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					                                                                              PLANETARY PROTECTION
  NRC Advice on                                               Mars
 Astrobiology and                                               Conference on Hazard of Planetary Contamination Due to Microbiological
Planetary Protection                                                    Contamination in the Interior of Spacecraft Components
                                                     Biology and the Exploration              “Study on the                      “Review of the
                                                               of Mars                    Biological Quarantine              Sterilization Parameter
                                                                1966                           of Venus”                     Probability of Growth
                                                                                                  1967                                 (Pa)”
                                                      Extraterrestrial Life—An
                                                     Anthology and Bibliography,                                   “On Contamination of the Outer
                                                      Supplementary to Biology                                      Planets by Earth Organisms”
        Life Sciences in Space
                                                     and the Exploration of Mars                                                1976
                                                                                                                       “Recommendation on
        Post-Viking Biological                                                                                      Quarantine Policy for Uranus,
        Investigations of Mars                                                                                          Neptune, and Titan”
                 1977                                                                                                           1976

                                                    Recommendations on Quarantine Policy for Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Titan
     Origin and Evolution of Life—                                                           1978
      Implications for the Planets:
       A Scientific Strategy for the
                   1981                               “On Categorization of the                 “On NASA Policy for Planetary Protection”
                                                     Mars Orbiter Mission” 1985                                 1985

 The Search for         Strategy for the
 Life’s Origins:         Detection and                                                    “On Categorization                 “Recommendation on
  Progress and           Study of Other                                                      of the Comet                     Planetary Protection
Future Directions      Planetary Systems                                                    Rendezvous–                   Categorization of the Comet
  in Planetary          and Extrasolar               Biological Contamination of            Asteroid Flyby                Rendezvous-Asteroid Flyby
  Biology and              Planetary                      Mars: Issues and                     Mission”                     mission and the Titan-
    Chemical               Materials                      Recommendations                        1986                          Cassini mission”
    Evolution                 1990                              1992                                                                 1988

       An Integrated Strategy for
     Planetary Sciences: 1995-2010                 Mars Sample Return: Issues and
                                                         Recommendations                        Evaluating the Biological Potential in Samples
                 1994                                                                         Returned from Planetary Satellites and Small Solar
                                                                                               System Bodies: Framework for Decision Making

       Size Limits of Very Small
   Microorganisms: Proceedings of a                                                       Preventing the Forward                  “On Scientific
              Workshop                                                                       Contamination of                 Assessment of Options
                 1999                                   The Quarantine and                        Europa                      for the Disposition of
                                                          Certification of                         2000                             the Galileo
                                                         Martian Samples                                                            Spacecraft”
                                                               2002                                                                    2000

             Signs of Life: A Report Based on the April 2000 Workshop on Life Detection Techniques

        Life in the Universe: An                                                            LEGEND:
         Assessment of U.S. and                                                             - - - dashed border indicates reports which, while not
       International Programs in                                                                 astrobiology-focused, contain substantial sections on
               Astrobiology                                                                      astrobiological topics
                   2003                                                                     italics indicate full reports
                                                                                            “quotes” indicate shorter letter reports
                                                                                            underlined reports are hyperlinked to full-text copies