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Cafin the Vineyard


									                      Café in the Vineyard
                                               Café in the Vineyard

Have Your Wedding at Our Place

                      At Café in the Vineyard Waimea Estates we offer a professional
                      service. Our Function Coordinator works with you to ensure your
                      wedding reception runs smoothly and creates that special dining
                      experience with your input.

                      We can arrange for you to have your wedding outdoors under the
                      pergola, or even among the vines.

                      Our delightful café is at the home of our Waimea and Spinyback

                      We offer an extensive wine selection and full bar service including
                      non alcoholic beverages and a selection of local beers.

                      Our menus feature superb cuisine based upon fresh Nelson
                      sourced ingredients where possible. Our Chef has created various
                      menu options and we work with you to select your choice of menu,
                      tailored to your taste and any special dietary requirements.

                      If you would like further information about having your wedding
                      at Café in the Vineyard at Waimea Estates please contact us on:

                      Phone      035 444 963
                      Email      café
                       Café in the Vineyard
                                                Café in the Vineyard

Professional Service

                       At Café in the Vineyard we offer a professional service with staff
                       that will work with you to ensure that your wedding runs
                       smoothly. We work to time frames and, if required, themes.

                       We offer an extensive wine selection and full bar service including
                       non-alcoholic beverages and a selection of local beers.

                       We have a large selection of menus ranging from canapés, set
                       menus, and for weddings larger than 30 guests we offer buffet
                       choices. As you are individual we try to cater to your individual
                       tastes and dietary requirements. We like our guests to have
                       exactly what they are looking for. Our chef has created several
                       meal choices and with your input together we can create the perfect
                       menu to suit your expectation.
Dining Areas

                       We offer two main dining areas:

                       The Restaurant/Cellar Door area which features a unique Tuscan
                       styled atmosphere, an open fire, tiled flooring, wooden tables and
                       paintings from local artists. This area seats up to 30 guests

                       The weather-proof courtyard is also tiled and has wooden tables. It
                       has the addition of boxed hedges and has a view out to the vines.
                       This area seats up to 70 guests comfortably.

                       For larger functions we are able to hire a marquee on your behalf.
                       This extends from the courtyard and out to the vines. Quotes are
                       available on request.
                                  Waimea Estates
                                                               Hire Charges

Administration Charge

                        At Café in the Vineyard we have an administration charge of
                        $150.00 (including GST)

                        This covers all administration services of our Function
                        Coordinator, Waiting and Bar Staff.

Hire Charges

                        For all wedding enquiries we are able to hire the following on your
                        behalf. Quotes are available on request. Prices may change and
                        are subject to availability.

                        White stacker chairs
                        Additional tables
                        Table linen
                        Table decorations
                        Venue decorations

Marquee Hire

                        Marquee hire – for larger functions we are able to hire a marquee
                        on your behalf. This marquee extends from the courtyard out to
                        the vines. Quotes are available on request.
                      Café in the Vineyard
                                                        Hire Charges

Hire Prices – Season Ending March 2011

                       All prices are exclusive of GST

                       White stacker chair                            $2.90 each
                       White banquet chair with cushion               $11.50 each
                       White wooden folding chair                     $10.50 each

                       Chair cover (black or white)
                       Loose cover with standard sash                 $5.00 each
                       Fitted or tie back cover                       $6.50 each

                       Tablecloths (black or white)
                       Oblong 3m                                      $10.50 each
                       Round 1.8m (white only)                        $9.50 each
                       Round 2.8m and 3.0m                            $12.50 each

                       Napkins                                        $1.00 each

                       Additional tables
                       required for functions larger than 70 guests

                       Oblong trestle table (seats 8-10 people)       $10.00 each
                       Round trestle table (seats 6-8 people)         $16.00 each
                       Round trestle table (seats 8-10 people)        $18.00 each

                       Marquee Hire (erected and dismantled)

                       6x9 marquee clip frame (Seats approx 54)       $810.00
                       6x12m marquee clip frame (seats 90)            $1050.00
                       This marquee is the 6x9 and 6x3m combined

                       Marquee silks                                  $500.00
                       Fairy lighting and waterfall lighting          $220.00
                   Café in the Vineyard
                                               Venue Decoration

Venue Decoration

                   Our venue is available for additional decoration by prior
                   arrangement. You can either decorate our venue yourself or let
                   our team do all the work for you.

                   Draping of x4 poles in covered courtyard           $50.00
                   draping is in frost cloth and ivy plant

                   Draping of pergola (Simple)                        $150.00
                   Draping of pergola is in frost cloth and ivy plant

                   Fairy lighting around the tree                     $100.00

                   All other table decoration and venue decorations are able to be
                   hired on behalf of the client. Quotes are available on request.
                     Café in the Vineyard
                                             The Complete Wedding
The complete Wedding package for $65.00 per person

                      Our complete wedding package includes: administration charge,
                      additional chair hire (white stacker chair), table cloths (black or
                      white only), napkin (black or white only), and chair sash. Entire
                      use of Waimea Estates Café in the Vineyard for your wedding
                      ceremony, reception and vineyard as a photo venue.

                      Pre-dinner nibble
                      Spring rolls & samosas with a sweet Thai chilli dipping sauce
                      Peppered prime beef on crostini with sour cream, rocket & red
                      capsicum pate
                      Sushi with vegetarian & seafood fillings accompanied with pickled
                      ginger & tamari soy

                      Main meal – served buffet-style
                      A selection of freshly baked breads & butter

                      Mixed Crisp leaves with creamy vinaigrette
                      Grilled summer vegetable salad with pesto
                      Potato & spring onion salad with whole-seed mustard dressing

                      Cold platter
                      Continental platter with smoked, cured pickled meats & seafood

                      Hot mains
                      Grilled sirloin of beef with caramelized onions & salsa verde
                      Fish of the day served with melon & ginger salsa, drizzled in lime
                      Baked herb crusted chicken breast rolled in fresh bread crumbs
                      with aioli

                      Authentic Apple Strudel filled with fresh apple spices & sultanas
                      Citrus tart with a hazelnut crust, filled with lemon flavors on a
                      cookie-like base.
                     Café in the Vineyard
                                                Pre Dinner Nibble

Canape on crostini

                     Beef fillet with salsa verde
                     Peppered beef with pesto
                     Chorizo with white bean puree
                     Basil & white bean puree
                     Scallop & chorizo with a yellow pepper glaze
                     Salmon with lemon aioli
                     Lamb & spinach shallot
                     Toasted brie and caramelized onion


                     Artichokes with a herb crumb
                     Crumbed prawns
                     Spring Rolls and samosas


                     Soft shell crab
                     Caramelized red onion tart
                     Smoked fish cakes with a rocket mayonnaise
                     Venison terrine with watercress & a red pepper glaze
                     Lamb shank volavents
                 Café in the Vineyard
                                                   Buffet Menu

Buffet Choices

                 Please make a selection of menu choice. Together we can tailor a
                 menu to suit your individual requirements.

Bread choices

                 French, ciabatta, garlic bread or bruschetta

Salad choices

                 Simply dressed mesculin salad with Edens Paddock extra virgin
                 olive oil
                 Mixed crisp leaves with a house dressing and fresh herbs of your
                 Baby spinach, red onion, walnut & blue cheese with a balsamic
                 Classic potato with avocado, onion, peppers, fresh herbs and aioli
                 Grilled summer vegetables with a herb dressing
                 Roasted vegetable salad with toasted pumpkin seeds & aged
                 Pasta salad with crisp vegetables & your choice of penne, orichette
                 or fussilli
                 Mediterranean salad of feta, olives, tomatoes, onion and herbs
                 Marinated tomato & roast aubergine with spicy crumb
                 Tomato basil & mozzarella
        Café in the Vineyard
                                         Buffet Menu


        Potatoes, steamed & tossed with herbs & butter
        Kumara, pumpkin or potatoes roasted, braised, mashed or baked
        Cold vineyard platter, selection of antipasti, cured meats, mussels
        & fruits


        Rice, simply steamed and seasoned
        Indian pilaf
        Italian risotto
        Spanish paella
        Pasta, simply cooked with extra virgin olive oil & tossed with your
        choice of chilli, lemon, herbs, spinach, pesto or tapenade, cream or
        tomato based sauce


        Fillet of beef with slow roasted tomatoes & horseradish sauce
        Sirloin of beef on a mushroom and spinach ragu
        Sirloin of beef on caramelized onion and salsa verde
        Salmon en croute with cirtus hollandaise
        Pan-fried fish of the day
        Steamed mussels
        Roast surpreme of chicken on braised peppers & spinach
        Crispy skin salmon with a saffron buerre blanc
        Braised pork belly with crackling & apple sauce
        Raosted rack of pork with caramelized pears
        Slow roasted shoulder of lamb with a mint sauce
             Café in the Vineyard
                                                Buffet Menu

Kids Mains

             Fresh herbed crumbed chicken with aioli
             Fresh herbed crumbed fish
             Roasted potato skins with bacon & cheese
             Kids platter
             Simple pasta


             Lemon tart with a hazelnut base
             Tiramasu classic
             Belgium dark chocolate tart on a cookie base
             Apple & pear strudel
             Fruit tart – your choice of almond, pear or raspberry
             Kiwifruit pavlova
             Cheesecake – you choice of coffee, Baileys, or citrus
             Chocolate brownies
             Poached pears in raspberry & wine
             Home made truffles – your choice of rum, Baileys, coffee or orange
             Fruit board
             Fruit crumble, your choice of mixed berry, apple, pear or phubarb


             Cheese board – your selection of
             Washed rind brie
             Triple cream brie

             All cheese selection are served with grapes, crackers and chutney
                        Café in the Vineyard
                                                             Set Menu

Set Menu – A La Carte

                        Please make a selection of menu choice. Together we can tailor a
                        menu to suit your individual requirements.

Bread choices

                        French, ciabatta, garlic bread or bruschetta

Entrée Choices

                        Leek, thyme & goat’s cheese tart with a hazelnut salad
                        Roast pumpkin & beetroot salad
                        Cold smoked salmon salad with crispy caper & feta
                        Seared scallop salad with orange, fennel & asparagus
                        Smoked fish cake on roast peppers & citrus salsa
                        Kumara cake Italian-styled on roasted vegetable salad
                        Soup – your choice of vegetable, chowder, cream, broth etc
                        Classic Caesar salad with or without chicken
                        Chicken liver pate with walnut thins
                        Terrine – pork, venison or chicken with watercress & a red pepper
                        Mussels, steamed – marinere
                        Soft shell crab
          Café in the Vineyard
                                             Set Menu


          Roast duck in a salad of beetroot, feta, cucumber & hazelnuts
          Roast chicken with potatoes bolangere & roasted peppers finished
          in a light thyme jus
          Confit of duck with braised cabbage & bacon finished with a
          mustard sauce
          Pork belly braised with kumara & ginger fondants, slow roasted
          leeks in pan juices
          Lamb rack with roast potatoes, aubergine & marinated tomatoes
          and a balsamic jus
          Lamb rump on kumara, carrot & zucchini rosti with wilted greens,
          rosemary beetroot jus
          Fillet of beef on parsnip, crispy shallot and potatoes dauphinoise
          Crispy salmon with steamed baby potatoes in herb butter,
          asparagus & hollandaise
          Fish of the day
          Venison Denver leg on creamed spinach with scallop kumara,
          roasted pearl onions & beetroot jus
          Roast pepper risotto
          Mushroom & thyme linguine
          Kumara cake

          Crème brulée
          Crumble – your choice of pear, apple or rhubarb
          Chocolate mousse milli fueille layered between date wafers
          Poached pears with an orange anglaise or honeyed yoghurt
          Almond & raspberry tart with honey ice-cream
          Lemon tart with a hazelnut base
          Belgian chocolate tart
          Roast almond & orange cake
          Saffron pannacotta with mascerated fruit
          Strawberry gazpacho with roast nectarine & Noble Riesling
          Wild berry semifredo
          Cheesecake – your choice of Baileys, coffee or Kahula
          Truffles & petit fours
                      Café in the Vineyard
                                                   Beverage List

Wine List (including GST)

               Spinyback Range

               2008     Spinyback Sauvignon Blanc              $22.90
               2008     Spinyback Riesling                     $22.90
               2008     Spinyback Pinot Gris                   $24.90
               2007     Spinyback Chardonnay                   $22.90
               2006     Spinyback Pinot Noir                   $24.90
               2007     Spinyback Cabernet Franc / Syrah       $24.90

               Waimea Range

               2008     Waimea Sauvignon Blanc                 $27.90
               2008     Barrel Fermented Sauvignon Blanc       $31.90
               2006     Waimea Dry Riesling                    $27.90
               2008     Waimea Classic Riesling                $27.90
               2008     Waimea Pinot Gris                      $31.90
               2007     Waimea Gewurztraminer                  $31.90
               2008     Waimea Viognier                        $31.90
               2006     Waimea Chardonnay                      $31.90
               2009     Waimea Pinot Rosé                      $27.90
               2007     Barrel Selection Pinot Noir            $33.90
               2006     Waimea Merlot Cabernet                 $31.90
               2008     Waimea Syrah                           $31.90
               2004     Waimea Late Harvest Riesling (375ml)   $16.90

               Sparkling Wine

               Twin Island Pinot Noir Chardonnay               $29.95
               Lindauer Special Reserve                        $29.95

               Sparkling Grape Juice                           $12.00
                           Café in the Vineyard
                                                 Beverage List

Beers (bottled only)

                Macs Gold                               $6.00
                Macs Light                              $6.00

                Monteith’s Range
                Original Ale                            $6.00
                Pilsener                                $6.00
                Black Beer                              $6.00
                Cletic Red Irish Ale                    $6.00

                Tall Blonde                             $9.50
                Long Black                              $9.50
                Red Head                                $9.50


                Soft drinks                             $3.50
                Orange Juice – carafe                  $12.00
                Juice – by the glass                    $3.50
                Bundaberg Ginger Beer                   $4.00
                Bundaberg Lemon Lime & Bitters          $4.00
                           Café in the Vineyard
                                                     Terms & Conditions

                    1. Final confirmation of numbers attending are to be advised one week
                       prior to function date. Confirmed numbers will be the minimum

                    2. The bar closes at 11.30pm and the premises must be vacated by

                    3. Premises will be available half an hour prior to the function
                       commencing unless prior arrangement has been made.

                    4. A $500.00 (including GST) deposit is required to confirm a booking.

                    5. If a booking is cancelled more than six months before the date of the
                       function then 50% of the confirmation fee will be refunded. If a
                       booking is cancelled less than six months before the date of the
                       function, then no refund will be given.

                    6. Every endeavor will be made to maintain prices as estimated but we
                       reserve the right to apply increases that occur beyond our control.

                    7. Due to Health and Safety regulations no food may be taken off the

                    8. As we are a fully licensed premise we must supply all beverages.

                    9. Management reserves the right to evict any guest behaving in a
                       manner contrary to our standards

                    10. The organiser is responsible for any loss or damage to the property,
                        building and equipment and for any loss or damage to the property of
                        those attending.

                    11. Payment is due in full on the night of the function unless prior
                        arrangements have been made.

I / We ________________________________ agree to the above terms and conditions.

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Hirer’s Signature                                                          Date

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