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									 Volume VI, Issue 3                            for ACE members in the Southeast                                Fall, 2005

 Alabama · Mississippi · North Carolina · Georgia · South Carolina · Tennessee · the Florida panhandle

1st Coasterfest! (p. 5)
                           SFOG UNVEILS BIG NEWS FOR 2006

                           First came all those survey
                           flags—a veritable forest of
 New Holiday Fun at        stakes outside the park.
  Carowinds! (p 4)         Then the spray paint mark-
                           ings appeared all over the
                           USA section, along with a
                           visible line to the other side
                           of the midway. And finally,
                           with the announcement
                           that the Great Gasp would
                           be retired (page 7), some
                           enthusiasts “connected the
                           dots” to determine that
                           something big was on the           second drop, six (6!) airtime   The big surprise is that
   NGTV comes to           horizon at Six Flags Over          filled camel back hills, a      this coaster will start in the
                           Georgia in 2006.                   double helix, hammerhead        center of the park and take
   Dollywood (p 10)                                           turn and more, this is the      riders up and over the mid-
                           On September 1, 2005, 24           first traditional non-          way to drop and soar over
                           ACErs joined members of            looping coaster in the          both the Deer Park Plunge
                           the media for the park’s           South, over 15 years since      log flume and the Georgia
                           announcement of Goliath, a         the debut of the first tall     Scorcher stand-up roller
                           200 foot tall monster from         non-looping steel coaster,      coaster. From there all the
  Inside this issue:       B&M that will debut in             Magnum-XL200 at Cedar           action will be outside the
                           April of next year. With a         Point, which gave rise to       traditional park boundary
 2 Myrtle Beach News       200’ tall lift, 170 foot first     the term “hypercoaster.”        as the ride crosses over the
                           drop, followed by a 175 foot                                                   (Continued on page 8)
 3 A “Borg” Wedding

 4 Holidays at the Parks

 5 Dollywood Event Flyer
                           HOT TIME ON THE CAROLINA LINE
   (Nov. 19)               On Saturday, August 20, while the
                           thermometer passed into the
 6 “C3” Group Photo        “scorcher” zone, 120 attendees con-
 7 Magnum Engaged &        verged for the annual Carolina
                           Coaster Classic at Paramount’s
   The Last GASP
                           Carowinds. The morning started
 8 SFOG Season Pass Day    off with ERT on Ricochet, the
   (Nov. 5)                park’s very fun wild mouse, Caro-
                           lina Cyclone, still fantastic for an
 9 Astroworld Closing      Arrow looper, and Hurler, which
                           gave excellent air time even early
10 Golden Ticket Awards    in the morning. From there it was
11 IAAPA Expo in the ATL                       (Continued on page 3)
The Southern Scream                                                   -2-                                                       FALL 2005

As originally reported by Dawn Bryant, and Travis Tritten, The Sun News
On July 13 efforts were renewed to redevelop The Myrtle                   firm will save some money on demographic research and en-
Beach Pavilion Amusement Park with the selection of a                     sure that the new developments don't duplicate, officials said.
familiar Charleston firm to create a plan. The city's Down-               The DRC wants to transform the Pavilion area into a mix of
town Redevelopment Corp. requested a proposal from LS3P,                  stores, hotels, restaurants and attractions that will lure people
which in 1994 completed a downtown-revitalization plan.                   downtown year-round, not just during the three months the
No other firms were considered. The DRC picked LS3P and                   Pavilion amusement park operates. LS3P will create a plan
its partner, Economic Research Associates, because that                   that meets that criteria. The DRC has tried to get the project
team also is planning the redevelopment of the former Myr-                back on track since the original Pavilion master planner,
tle Square Mall site a few miles down the road.                           Barry Landreth of Webster Realty Investors, resigned in Janu-
                                                                          ary amid scrutiny of his credentials and finances.
Burroughs & Chapin Co. Inc. owns both the Pavilion
Amusement Park and the former mall site. Using the same         And after more than two years of work, developers received
                                                                                     final approval from Horry County
                                                                                     Council on September 20 to build a
Future Event Calendar                                                                Hard Rock theme park at Fantasy
                                                                                     Harbour. The approval of the over
                                                                                     $300 million rock 'n' roll amusement
 ACE Night at Scarowinds, October 7; Paramount's Carowinds, Charlotte, NC. An-       park allows Orlando-based HRP Man-
 nouncement on next page, RSVP to Max Cannon (Mcannon@ACEonline.org).                agement Corp. to move ahead in its
 Fall Finale, November 5; Six Flags Over Georgia Season Pass Holder Appreciation     search for funding and possibly begin
 Day, (Atlanta, GA) enjoy a special ACE reception at Noon in the Drive-In Theater    construction early next year on about
                                                                                     140 acres at the southwest corner of U.
 IAAPA Convention November 14-19 (Atlanta, GA); Go to www.IAAPAexpo.com              S. 501 and the Intracoastal Waterway.
for more information, related story on page 11
Coasterfest November 19; Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, TN) event flyer page 5                          It could be the first park in the world
                                                                                                  to use the Hard Rock brand name and
Spring Fling April 22, 2006; Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta, GA)
                                                                                                  could be a magnet for visitors to the
ACE National Events                                                                               Grand Strand, local tourism officials
Spring Conference 2006; Martin’s Fantasy Island (Grand Island, NY), Paramount                     said. But HRP must first find the
Canada’s Wonderland (Ontario, Canada) and Six Flags Darien Lake (Darien Ctr, NY)                  money to build and plans to shop the
                                                                                                  project on the private bond market
Coaster Con XXIV starting June 19, 2006; Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando, FL)                   before Thanksgiving, Chief Operating
Coaster Con XXX starting June 17, 2007, Paramount’s Kings Island (Cincinnati, OH)                 Officer Steven Goodwin said.       The
and Holiday World (Santa Claus, IN)                                                               theme park property will revert back to
                                                                                                  its original zoning if building permits
Coaster Con XXXI starting June 15, 2008, Six Flags Over Georgia (Atlanta, GA)                     are not issued within 18 months.

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Welcome New Members
Florida                                           North Carolina                                   South Carolina
The Cole Family; Conner,                          Rick Bashaw, Raleigh                             Jen Dundr, Rock Hill
   Laura, Harrison & Barry                        Jonathan D Dedrick, Charlotte                    Stephen Jones, Beaufort
   Panama City                                    Andrew Harmon, Charlotte
Ryan Whited, Cantonment                           Julie P Loehr, Raleigh
                                                  Brandon Quinn, Charlotte
                                                                                                   Tina & Kayla Lance, Gallatin
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                                                                                                    Taylor, Celeste & Courtney
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The Southern Scream                                     -3-                                                            FALL 2005

CAROLINA COASTER CLASSIC                                                                WEDDING
                                                                                        ASSIMILATION AT

The AMAZING RACE contestant teams open their first clue after lunch.

 (Continued from page 1)
                                                                                        On July 14, 2005, Stacy Saxon
 time to head over to the 2nd “Great     After a group photo on the state               readies to become a borg…literally…
 Scooby Shoot Out” at Scooby-Doo’s       line (page 6) lunch was served, an-            as she exchanges vows with Marc
 Haunted Mansion.      On the way        nouncements were read and the                  Borg. The couple won a radio con-
 many stopped off to enjoy a                                                            test, to marry on BORG Assimila-
 run on Borg Assimilator as                                                             tor™, the Carolinas’ only flying
 attendees were admitted to                                                             roller coaster at Paramount’s
 the Platinum Pass holder                                                               Carowinds. Charlotte, NC.
 ERT session in progress.
                                                                                        Marc and Stacy were one of ten cou-
 As the park opened the                                                                 ples who won a radio contest to
 heat rose and popular spots                                                            marry on Borg Assimilator™, the
 included Water Works,                                                                  world’s only Star Trek®-themed
 Nickelodeon Flying Satura-                                                             roller coaster, at Carowinds
 tor and the refreshingly air-
 conditioned Wings restau-                                                              Above, Marc and Stacy ready them-
 rant.                                                                                  selves for the ups and downs of mar-
                                                                                        riage. The couple are joined by their
                                         afternoon race was announced. In               best man, “3 of 6”, a Borg character,
                                         place of the traditional scavenger             and Pastor Mark Harris (far right).
                                         hunt planners came up with a                   Pastor Harris, an ACE member,
                                         variation of the popular Viacom TV             presided over the wedding cere-
                                         show, “THE AMAZING RACE.” 14                   mony.
                                         teams started out for an entertain-
                                         ing adventure through the park
                                         that had challenges, “road blocks,”
                                         “detours,” elimination “pit stops”
                                         ending with a grand prize of family
    ACE Day October 7                    season pass packages. Congratula-
                                         tions to the park’s PR Dept
                                         (Kathleen, Scott and Natividad)
   Show your ACE card at the ticket      who, along with Asst. Rep Max
                                         Cannon, came up with a new twist
   booth to receive half-price tickets   on a tradition that has promise of            Boomerang Bay coming to
                                         bigger things to come.                        Paramount’s Carowinds
    to the after-hours event on this                                                   Signs appeared at the entrance giving away
     day only. For more information      In the Paramount Theater prizes
                                                                                       the new attraction for 2006 which was just
                                                                                       announced. A total makeover of the Water-
                                         were awarded along with a raffle
    contact Asst. Rep Max Cannon         for all sorts of souvenirs. Night
                                                                                       works water park to Boomerang Bay will take
                                                                                       place during the off season adding 25% more
      (Mcannon@ACEonline.org).           time ERT was on Top Gun which
                                                              (Continued on page 11)
                                                                                       space, a new giant slide, lounges, a
                                                                                       “outback” bar area and more.
The Southern Scream                                       -4-                    FALL 2005

TRADITION                               A new tradition in the Region is
                                        starting as we head into the Smoky
                       For 23 magi-     Mountains the weekend before
                       cal     nights   Thanksgiving for a “Coasterfest” at
                       this holiday     Dollywood on Saturday, Nov. 19.
                       s e a s o n ,
                       P a r a -        Transformed by thousands of lights
                       mount’s          the park takes on a different atmos-
                       C ar o wi n ds   phere during their Smoky Mountain
                       will     come    Christmas celebration. Most rides
alive in a blaze of more than one       remain open and an influx of crafters
million twinkling lights. Featured      along with a change of shows creates
attractions include the Carolina        a holiday wonderland.
Skytower, which turns into one of
the tallest Christmas trees in the      To give attendees a chance to sample
world, Holiday Illuminations, a         seasonal foods a $10 food voucher
dazzling outdoor water light show,      will be distributed in lieu of a group
and Santa’s Toy Factory, a spec-        meal—and any change will be in
tacular live performance taking         cash.
guests into Santa’s workshop.
Guests also can take in a merry
march of floats depicting classic
Christmas scenes in the Christmas
parade, take a twirl on one of the
largest outdoor ice rinks in the area
and enjoy scrumptious holiday food,
shopping and so much more.

“WinterFest will be a remarkable,
memory-making event that guests
are going to want to share with
family and friends,” said Bob White,
general manager of Paramount’s
Carowinds. “This will be the singu-
lar defining holiday event through-
out the entire region, with a scope
and quality that will rival other na-   But what would an event be without
tional holiday events.”                 ERT? And we’ve saved the best for
                                        last with an hour on Thunderhead,
In addition to the multitude of holi-   the marvelous wood twister in the
day cheer at WinterFest, a select       valley. While there you might see
number of the park’s children’s         construction of 2006’s Timber Tower
rides and attractions will be open      next to Thunderhead. And from the
each night. However, none of the        lift hill you might see Fire Tower
coasters will be open for the event.    Falls in the nearby Splash Country.

                                        Our first-ever Coasterfest is timed so
                                        that IAAPA Convention delegates in
                                        Atlanta (page 11) can end their trip
                                        south with an ACE Regional riding
                                        event. We’ve also scheduled on a
                                        light weekend (no car show rally!) for
                                        tourists to Pigeon Forge, this event
                                        should get everyone in a holiday
                                        spirit along with a great night riding
                                        session late in the year, Coasterfest
                                        will hopefully be an event to include
                                        as an annual pre-Thanksgiving treat.
The Southern Scream             -5-           FALL 2005

                           Event Flyer
                      Dollywood Coasterfest
                      CAROLINA COASTER CLASSIC—AUGUST 20, 2005
FALL 2005
The Southern Scream
The Southern Scream                                        -7-                                                  FALL 2005

                                                                                                      Story by Melanie Rea
Melanie Rea and her boyfriend,
Erik Ingram, have been ACE mem-
bers and coaster enthusiasts since
1999. They enrolled daughter
Hayley in ACE as soon as she
reached 48" tall and could ride all
the "good stuff".

On August 6, the family took a trip
to Cedar Point to get some excite-
ment before Hayley went back to
school. There was more excitement
than Melanie expected as Erik pro-
posed to her on the lift hill of Mag-
num XL-200 (their favorite coaster)!
This was a complete surprise and
she immediately accepted his pro-
posal AND the incredibly gorgeous
antique engagement ring just as
they crested the lift hill.

Melanie never dreamed there could
be a way to make the Magnum or a
proposal more exhilarating, but
combining the two definitely did
that! The couple spent the rest of the ride laughing like little kids and the rest of the day floating at least three feet off
every loading platform and coaster seat.

Both Melanie and Erik hope every ACE'r finds as much happiness and as many thrills as they have!

                                                   A LAST GASP AT SFOG
                                                   The rumors began flying around Six Flags Over Georgia in June
                                                   as survey markers were found both inside and outside of the park.
                                                   Most of the markers inside focused on the USA Section, and on Au-
                                                   gust 14 the Great Gasp hosted its last riders. (The nearby Looping
                                                   Starship closed on August 1.)

                                                   No longer will we drive down I-20 and see the chutes on the sky-
                                                   line—but instead the coaster gateway to the park will be capped by
                                                   the Goliath lift hill—rising to be as tall as the Gasp. While it was
                                                   definitely an iconic landmark for the park, ridership and other is-
                                                   sues made it an appropriate time to retire the ride, and hopefully
                                                   the new ride opening next Spring will prove to be just as crowd
                                                   pleasing as the Gasp was during its heyday.

                                                   As mentioned in our
                                                   cover story, Goliath
                                                   is coming in 2006,
                                                   but the Gasp will be
                                                   missed by many as
                                                   they travel on I-20
                                                   west of Atlanta.

                                                   Kim Fowler
The Southern Scream                                            -8-                                                FALL 2005

 (Continued from page 1)
 entrance road to do its airtime filled gyrations directly
 across from the entrance gate. Finally the track turns
 back over the road and hops back up over the Scorcher’s
 last turn to the USA section -based station.

 With over 4,800 feet of track and two 9-row, 4-seat
 B&M coaster trains, both throughput and reliability
 are hoped to be excellent. And while the theme was
 rumored to be in line with a retro 50’s theme, for the
 announcement officials were unspecific as to what it
 will look like. The entire area of the section is prom-
 ised to be freshened
 up so the new coaster          GM Melinda Ashcraft, PR Manager Jim Taylor & friends
 will have a unified
 new look in the area.
 The station itself will
 be between the old
 Looping Starship and
 Great Gasp ride loca-

 For a virtual ride on
 the coaster, the Six
 Flags Over Georgia
 web     site   (www.
 sixflags.com/georgia) has a full animation along with
 renderings. And, to keep everyone looking in over the
 winter months, a construction web cam diary will show
 how things are progressing.

 The current plan is that the ride will open on April 1,
 2006, just in time for Spring Break at the park. The
 ACE Southeast Regional Spring Fling event will be
 held on April 22 to allow us to add Goliath to the sched-
                                      Photos: Robert Nagy

 SFOG SEASON PASS DAY                                                A GIANT ANNOUNCEMENT!
 Saturday, November 5, continues an annual tradition of an           Announcement day, September 1, 2005, found 2 dozen
 exclusive ACE reception during the Season Pass Apprecia-            ACE members along with members of the media enjoy-
 tion Day at Six Flags Over Georgia, which officially is             ing the park’s announcement of Goliath. But they also
 known as the ACE Southeast “Fall Finale.”                           observed the last remnants of the Great Gasp parachute
                                                                     tower as it was torn into history. Park officials have
 For the last day of the Season pass holders are admitted
                                                                     stated that several pieces have been saved for use to
 with special prices on guest admissions along with dis-
                                                                     raise funds for the roller coaster museum, but it was
 counts on food and merchandise—closing out the year with
 a day of fun (and traditionally almost ERT-like conditions          still sad to see an old friend “put down” forever.
 throughout the park).

 At Noon ACE members are invited to join the park’s staff at
 a reception in the Drive-In Theater for what should be a
 very enjoyable time. Perhaps there will be news about the
 construction of Goliath, maybe a few door prizes (what
 would a SFOG event be without prizes?), but you won’t
 know unless you plan on attending the day.
The Southern Scream                                         -9-                                                  FALL 2005

 "We had a great run with                                                                     "We are always looking for
 AstroWorld and have been                                                                     opportunities to enhance
 proud to serve as a family                                                                   shareholder value. In assess-
 entertainment venue in the                                                                   ing the performance of this
 community for so many                                                                        property relative to the sig-
 years.” Those words from                                                                     nificant increase in real es-
 Kieran Burke, chairman and                                                                   tate values in the Houston
 CEO of Six Flags, Inc,                                                                       market, we concluded that
 marks the beginning of the                                                                   the best way to unlock this
 end for a Texas entertainment institution, as the com-           value for shareholders was to pursue a sale of the prop-
 pany announced that it will permanently close its As-            erty," said Mr. Burke. "While we continually review our
 troWorld theme park in Houston at the end of the                 properties in order to determine the best allocation of
 2005 season.                                                     resources, it is important to note that a unique set of
                                                                  circumstances applies to the AstroWorld property and
 In addition, the Oklahoma City-based owner and opera-            this action should not be considered indicative of our
 tor of regional theme parks announced it has engaged             intentions for any of our other parks.” Mr. Burke added,
 Cushman & Wakefield to market the 109-acre site to               "We are grateful to everyone who visited, worked and
 the real estate development community. While subject             supported AstroWorld, and we look forward to serving
 to the approval of the company’s bank lenders, the com-          Houstonians at Six Flags SplashTown and other nearby
 pany expects the sale to yield significant proceeds that         Six Flags parks. We are very encouraged by the pros-
 would be used for debt reduction and other corporate             pect that the site has great potential for economic de-
 purposes.                                                        velopment and are hopeful this sale will ultimately re-
                                                                  sult in significant job creation and economic activity for
 AstroWorld is not only located near Reliant Park -               the city of Houston."
 Houston’s major sports, entertainment, and exhibition
 center, but it is also near the museum district, the         The company said the closure will result in the loss of
 sprawling Texas Medical Center, and is immediately           119 permanent jobs. However, jobs at other Six Flags
 adjacent to the new light rail system’s Fannin South         properties are likely to be offered to a number of em-
 Station.                                                     ployees. While Six Flags said the 2005 seasonal staff
                                                              would not be affected, the economic and social impact
 Six Flags (NYSE: PKS) says a dis-                                                  certainly will be felt in 2006, as
 position of the 37-year-old park                                                   jobs for approximately 1,500 sea-
                                          Astroworld’s Coaster Collection
 compares very favorably with other                                                 sonal workers – primarily for
 alternatives for the venue, such as      Batman The Escape   Stand Up              older youth and young adults –
 making significant additional in-        Greezed Lightnin'   Sit Down
                                                                                    will not come back to Houston. In
 vestments in new rides, attractions,                                               addition, the loss of AstroWorld
 and upgraded facilities. While this      Mayan Mindbender    Sit Down              would be a crippling blow to the
 may be true given AstroWorld’s size                                                surrounding hotels and restau-
                                          Serial Thriller     Inverted
 and location within a renewed area                                                 rants, whose only real draw dur-
 of Houston that is adjacent to much      Serpent             Sit Down              ing the summer months is from
 of city's growing business, civic, and                                             AstroWorld patrons and employ-
 healthcare activity, the company         Texas Cyclone       Sit Down              ees.
 acknowledged the continued uncer-        Ultra Twister           Pipeline
 tainty over offsite parking rights                                                    Six Flags said it retains a signifi-
 related to Reliant Stadium, the          Viper                   Sit Down             cant presence in the greater
 Texans football team, the Houston                                                     Houston area with its Six Flags
                                          XLR-8                   Suspended
 Livestock Show & Rodeo as a factor                                                    SplashTown waterpark, located
 in the decision.                                                                      just north of the city in Spring,
                                                                                       Texas. SplashTown will be en-
 On August 25, 2005, the company’s Board of Directors             hanced with equipment from AstroWorld, primarily
 announced it was seeking proposals from third parties            from AstroWorld’s waterpark area. Six Flags will also
 regarding a possible sale of the company. However, to-           continue to serve the Texas market with its San Anto-
 day’s announcement pertaining to AstroWorld has no               nio and Arlington parks.
 impact on the Six Flags’ ongoing plans to sell the com-
 pany.                                                            AstroWorld’s last day of operations will be Sunday, Oc-
                                                                  tober 30.
                                                                                                     Story by David Lipnicky
The Southern Scream                                          - 10 -                                                   FALL 2005

                          Amusement Today’s “Golden Ticket” awards have quickly
                                                                  become a standard measurement of quality in the Amuse-
                                                                  ment Industry. After debuting in the #4 spot last year,
                                                                  Thunderhead at Dollywood shot to the top spot in this
                                                                  year’s awards (perhaps aided by the large attendance at
                                                                  the 2005 ACE Spring Convention).

                                                                  Other winners could be found throughout the Region,
                                                                  with Paramount’s Carowinds in the #3 spot for “best
                                                                  kid’s area” after their transformation into Nick Central
                                                                  this year.

A production crew from Indigo Films made the casting
call and 24 ACErs answered to go to Dollywood on Sep-
tember 20 to help film what will be a two-hour high defi-
nition TV documentary, Coasters: Riding Into the Ex-
treme, which will take a look at the science behind roller        Golden Tickets from the Southeast Region (listed with
coasters. The show will examine the evolution of coaster          the overall winner for the category):
design, materials used in construction, and the physics
behind what makes coasters so fun to ride.                        Best Coasters (wood):
                                                                  1 Thunderhead, Dollywood
Under a surprisingly hot September sun the members                17 Rampage, Visionland
                                                                  22 (tie) Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags Over Georgia
joined Dollywood’s staff and Mike Boodley, designer of
Thunderhead, with rides on his creation throughout the
                                                                  Best Coasters (steel):
afternoon. Mr. Boodley provided the on-camera commen-             1 Millennium Force, Cedar Point
tary (the setup is shown above), and also was pleasurable         21 Mind Bender, Six Flags Over Georgia
company telling tales and helping to become “Count                29 (tie) Top Gun, Paramount’s Carowinds
Boodley” as the train’s passengers counted the curves             45 (tie) Superman-Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Over
(22), bridges (16), crossovers (32) and such.                              Georgia

Look for the program to air next Spring on the National           Best Water Ride (Park):
Geographic Television cable channel.                              1 Valhalla, Blackpool Pleasure Beach
                                                                  5 Mountain Slidewinder, Dollywood

                                                                  Friendliest Park Staff:
                                                                  1 Holiday World              More information is available at
                                                                  2 Dollywood                  www.amusementtoday.com
                                                                  Best Shows;
                                                                  1 Six Flags Fiesta Texas
                                                                  2 Dollywood

                                                                  Best Kid’s Area:
                                                                  1 Paramount’s Kings Island
                                                                  3 Paramount’s Carowinds

                                                                  Best Food:
                                                                  1 Knoebels Amusement Resort
                                                                  4 Dollywood
The Southern Scream                                         - 11 -                                                 FALL 2005

The world-wide International Association of Amusement            online registration form you will select “Member Rate” and
Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) will hold their annual con-        select the club as the member and use your member number
ference and trade show at the World Congress Center in           in the appropriate box. If registering by mail you will need
Atlanta, Georgia this year. The conference will run from         to contact an ACE Representative for the IAAPA member-
November 14 through 18, and the exhibit hall will be open        ship code number.
November 16—19.
                                                                                                      IAAPA is a business
This is the “One                                                                                      show—and         ACE
Event That Does                                                                                       members who pre-
It All” – with                                                                                        sent a professional
probably       the                                                                                    appearance and atti-
largest array of                                                                                      tude will help en-
manufacturers                                                                                         hance the under-
and service pro-                                                                                      standing of the club’s
viders for the                                                                                        objectives. But it is
amusement       in-                                                                                   also an informative
dustry. No mat-                                                                                       and fun time. The
ter what kind of                                                                                      manufacturers offer
attraction — amusement park, family entertainment cen-           a wide range of displays and information, and some set up
ter, zoo or aquarium, museum, waterpark or resort,               on the “Magical Midway” their newest rides and attractions.
IAAPA Attractions Expo 2005 has every thing needed to            Plus, how often can you test out every version of “Bob’s
thrill the crowds and keep them coming back.                     Space Racers” known to mankind?

To maintain industry relationships and goodwill, the             And to end the week, on Saturday, at the conclusion of the
American Coaster Enthusiasts will have a delegation              show, drive 4 hours up I-75/40 to enjoy our Coasterfest at
manning a booth on the exhibit floor to answer questions         Dollywood (see event flyer page 5).
and develop new friends. Additionally, ACE members can
attend the exhibits at the IAAPA member rate. Using the          WWW.IAAPAEXPO.COM

                                                                                                  (Continued from page 3)
                                                                                                  flew through the sky,
                                                                                                  along with the hard-to-
                                                                                                  get-credit Hey Arnold’s
                                                                                                  Taxi Chase and as one of
                                                                                                  the day’s highlights for
                                                                                                  many, the Phantom Fly-
                                                                                                  ers (you know, the ones
                                                                                                  that were relocated from
                                                                                                  Kings Island last year).

                                                                                                  Too soon the ERT was
                                                                                                  over and people rushed to
                                                                                                  their air conditioned cars
                                                                                                   to drive away thinking
The winning teams from the first ever Paramount Carowind’s / ACE Southeast “Amazing                about the amazing things
Race” pose with park officials; (Front row, l-r; Charlie Austin (3rd), Tina & Tommy Quinn          that may come there way
(1st). Back row; Scott Anderson (Carowinds), Charles Austin (3rd), Mike & Meagan Worley            next year.
(2nd), Caroline & Steve Emmert, (4th) and Kathleen Bell (Carowinds).
                                        THE BRAKE RUN
      THANK YOU!
                                                      he end of Summer brought grief to a large section of our Region. The destruction of
  .                                                   Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast has devastated families, uprooted individuals,
                                                      and cast aside all that many thought was permanent in life.
      Thanks to Kim Fowler,
  Melanie Rea, Robert Nagy,                 Since that fateful night hundreds of thousands of individuals have spread out across the South-
  David Lipnicky; Jim Tay-                  east, all looking for a way to start over. And the hospitality and generosity of people has been
  lor & Melinda Ashcraft (Six               overwhelming. But there is still a very long road ahead.
  Flags Over Georgia); Scott
  Anderson, Kathleen Bell &
                                            Most needed are funds to rebuild. Several organizations have started efforts to help, including
  Natividad           Lewis
                                            the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity. All of these are
  (Paramount’s Carowinds);
  Pete Owens (Dollywood),                   funded by the generosity of people to help others in times of need. If you haven’t taken a mo-
  and everyone else who                     ment to give whatever you can, now is the time when your help is needed most.
  make the Southeast Region
  of ACE the best!                          And another way you can help is with your time. Volunteer to help in a shelter, work with a food
      Thanks also to the                    drive, donate clothing or supplies, or just work to help catch up with the mountain of information
  mailing team; Peggy Ul-                   that is building on top of what must be one of the most disastrous calamities in history.
  rich, Chip Siezko, Kitty &
  Doug Wintemute. If you                    I have personally been volunteering at the American Red Cross Service Center in Marietta, help-
  live in the Atlanta area and              ing provide assistance to thousands of families from the coast daily since they started arriving.
  would like to help out send-              But as I write this I and many others are having to go back to their real jobs so there is a great
  ing the newsletter send a                 need for new volunteers to help take over the tasks. I can definitely understand the fearful un-
  note to rulrich@ACEonline.                certainty of the challenge to walk through that first volunteering door, but the rewards on the
  org.                                      other side are personally immeasurably satisfying.
      All photos & stories by
  Robert Ulrich unless other-               So, take a moment to help with your time or money. The Southeast is hurting and
  wise noted.                               each one of us will play a part of the long process of recovery.                       Robert

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