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 awaken the senses
Hot Chocolate
 One of life’s great pleasures is a cup of
 delicious hot chocolate. Each cup of our
 hot chocolate enables your customers
 to experience the intense flavours and
 rich texture that only the finest ingredients
 can deliver.
Hot Chocolate
Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate
Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Powder
Sweet Ground White Chocolate Powder
Double Chocolate Water Based Chocolate Powder
Ghirardelli Chocolate Caddy

Simply™ Hot Chocolate
Chocolate (51% cocoa solids) Belgian
Plain Melting Drops
White Belgian Chocolate Melting Drops
Rain Forest Alliance Plain Chocolate
(64% cocoa solids) Melting Drops
Italian Style Hot Chocolate Powder
Dark Hot Chocolate Powder
Sweet Ground White Chocolate
Sweet Ground Chocolate
Cioccolato Fantasia Italian Dark Hot Chocolate

Simply™ Italian Style Hot Chocolate Sachets
Italian Hot Chocolate Sachets available
in a range of flavours:
• Milk Chocolate
• Dark Chocolate
• Hazelnut
• Caramel
• White Chocolate
• White Chocolate with Hazelnut
• White Chocolate with Lemon and Pine Nuts
• Low Calorie
• Mint

Vending Chocolate
Simply™ Fairtrade Vending Chocolate
Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Water Based
Italian Beverage Company Ltd, Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 2HP
Tel: 0208 736 0455 Email:
You brew the finest quality beans to create the
ideal coffee or espresso. By using our delicious
syrups you can inject passion and flavour,
creating the ideal drink for any occasion.
Simply™ Luxury Syrups                 Davinci Gourmet Syrups              Macademia Nut
Almond                                Almond                              Orange
Amaretto                              Almond Mocha                        Peach
Banana                                Amaretto                            Peppermint
Banoffee                              B-52                                Pina Colada
Butterscotch                          Banana                              Raspberry
Caramel                               Blackberry                          Spiced Chai
Cheesecake                            Blueberry                           Strawberry
Chestnut Praline                      Butter Rum                          Tiramisu
Cherry                                Butterscotch                        Toasted Marshmallow
Chocolate                             Caramel                             White Chocolate
Chocolate Mint                        Cherry                              Vanilla
Cinnamon                              Chocolate
Coconut                               Chocolate Mint                      Sugar Free –
English Toffee                        Cinnamon                            Davinci Gourmet Syrups
Florentine                            Coconut                             Amaretto
Ginger                                Coffee                              Caramel
Gingerbread                           Crème de Menthe                     Hazelnut
Hazelnut                              English Toffee Nut                  Irish Cream
Irish Cream                           French Vanilla                      Macadamia Nut
Mint                                  Gingerbread                         Spiced Chai
Orange                                Green Peppermint                    Strawberry
Raspberry                             Hazelnut                            Vanilla
Spiced Chai                           Honey
Strawberry                            Irish Cream
Toasted Marshmallow                   Kahlua
Vanilla                               Kiwi
Walnut                                Lemon Tea

Portion Pumps for Simply™ Syrups
Black Simply™ Syrups Rack for 6 Bottles

Portion Pumps for Davinci Syrups
Italian Beverage Company Ltd, Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 2HP
Tel: 0208 736 0455 Email:
Our sauces offer a wonderfully rich flavour,
perfect for speciality drinks, great in hot
chocolate and add a luxurious topping to ice
cream or desserts. Mixed in or drizzled over
the top as a final touch, they offer your
customers the ultimate taste sensation.
Our rich and delicious sauces, deliver exactly the taste your customers want – the easy, portion control
pumps deliver the consistency you need.

Simply™ Sauces for Mochas                         Ghirardelli Classic
White Chocolate                                   Sauces for Mochas
Chocolate                                         White Chocolate
Belgium Chocolate                                 Caramel
Caramel Toffee                                    Chocolate

Simply™ Gourmet Sauces                            Davinci Sauces for Mochas
Belgian Chocolate                                 Caramel
White Chocolate                                   Chocolate
Caramel Toffee                                    White Chocolate
Wild Berry                                        Sauce Pumps
Strawberry                                        Accessories
Raspberry                                         Simply™ Sauce Pump
Apricot                                           Ghiradelli Sauce Pump
Banana                                            Ghiradelli 3 Bottle Rack
Italian Beverage Company Ltd, Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 2HP
Tel: 0208 736 0455 Email:
Imagine the ultimate mocha, or the most
luxurious cappuccino – our toppings
have the ability to add an extra
dimension to your drinks and desserts.
Choose from our large range of
sprinkles, crumbles, flakes and
freeze dried fruits.
Add an extra dimension to your drinks and desserts by adding our delicious toppings,
flakes and freeze dried fruits.

Simply™ Toppings                                 Simply™ Freeze Dried Fruits
White & Milk Chocolate Mini Balls                Simply™ Strawberry Pieces
Cinnamon Meringue                                Raspberry Crumb
Milk Chocolate Crunchie Pieces                   Blackcurrants
Chocolate Coated Fudge Bits                      Blueberries
Caramel Bits                                     Banana
Caramel Cubes                                    Pomegranate
Amaretti Crumb                                   Pineapple
Biscuit Crumb                                    Mango
Chocolate Cookie Biscuit Crumb
Tutti Frutti Meringue                            Simply™ Chocolate Flakes
Lemon Meringue                                   Simply™ Plain Chocolate Flakes
Chocolate Coated Malt Balls                      White Chocolate Flakes
Sugar Coated Chocolate Nibs - Natural            Milk Chocolate Flakes
Sugar Coated Chocolate Nibs - Standard           Milk Chocolate Flakes
Sugar Strands
Chocolate Covered Malt Balls

Simply™ Marshmallows
Mini Marshmallows
Mini Marshmallows
Italian Beverage Company Ltd, Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 2HP
Tel: 0208 736 0455 Email:
Speciality Teas
& Beverages
Where quality counts, our distinctive
selection has been created to enhance any
coffee shop range. We stock the highest
quality teas including black teas, green teas,
white teas and herbal teas. Along with the
hot spiced apple, they display a full range
of aromatic flavours and depth of character.
Speciality Teas
& Beverages
London Tea Company –                 Stash Herbal Teas                    Stash Tea Natural
Fairtrade Organic Enveloped          Apple Cinnamon                       Decaffeinated
Eminent Earl Grey                    Lemon Blossom                        English Breakfast
Breakfast in Bohemia                 Mango Passion Fruit                  Orange Spice
                                     Ruby Mist                            Premium Green
London Tea Company                   Wild Raspberry
– Organic Enveloped                                                       Stash Tea Accessories
Green Tea Mango & Ginger                                                  Tea Rack (6 & 10)
Lavender Camomile                                                         Tea Book
                                     Liquorice Spice
Lemongrass, Ginger                   Peppermint
& Citrus Fruits
                                     Wild Blackcurrant                    Fairtrade Teas
White Tea, Elderflower
                                     Lemon Ginger                         Premium English Earl Grey Tea
& Apricot
                                                                          Premium English Breakfast Tea
Peppermint, Spearmint                                                     (Tagged, Envelope)
& Strawberry                         Stash Healthy Green Teas
                                     Jasmine Blossom
                                                                          Hot Spiced Apple
Stash Black Teas                     Moroccan Mint
                                                                          Hot Spiced Apple (Liquid)
Orange Spice                         Premium Green
                                                                          Hot Spiced Apple (Powder)
                                                                          Hot Spiced Apple Liquid Pump
Chai Spice
                                                                          Drink Me Chai
English Breakfast
                                                                          Spiced Chai
Earl Grey
                                                                          Peppermint Chai
                                                                          Vanilla Chai
Italian Beverage Company Ltd, Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 2HP
Tel: 0208 736 0455 Email:
Wafers, Biscuits
& Confectionery
Our range of biscuits and wafers come in a
myriad of flavours, full of almonds, hazelnuts
and chocolate pieces. They are the perfect
snack at any time of the day.
Add a taste of pure heaven with our selection
of confectionery – ranging from coffee pralines and
mints to indulgent chocolate spoons and stirrers.
All made from only the finest ingredients.
Wafers, Biscuits
& Confectionery
Biscotti                                      Simply™ Mini Biscotti
Chocolate Chip                                Couricini (Heart Biscuit)
Almond                                        Sweet Verona (Italian Cookie)
Cantuccini (individually wrapped, 7g)         Biscotto al Caramelo (Caramel Cookie)
– Almond                                      Amaretto (Almond Biscuit)
Cantuccini (individually wrapped, 7g)         Cucchiaino di Pasta Frolla (Biscuit Spoon)
– Chocolate Chip
Cantuccini - Almonds                          Spitz Wafers
Cantuccini - Chocolate Chip                   Chocolate
Biscotti Jar                                  Hazelnut
IBC Mini Panettone                            Paladino Wafers
Traditional                                   Danubio Wafers - Hazelnut

Oral Fixation
7 Deadly Cinnamon
Night Light
Mojito Mint
Sugar Free Tibet
Classical Peppermint
Aluminium Display Stands: 3 Flavour Rack

Simply™ Chocolate Confectionery
Chocolate Spoons
Individual Chocolate Stirrers
Assorted Chocolate Pralines
Coffee Pralines

Dark and Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds
and Hazelnuts Individually Wrapped (4g)
Dark Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans
Individually Wrapped (2g)
Chocolate Coated Cappuccino Beans
Individually Wrapped (2g)
Italian Beverage Company Ltd, Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 2HP
Tel: 0208 736 0455 Email:
Cold Drinks

Your drinks don’t have to be complicated
to be refreshing. From luxurious frappes
and fruit smoothies to thirst quenching
granitas and traditional favourites. We can
provide you with a varied selection of
delicious cold beverages.
Cold Drinks
Simply™ Luxury                     Simply™ Iced Tea
Frappe Powder                      Peach
Chocolate                          Lemon
Vanilla                            Simply™ Iced Tea Sachets
Mocha                              Peach
Simply™ Luxury                     Green Tea
Frappe Liquid
                                   Summer Berry
Coffee Frappe
Vanilla Frappe
                                   Simply™ Ready to Drink
                                   Traditional Lemonade
Ghirardelli Frappe Classico
                                   Traditional Ginger Beer
Dark Chocolate Powder
                                   Traditional Dandelion
White Powder                       and Burdock
                                   Mango and Apple Smoothie
Simply™ Iced Drinks                Verry Berry Smoothie
Iced Chocolate                     Tropical Smoothie
Iced Cappuccino                    Lemon Iced Tea
Iced Vanilla Latte (Milk)          Peach Iced Tea
Yoghurt Base
                                   Simply™ Liquid Frappe
Simply™ Granita                    Chocolate
Lemon                              Coffee
Fruits of the Forest               Vanilla
Peach                              Simply™ Milkshake
Melon                              Single Sachets
Simply™ Smoothies                  Caramel
Summer Fruits                      Chocolate
Exotica                            Coffee
Strawberry                         Strawberry
Mango                              Summer Fruits
Strawberry and Banana              Vanilla
Pineapple and Passionfruit         White Chocolate
Blueberry and Blackberry
Mango and Apple
Italian Beverage Company Ltd, Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 2HP
Tel: 0208 736 0455 Email:
& Machines
Our product range is complimented by a
selection of ancillaries – from cups, lids and
straws, to the machines which will deliver the
flavour and quality of our products to the
maximum effect.
We have chosen the best equipment
available. Each and every machine is suited
to the rigours of a busy catering outlet. The
robust nature of the equipment ensures that
whether you’re blending smoothies, frappes,
or granitas, or dispensing hot drinks, the
machine won’t let you down.
& Machines
207ml Clear Plastic Cups
296ml Clear Plastic Cups
355ml Clear Plastic Cups
473ml Clear Plastic Cups
296ml Flat Lids
355ml Domed Lids
473ml Domed Lids
Lids To Fit 207ml Cups
Clear Plastic Straws

Bras 1 Group Quark Machine           Blender Jug - Summit/Tempest
Bras 2 Group Quark Machine           Blender Jug - Tango
Bras 2 Group Machine                 Tempest Sound Guard
Bras 3 Group Machine
GBG 1 Group Machine                  SPINDLE MIXERS
GBG 2 Group Machine                  Single Spindle Mixer, Inc One S/S
                                     Malt Cup
CHOCOLATE MACHINES                   Triple Spindle Mixer, Inc Three S/S
                                     Malt Cups
Bras Chocolate Bowl, Gold
Bras Chocolate Bowl, Silver
                                     UNDERCOUNTER ICE MAKERS
Bras 3ltr Chocolate Bowl
                                     Manitowac Under Counter Ice
Bravalor Bolero Automatic
                                     Makers - 18 litre
Chocolate Machine
                                     Manitowac Under Counter Ice
IBC Automatic Luxury
                                     Makers - 20 litre
Chocolate Machine
                                     Manitowac Under Counter Ice
                                     Makers - 30 litre
Summit 2+ HP Blender Including
Quiet Shield And One Container
Tempest 2+ HP Blender with One
Tango 1 HP Blender with One
Italian Beverage Company Ltd, Churchill House, Stirling Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 2HP
Tel: 0208 736 0455 Email:

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