IT Strategy

					IT Strategy and Planning services help you link your business plans and metrics
to your IT architecture and operations in ways that create lasting value through
our Business Strategy and Network Planning, and Business and Financial
Analysis services.

IT Strategy

Defining your IT strategy over a three- to four-year period

When facing a significant IT initiative or service rollout, organizations need to
address difficult questions and decisions long before a technical design can be
initiated. These questions may include: What technology will best enable me to
attain my business goals? Will I achieve a positive return on my investment
(ROI)? What options do I have available to fulfill my IT service needs?
Technology choices are expanding and changing at an astonishing pace, while
optimal IT solutions are becoming more elusive. With the ubiquitous need for
strong ROI in any IT initiative, upfront planning and analysis are essential to

The RIZVIONICS IT Strategy service helps you analyze business plans, product
goals, and any pending mergers or acquisitions to identify your corporate
objectives. RIZVIONICS then categorizes current technologies, current
development plans, and new IT initiatives into lifecycles to provide a roadmap for
meeting the identified business goals.

Our IT Strategy service helps you:

      Establish clear IT goals and objectives
      Identify application portfolios and technology solutions that align with
       specific business needs
      Create a roadmap to implement technology solutions to better achieve
       business goals

Business and Financial Analysis

Making well-founded IT decisions that support your corporate goals

RIZVIONICS business consultants identify the underlying business goals and
needs of your organization and understand the unique market forces driving your
business. For any one IT objective, there may be multiple technical and
operational solutions. RIZVIONICS analyzes the benefits and drawbacks of each
option, giving you the vital information you need to move forward with
confidence. By analyzing the financial benefits and costs, the true anticipated
return from any project can be reviewed before spending a single dollar on
technical designs.

Business and Financial Analysis provides an evaluation of business objectives
and a complete financial analysis to determine the costs, benefits, risks, and
payback from a variety of IT decisions. This analysis may be employed across a
number of technology decisions and includes an analysis of providing the service
internally or externally (i.e., outsourcing).

Business and Financial Analysis helps you:

      Quantify costs and benefits of IT investments
      Estimate payback of existing or target IT investments
      Clarify benefits and risks of short- and long-term investments

Solutions Planning

Providing the necessary planning and detailed roadmap to integrate solutions

RIZVIONICS is uniquely qualified to deliver IT Strategy and Integration services
because of the strength of our business consulting and technology expertise. Our
engineers and consultants have developed the most comprehensive set of
proven methodologies and intellectual capital used in the industry today to
produce fast and quantifiable results.

The RIZVIONICS Solutions Planning service helps you develop the plans and
communication methods that will guide a large IT initiative through to successful

Our Solutions Planning service provides:

      Detailed architectural definition for a specific initiative or solution
      Budgeting for design and implementation
      Project planning for the design phase
      Governance plan to guide the project to completion
      Roadmap for solution integration

RFP Planning and Analysis

Providing pre- and post-contract planning services in an RFI/RFP scenario

RIZVIONICS’s IT Strategy and Integration services help you analyze your
business plans, objectives, and financials to define clear IT objectives. We then
guide you through selecting and implementing the best technology solution to
achieve those goals through ROI studies, RFI/RFP development and
management, and integration planning.

The RIZVIONICS RFP Planning and Analysis service may include the

      Analysis of insourcing and outsourcing options
      Development of RFP/RFI content
      Creation of selection criteria and evaluation of providers
      Definition of contractual service level agreements
      Management of the RFP lifecycle

Risk Assessment/Business Impact Analysis

Develop a mitigation strategy that aligns technology with business risk

Businesses today depend heavily on networking technology, automated systems,
and processes. A disruption for even a few days could cause severe financial
loss and even threaten survival. The continued operations of an organization
depend on management awareness of potential disasters, a plan to minimize
disruptions of critical functions, and the capability to recover operations
expediently and successfully.

RIZVIONICS's Risk Assessment/Business Impact Analysis supports your
enterprise by ensuring technology investments are appropriately aligned with
business risks. The primary objective is to provide a mitigation strategy that is
focused on the impact potential disasters could have on your organization. By
properly measuring the risks, quantifying potential impacts upon the organization,
and proposing mitigation strategies that are tightly aligned with the levels of
impact, RIZVIONICS can help your company develop mitigation solutions that
are appropriate for the level of risk your organization.

Activities performed as part of this service include:

      Business Assessment – Evaluation and quantification of business
       functions and technologies that could be impacted by a disaster.
      Risk Analysis - Assessment of potential for threats to the
       business/technology functions
      Impact Analysis – Quantification of the impact of risks to the business
      Mitigation strategy – Operations and technology strategies that
       incorporate business impact calculations

Recovery Planning

The knowledge to protect your business in the event of disaster
Ensuring the continuity or recovery of your networks, systems, and business
processes in the face of computer system downtime is critical for your company’s
survival. While a combination of online backup, disaster recovery, and high-
availability tools can help you maximize uptime – technology is only part of the

RIZVIONICS offers a Recovery Planning service to help you protect your
business in the event of disaster. Understanding the level of risk associated with
applications, processes, and technology enable the proper investment decisions
for business continuity planning. The methodology continues by recommending
and deploying the correct disaster recovery strategy for your environment. The
last phase of the methodology ensures that each business unit clearly
understands what level of information technology capability will be available
during the recovery process. Finally, processes are put in place to ensure
change control and ongoing process improvement occurs, keeping the business
continuity plan operationally sound and up to date.

Key features of the service include:

      Develop and define recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives
      Develop recovery plan and strategies

Audit and Testing

RIZVIONICS verifies the BC/DR business objectives and aligns the appropriate
regulations and requirements into a set of program objectives. RIZVIONICS then
audits the BC/DR program—policy, recovery plans, and contracts—against this
set of program objectives. RIZVIONICS continues by planning and leading the
testing of the BC/DR plan. RIZVIONICS BC/DR Audit and Testing produces the
following deliverables:

      BC/DR Program Objectives – Cataloguing of program objectives and
       discrete requirements and references.

      BC/DR Audit – A detailed validation of your BC/DR program’s
       effectiveness and its compliance with applicable governing regulations.

      BC/DR Test Report – Analysis of your company’s execution of the BC/DR
       recovery plan as measured during an RIZVIONICS-lead disaster recovery

ITIL/ITSM Assessment, Design, and Implementation

Optimize IT services with a best-practices performance measurement framework

In today’s environment, organizations continually struggle to ensure that their IT
services meet the demands of their business requirements. Having defined and
well-documented service management processes with measurable metrics for
benchmarking can help ensure efficient use of resources and help the
organization focus on business critical services. It is imperative that IT
organizations optimize the performance of their existing models before investing
in developing these models from scratch.

RIZVIONICS provides a suite of ITIL/ITSM services:

The ITIL/ITSM Assessment service provides a complete evaluation and review
of your current process capability against the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL),
including the provision, support, and management of effective IT services.

The ITIL/ITSM Design service completes the picture by helping you create
integrated service management processes that enable you to meet business
goals while making the best use of available resources.

The ITIL/ITSM Implementation service provides proven ITIL process templates
developed from years of experience with ITIL and other industry standards,
networking technology, organizational development and related tools, eliminating
much of the cost and time spent preparing for the implementation phase.

RIZVIONICS consultants use a triangulated approach via in-depth interviews with
key stakeholders and primary process owners in the IT organization against a
proven model based on ITIL/ITSM, industry standards, and best practices. We
then make specific and achievable recommendations on how to focus your
resources for maximum return and benefit to your organization.