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									Term:                Wk Beginning:                        Weekly Planning Grid                 Year:      4/5                                      Teacher:
                                                          Key Questions                                                                                            Resources
                      Intended Learning
(1) Subject                                                 and Prior        Activities and Differentiation                                       Plenary          Health &            Evaluation
                                                           Assessment                                                                                               Safety
                     Children will be able to suggest    What is meant by             Play opening Neville Chamberlain speech from              Discuss how       Rigby Dimensions
HISTORY              why evacuation was used as one      evacuation?                  navigator. Identify his fears and suggest reasons         parents and       CD, Pictures of
 (Cross curricular   strategy to protect children’s      When did it begin? Why       why evacuation had to take place in 1939.                 children may      Bomb damage
 link to Literacy)   safety during WW2.                  was it necessary?            Show children pictures of bomb damage in cities-          have felt about   from Internet or
                                                         What happened when           identify what they can see in the picture.                evacuation.       books.
                     Children will be able to explain    bombs landed?                Add in speech and thought bubbles for
                     the effect of bomb damage.          How did it affect people’s   onlookers/people remaining in the picture.

                     Children will be able to identify   What is an Anderson          Look at Pictures of Morisson and Anderson                 How would         Air raid siren,
      DT             2 different types of shelter        Shelter?                     shelters- how are they similar and different. Show        people know       images of
 (Cross curricular   that would have protected           What is a Morisson           frieze frame of William Beech building his shelter in     when they         different
  link to History)   people in the war.                  shelter?                     Tom Oakley’s back garden.                                 needed to go to   shelters, film-
                                                         Where would you find         Identify the different materials used in the              their shelter?    Goodnight Mr
                     They will be able to recognise      each of them?                Anderson Shelter and discuss why in the country it        Listen to air     Tom.
                     the materials used in creating      What are they made of?       would have been possible for every family to have an      raid siren
                     these shelters.                     When would they be           Anderson Shelter as they all had gardens.                 downloaded
                                                         used?                        If you had been William what.                             from Internet.
                                                                                       & how would you have made your shelter?
                     Children will learn how a           What is scurvy?              Tell children a story about sailors developing scurvy,    Do children       Pictures of
 SCIENCE             scientific idea can be tested        What happened in the        a Vitamin C deficiency. Explain to the children that      think scurvy      sailors who had
 (Cross curricular   and evidence used to support        past when babies & small     although doctors did not know about vitamins then it      was a problem     scurvy.
  link to History)   an idea.                            children did not get a       was suggested that a lack of fresh fruit and              during the war?
                                                         balanced diet?               vegetables was the cause of the problem. Discuss in       Why?
                                                                                      pairs how doctors might test out their theories.

                     Children will be able to define     What is an emergency?        Intro- Children come and pick 3 number cards 9, 9,        What              Role- play masks-
    PSHE             the word emergency.                 What are the 4               9. What do these mean to the children?                    emergencies       fireman, sailor,
                     They will be able to name the 4     emergency services?          When would you call these numbers? ie in an a             did people in     policeman, driver,
                     emergency services and be able                                   emergency situation.                                      WW2 face? Did     3 x cards with
                     to describe situations in which                                  Role play in 8 groups of 4- 2 gps calling the police, 2   they call 999?    999 on.
                     you could call them                                              the fire brigade, 2 an ambulance and 2 a coastguard.
                                                                                      Where would the scenes take place?
Term:                Wk Beginning:                        Weekly Planning Grid                 Year:      4/5                                    Teacher:
                                                          Key Questions                                                                                          Resources
                      Intended Learning
(2) Subject                                                 and Prior        Activities and Differentiation                                    Plenary           Health &            Evaluation
                                                           Assessment                                                                                             Safety
                     Children will be able to            Where can we find           Look at evacuees posters and video clip from            Discuss how        Primary and
HISTORY              describe some likely feelings of    information to tell us      navigator dimensions. Identify the type of evidence     reliable the       secondary
 (Cross curricular   evacuees using both primary         more about the lives of     it is and whether it is a primary or secondary source   evidence is- e.g   sources of
 link to Literacy)   and secondary sources of            evacuees?                   of information.                                         some of it may     evidence from
                     evidence.                           Why is the evidence not     Look at other sources of information, e.g diary         be government      WW2, Rigby
                     They will be able to describe       all the same?               extracts home from evacuees to their parents.           propaganda.        Dimensions CD,
                     the difference between a            What does the evidence      Children could then write their own letter or           Which pieces       blank paper,
                     primary and secondary source        tell us about the life of   postcard home. (Use knowledge of new vocabulary         of evidence are    white blank
                     of information. (more able only)    evacuees?                   leant in literacy such as billeting officer to inform   the most           postcards.
                                                                                     letters)                                                reliable?
                     Children will be able to use a      What materials will we      Revise what we know about shelters in WW2 and           Discuss how and    Design plans,
      DT             design plan effectively to          need to make our shelter?   look again at pictures of arrange of shelters.          when we will       access to DT
 (Cross curricular   design their own shelter.           How will we make it         Work in groups of 3-4.                                  build these        area, pictures of
  link to History)                                       strong?                     Complete Design plan for a Shelter. Blow up on to       next week. (Plan   shelters.
                     They will be able to listen to      What kind of shelter will   A3. (More able children could design their own plan).   to complete the
                     the ideas of others, show           it be?                      Encourage children to discuss each section or make      building over 2
                     respect for these ideas, as well                                notes on scrap paper or whiteboards before              afternoons)
                     as offering some of their own                                   completing each section of the design plan.

                     Children will be able to identify   What foods contain          Look at Posters Then and Now on pages 2-3 of            Discuss what       Rigby
 SCIENCE             the benefits of having fruit        vitamins and minerals?      Bombs Away. Revise why the poster on page 2 was         fruits, e.g.       Dimensions-
 (Cross curricular   and vegetables in our diet.                                     produced. What is the purpose of the posters on         pineapples,        Bombs Away
  link to History)                                       How did people obtain       page 3? Compare the purposes of the 2 posters and       oranges, cannot    books.
                     Children will be able to            vegetables during the       their intended audiences.                               be grown in
                     describe how people during the      war?                        Look at which of the fruits and vegetables are rich     Britain and the
                     war had vegetables in their                                     in different minerals and vitamins, and what our        reasons for
                     diets.                                                          body needs each of these for. Which of these could      this.
                                                                                     be grown in Britain during WW2 and at what time of
                                                                                     year, e.g. strawberries in summer?
                     Children will be able to            How did people in the war   Q What was an emergency in the war?                     What is a state    Gas mask, air raid
    PSHE             compare how children deal with      know when there was an      A- When someone’s life was in danger.                   of emergency?      siren noise
 (Cross curricular   emergencies today to how they       emergency?                  Listen to air raid siren, which signalled an                               downloaded from
  link to History)   dealt with one 65 years ago.                                    emergency, as a bombing raid could be about to          How did            the Internet.
                                                                                     start.                                                  children know
                                                                                     Discuss how people would have moved to shelters?        what to do in an
                                                                                     How do we think children our age, (9/10), felt or       emergency?
                                                                                     feel in emergency situations now and then. In a
                                                                                     circle pass round a gas mask, when we have the gas
                                                                                     mask- say how we think that people would have felt
                                                                                     in their shelters.
Term:                Wk Beginning:                        Weekly Planning Grid                                           Year:             4/5          Teacher:

                                                           Key Questions                                                                                                   Resources
                      Intended Learning
(3) Subject                                                  and Prior                   Activities and Differentiation                               Plenary              Health &                  Evaluation
                                                            Assessment                                                                                                      Safety
                     Children will be able to            Where could a child be       Watch Goodnight Mr Tom film. What were William’s              Look a t           Goodnight Mr Tom
HISTORY              describe the experiences pf an      evacuated to?                experiences of being an evacuee like? Make list on            Imperial war       film, Internet.
 (Cross curricular   evacuee during the war.             What might an evacuee’s      board of positive and negative experiences.                   Museum
 link to Literacy)   They will be able to empathise      experience have been         Why would he be unable to write a letter like you             website which
                     with children’s feeling during      like?                        did last week, and many evacuees did?                         has details of
                     evacuation.                                                      How accurate a portrayal do you think the film is?            the experiences
                     They will be able to infer                                       Give reasons for your answers.                                of a range of
                     information about evacuation,                                    Hot seat William Beech at different stages in the             evacuees &
                     using their knowledge of the                                     film to explore his feelings further.                         evacuation.
                     historical period.

                     Children will be able to            What will we do if our       Distribute design plans to the children and divide            Discuss            Use of an adjoining
      DT             construct their WW2 shelter         original design plan needs   children into different environments- inside or               problems we        field or playground
 (Cross curricular   in chronological order, by          to be changed?               outside depending on the type of shelter that they            have had and       area.
  link to History)   following their design plan.        What is each of our roles    are building.                                                 how we             Design plans,
                     They will be able to work as a      in our group today?          Work together in groups to begin shelter building.            have/planned to    materials for the
                     team successfully in order to                                    Use design plans at each stage of the making                  overcome them.     shelters, (some may
                     overcome problems, which they                                    process. Encourage children to write on their design                             be brought in from
                     encounter during the making                                      plans if they decide to change ideas on their plans in                           home). Ensure adult
                     process.                                                         a different coloured pen.                                                        supervision if
                                                                                      Aim to complete the shelter over 2 afternoons.                                   drilling/sawing.
                     Children will be able to identify   What is a food group?        Look at a range of staple foods that would have               Talk to the        Table of different
 SCIENCE             foods that contain large                                         been around during the war and are available to eat           children about     foods, such as
 (Cross curricular   amounts of sugar or fat.                                         now, e.g bacon, eggs, lard, sugar, carrots, bananas,          how it was not     potatoes, sugar, eggs
  link to History)   They will be able to name the                                    potatoes.                                                     easy during the    etc.
                     major food groups.                                               Introduce names of food groups- Fats,                         war to get a lot
                     They will be able to identify                                    Carbohydrate, Fibre, Protein, Vitamins & Minerals.            of protein rich
                     the purposes of eating                                           Ask children to discuss what they think of each of            foods such as
                     different kinds of food groups,                                  the foods contains/contained. Talk about answers.             meat. (Follow up
                     e.g. protein for growth.                                         Look at why we need each of these food groups                 in next week’s
                                                                                                                                                    History lesson).
                     Children will know what the         What should we do if                                                                       Use manikins to
                                                                                      Watch video of child having an accident, where you remove                        St John the Ambulance
                     acronym DRAB C stands for.          someone has an accident?     the danger, check if the casualty is breathing, clear the     demonstrate        representative or
                                                                                      airway, recovery position etc. Make links to emergency work                      trained first aiders, hall,
                                                         What if….                                                                                  how you should
                                                                                      on 999- if there are 2 of you 1 should call the ambulance,                       video, 15 mats, manikin,
                     They will know that listening                                                                                                  help someone to
                                                                                      the other follow DRAB C.                                                         dolls, baby wipes. (make
                     and decision-making are key                                      Ask trained first aider or St John’s the Ambulance rep to     breath if they     sure children bring
                     skills in an emergency situation.                                train children what to do in an emergency. Use mats, 2        have stopped.      someone towards them
                     Children will be able to place                                   children on a mat. 1 of the children performs DRAB C, the                        to put them into the
                     someone in the recovery                                          other is the casualty then swap.                                                 recovery position).
                     position and know when it is
                     appropriate to do this.
Term:                Wk Beginning:                        Weekly Planning Grid                                       Year:            4/5          Teacher:

                                                           Key Questions                                                                                            Resources
                      Intended Learning
(4) Subject                                                  and Prior                   Activities and Differentiation                          Plenary            Health &            Evaluation
                                                            Assessment                                                                                               Safety
                     Children will be able to infer      Why was rationing            Starter Activity: ask children to define rationing.      Look at             Rigby Dimensions
HISTORY              the cause of rationing.             necessary?                   Have they heard of the word? Discuss why it needs        Navigator           CD, replica
 (Cross curricular                                                                    to be in our WW2 class glossary that we began in         persuasion          rationing books,
link to Literacy &   They will be able to describe       Which foods were             Literacy. Look at replica rationing books. What kinds    poster              selection of food
     Science)        the impact of rationing on the      rationed?                    of food were rationed? (Make sure children know          encouraging         items that were
                     lives of everyday people.                                        that bread was not rationed).                            people to grow      rationed, e.g
                                                         How could people still       Set up table in classroom and drama scene where          your own fruit      bacon, table.
                                                         ensure that they had a       teacher is shopkeeper and children are customers         & vegetables-
                                                         healthy diet?                to demonstrate amount given each week of items &         why was this
                                                                                      how things looked different, e.g. egg powder.            needed?
                     Children will be able to adapt      How will we measure the      Role Play- Put an air raid siren on, (downloaded from    Discuss what        Shelters,
      DT             and improve their work.             success of our shelter?      internet). Children make their way to their              we need to do       pictures of WW2
 (Cross curricular                                                                    respective shelters.                                     next- learning      shelters,
  link to History)   Children will be able to make                                    How will we decide how effective these shelters          review- what        evaluation form
                     thoughtful observations, and                                     were? Discuss how appropriate it would be to pour        have we learnt
                     reflect on the success of their                                  water on them! Collect other suggestions from the        so far in 4
                     work objectively.                                                class, as to how we can test their success- e.g. look    weeks?
                                                                                      back at original pictures of shelters

                     Children will be able to define a   What is a Balanced Diet?     (Complete after History lesson this week).               Look at our         Balanced diet
 SCIENCE             balanced diet.                                                   Using information from last week’s science lesson        meals- do they      menu sheets,
 (Cross curricular   They will know that a balanced                                   and this week’s History lesson, children have to         have a good mix     coloured pencils,
  link to History)   diet is necessary in order to                                    design a breakfast, lunch and tea, including drinks      of the              then and now
                     stay healthy.                                                    for an evacuee living in 1940, that would constitute     different food      posters.
                                                                                      a balanced diet.                                         groups.
                                                                                      (Teacher to work with more able in looking at food
                                                                                      pyramids so that they can see exact % of food
                                                                                      groups needed in a balanced diet).

                     Children will be able to follow a   How should we behave if      Read school fire drill instruction as a class.           In what other       Fire drill
    PSHE             set of emergency instructions.      there was in an emergency    Later in the day conduct a School fire drill Practice.   situations may      instructions, fire
                                                         that we had no control of?   Organise for a child to set off the alarm on seeing a    we be called to     alarm.
                     Children will realise the                                        fake fire. Use adults to block off certain fire exits.   evacuate the
                     importance of keeping calm in                                                                                             building and
                     an emergency situation.                                          Discuss with the children afterwards how they knew       follow fire drill
                                                                                      what to do, how they left the building efficiently,      instructions?
                                                                                      what improvements could be made for next time?
Term:                Wk Beginning:                        Weekly Planning Grid                                     Year:            4/5          Teacher:

                                                           Key Questions                                                                                          Resources
                      Intended Learning
(5) Subject                                                  and Prior                  Activities and Differentiation                         Plenary            Health &           Evaluation
                                                            Assessment                                                                                             Safety
                     Children will be able to identify   What would a typical meal   Complete rationing quiz on BBC revise wise website,     Look at             Rigby Dimensions
HISTORY              some similarities and               have looked like in 1940?   History, WW2, to test your knowledge of rationing       pictures of         Posters Then &
 (Cross curricular   differences between foods                                       and the diet of people living through WW2 so far.       cakes baked in      Now, Internet-
link to Literacy &   available during the war and        How would it look           Study Then and now posters.                             the war.            revise wise BBC
     Science)        today.                              different now?              Complete a Venn Diagram in pairs or individually        Discuss how         site, google
                                                                                     looking at which vegetables were grown and eaten        carrot was used     images of cakes.
                                                         Which vegetables were       during the war. Add in other foods learned about        as a sweetener
                                                         grown?                      through website quiz and last week, e.g. meat, eggs     instead of
                                                                                     Do you think that people knew how healthy fruit &       sugar. Why?
                                                                                     vegetables were then? Why?
                     Children will be able to identify   If we were to make a        Why do we need to evaluate our shelters?                Nominated           Paper,
      DT             the successes and                   WW2 shelter again what      Look at evaluation from on the SMARTBOARD.              reporter to         whiteboards and
 (Cross curricular   shortcomings of their shelter.      would we do differently?    Complete some shared writing filling out class one as   feed back           pens,
  link to History)                                                                   an example.                                             group               SMARTBOARD.
                                                                                     Each group to them complete their own evaluation        evaluation to
                                                                                     from. Children divide their group into a scribe,        the class.
                                                                                     mentor and reporter, (include editor if 4 in a gp).
                                                                                     More able children can change the questions if they
                                                                                     like and rephrase if the group agree.

                     Children will be able to explain    What happens to our         Look at lots of government leaflets on keeping a        Look at large       15 pulse rate
 SCIENCE             what happens to our bodies          heart when we exercise?     healthy heart and exercising. Ask children to try to    diagram of          monitors, diagram
 (cross curricular   during exercise.                                                make the links between the 2.                           heart and how       of the heart,
   link to PSHE)     Children will know that                                         Ask children to discuss in pairs what they think        it pumps blood      healthy heart
                     exercise can help our bodies to                                 happens to their body during exercise, and why.         with oxygen in      leaflets.
                     stay healthy.                                                   In pairs children uses a pulse rate monitor to take     round the body.
                     They will be able to measure                                    their pulse rate before exercising, They then go        (MA chn could
                     their pulse ate & relate it to                                  outside and run around the playground for 5 minutes     also look at how
                                                                                                                                             to take their own
                     their heart beat.                                               then re test their pulse rates. What has happened?
                                                                                                                                             pulse rate with
                                                                                     Discuss why this happened.
                     Children will know the value of     Which senses told you       Think back to last week’s fire drill.                   Discuss how         Senses activity
    PSHE             using their sense in an             that there was an           Close your eyes, and imagine that the fire had been     your pulse rate     sheets.
                     emergency situation.                emergency?                  real.                                                   may have
                                                                                     Which senses would have told you this first- Sight?     quickened in
                                                                                     Hearing? Smell? Touch? How does your location           emergency
                                                                                     depend on the senses that you used first?               situation and
                                                                                     Complete activity where children are given examples     why this might
                                                                                     of emergencies, e.g fire and they need to decide in     happen.
                                                                                     pairs which sense they would use first. Give reasons
                                                                                     for this orally to peers.
Term:                Wk Beginning:                       Weekly Planning Grid                                      Year:            4/5          Teacher:

                                                          Key Questions                                                                                           Resources
                      Intended Learning
(6) Subject                                                 and Prior                   Activities and Differentiation                         Plenary            Health &          Evaluation
                                                           Assessment                                                                                              Safety
                     Children will be able to suggest   Apart from food, what        Look at Navigator Dimensions recycling Poster 1.        Look at             Rigby Dimensions
HISTORY              ways in which people suffered      else was rationed?           What else do you think might have had to be             Recycling 2         Posters-
 (Cross curricular   or how lives were restricted                                    rationed? (Clothes) Look at clothing rationing book.    poster. How has     Recycling 1 & 2,
 link to Literacy)   during the war.                    What was recycled?           Discuss different ways in which clothes were            recycling           Replica clothing
                     Children will be able to suggest                                recycled during WW2.                                    developed in        rationing book.
                     ways in which people sought to                                  Thinking skills- think, discuss then record 10          last 65 years?
                     overcome the problems of                                        different uses for an old dress or pair or trousers
                     rationing & shortages of items                                  or T- shirt now.
                     during WW2.

                     Children will be able to use       What instructions would      Shared Writing on board-                                Discuss where       Whiteboard pens,
      DT             time connectives effectively in    have been needed for         Complete instructions for children living in WW2, as    these kinds of      large whiteboard
 (cross curricular   instructions.                      shelters in WW2?             a class, on what to do when hearing the air raid        instructions        or
       link to       Children will be able to write     How would the                siren.                                                  could be            SMARTBOARD.
  Literacy/PSHE)     concise instructions that          instructions be different    Example: 1. Stop what you are doing.                    displayed- e.g.
                     include verbs not adjectives.      for a) Morisson Shelter,     2. Move swiftly but carefully towards the direction     in a family’s
                     They will be able to identify      b) Anderson Shelter.         of your family shelter.                                 kitchen.
                     reasons why instructions are                                    3. Leave all your possessions where they are….
                     necessary.                                                      (Children could then complete their own in pairs)

                     Children will know that tobacco    How else can we stay         Look at leaflets encouraging children not to smoke      Think about         Anti smoking
 SCIENCE             and the gases, which are           healthy, apart from eating   or encouraging adults to give up smoking. How is        slogans to add      leaflets.
 (cross curricular   inhaled from smoking, are          a balanced diet and          smoking harmful. (Discuss with children how harmful     into our work-
 link to Literacy,   harmful to our bodies.             exercising regularly?        properties of cigarettes were not known during          e.g Don’t choke
 History & PSHE)                                        What parts of our body       WW2).                                                   on your smoke.
                     They will be able to name at       could be damaged if we       Discuss with the children why they think people do
                     least 2 parts of the body,         smoke?                       smoke.
                     which are effected by smoking.                                  Using their knowledge of persuasive language
                                                                                     children design a leaflet or a poster persuading
                                                                                     people not to smoke or to give up smoking.
                     Children will be able to name 5    Where would you see          Look at the plane emergency instructions with the       Discuss why         Rigby Dimensions
    PSHE             different places outside of the    these emergency              children. In pairs think of as many different images    many places         Bombs Away
 (Cross curricular   school environment where they      instructions?                or word that tell us that we would find these           have the No         books.
 link to History &   may see emergency                  Why are the instructions     instructions on a plane. Discuss the purpose of them.   Smoking
      Literacy)      instructions.                      necessary?                   Where else have you noticed or where would we find      instruction, e.g.
                                                                                     similar instructions? Will they have the same           in petrol
                     They will know that smoking in                                  purpose?                                                stations, on
                     the wrong environment could be                                                                                          buses and
                     hazardous.                                                                                                              trains.
Term:   Wk Beginning:   Weekly Planning Grid   Year:   4/5   Teacher:

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