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									  Unit 4        Extraterrestrials
    Text A The Watery Place

• Pre-reading Tasks
• Pre-Questions
• Comprehension Questions
• Language Points
• Related Knowledge
• Text Structure
• Translation
    The text is a science fiction, which narrates the
unsuccessful visit of two Venusians to the earth and its
consequence. The story takes place at an isolated small
town named Twin Gulch. The sheriff there was a hot-
tempered person, who got especially fidgeted at his tax
form. "I ", the deputy of the sheriff, witnessed the landing
of a flying saucer and the arrival of two extraterrestrials
through the window. The extraterrestrials entered "our"
office to visit Cameron and requested that "we" join their
organization, only to receive rude refusal and sarcasm from
Cameron. They, therefore, vowed not to return for ever. It
was too late when "I" told Cameron the truth.
             Writing Style:
   This story is a narration. At its beginning, by stating
the result, the author created a suspense, thus
arousing the interest of the readers. Then the author
employs flashback to narrate what has happened in a
chronological order as they actually happen. Though
the plots have ups and downs, the development of
the whole story is clear and the structure
orderly, which displays superior skills of the author in
     The story is written in the third person, which
adds to its trueness and objectivity.
      What's more, the author skillfully employs
language to reveal the personality and image of the
characters. Cameron's sentences are short, and full
of colloquial and informal words, which reveals that
he was careless, hot-tempered and stupid. The
sentences spoken by the extraterrestrials are
long, and the words they used are formal, refined and
precise, which displays their sincere attitudes
towards their promise. The depiction of the
characters by the author through their language leads
to a reasonable end as it is in the story.
       Answers to questions
about Text A, Unit 4
   Line 2, will ever中的ever与前面的no搭配起never的作用。后面—
    —at least, any more,是省略句,应为no extraterrestrials will
    ever land on Earth any more.
   Line 3, I‟m not just being a pessimist中being是used to give the
    reason for sth.的意思,just起强调作用。
   Line 5, All on a account of a ridiculous error=all because of a
    ridiculous error.
   Line 8, …and you‟ll have to …这里用一般将来时针对的是读者,
   Line 15, …let a taxman work on the forms with him,这里with是介
   Line 16, a bitter man, 这里bitter有feeling angry, jealous, and
    upset because you think you have been treated unfairly.
   Line 19, was backed up against, back是vt.,词组意为“to provide
    support or help for sb. or sth.”,against有something touches, hits or
    rubs a surface的意思。
   Line 21, hit the sack: (old-fashioned, informal) go to bed
   Line 22, …real steady…的意思是constantly,real是副词。前面keep
    on后加n.或doing sth.
   Line 25, rocket exhausts这里exhausts是名词
   Line 28 I couldn‟t choke or point所在的这一段中所有的句子都是用来表
   Line 34, They had on black shoes and black hats…这里have…on是
   Line 36, five foot ten apiece,“每个都有五英尺十英寸高”,也写作
    five feet ten
   Line 45, All I got‟s a wife原句应为all that I got is a wife.
   Line 54, You could see the light break in on Cameron重点理解其中the light,其
    意为“(singular, literary)an expression in someone‟s eyes that show an
    emotion or intention。
   Line 55, go much for sth./sb.=like sth./sb. very much
   Line 62, the 23rd paragraph, “We would like to have you make (make sb. do
    sth.) immediate arrangements for (我们之前学习过动词词组arrange for的名词形
    式,这里后面跟要安排的人物) the important men of your USA, (as you call it是
    插入语), (这里省略的是前面的important men of your USA)to be brought here
    (后面跟的是来这里的目的,用for连接)for discussions (discussion的具体内容是
    leading to your people joining our great organization).”这一句话比较拗口是因
   Line 70, pushed the chair out from under me介词from后面可以再跟一个介词短
   Line 73,if they will help这里的help是vi.,这是常用的一句话,“如果他们帮得上
   Line 74, went to pieces…意思是if sb. goes to pieces, he is so upset or nervous
    that he lose control of himself and cannot do what he should do.
   Line 76, If you don‟t get (the hell,插入语,粗口) out of here.
   Line 84-85,to be left alone与前面的you really wish构成一个完
   Line 85, with great intensity中intensity有the quality of being
    serious and having very strong feelings or opinions的意思
   Line 85-86, It‟s not our way …who do not wish us or it. = It‟s not
    our way…who do not wish us or wish it.
   Line 91, …everything they said was so.中so的意思是to be true
    or correct。
   Line 92, …you see, which Cameron wasn‟t,中的which指的是前
    面listening to them。
   Line 96,…---too late用在此处表示解释说明,破折号表意思转
    折,用语言的话为but it is too late.。
   Line 97, for God‟s sake有两个意思,1)used when you are
    telling someone how important it is to do sth. or not to do sth. 2)
    used to show that you‟re angry or annoyed.
   Line 100, he being twenty-five pounds…是一个独立主格句。
   Line 113, they talked funny=they talked in a funny way, 口语中
   Line 119, His eyes got real round“他睁圆了双眼”
   Line 122, …the kind anyone could make是前面error的同位语。
   Line 123, Only now…中的only是口语中的连接词,相当于 ‘but‟
    to give the reason why something is not possible.
   Line 125, because he whisper…这里because要联系上一段来理
   关于God,同学们可以通过查字典和平时阅读积累它的搭配用
   Work alone first. What do you look
for in an ideal partner? What are your
standards in choosing a life companion?
From the list below choose EIGHT that
you consider to be the most important.
Please give your reasons.
 Good looks
 A sense of humour
 Likes children
 A good listener
 The same interests
 Similar intelligence
 Well-educated
 Good health
 Able to cook
 Ambitious
 Popular with your friends & family
 Able to make decisions
 Has a well-paid job
 Similar background and religion
 Patient
        An Adventure with the ETs
   It was a shining day. Mary and I were wandering on
    the beach when we caught sight of a marvelous
 scene—it seemed that two suns appeared in the sky
  simultaneously. Then one „sun‟ moved closed and
       turned to be a flying saucer. It landed on the
    beach, softly and quietly, less than one hundred
                     meters from us.
   Stupid with scare, we stood still, not knowing what
to do. When we recovered to wit enough to make a
run, it was too late—a hole appeared on the mental
giant and three E.T.s came out.
    “Hello man! Fancy meeting you here!” they called
us back. “We are not invaders, but universal
travelers. We have covered a distance of 11 light
years, from the Big Bear Constellation, to the planet
which you call „earth‟. We find many beautiful things
here-you boys and girls, the virous kinds of
species, the deep blue ocean, the peculiar
phsyognomies, and the like.”
   “We have kept a distance from you human beings
through our observation, in order not to make a
disturb. But it is time for us to leave now. We are in
great thirst for some memorials. Would you please
have a handshake with us, and climb upon the tree
and pick us a coconut?”
   Mary and I were relieved on their sincerity, and we said “yes”.
On hearing their introduction, we took an earnest look on them.
Their head occupies one of three of their body, with teapot-
lardge eyes, but no hair. Their extremity are short and
weak, bestrowed with crumbled skins.
   When I gave out our hands and touched theirs, a sense of joy
flew through my body like an electronic shock. It convinced me
that they are the emissaries of universal peace.
   Then I got them several coconuts. They gave a sigh at my
reaching high onto the tree, which contributes to my suppose
that they are great advanced in technology at the price of
degenerated physical capacity.
   At last they waved goodbye to us, “Longing for your visit!” On
these words, the flying saucer took off. Without flames or gas
erupted, it soared up and reduced to be like another sun, then
cleared away into the sky.
Possible new words &

 1. alien: foreign, unfamiliar, strange.
 2.   visitation:(formal)official visit.
 3. galaxy: any of the large systems of
  stars of outer space.星系
   4.   devastating: very destructive.
 5. Andromeda: Andromeda is the nearest
  major galaxy to our own Milky Way
  Galaxy ,Our Galaxy is thought to look much
  like Andromeda, Andromeda is frequently
  referred to as M31.M31 is so distant it takes
  about two million years for light to reach
  us from there. 仙女座
 6. wimpy: like a weak and timid person.
 7. interstellar: between the stars
 8. matter: physical substance in
  general(contrasted with mind or spirit)
 9. particle: very small bit or piece of
 10. harness: control and use.
 11. propulsion: driving something
  forward or being driven forward.
 12. punch: make a hole in something
 13. next to: almost
           The Planets
Our solar system
 has nine planets
    within it.
These planets are :
  Venus, Earth,
 Jupiter, Saturn,
 Uranus, Neptune
    and Pluto
Part II Pre-questions:
 1. Have you ever seen some movies
  or read some science fictions about ET?
  If so, tell us about them.
 2.    How many planets are there in the
  Universe? Can you name them?
 3.    Do you think there are lives there?
  And state your reasons.
 Part III Comprehension
 1.   According to the passage, have
  Aliens ever visited our planet? And
  list his reasons.
 2. Is it possible for Aliens to visit
  us? And support yourself .
 3. What obstacles the interstellar
  space travel?
 1. There are nine planets in the
  Universe.They are:Mercury,Venus,Mars,
 Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto and
 2. The Aliens have never visited our
  planet.The reasons are in the second
 3. It is impossible for Aliens to visit
  us ,The reasons are in the fourth
 4. The answer also lies in the fourth
Part IV Language
1. on account of: (fml) because of
The house is not suitable for an old
person on account of all those stairs.
 He failed to show up when the time is
due on account of his illness.
2. deputy: someone whose job is to help
a sheriff in the U.S; the second most
important     person    in    a   particular
After serious years hard work he
was promoted to deputy manager.
3. work up: spend time and effort
  preparing; produce or develop
 Let‟s go for a walk to work up an
 Our plan is to further work up
  custom for our product.
4. pension: an amount of money
  paid regularly to someone who can
  no longer earn money by working.
 He has been receiving pension for
  six months.
5. disable: make a person unable to use
  his/her body properly.
 The disabled in the army deserve our
  genuine respect.
 Nowadays there is a bias against the
  disabled persons.
6.   veteran: person with much or long
  experience, especially as a soldier.
   In 1976,many veterans gathered in
  America, many of whom caught a kind
  of disease named Legionaire‟s disease.
7.       complicated: difficult to
  understand or deal with.
 The problem is too complicated to
  understand for a nine-year-old.
 The     new computer is even
  complicated for an expert to
8.     knock off: (informal) stop
  working, usu, at the end of a day.
 When do you knock off for supper?
 I‟ll knock off early today cause I
  have to pick up my son from
9. hit the sack: (informal) go to bed.
 Guys ,time to hit the sack ,lights out!
 He was worn out today so he hit the
  sack right after supper.
 10.curse           real           steady:
  curse, swear, here real steady means
 The tourists who were delayed by the
  annoying weather cursed it silently.
11.go over: examines the details of;
  check; study carefully.
 I hastily went over my lessons the last night
  and sat for the exam.
 Let go over the whole process of the accident
  in detail.
12. column: a series of numbers arranged one
  after the other; a tall pillar.
 Fill in the blanks in the left column and then
  line them with appropriate ones in the right
 The roof of the temple was held up by a row of
  stone columns
13. rocket: a tube-like device containing
  material that burns rapidly and propels
  the tube through the air.
 American Robert H. Goddard was one
  of the forest scientists to experiment
  with rocket propulsion systems
14. bug: cause eyes to stick out ;annoy
 The eyes of the monster can bug out
  when it get surprised.
 Don‟t bug me with silly questions.
15. alike: similar, in the same manner.
 People,      natives     and   foreigners
  alike, hope to have a safe and secure
  living condition.
 The twins look extremely alike.
16. observation: the act of watching
 The injured was put under close
  observation despite his constant protest.
 Observation is very important for a
  chemical student.
17.locality: a particular place ,the
  position of something.
 This is the very locality of the accident.
18. isolate: set apart; cut off from others.
 When I am angry, I find it best to
  isolate myself from others for a while.
 The persons who was suspected to have
  got the disease was isolated from
  others for the sake of prevention.
19. adopt: take over and use as one‟s
  own; take into one‟s family and make
  legal son or daughter.
 The old maid adopted a home-less boy as
  her son.
 Some immigrants discarded their old
  customs and adopted American ways.
20. mode: a manner, way or method of
 Railways are still the most important
  mode of transport in many less advanced
   You will have to change your mode of life when
    you immigrate to another country.
21.appearance:the way that somebody or
  something looks; an act of coming into
 The manager gave every appearance of
  being a very dedicated employee.
 Women’ magazines are full of ideas on
  how to make the best of one’s
22. You could see the light break in
  on Cameron: You could notice
  Cameron was beginning to understood
  what they said.
23. go for: be attracted by ;like or prefer
 Many young people go for pip music.
 What sort of novels do you go for?
24. blink: shut and open the eyes quickly;
  flash on and off.
 Staring for hours at a computer screen
  dries out the eyes as people blink less.
25.regardless of: without worrying about
  or taking account of
 Each state has two senators, regardless of
 Regardless of the danger ha might
  face, he rushed into the burning building
  to save the people there.
26. nationality: the state of belonging to a
  particular nation; people who belong to a
 Many different nationalities went to the
 Her father in an American. Her father is
  an Italian. What nationality is she? one’s service: willing to help
 If you need any help, let me know, I am
  always at your service.
 “Would you fetch my glasses from the
  kitchen?” “At your service, Madam.”
28.arrangement: plan; preparation (usu.
  pl, followed by about/for)
 The personnel department only called
  me ,but made no arrangements to see
  me .
 The president does not want any special
  arrangements for her visit.
29.…but I couldn’t as much as fall
  down if someone had pushed the
  chair out from under me: but I was
  so scared that I could not do
  anything ,could not even fall down if
  someone took my chair away. All I
  could do was sit and stare.30.
30. supreme: greatest in power, rank or
 The Supreme Court has the final say in
  this case.
 The king in China enjoyed supreme
31. go to pieces: get so astonished or upset
    that he lose control of himself.
   When she heard her boyfriend was shot ,she
    really went to pieces.
32. come around:              visit someone at their
   Why did not you come around when you were in
    Beijing on business?
33. leave…alone: allow one to be by
  oneself; allow sb.or sth, to remain
  untouched or unchanged.
   It’s useless to talk to her since she is so upset;
    just leave her alone.
   I told you to leave that vase alone---now you’ve
    broken it .
34. garbage: nonsense; rubbish.
 He was talking a lot of garbage about
 Family members hauled bags of trash
  out to the garbage can, and ,once or
  twice a week, collection crews would
  dump them into garbage truck
35. heave: raise or lift with great effort
 The teacher heaved Mary to her feet and
  took her to the office.
 They have to heave the piano onto the
36.         wit:       (also        wits)quick
  understanding, intelligence
 He lacked the wit to respond in time.
 Peter had not the wits to realize the
37. make like: (informal)act as if one were;
  pretend to be (used in the patterns: make
  like sb./ sth ; make like +clause)
 The old man made like a monkey to
  amuse the children.
 Bob made like he wad a fish blowing
38. knock down: cause someone to fall
  to the ground by pushing or hitting
 The old man died in hospital after being
  knocked down by a car
 The driver was in serious trouble for
  knocking down a pedestrian on a
  pedestrian crossing.
39. catch sight of : see for a moment.
 I happened to catch sight of John as he
  was going past our office.
40. fade out: disappear gradually.
  examples: My daughter‟s interest in
  drawing has now almost completely
  faded out.
   As it was getting colder and
  colder ,their enthusiasm for doing
  sports in the morning faded out.
 Part V Related Knowledge
1.  Scan the whole text and divide it into
 parts, and sum up the main ideas of each
2. Cultural Notes:
 (1) Venus: the second major planet in order
 of distance from the Sun. Also known ass
 Hesperus,     the      evening     star,    or
 Phosphorus, the morning star, Venus can be
 the brightest object in the sky after the Sun
 and Moon and follows a near-circular path
 some    106million    kilometers   from    the
 Sun, taking 225 days to complete one orbit.
  Brief introduction of the author
Isaac Asomov (1920~1992):
  Russian-born        American
  writer and scientists. He
  was a distinguished bio-
  chemist, but is more widely
  known as the author of
  many works of many works
  of science fiction, books on
  science        for       non-
  scientists, and essays on a
  wide variety of subjects.
  Among      his    best-known
  science fiction are I, Robot
  and the Foundation trilogy.
(3) extraterrestrial life: life forms that
  may have evolved on other planets.
  There is no hard evidence at present
  that life exists on the Earth. Most UFOs
  have been satisfactorily explained as
  become natural or man-made, and the
Viking missions to Mars ere inconclusive
in testing for the existence o life in that
planet. Nevertheless, searched have been
and are being made for signs that life has
arisen in other parts of the universe.
 Certain knowledge either that life is
  confined to planet Earth or has been
  found elsewhere would have the
  profoundest philosophical implications
  for mankind.
(4) the congress: The Congress is one of
  the three branches of the US federal
  government, the legislative branch.
  Congress has two houses, the Senate
  and the House of Representative. The
  main job of congress is making laws.
  Before a new law can be made ,both
  houses have to pass it, and it must then
  have the approval of the President.
(5) the Supreme Court: The judicial
  branch is one of the three branched of
  US federal government and operates
  the system of law courts. The Supreme
  Court in Washington.D.C. is the highest
  court in the US and is very powerful.
Comprehension questions:
1.Why is Bart Cameron not           approachable by
2. How did the flying saucer land in Earth?
3. What did the two men from space look like?
4. How did the author feel at the sight of the
5. How did Bart respond to the arrival of the two
6. According to the two visitors, why did they
  choose Twin Gulch as their first contact?
7. What was the main purpose of the
  extraterrestrials‟ trip?
7. What was the main purpose of the
  extraterrestrials‟ trip?
8. What was Bart‟s response to the
9. what did Bart threaten to do to the two
10. How did the two men from Venus
  interpret the sheriff‟s threat? Then what
  did they decide to do?
11. How did the author feel about the
  guests‟ departure?
12. What was “the stupid error” made by
 Keys:
1. He is by nature a very impatient
  man, and before he finished working up
  his income tax, that is April14, he will
  be more impatient          and       thus
2. It looks like a shooting star first, but
  then the track of light broadened into
  two things that looked like rocket
  exhausts and the thing came down
  without a sound.
3. They look exact like a earthling, re.
4. The author was scared.
5. He was rather reluctant to receive
  them and he appeared very impatient.
6. Because it is isolated and peaceful.
7.    Let    the   earthlings    join  their
8. At first, he thought it was funny and he
  was sardonic, later he became furious.
9. He claimed that he would put them in
  jail for ever.
10.They     thought    they    were     very
  unpopular     and    should    leave    at
  once, and they intended to put a
  warning around Earth thus prevent
  others coming.
11.The author must feel very astonished
  and was extremely angry about the way
  the sheriff handling with the aliens.

12. He mistakenly took the aliens from
  Venus as people from Venice.
 Venus is the second
 planet from the Sun .
    It is often called
 Earth's twin because
 it is almost the same
     size as Earth.
  It is surrounded by
   thick clouds of hot
    poisonous gases.
 It is hotter on Venus
 than it is on Mercury
even though Mercury is
   closer to the Sun.
         Part VI Text Structure
   The text is arranged by time order
The narrator claims     Before      the      ET’s
that no ET will ever    arrival(paras4~5)
land    on     earth
                        The landing of the
An account of the
encounter       with    The meeting with the
ETs ,making it clear    ET(paras12~34)
that they will never
                        After the ET’s
Part VII Translation:
Directions: Translate the following
 passage into English, using the
 words and phrases given below.

  Adopt alike appearance         catch sight of
  complicated fade out     isolate       mode
  nationality observation       on account of
  organization   wit    work up
        According to a report from an
 organization, Chinese, townspeople and
 countrymen alike adopt a curious attitude
 toward      the     people    from   different
 nationalities. It is even so in more removed
 past, it is said that then whenever people
 caught sight of a foreigner, they would
 evade them on account of their different
 appearance and mode of dressing. And the
 situation then was far complicated than you
 might suppose. If there were foreigners
 living in the same block,
the local people would either isolate
 them or gingerly put them under
 close observation. The foreigners
 were at their wit‟s end to work up
 a harmonious relationship with
 them,      and    gradually     this
 phenomenon faded away.
     The End
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