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					ICDL Advanced
Litmus Learning is the only automated test provider for the ICDL Advanced programme. The ICDL Advanced has
four modules: Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint.

The Automated Testing Software (ATS) for ICDL is a unique assessment tool to measure the competency of a
candidate based on the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) / International Computer Driving Licence
(ICDL) manual question and test base (MQTB). Litmus Learning LTD ATS conforms to both the European and
International Computer Driving License Association syllabus and standards. The ECDL/ICDL is an international
qualification, which enables people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills.

Primer tests:
•   There is one primer (practice) test per module, this consists of 12 questions to be completed in 36 minutes
•   Simple to use – Software installation is not required, only support files need to be downloaded
•   You only require an Internet connection and a
    web browser to access the Online Primer
•   Practice at home - Primer tests are unlimited
•   Instant results

Facts and Features:
•   ECDL/ICDL Advanced (Syllabus version 1.0)
•   ATS assesses a candidate's proficiency of using a
    PC application by testing them within the actual
    software. For example, word processing is tested
    in MS Word only.
•   No local installation required (other than support
    files), which reduces time spent on the initial setup.
•   Instant marking and immediate test results are comforting to candidates, and dramatically decrease the amount
    of time spent waiting for manual marking
•   The software records and stores the candidate's work allowing post examination checking and authentication.

•   Lower Costs – Automated Testing Software reduces the time spent on processes, as the ATS Administrator helps
    manage registrations and results.
•   Time Management - Less time spent on administrative tasks and manual marking, and more time spent on
    training and supporting candidates.
•   Improved Motivation - Interactive technologies are more engaging and realistic for candidates, offering
    confidence and familiar testing environments.

     •   Microsoft Windows XP
     •   Microsoft Office 2003

                                           Want to find out more?
For GCC countries except Saudi Arabia, please visit us at http://www.icdlgcc.org or telephone +971 4 391 4335
For Saudi Arabia, please visit us as http://www.icdlsaudi.org or telephone +966 1 450 7222