Why Teach Kids To Garden Gardening with children can be

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					                                                      Beet ­ The striped varieties are favorites.          Bunny Tails (Lagrus ovatus) ­ grass with fluffy 
Why Teach Kids To Garden?                             Broccoli ­ Try Minaret, it looks like tiny spiral       poofs on the ends. 
                                                      towers and tastes delicious.                         Love in a Mist (Nigella) – Seed pods are fun to 
Gardening with children can be one of the most        Brussels Sprouts ­ Fun to harvest, easy to grow,        pop. 
rewarding experiences for both the child and              try ‘Valiant’ for excellent flavor.              Morning Glory & Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea) 
their parents or mentors. Children are natural        Carrot ­ Thumbelina and Little Finger are cute,         ­ fast growing, showy flowering vines. 
gardeners ­ they are curious, learn by doing, and         snacking varieties.                              Marigold ­ Aromatic, easy to grow from seed. 
love to play in the dirt.  Working together in the    Chard ­ Bright Lights and Rainbow will brighten      Nasturtium (Tropaeolum) ­ Rambling mass of 
garden can provide hours of quality time each             up the vegetable garden.                            bright, edible flowers. 
week and encourages a child’s interest in the         Corn ­ Try Bodacious, Precocious (early),            Pansy ­ Cute little flowers, easy to grow, lots of 
workings of nature and science, experiencing the          Kandy Corn, Zea Mays (ornamental)                   color variation. 
cycles of life first hand.  Giving a child her/his    Cucumber ­ Great for trellising and a crowd­         Salvia ­ Attracts butterflies & hummingbirds 
own space teaches responsibility and allows for           pleaser.                                            with tasty nectar and bright colors. 
creativity and a sense of pride in producing food     Dill ­ Tall and feathery, has great taste and        Snapdragons ­ Fun dragon mouths that open and 
or growing a bounty of wildflowers.  As an                smell.                                              close. 
added bonus, the whole family ends up with            Eggplant ­ Bambino is a cute variety to try.         Sunflower ­ Huge and captivating, attracts birds, 
fresh food and a new appreciation of vegetables.      Fennel ­ Yummy leaves and seeds, attracts               has edible seeds, and easy to grow. Try: 
                                                          beneficial insects.                                 Teddy Bear, Giant Sungold, Big Smile. 
                                                      Gourd ­ Try Swan, Caveman’s Club, Autumn             Strawflower (Helichrysum bracteatum) ­ Fun 
Tips For Gardening With Kids                             Wings for interesting shapes.                        shapes and great as a dried flower. 
                                                      Lettuce ­ Easy to grow nearly year round and         Sweet Peas­ Smell sweet and easy to grow. 
                                                          best when cut fresh from the garden.             Zinnia ­ Wonderfully bright array of colors. 
☻Give them their own space ­ either raised 
                                                      Mint ­ Chocolate, Apple, Orange, Pineapple, and      Flowering Perennials 
beds, pots, or ground plots­ make sure each child 
                                                          Peppermint have wonderful scent and taste.       Bee Balm (Monarda) ­ Bright flowers attract 
has their own space. 
                                                      Pineapple Sage­ Smells sweet, attracts                 hummingbirds/butterflies. 
☻Keep it small ­ a smaller space is more                  hummingbirds. 
manageable and everything seems larger through                                                             Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguinens)­ 
                                                      Peas ­ Sugar Snap and Cascade are great for            velvety black­red with chocolate smell. 
a child’s eyes.  Start small and increase with age 
                                                          cooking and snacking.                            Coreopsis ­ Feathery foliage and continuous 
and interest. 
                                                      Potato ­ Blue and Cranberry Red varieties are           golden flowers. 
☻Placement in the best possible spot ­ near the          delightful excuses for playing in the dirt. 
action, in the best sun and (prepared) soil, will     Pumpkin ­ Try smaller varieties like Baby Boo, 
                                                                                                           Echinacea ­ Has an intriguing texture to its 
optimize success.                                        Jack Be Little, and Fairy Tale.                     center, blooms summer till fall, and is a 
☻Use serious tools and work gloves ­ cheap            Radish ­ Easter Egg and Breakfast are tasty            medicinal herb. 
plastic tools break and frustrate the new                varieties and rewarding producers.                Gaillardia ­ Loads of daisy­like flowers in 
gardener.                                             Squash ­ Flying Saucer, Starship, 8­Ball,              warm colors all summer long.
☻Engage kids in the entire process from seed to         and Sunburst all have great shapes. 
table.                                                Strawberry ­ Alpine, Seascape, Hood are 
☻Choose interesting (smell, touch, taste)                delicious and abundant producers. 
and colorful plants that are easy to grow.            Sunflower ­ Plant edible seed varieties like 
                                                      Tomato ­ Bite size Cherry, Yellow Pear, and 
Edible Suggestions                                       Grape are sweet and popular with kids. 
Beans ­ Scarlet Runner & Painted Lady have 
colorful seeds & flowers that hummingbirds            Flowering Annuals 
love.                                                 Calendula ­ Edible, sure bloomer, nice aroma. 
Perennials Cont'd…                                    Books:                                                      Gardening with Kids
Daisy (Leucanthemum) - A classic in the               Children’s Gardens: A Field Guide for Teachers,
  garden.                                             Parents, and Volunteers by Elizabeth Bremner &
Delphinium - Intense shades of blue, tall and         John Pusey.                                                 Great Plants
  whimsical.                                                                                                        And Ideas
Lamb’s ears (Stachys byzantina) - Very soft           Dig, Plant, Grow: A Kid’s Guide to Gardening
   and true to its name.
                                                      By Felder Rushing                                           For a Child’s
Lavender (Lavendula) – Lovely, calming                Great Gardens for Kids
   scent, attracts wildlife, drought tolerant.        by Clare Matthews
Poppies - Provides great color, easy to grow,
   Icelandic Mix & Oriental varieties.                Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots: Gardening
Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia) - Huge colorful            Together with Children by Sharon Lovejoy
   flower stalks, drought resistant.
Sempervirens -Weird looking succulents,               Local Resources
  drought tolerant, try Hens & Chicks or              Growing Gardens-Community outreach through
  Cobweb Houseleek.                                   school gardens and the Boys & Girls Club,
                                                      volunteer/community involvement opportunities.
                                                      Contact: Caitlin 503-284-8420
Structures                                            email-Caitlin@growing­gardens.org
                  Teepees - These are easy to make
                  by lashing 3-5 poles or sticks      Old McDonald’s Farm-Offers classes, summer &
                  together , stringing wire or        special needs programs & camps, day visits,
                  twine around for beans,             “Farmer For a Day” sleep-overs, & seasonal
                  morning glory, gourds, or           activities.
                  cucumber to grow upon. Make         Contact: 503-695-3316 
                  them tall enough for a child to     www.oldmcdonaldsfarm.org
                  climb inside.
                                                      Zenger Farm-Offers after school classes, summer
Sunflower or Corn House - Can be created by           camp, and day activities.
strategically planting seeds 5 rows thick to form     Contact: 503-2824245, Education Coordinator 
walls, use beans in their place to make windows.
Topiary animals - Create different animals and
                                                      Portland Community Gardens/Friends of
objects out of chicken wire, then grow ivy vines or
                                                      Portland Community Gardens – After school
morning glory over the wire.
                                                      participation in 3 community gardens and summer
                                                      camp programs.
Helpful websites:                                     Contact: 503-823-1612, 503-823-1617
www.kidsgardening.com                                 email- comgardens@ci.portland.or.us

www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/firstgarden/                    *Check out our additional pamphlets for growing tips
                                                      on vegetables, annuals, perennials, and other specifics. 
                                                      Compiled  By Alison McKenzie