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									                            Cakes, Cookies & Giant Muffins
                                              serving 14 portions | Please contact us for an updated pricelist
             All cakes are 28 cm in diameter, ser

Baked Cakes                                                              Chocolate Based Cakes
Apple crumble                                                            Chocolate butterscotch tart
Carrot ring with cream cheese frosting                                   Baked chocolate & walnut tart
Fresh fruit flan (seasonal)                                              Chocolate orange ganache cake
Tangy lemon tart                                                         Rich chocolate cake
Pecan pie                                                                Chocolate peppermint crisp
Lemon meringue                                                           Chocolate brandy truffle cake
Baked blueberry pie

Creamcakes & Gateaux                                                     Chocolate Mousse Cakes
Milk tart                                                                Chocolate mousse
Banoffi pie                                                              Chocolate caramel swirl
Vanilla & raspberry charlotte                                            Chocolate brownie
Summer yoghurt mousse                                                    Chocolate banana
Black forest                                                             Rocky road
                                                                         Cookies & cream
                                                                         Belgian chocolate

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Cheesecakes                                                              Giant Muffins
Baked cheesecake plain                                                   Banana

Baked chocolate brownie & toffee                                         Lemon poppy
cheesecake                                                               Apple cinnamon
Baked cheesecake with fruit topping: raspberry,                          Carrot & nut
strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry, black                                Blueberry
cherry, orange, passion fruit, pina colada
                                                                         Choc chip
Chilled white chocolate cheesecake
Chilled caramel cheesecake
                                                                         Seasonal fruit
Fridge cheesecake with fruit: raspberry,
strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry, black                                Bran carrot & nut
cherry, orange, passion fruit, pina colada                               Bran mixed 7 seed
                                                                         Bran dried fruit & honey
                                                                         Bran sunflower & raisin

Chocolate chip (giant)
Double choc chip (giant)
Oatmeal & nut (giant)
Oat & honey crunchies
Assorted small cookies
Almond cantucci

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                         Individual Desserts & Small Bakes

Mousses                                                                  Puddings & Baked Desserts
Chocolate mousse                                                         Malva pudding
Black forest chocolate mousse                                            Malva pudding (function size)
Soft centered chocolate mousse                                           Chocolate mud pudding
Chocolate toffee mousse pie
                                                                         Apple crumble
Chocolate triangles
                                                                         Dutch apple tart
Chocolate mousse (white)
                                                                         Rustic apple pie
Fridge cheesecake                                                        Apple strudel
Berry fridge cheese tarts                                                Cherry frangipane tart
Crème brûlée                                                             Chocolate & nut brownies
Sweet delights                                                           Chocolate marshmallow towers
(cocktail-sized individual desserts)
                                                                         Pecan pies
                                                                         Carrot & nut loafs
                                                                         Missisippi mud pie
Sauces & Garnishes                                                       Chocolate pecan custard pies
Pavlova shells
                                                                         Milk tarts
Chocolate garnish
                                                                         Lemon meringue
Chocolate baskets
                                                                         Tangy lemon tart
Baked phyllo baskets                                                     Banoffi pie
Brandysnap cigars                                                        Fresh fruit flans (seasonal)
Brandysnap cones
Fruit salad marinade
                                                                                           Every cake and dessert we make
Butterscotch sauce                                                                         is individually handcrafted using
                                                                                           only the finest, freshest, seasonal
Fruit coulis
                                                                                           ingredients – no additives,
Vanilla sauce                                                                              artificial colourants or
Chocolate fudge sauce                                                                      preservatives are used...ever!

 Colette and Gisela Harmes | tel 021 789 2998 |   fax 021 789 2999 |   email |

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