gas boom, were enriched by the experience, and the public outreach is
critical for the profession. I would call on all of you to donate some time to your GSAQ to
help with these issues. Become active in your branch to share the load and promote your
profession! We are always in need of people on the Executive Committee and for members to
simply interact more with the society. Take some time to nominate colleagues for the Federal
and State medals of the society. We are accepting nominations for the Dorothy Hill and
Neville Stevens Medals for 2009, and the Federal GSA Executive has called for the State
Divisions to be more active in providing nominations for the federal medals. There are many
ways you can participate, to help the society. At the same time, it is a great time to get to
know our fellow geologists in AIG! Collaboration between the GSA and AIG is strong in
Queensland, and efforts like the EKKA display show what can be accomplished when we
work together. The Federal Executive is working hard to come up with a merger plan for the
two societies in the near future, so be sure to have a say and do your part at the state level!

Gregg Webb
                        Volume 108 No. 5- October 2008                                                      3
Report on GSA at the EKKA (August 2008)

This year from Thursday 7th to Saturday 16th of August, the Queensland Division of the
Geological Society of Australia and the Queensland Branch of the Australian Institute of
Geoscientists co-hosted a display booth at the National Science Week Pavilion at the EKKA,
or Brisbane Exhibition, at the Brisbane RNA Showgrounds. In so doing we promoted
Geoscience to a greater number of the public than ever before with around 47,000 members
of the public passing through the pavilion. Importantly, many of the attending public
represented regional Queensland.

Left: AIG/GSAQ booth with Gregg Webb, F. von Gnielinski, David O’Connell and Mark Berry (AIG)
Right: Mark Berry helping children identify some rocks and minerals

Preparations for the display were quite demanding, considering that we were attempting to
reach an “all of Queensland” audience, compared to the ~5-6000 people typical of previous
years. This huge undertaking not only used existing posters and materials from previous
years, but we also designed a new display, themed “Understanding our Earth from surface to
the core; Careers in Geology.” Under this theme we tried to demonstrate to the public how
their lives are affected by geoscience, both economically and environmentally. We also
produced a related brochure with career information, links to useful information on the
internet and a small activity for children, one of the key targets of the National Science Week
Pavilion. Each brochure contained a small rock and mineral sample as well as an
identification key, and they were distributed through the pavilion’s show bags, and also
subsequently by a travelling Science Week display through regional Queensland. Our
previous “Southern Queensland Through Time” display was also very popular and material
from our Rocks and Landscape Series booklets were put to good use. Samples of rocks,
minerals, ores and fossils, particularly relating to local geology, were provided for a hands-on
experience for the young visitors in particular, and as always they proved to be a major
attraction. We also produced a continuous PowerPoint presentation showing almost 200
geological images encompassing a wide array of geological activities and careers.

Left: AIG/GSAQ booth with Michael Hawtin and Geoff Derrick explaining geological processes to the public.
Right: Primary students showing a keen interest in rocks and minerals.
4                            The Queensland Geologist

The event represented a huge time commitment, and hence we needed many volunteers.
AIG/GSAQ volunteers occupied the booth continuously from 8:30am to 7:30pm for the full
ten days, employing earth science students from QUT and UQ to help out at peak times.
Great thanks go out to the numerous volunteers who manned the booth from AIG and GSAQ,
namely Mark Berry (AIG, chair), Gregg Webb (GSAQ, chair), Dugal Johnston, David
O’Connell, Geoff Derrick, Don Berkman, Jenny Birch, Stephanie Hamilton, David Jones
Graham Pope, Sue Golding, Lloyd Hamilton and John Siemon. Thanks also go to the
students from QUT and UQ, M. Hawtin, E. Mahon, A. Budgeon, D. Lavery, A. Beattie, M.
Gaughan and L. Hansson who all showed great enthusiasm in promoting earth sciences to the
public, despite some having to sit examinations back at university.

All in all, the event was a tremendous success in the opinion of the AIG and GSAQ
committees. We believe that we helped raise the profile of geoscience to a large cross section
of Queenslanders; at times the booth was packed. GSAQ sold over 160 rocks and landscapes
books, and Warwick Willmott’s most recent books on the geology of Queensland parks were
particularly popular. We received very positive feedback on the display, particularly for the
hands-on display of rocks, minerals and fossils, and many young people were keen to discuss
careers in geology. Many school groups visited, and volunteers were encouraged that a
number of students had solid backgrounds in earth sciences, and geology in particular.

Other National Science Week activities and student medals

The week following the EKKA activities GSAQ and AIG combined again to take part in a
second event, “Science for Life,” which was organised by the Queensland Museum at
Southbank. Thus, on the 20th of August we set up the “EKKA display” in the dinosaur foyer
of the museum and again Friedrich von Gnielinski, AIG (Qld Branch) Chair Mark Berry and
Gregg Webb interacted with the public and several school groups (~1200 people in total).
Mark Berry spoke on Careers in Geoscience along with input from undergraduate students
Larissa Hansson (UQ) and Alex Hepple (QUT). Sue Golding presented an evening lecture on
Early Life in the Pilbara.

Left: AIG/GSAQ booth at QM with Mark Berry in discussion with a teacher and primary school students.
Middle: Gregg Webb answering questions from primary students at the AIG/GSAQ display at QM.
Right: Friedrich and Jonathan von Gnielinski with Gregg Webb preparing the display at QM.

The GSAQ also took the opportunity to present its annual awards to Queensland high school
students who achieve outstanding results in earth sciences in year 12 and to the highest
achieving earth science undergraduates from UQ, JCU and QUT.
The winning students this year were: Jeremy Visser (Gold; Redlands College), Matthew
Brown (Silver; Redlands College), Nicholas Walker (Silver; Brisbane Grammar School),
Kerryn Horne (Bronze; St Pauls School), Jeremy Chapple (Bronze; Brisbane Grammar
School), Molly McEwin (Bronze; Redlands College), Harrison Gray & Oliver Connell
                               Volume 108 No. 5- October 2008                               5
(certificates; Brisbane Grammar School), Michael Troup & Jennifer Briskey (certificates; St
Pauls School), Jack Kenworthy & Sarah Brisbane (certificates; Spinifex State College, Mt
Isa). The university gold medals went to Susan Farquhar (UQ), Alexander Brown (JCU) and
Alison Cunningham (QUT). Seven of the medal winners were present to receive their awards
(underlined, see photo) to the applause of their teachers, parents and attending GSAQ/AIG

GSAQ medal winners from left to right: Matthew Brown Molly McEwin Jeremy Visser, Jeremy Chapple, Susan Farquhar, Jennifer Briskey
and Kerryn Horne posing for a group photo at the amphitheatre in QM.

The organisation of these events took a substantial effort, and GSAQ would like to
acknowledge and thank everyone who assisted. Substantial support came from the Geological
Survey of Queensland in personnel-time and production of the feature posters and brochure.
In particular, Jim and Sharon Beeston and Len Cranfield from the Survey helped me
tremendously with this task, as did Mark Berry (AIG) and Gregg Webb. GSA Sydney and
Geoscience Australia also provided brochures, posters and other material in support of these
events. Even Friedrich’s kids, Jonathan and Natascha, helped prepare the show bag brochure
satchels. With everyone’s help, it was a great two weeks for Geoscience in Queensland.

Friedrich von Gnielinski (EKKA subcommittee coordinator)

Congratulations 2008 GSAQ Dorothy Hill and NC Stevens medal recipients (medals to
      be presented in October 2008, date TBA):
         The committee has decided on this year’s award recipients for the Dorothy Hill and Neville
Stevens medals. This year the medals will be awarded to Ian Withnall and Dr David O’Connell
         Citations for our Dorothy Hill and Neville Stevens medallists will be given in the
November newsletter.
         The Dorothy Hill medal is awarded for contributions to the advance of geological knowledge
in Queensland through publication of original research. The N.C. Stevens medal recognizes
contributions to the geological community and/or promotion of public awareness of Earth Sciences in
         Details of the guidelines are available on the Queensland Division’s website at
6                           The Queensland Geologist

New GSAQ publication
Rocks & Landscapes of the Sunshine Coast, Second Edition by Warwick Willmott

                                   The popular GSAQ guidebook Rocks &
                                   Landscapes of the Sunshine Coast has been
                                   completely revised and expanded in colour to
                                   include the Gympie district. The book is
                                   available for purchase for only $10.00 +
                                   $3.00 post. For more information contact
                                   Warwick Willmott.

                                   66 pages
                                   Includes chapters on geological history,
                                   landscapes, coastal geology, landslide
                                   hazards, useful rocks and minerals, and
                                   where to see the rocks.

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                                Volume 108 No. 5- October 2008                                             7

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