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					GHQ & HSC, AFP Dynamic & Responsive at 71 ...    Activitiy pictorials GHQ & HSC anniverssary South Korea honors Col Javier PA
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         (Excerpt from the message of Hon. Avelino J. Cruz, Jr.
Secretary of National Defense, delivered at the Joint DND-AFP New
Year’s Call 2006 3:00 p.m., 06 January2006, Tejeros Hall, Camp
General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City)
         Indeed, the past year has seen the defense and military
establishment overcome difficult challenges. With the grace of God,
we responded as true professionals.
         But there is so much more that needs to be done if we are
to continue the transformation of our institutions. In the past year,
together, we laid down an indelible blueprint for the strengthening
of our institutions. Hand-in-hand, we are building the foundations of
                                                                               Photo shows SND (center) leads DND/AFP
a strong and dependable shield of our people. This New Year will
                                                                      officials during the new years call at AFPCOC on 06
see us continue                see maintaining our focus on page 4    January 2006

                                                          The 71st anniversary of the GHQ & HSC, AFP was celebrated
                                                  in simple ceremonies with a theme “Kaagapay sa Kaayusan Tungo sa
                                                  Matatag na Kalasag ng Sambayanan” at Daza Park Pavilion on 11
                                                  January 2006 with BGen Jovenal D Narcise, AFP, the Camp
                                                  Commander, as keynote speaker. The programme also featured the
                                                  awarding of Twenty Nine (29) GHQ & HSC Organic Personnel and
                                                  Four (4) Agencies with Military Merit Medals and Plaques of
                                                  Recognition/Appreciation respectively for their invaluable services
                                                  accorded to the Command. BGen Narcise AFP, wholeheartedly
                                                  acknowledged the significant contributions of the awardees. He
                                                  delivered his message citing the accomplishments of GHQ & HSC on
  The camp commander BGen Narsice addressing      Security and Safety, Military Quarters Constructions and Repairs, Camp
the officers and men of GHQ & HSC, AFP during     Aguinaldo Energy Conservations and Environmental Preservations,
the 71st Anniverssary conducted at Daza Park      Public Service and the Launching of the Command’s Website and
Pavilion on 11 January 2006                       People’s Day Forum.

                                                                 BGen Jovenal D Narcise AFP, the Camp Commander has sent a strong
                                                      message to all retired military personnel who are still occupying military quarters inside
                                                      Camp Aguinaldo to vacate said quarters after sixty (60) days reckoned from date of
                                                      retirement from the military service. This announcement is in reference to circular nine of
                                                      the AFP Housing Rule and Regulations and to pave way for other qualified applicants to
                                                      also enjoy said privilege. GHQ & HSC Eviction Team has recently evicted LTC EDMUNDO
                                                      GAMMAD PAF (Ret) and COMMODORE SALVADOR ESGUERRA AFP (Ret), both
                                                      quarters occupants inside Camp Aguinaldo, for undermining aforementioned policy.

                                                               GHQ Optr: 911-6001                                      MP Bn Loc: 5022
The vacated quarters of Retired Commodore Salvador             COC Fax (Loc): 6334/6934                                Fax (PLDT): 911-6348
                                                               GHQ Fire Station (Loc): dial 117 or 6155/6255/6767      OG3 (Loc): 6324/6047
Esguerra at 449 Regis St. CGEA ready for occupancy.            CGEASH Emergency Room (Loc): 4638/4600                  COC, OG3: 09182141620
                                                                                                                                                                 The Commander, GHQ &
                                                                                                                                                        HSC with his staffs addressing to
                                                                                                                                                        issues/concerns raised by different
                                                                                                                                                        military and civilian personnel of GHQ
                                                                                                                                                        & HSC, AFP during the first Peoples’
                                                                                                                                                        Day conducted at EP Consolidated
         The Headquarters Serv ice                                                                                                                      Mess Hall.
Command under the Command of BGen
Jovenal D Narcise strived to be more
dynamic and responsive as it reaches its
71st year anniversary last 11 Jan 2006 to
cope – up with the fast changing time.
With the exemplary performance of the                                                     Personnel of CGEASH
unit in accomplishing its given mission and                                     conducting free eye consultation
with Officers and men ever proud and                                            and distributed free eye glasses
steadf ast to perf orm their role, the                                          to 100 selected patients at
gargantuan tasks that await the unit ahead                                      CGEASH
would just be like an easy hurdle for a
well trained and well prepared Track and
Field athlete. The theme for this year’s                                                                                                                                               A total of thirty
celebration: “Kaagapay sa Kaayusan                                                                                                                                             (30) military personnel
Tungo sa Matatag na Kalasag ng                                                                                                                                                 voluntarily donated 14,
Sambayanan”, clearly be speaks of its                                                                                                                                          500 cc of blood during the
vision to be dynamic, responsive and a                                                                                                                                         blood-letting activ ity
model community that is environment                                                                                                                                            conducted at GHQ
friendly as it pursue its primordial mandate                                                                                                                                   Grandstand.
as vanguard of the seat of the AFP
         The General Headquarters and
Headquarters Service Command (GHQ &
HSC), AFP traces its history before World                                                Personnel of
War II when the General Services Battalion                                      1301st            Dental
at the old Constabulary Barracks in Tondo,                                      Dispensary led by Cpt
Manila, moved to this site, then known as                                       Soriano launched a
Camp Murphy on 11 January 1935. On 19                                           Civic Action (CIVAC)
June 1965 by virtue of RA 4434, Camp                                            activity at Brgy Socorro,
Murphy was renamed Camp General                                                 Murphy, Quezon City
Emilio Aguinaldo in honor of the first                                          that benefitted fifty (50)
President of the Republic. After the war in                                     needy residents in the
1946, camp administration was placed                                            said barangay.
under the Headquarters and Serv ice
Battalion, and then on 15 October 1948, it
was re-designated as the Headquarters
Service, GHQ, AFP. On 01 July 1957, it                                                                                                                                                           The Camp
became the GHQ & Headquarters Service                                                                                                                                                   Commander with the
Group, and activated as an AFP-W ide                                                                                                                                                    1301st          Dental
Support and Separate Unit (AFPWSSU).                                                                                                                                                    Dispensary choir and
However, on 16 April 1986, it was upgraded                                                                                                                                              GHQ         &     HSC
to GHQ & Headquarters Service Command                                                                                                                                                   personnel dancing to
(Provisional) and finally on 15 May 1987,                                                                                                                                               the tune of “Pinoy
it became a regular Command, now known                                                                                                                                                  Ako” at the Daza
as the GHQ & HSC, AFP.                                                                                                                                                                  Park Pavilion to the
         Steady on! GHQ & HSC, AFP -                                                                                                                                                    delight of the cheering
Mabuhay!                                                                                                                                                                                audience.
                                                                              The GHQ Bulletin is a weekly publication of GHQ & HSC pur-
                                                                              posely to promote the ideals and goals of the unit and to disseminate
                                                                              timely and accurate information concerning the unit’s activities and    MAJ MIGUEL W HORTELANO (FS) PA - Editor-in-Chief
                      Com mander                      Chief of Staff          interest. You may send letters, articles or any feedback to GHQ         SSg Prim o L Oroga PAF          Graphics Design
         CAPT RODOLFO CALINGASAN PN (GSC) LTC JOHNNY D BERGADO PA (GSC)       Bulletin Office, 2nd Floor, GHQ & HSC Bldg, Castañeda Hall, CGEA        A1C David A Abrazaldo PAF       Photo / Encoder
                   Deputy Comm ander              ACS for Operations, G3
                                                                              or email : editor@                                    Ms Delia P Agbulos CE         Staff Assistant
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                                                                Salesman: “This is our latest product for women. It
                                                                     can make women look ten years younger.”
                                                                Customer: “But....”
                                                                Salesman: “Don’t take my word for it. You can buy a
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                                                                        will find this product very satisfactory.”
                                                                Customer: “Yes but my wife is just 18 years old!”

                                                                16-Jan-66   SSg Marcelo M Abad PAF                          TSU
                                                                16-Jan-68   PO3 Manolo T Sulit PN                           SEG
                                                                18-Jan-58   PO3 Nestor a Dulot PN                           HSG
                                                                18-Jan-61   TSg Romeo C Villegas PA                         EMU
                                                                18-Jan-73   Sgt Roger Q Quilon PA                           SEG
                                                                18-Jan-56   Mr Pedro Doble CE                               EMU
                                                                18-Jan-44   Anita Villanueva CE                           CGEASH
                                                                19-Jan-66   Joey Palmero CE                                 EMU
                                                                19-Jan-46   Josefina Garcia CE                            CGEASH
                                                                19-Jan-76   Antonio Tabuzo CE                             CGEASH
         President & CEO of AFPSLAI, P/Dir Rufino G
                                                                19-Jan-58   Marina Aspiras CE                             OCA,HSC
Ibay Jr (Ret) and Camp Commander, BGen Jovenal Narcise
                                                                19-Jan-59   MSg Amado D Malanum PMC                       OG4, HSC
together with their staffs posed for a souvenir photo beside
                                                                19-Jan-78   Pfc Mario Antazo PA                              DS
the Two (2) New Suzuki Multi-Cabs that were recently
                                                                20-Jan-50   MSg Beinvinido R Cortez PA                      ODC
donated by AFPSLAI to GHQ & HSC as an addition to the
                                                                20-Jan-58   MSg Felimon F Felipe Jr PA                      HSG
existing five vehicles being utilized for the “One Peso Ride”
                                                                22-Jan-66   SSg Richard Bangayan PA                      VP Scty Det
project of GHQ & HSC. The turn-over rites was conducted
                                                                22-Jan-69   PO3 Lornoldi A Naval PN                       GHQ Band
in a simple ceremony on 09 January 2006 at AFPSLAI Main

                                                                 The Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea,
                                                         Honorable Hong Jong- Ki made a courtesy call to the Chief
                                                         of Staff, AFP General Generoso S Senga, AFP on 04
                                                         January 2006. The purpose of the call was to award COL
                                                         RAYNARD JAVIER PA (GSC), the order of Order of National
                                                         Security Merit “SAMIL” Medal for distinguished services in
                                                         promoting military cooperation between the Philippines and
                                                         South Korea during his stint as Defence Attaché to the
                                                         Republic of Korea from 15 June 2002 to 25 July 2005. Top
                                                         AFP Officials such a J2, J3, J5 and Commander, GHQ &
                                                         HSC and others have joined and witnessed aforementioned
                                                         awarding rites.

                                                                                 LCDR ALFRED KENNETH S TINGABNGAB PN
                                                                                         Executive Officer, SU (Provisional) , GHQ&HSC
    Ambassador Hong Jong-Ki of Korea pinning the Merit
Samil Medal to Col Raynard Javier PA as CSAFP, Gen                               PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT:
                                                                                       Executive Officer, Supply Department / PIO, AFPLC
Senga looks on.
                                                                                                              Kung may katiwalian, katanungan o
                                                                                                      mungkahi na gustong malaman, huwag
                                                                                                      mag-atubiling i-text si Camp Commander sa:

020644H Jan 06 - Gud am sir 4 info d streetligth     Camp Commander:Relayed to OTAG for              NG ILO ILO GUSTO KO PO MAG LOAN PERO
along ofcrs row gozar st. naka on rin until dis      appropriate comments & action                   AYAW PO AKO BGYAN NG CERT. LIASON LANG
time                                                 051859H Jan 06 - helo sir gud pm,pasensya       DAW NG ALIP PUEDI KUMUHA. AYAW KO NA PO
Camp Commander: Immediately relayed to               n po s pang-abala. Sir ____ e2 ako po ung       UMUTANG SA LENDING SIR MGA CIVILIAN
11th CED for appropriate action                      ngreklamo s sundalo na paalis. nag-ala2 lng     EMPLOYEE NAG FIXER NA DIN PO .PK USAP
020849H Jna 06 - Gud am sir madaming sari-           po kc ako sir n mksma n xa s pg-alis bukas      PO CMP. CMNDR MAG PA IMBISTIGA PO KAU
sari store sa murphy ang namimili ng kanilang        puntang haite at d pa nasettle ung prob nmin    SALAMAT PO. BLIK PO AKO DOON KUNG WARI
paninda fr afpces. I thought goods from afpces       ngkhrap n po kami s provo marshal general       TANONG KO PANGALAN NYA SIR MGA TAUHAN
are not commercial selling?ok sir thanks for the     at pnaperma nila ako ng agrement n wiling       PO 2 MAJ ______ AT LABAS PASOK PO MGA
immediate response. I will inform you soon the       mgbgy suporta ung lalaki pro d dadaan s         LIASON NG ALIP OPSINA MAJ _____ SIR.
exact location of the establishments. Thanks         finance personal nya lng n bgay pano naman      Camp Commander: Relay ed to AFPFC for
for protecting the interest of our men in uniform.   un sir pgka d 2mupad s usapan at nsa ibang      appropriate comments & action
Camp Commander: OG2 continue to monitor              bansa xa. Sir sna po m2lungan nyo ako kc        071635H Jan 06 - SIR GUD PM Paki chk po actvts
and apprehend unauthorized personnels                wla po akng trabaho at 1 mos palang ako         ng kasamahan namin sundalo. C SGT __________
selling AFPCES products to civilians. The            galing panagank.                                PAF nagpklala sa labas, fil-chinese cmnty LT sa
texter was contac ted to identify the                Camp Commander: Your pervious text              CGEA Fire Stn lumalakad mag isa humihingi pra f/
establishments for further verification.             message was already relayed to AFPPKOC.         stn donation kahit ano wala patawad mga sasakyan
021535H Jan 06 - Sir gud pm po! complain ko          you are advised to see the Provost Marshall     kya snarile nya bgay dawsa kanya instead para FS
lang po ung svc ng afpnoid s g81 ay nk2 sira         AFPPKOC for any necessary adjustment as         kasama sya sahud monthly sa brgy san roque pasig
ng araw, 3.45pm npo ng hapon wla sarado p            the case maybe.                                 dahil konektado sa bureau of fire paki chk po illegal
rn. Pno po kmi mkpg apply at renew ng id?Akala        01211H Jan 06 - Sir.. Midas canteen dtn sa     actvts nya poh nakasira image AFP. Galing ACTAFP
kp po b ma2yan muna, hindi mamamaya na.              AFRESCOM Baraks does not pay rent. H2O          at hospital pa sya.
May tiwala po kmi s inyo sir!                        & electricity. Ty.Sir                           Camp Commander: Relay ed to SSG for
Camp Commander: The ID section has 2                 Camp Commander: Relayed to                      appropriate comments & action. Likewise, OG2 is
personnel, one is on break while the other was       AFRESCOM for appropriate comments &             confirming this report.
directed to report at OG2. Renewal of                action while OG2 is confirming this report.     072308H Jan 06 -Sir pki sbihan nman e2ng po3
AFPNOID can be done days before it expires            061427H Jan 06 -Gud pm sir bkit pati suot      _____ ng rd 2, mdlas mag inom s bhay nya n lampas
and not necessarily during the holiday break.        pambabae cnesita na dman pang mil at pnp        n s alas diyes ng gabi 2lad ngaun nag iinuman p
051126h Jan 06 - sir gd am , ngfile me               bli naman e2 sa mall sir ehold pa ako sa gate   tapos patugtugin p sterio ng motor ng bcta nila
retirement d2 OTAG, dnala k papel ko s may           tanga yata ung guardia may id at                Camp Commander: Relay ed to HAO for
receiving ng mga comunication noon png nov           nakasapatos bkit ehold ako.                     appropriate action. Likewise, subject EP will be
16 05, bumalik me ngaun para ifolow-up kng           Camp Commander: CO,MP Bn was                    summoned at OG2.
may pblema s papel ko.itnuro me s action clerk       informed to remind his men to be cautious in     082225H Jan 06 - Sir the ligths in one of the ground
nla. pero ang mskit ung papel k andon p rn sa        dispensing their duties and responsibilities.   floor units of the newly built FG condo E have been
receiving kc sir mar 1 effectvty rtrment k. sna      061427H Jan 06 - W LA PO B AKNG                 left on since last month. Sayang kasi ang koryente!-
sir matlngan nyo ko sir gs2 k lng malaman kung       KARAPATAN MAG LOAN KUNG SAAN KO                 CAPT DAVID PN
nsaan ung papel ks retrment kya lng ngtu2ruan        GUSTO? MGA CIVILIAN EMPLOYEE                    Camp Commander: Relayed to11th CED and HAO
cla s OTAG sna mtulungan mko SALAMAT at              NINYO NAG FIXER DIN PO NG ALIP PK               for appropriate action.
saludo kmi sa inyo.                                  USAP PO PA IMBSTGAHAN PO CLA
                                                     SALAMAT PO. KDARATING KO GALING

   Maintaining our focus...from page 1
             implementing this blueprint, building upon these foundations and setting an irreversible direction for the
           With the modest gains we have achieved so far, it is foolhardy to allow ourselves to be distracted from our
  goals. If we are to continue our march towards a more mature Republic and capitalize on the promise of a resurgent
  economy, our adherence to the fundamental principles that define the role of the military in the political life of our
  nation must never waiver.
           We have already shown to all that political disputes must and can be resolved in the political arena, in
  accordance with constitutional processes and under the rule of law, without any intervention from the military. A
  strong, united, and truly professional military organization, insulated from partisan politics and respected for upholding
  the most basic of military virtues is a steadying influence in moments of political conflict and promotes stability and
  social order. In a very concrete sense, we have shown to all that a professional and stable military organization is
  key in providing an atmosphere conducive to national growth.
           At the beginning of this New Year, I join you in renewing our pledge that never again will the soldier be used
  to advance the self-serving agenda of anyone. We must continue to elevate our standard of professional conduct,
  as well as our level of professional expertise, for the rest of society to emulate. We cannot afford, as a nation, to
  have our challenges met with competing levels of incompetence. If we are to succeed in doing this, we cannot
  afford to be distracted by the noises around us.
           Thus, in closing, let me say that when we give others a greeting; “Have a peaceful and prosperous new
  year,” I believe that it must come with the realization that we here in the defense and military establishment play an
  important role in making this glad tiding come true. So to all I say, let us join hands in ensuring that the Filipino
  people will have a truly peaceful and prosperous new year!
           Magandang Hapon at Mabuhay ang Republika ng Pilipinas!

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