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Ce Soir Program (PDF)


									         Thank you to our Volunteers
              Thank you to all the volunteers and mentors for
        West Coast Chocolate Festival 2009 – You made a difference!
       The West Coast Chocolate Festival is 100 percent volunteer run
                  Making a difference in our communities
         Raising funds for the arts and mentored work experience

Adriana Lacova           Donna Lewis               Nikki Mann
Aileen Alan              Ella Socol                Pamela Palmer
Alejandra Alarcon        Emily Lin                 Pei-Tseng Chao
Alice Lee                Erin Sept                 Rasmeet Mohar
Amanda Cave              Esther Hidalgo            Rebecca Cheung
Amna Awan                Evelyn Pickering          Rebecca Grey
Amon Kawamoto            Farid Jamal               Regina Gunapranata
Anna Tremere             Heather Turnbull          Renee (Haipei) Sun
Anne Elvidge             Hye Jin Choi              Ritu Kumar
Andy Wang                Idel Mire                 Sandhya Prasad
Angela Xu                Irene Lam                 Sandy Priestly
Anna Tremere             James Haro                Sarah Dignos
Anne Collins             Jessica Glass             Sarah Norfield
April Kite               Jim Kennedy               Sarah Williams
Arlene Hatto             JJ Lee                    Sarah (Hoda)
Becky Lee                Joe Doucet                Mehrpouyan
Brad Head                John Gerum                Shahrokh (Shawn) Doosti
Bridget McPherson        Josée Grice               Shari Byrnes
Cathy Witala             Julie Pellizzari          Sharon Kang
Charlotte Barker
Christine-Lee Bort
                         Jungwoo Lee
                         Karen Hamilton
                                                   Shawna Iverson
                                                   Sonia Vu
                                                                               Chocolat Ce Soir
Colin Jack               Karina Leung              Sue Ann Hoang
Danielle Hollinger       Katie Jones               Theresa Lim
David Spence             Kirsten Swallow           Tiffany Rennick
Dawn Donahue
Don Calder
                         Lauren Baker
                         Miya Zhang
                                                   Tracey Leacock
                                                   Winnie Tam
                                                                              November 10 2009
Donna Allen              Nicole Jenn               Yifat Smordin
                                                                              5:30 pm - 10:30pm
               Thanks to 2009 Team Chocolate Leaders
  Erin Sept, Julie Pellizzari, Karen Hamilton, Karina Leung, Kirsten
                                                                             Horizons Restaurant
       Swallow, Bridget McPherson, Rob Pearson, and Sonia Vu                     Burnaby BC
            The 2009 West Coast Chocolate Festival Board
     Sandy Priestly, President          Linda Baker, Vice President

     Arlene Hatto              Farid Jamal         Maureen Dockendorf
     Barb Hobson               Josée Grice              Pam Palmer
                             Julie Pellizzari
               Thank you to Dawn Donahue & Maria Schollen
          2009 West Coast Chocolate Festival Director & Coordinator
        Thank you to our Sponsors...                                       Thank you to our Volunteers

              Hosted by Horizons Restaurant
                                                                          The West Coast Chocolate Festival providing
                                                                                 mentored youth work experience.

 Thank you to ChocolaTas - Our Chocolate Inspiration                Thank you to our Heritage Woods Secondary Volunteers
                                                                    Alison Mac Donald   JJ Lee               Nicki Merz
                                                                    Alyssa Mulat        Jordyn Stephens      Nicole Porter
                                                                    Bethany Jervis      Kara Kristofferson   Nicole Richardson
                                                                    Briana Hefford      Katie Shuttleworth   Nora Luo
    Rubens Chocolates - Chocolate Raffle Sponsor                    Christine Thian     Kimberley Chong      Olivea Yau
                                                                    Cicely Finamore     Kira Urquhart        Patricia Delmendo
                                                                    Cindy St. Laurent   Lauren Baker         Queenie Lai
                                                                    Cindy Kim           Lidia Lee            Rasmeet Mohar
                                                                    Daniel Shearer      Marcella Scaglione   Regina Gunapranata
                                                                    Ella Socol          Michelle Hui         Sadaf Khatibi
                       Dinner Sponsors
                                                                    Emily Campolin      Miranda McGee        Sam Hingston
   Vincor – Sumac Ridge Estate Winery Tribute Sparkling
                                                                    Erica Gauthier      Natalie Cryer        Sarah Norfield
                 Ex Nihilo Vineyards – Riesling
                                                                    Erin Vance          Natasha Cattley      Sarah Huen
          Saturna Island Estate Wineries – Pinot Noir               Iris Lee            Natasha Ljubic
               Veglio Michelino e Figlio – Baric
           Forbidden Fruit Wineries - Cerise d'Eve
                   Okanagan Spring – Porter
                        Finlaggan Scotch

                        Event Sponsors
  Charlie’s Chocolate Factory
            Chocolate Works
  CocoaNymph Chocolates & Confections
 Just Here for the Beer – Colin Jack -
Minuteman Printing Coquitlam
                 NorDel U-Haul
                                                                         Thank you to Abbotsford Collegiate Students
        Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts
           Rubens Chocolates
                                                                         for Volunteering with our Salon du Chocolat
            About the Chocolatier...                                                         Thank you to our Emcee
                                                                                                  Sophie Lui has been a part of the Global BC family for a
                                      Maître Chocolatier Wim Tas immi-                            number of years - whether in Vancouver or in Victoria at
                                      grated to Canada in 2002, with “the                         affiliate CHEK News. In early 2008, Sophie began filling
                                      true spirit of Belgian chocolate” as                        in on Global BC’s Saturday and Sunday Morning News, as
                                      his luggage.                                                well as Noon News programs.
                                                                                                  Her favourite part of the job is the opportunity to learn
                                      Trained at Belgium's most respected                         something new everyday. She loves that she has an
                                      chocolate house, 'Maison Wittamer',      occupational excuse to call just about anybody to ask just about any
                                      exclusive supplier to Belgian royalty,   question.
Wim Tas has created a most unique collection of confections.                   Sophie was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and has been a news
                                                                               junkie for as long as she can remember. She attended BCIT and graduated
Inspired by the flavours of the world, ChocolaTas showcases its unique         from the Broadcast Radio program. From there, she worked at several
collection of tea-based ganache fillings: Earl Grey, Rooibos, Kyoto            news radio stations like CKNW, CKIQ-Kelowna, and CFAX-Victoria - before
Cherry Rose and Green Tea, as well as delicacies based on Tuscan               turning toward television news.
hazelnuts, Iranian pistachios, Provençal orange peel, and Champagne            In 1999, she joined CHEK News in Victoria - where she anchored and
from… where else? France.                                                      reported. In 2002, she moved to Global BC in Vancouver - where she
                                                                               hosted The Weekend Morning & Noon News and reported during the week.
A ChocolaTas chocolate is meticulously made by hand, with only the             Two years later, she returned to Victoria to rejoin CH News (now known as
freshest natural ingredients. No artificial colours, no preservatives and      CHEK News) and hosted CH News at 5.
no excess sugar. That's what makes them the best in BC. Wim Tas                In 2006, Sophie and her husband, Jason Pires, decided to indulge in their
describes each piece as a "little jewel", and it is his love for the product   passion for travelling. They put everything in storage, grabbed a couple of
and his dedication to excellence in his field that makes his work "art".       backpacks, a video camera & laptop, and took off for six months - visiting
                                                                               14 countries in the UK, Middle East, South Asia and Australia. Along the
A ChocolaTas chocolate is a real moment of indulgence, one each of us          way, she filed the occasional story for Global and wrote travel columns for
deserves, especially when we let the different flavours emerge slowly,         The Victoria Times Colonist. She loved the adventure and is reluctant to call
savouring the praline as it melts in your mouth. Once you experience           it "the trip of a lifetime" because she plans to keep travelling as often as
their sensation, you will always long for another one…                         she can.

                                                                                           Guest Speakers (in order of speaking)
                                                                               ♦ Cleve Nelson from Vincor for the Sumac Ridge Estate Winery
                                                                                   Tribute Sparkling
                                                                               ♦   Paul Martin, Peacock and Martin for Ex Nihilo Vineyards Riesling
                                                                               ♦   Cassandra Anderton for Saturna Island Estate Winery Pinot Noir
                                                                               ♦   Marcus von Albrecht for Veglio Michelino e Figlio, Baric, 2006
                                                                               ♦   Steve Venables for Forbidden Fruit Winery – Cerise d’Eve

                                                                                      Thank you to our Music Sponsor: Profound Sound
                Chocolat Ce Soir Menu
Created by Chef John Garrett and Chocolatier Wim TAS of ChocolaTas                      About the Chef..
           Sumac Ridge Estate Winery Tribute Sparkling                CHEF JOHN GARRETT
      Commemorative Sparkling wine created in honour of the
                                                                                       Executive Chef John Garrett was born and
               Vancouver 2010 Winter Games
                                                                                       raised in BC. Formally trained by European
                         AHI TUNA TATAKI                                               Chefs, John has been influenced by both the
      Togarashi cocoa rub, avocado, tomato, ginger, soy, lime                          new and the old world styles of cooking and
                             ***********                                               it is reflected in his diverse menus. This
                    Ex Nihilo Vineyards Riesling                                       winning combination has earned him many
                                 **                                                    awards Including a personal Gold Medal at
                  GOAT CHEESE, FIGS, PINE NUTS                                         the 1993 Vancouver Grand Salon Culinaire as
 Baked in phyllo, Araguani chocolate port reduction, dried cherries
                                                                      well as, "Best Seafood" and "Best Fine Dining" for Horizons
                                                                      Restaurant. John shares his secrets and some of his favourite
              Saturna Island Estate Winery Pinot Noir
                                 **                                   recipes in his self-authored cookbook, "HORIZONS: THE
                              SORBET                                  COOKBOOK." Full of chef and guest favourites, the cookbook
              ChocolaTas lavender infused chocolate                   showcases John's personal cooking philosophy of using only
                             ***********                              the freshest Ingredients and preparing them simply to best
                                                                      enhance their natural flavours.
                        PEKIN DUCK BREAST
               Sherry soy & brown sugar marinade,
                                                                      Residing in Abbotsford with his family and getting to work in
           5 spice-Valrhona Pur Ghana chocolate sauce,
                                                                      such a beautiful environment doing what he loves the best
                 Apple two ways, caramelized yam
                             ***********                              John Garrett truly feels like a lucky man. Aside from creating
               Veglio Michelino e Figlio, Baric, 2006                 culinary dishes for Horizons' guests, John loves to play golf,
                                 **                                   hike and just enjoy some "relax-time" away from the busy
            Passion fruit gelee, chocolate krispie brittle
                    Forbidden Fruit Cerise d’Eve
                     Okanagan Springs Porter
                          Finlaggan Scotch

                 Tealicious Teas & Artigiano coffee

     Alternate Meal for the Pekin Duck Course for Vegetarians

Horizons Restaurant            

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