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									Outline Persuasive Speech                                                          Matthey 1

Pauline Matthey

Eva Ritchey, Instructor

Persuasive Speaking

21 February 2008

General Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To convince my audience that going on a strike was the right thing to do for

                   the Writers Guild

Proposition:       Because of the regular changes our society goes through, it is right for any

                   worker to ask for updates for the interests and to start a strike eventually to

                   fight for their benefits

  I.   As you probably noticed, reruns and reality shows are almost the only component of the

       television programming anymore.

           A. Because of the Writers strike, most shows have run out of new episodes and this

               situation aggravates some while raising a feeling of solidarity to others.

           B. Though not members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA), this strike is

               affecting us, as viewers but also as individuals because we understand that

               sometimes battle the best way to be heard.

                      1.       Not only did it put a term to our favorite shows.

                      2.       But this strike somehow managed to find its way in most


           C. Although I do not believe that the writers became jealous of the actors’ fame and

               decided to steal their thunder by starting this strike, the union’s decision to stop

               working has some repercussions on many fields.
Outline Persuasive Speech                                                        Matthey 2

          D. There are, therefore, numerous ways to approach the topic, starting from the

              motivations that led the writers to start a strike to the consequences, negative or

              position, of their actions.

 II.   As explained in “Labor: Screenwriters Strike in New York, L. A.,” the strike started on

       November 5th of the last year.

          A. At that time, the writers of the union, which represent approximately 12,000

              members, were off contract since the end of October.

                    1.        The WGA decided to go on strike as a sign of protestation against

                              the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

                    2.        But mostly, what the writers demanded is for their work to be paid

                              accordingly with the input that new technology such as the internet

                              brought into sales with the broadcast of shows online for instance.

          B. Still according to that article, because the studios were uncertain of the future

              income due to the new media, they decided not to agree, at least not yet, with the

              request coming from WGA (2007).

          C. The discussions and negotiations took place on and off between the different

              parties’ representatives.

          D. But the settlement offered to the WGA on February 11th seems to meet the

              union’s expectations; Patric Verrone, president of the WGA West, expressed his

              satisfaction by stating that the conclusion was “The best deal this guild has

              bargained for in 30 years,” as quotes by Steve Gorman and Kemp Powers in their

              article (2008, para. 4).

III.   However, even now that the union has voted and agrees with the proposition, it will still
Outline Persuasive Speech                                                           Matthey 3

       take a little time for our favorite shows to be back on the air because of the consequences

       directly or indirectly linked to the strike.

           A. According to the article titled “Labor: Screenwriters Strike in New York, L. A.,”

               this strike had an important economic impact.

                     1.        The entertainment industries and the studios suffered of several

                               millions because of this strike.

                     2.        Also, in comparison, the article refers to the last writers’ strike in

                               1988, that cost about $500 million to companies working in the

                               entertainment business (2007).

           B. Of course, Vanessa Juarez, Nicole Sperling, Lynette Rice, and Dan Snierson,

               authors of an article titled “Burning Strike Questions” for Entertainment Weekly,

               mention, the movie industry has been hurt from the strike as well.

                     1.        Some projects such as Angels and Demons have been stopped


                     2.        And, concerning the events, the Golden Globe Awards had to give

                               up its traditional and formal ceremony.

           C. More surprisingly though, the impact of this work stop on other businesses for

               which the linage to the television is probably less evident, has been quite

               important, as well.

                     1.        In fact, Claude Brodesser-Akner mentions in his article for

                               Advertising Age that jewelers and stylists suffer from the strike.

                     2.        He tells this story of the jeweler in Beverly Hills who has lost 10%

                               of his sales representing the portion of his customers related to
Outline Persuasive Speech                                                        Matthey 4

                              Hollywood (2007).

          D. Closer to home now, just like Juarez, Sperling, Rice, and Snierson suggest in their

              article, the writers’ strike forced people to change their viewing behavior; after a

              survey of 1,000 people, they found a few indications of how people spend their

              time now that their favorite shows are not on the air anymore.

                                                  Visual Aid

                      1. A little less than half of the people asked watch less TV.

                      2. A big third spends more time paying attention to the news.

                      3. And 9% of the people who answered this poll are having more sex since

                          the strike started (2008).

          E. I believe it is safe to say that the WGA going on strike has affected everybody’s

              business on some level.

IV.    Really, looking at those numbers, I feel like the changes brought by the strike are not all

       that terrible, thought and it must have benefited others than those nine lucky percent

       mentioned above.

          A. Actually, Brodesser-Akner, in his article titled “It’s slow business around show

              business,” says that--despite the jeweler in Beverly Hills--other hotels and

              restaurants are doing just fine, taking as must advantage of the writers’ strike by

              being creative and introducing “Writers Soup Kitchen” to their menu offers for


                    1.        The Campanile, restaurant and catering service, had received a

                              very positive attitude about the additions made to its menu.

                    2.        This restaurant has the great idea to offer a very nice meal for a
Outline Persuasive Speech                                                        Matthey 5

                             more than decent price to all members of the WGA (2007).

          B. In another domain, Lynette Rice, writer for Entertainment Weekly, asserts that

              Fox has had an increase in its number of viewers since the WGA stopped

              working, which might also be linked to the diffusion of the well-known American


          C. She also states that since the strike hit and our shows stopped being aired, reality

              shows encountered a tremendous success (2008).

          D. Also, thinking about it, this strike probably helped out the studios themselves, as


                      1.     Until now, most shows were coming out in fall, which is not the

                             greatest to sell because they actually interfere with one another,

                             instead of spreading their coming out time and reducing the risks

                             of failure.

                      2.     Because of the stop that the writers put in the creation of scripts,

                             the authors of “Burning Strike Questions” explain that networks

                             will not have to rethink their schedule to change their plan.

                                 a. Now working on a semester base, they are thinking about

                                     modifying their release schedule to a year-round.

                                 b. This new development should be more profitable and was

                                     planned to happen anyway, so the strike simply gave them

                                     a little push (2008).

          E. Last but not least, the writers are the big winners in this situation.

                      1.     They finally renewed their contracts with much improvement for
Outline Persuasive Speech                                                        Matthey 6

                              their own benefits.

                    2.        The writers members of the union will finally be paid for their

                              services and their different usages.

          F. So, yes, there are consequences to their actions, but the WGA’s decision to go on

              strike did not have such a catastrophic repercussion after all.

 V.    In the end, this strike, despite the inconvenience or even the frustration for the viewers

       not to be able to watch their favorite shows, brought much more than a topic for the

       media about which to talk.

          A. The strike encouraged people to diversify their activities: We started to read more,

              converse with others more, and we even now have the chance to have more sex.

          B. Thanks to the working stoppage, some other shows, such as reality TV or games,

              had the opportunity to catch more viewers.

          C. But more importantly, because they decided to go on strike, writers finally found

              the recognition for their work that allows them to meet their esteem need, as

              Maslow defines it.

          D. So I say, there is nothing wrong about fighting for our benefits, interest, or simply

              for what we believe is right.
Outline Persuasive Speech                                                       Matthey 7


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