October 2008                                          a report from the national office

                    CoNSTrUCTIoN INDUSTrY roUND TaBLE
                            2009 Design Competition Awards Program
                                               A Partnership with the
                                           ACE Mentor Program of America
                                                            Details on pages 2-4

  The competition details are outlined on the following              Program NoTES
  pages. Here are some program highlights:                           Each of the project options for the 2009 CIRT Design Competi-
                                                                     tion is derived from actual competitions that are underway or
  n One team per affiliate
                                                                     have been recently completed. The information furnished below
  n Teams can be made up of students from all the
    “teams” in a location                                            has been edited and/or modified so as to meet the needs of the
                                                                     CIRT competition. (The competition is restricted to the informa-
  n A member of the three “finalists” will be flown to
    Washington, DC for the final presentations                       tion supplied herein).
  n A grant from CIRT will be given to the winning team              If for any reason you believe a key piece of information is miss-
                                                                     ing or you are unclear as to a specific reference in the additional
                                                                     information provided – please make an educated guess or
                                                                     assumption that would further your proposal (and simply indi-
                                                                     cate what that assumption was and why you made it). Please
                                                                     do not let a geographical reference or other individual piece
                                                                     of information prevent you from completing the CIRT design
                                                                     competition submission!

  CIRT President, Mark Casso, and Charles Thornton, Chairman
  of ACE, present check to the winning Frederick team. Presenters
  from Kansas City and San Jose are also recognized.
aWarDS Program                                                        Program awards
                                                                      As the sponsor of the award program, CIRT will make a
The CIRT/ACE Award competition is maintained, coordinated,
                                                                      commitment to finance logistical/travel expenses (for the
and judged by Construction Industry Round Table’s CEOs and
                                                                      student finalists) and a lump sum award for the winning
is for ACE Mentor Affiliates. Winner(s) will receive a scholarship/
                                                                      Affiliate (currently $3,000).
contribution to further the students’ and/or mentoring Affiliates’
efforts on behalf of the design/construction community.
Program SPECIFICS                                                     Materials submitted to the competition (which will be retained
                                                                      by CIRT) are extremely important because they will be used
Sponsors                                                              to make the initial cut down to three finalists. They therefore
CIRT and the ACE Mentor Program of America (on voluntary basis        should be clear, meaningful, and well thought out with sufficient
the ACE Affiliates would be the actual participants).                 information to augment the written materials while being able
                                                                      to stand independently from a written narrative or report. (The
Theme for the Program
                                                                      judges are looking for clarity, understandability, constructability,
Celebrating the innovations and contributions the design/
                                                                      completeness, flow of ideas and how the solution meets the
construction industry makes to the quality of American life, while
understanding the issues and challenges the industry faces to
                                                                         Drawings should be on a maximum of two A1 (841mm x
deliver on this legacy.
                                                                      594mm) sheets and must be mounted on two A1 lightweight
award approach                                                        boards. A brief written explanation describing something
Any ACE Mentor Affiliate can volunteer to participate in the CIRT     about the context and thinking behind the scheme should be
Design Competition, which will use actual competitions that           included on the sheet(s). Photographs (of the site, 3D model,
have recently been announced (modified where necessary to             etc) may be mounted or scanned onto the drawings. No specific
accommodate CIRT). The true goal is to judge the ability of the       drawings or scales are prescribed, but the presentation must
students to make coherent, well thought out, clear presentations      convey the ideas underlying the design (whether a building or
on their team’s design/construction approaches within the             not), its overall forms and spaces, its character and atmosphere.
project’s objectives, etc.                                            A narrative addressing the design process (as described below),
                                                                      among other things should accompany the drawings. Entrants
award Panel                                                           are encouraged to send a digital copy of their entry on a CD.
A distinguished panel of judges comprised of CEOs/Presidents/         This is optional but is intended to help the organizers with the
Chairmen of leading design and construction firms will be chaired     process of selecting winners. If a CD is submitted, it should
by Dr. Charlie Thornton to evaluate the finalists during CIRT’s       contain key images of the design. Also, all submissions must
Spring Conference.                                                    complete and return the “Registration Application Form”.

Frequency of Program                                                  Design Process
Once a year, beginning in January and concluding in April at the
                                                                      The following questions are representative of the type of
CIRT Spring Conference – where the winner(s) will be selected and
                                                                      information that will be expected along with the design
announced. (Interim milestone and final submittal dates will be
                                                                      concepts, renderings, etc. (Please note: Jurors will carefully
included in the competition package).
                                                                      consider your replies to these questions when evaluating your
Topics for the Programs                                               overall project).
The topics will be any number of design/construction challenges       Question A: Define and/or describe the problems/challenges you faced
ranging from fairly simple planning needs, to more complex use        when deciding on the design project you chose to do for the competition.
of construction materials in creative and innovative ways.
                                                                      Question B: Thoroughly describe your design process, in writing
                                                                      and through visual attachments (copies of sketches, renderings,
                                                                      process books, etc).


                               400 Main Street, Suite 600, Stamford, CT 06901 voice 203.323.0020       fax 203.323.0032
Question C: Explain how your design approach is an appropriate,
innovative solution to the design competition problem. Explain how your
design is different from other approaches or processes, if such is the case.   TImELINE
Question D: Describe any social/ecological or otherwise beneficial             Those ACE affiliates who wish to participate in this
qualities of your design solution. (For example, is it universal design?       national competition should comply with the following
How? Is it environmentally friendly? Does it use cost-effective or             time schedule:
recyclable materials?)
                                                                               December 19, 2008
Question E: Describe what you learned from this design competition.            The Affiliate should notify the national office of the ACE
                                                                               Mentor Program of America (i.e. Pamela Mullender) of its
                                                                               intent to enter the national competition.
The following design/construction aspects will be evaluation                   March 9, 2009
                                                                               All projects are submitted to the CIRT national office in
criteria, and should be explained where appropriate:
                                                                               Washington DC (8115 Old Dominion Drive, Suite 210,
z   the site and its context (built and/or natural)                            McLean, VA 22102).
z   construction (materials, textures, colors, etc.)                           March 24, 2009
z   the strategy for sustainability                                            Finalists are notified and plans are made to bring a
z   the surrounding landscape/external spaces                                  representative(s) from each group to Washington, DC. (CIRT
z   life and activities in and around the building, including                  will cover the expenses for one student representative from
    the qualities of enclosed spaces showing furniture, fittings               each of the three finalists).
    and finishes (where needed or appropriate to the design                    March 31, 2009
    competition selected).                                                     Mentors and students must make their hotel reservations
                                                                               by this date at the competition hotel where the finalists
                                                                               will be staying in DC. (Final teams will be notified with this
                                                                               hotel information).
The panel of judges for this design competition will be mainly
compromised of CEOs and presidents of the leading design                       April 21, 2008
and construction firms in the United States that are members                   Finalists present to the CIRT Panel of Judges (late
                                                                               afternoon/evening). The Panel of judges vote. The winner
of CIRT. As such, the overall theme or evaluation criteria for
                                                                               will be announced and presented to all attendees at the
the competition is one founded on the practical aspects of the
                                                                               national conference.
profession, particularly with respect to constructability, use
of materials, meeting deadlines, and establishing reasonable
expenses or budgets. More important than the actual design
solution, is the methods and processes used to arrive at a
solution. Fundamentally, the spirit of this competition is
one of design and construction. Great weight will be given to
the ability of the ACE students (i.e. their selected representative)
to articulate a clear, comprehensive, coherent, and cogent
presentation that persuades the judges as to selecting his/her
team as the winning entry. (Preparing the student representative
is part of the overall process that the other team members will
receive benefit from as well).

                                                                                            A 2008 finalist presents her project.

                                    400 Main Street, Suite 600, Stamford, CT 06901 voice 203.323.0020      fax 203.323.0032
CIrT DESIgN ComPETITIoN aWarDS Program                                    Theme: Arts Center/Theater Building
2009 Project options                                                      Design a lively meeting point for residents and visitors, offer-
                                                                          ing culture in every form, a place where openness and diversity
List of Project Options (select one for the competition)                  prevail. This should be a place where children, young persons and
                                                                          adults have a central place for both gathering impressions and
z Modular Education Pavilion                                              expressing themselves. An integrated arts complex serving both
z London 2012 Olympic Stadium                                             your local community and the region is to be created by means of
z Arts Center/Theater Building                                            a new arts center/theater that incorporates the traditions, culture,
z White House Redesign                                                    and style of the area it will serve. As always, use of materials, build-
                                                                          ing techniques, and approaches that emphasize sustainability,
Description of Project options                                            energy efficiency, and recyclable eco-friendly products as well
                                                                          as being equipped with the latest smart building and security
Theme: Modular Educational Pavilion                                       technologies should be integral to the design proposal. (The
An adverse effect of quick, sporadic, and highly concentrated             structure may be of your own dimensions and sited on a plot of
population increases in many urban/suburban areas is the inabil-          your choosing, but these decisions should be fully explained and
ity of the educational system to adapt to the new demographic             in keeping with the overall budget and resources that are likely to
circumstances with appropriate and/or sufficient physical infra-          be attracted to such a project).
structure. As a result, schools districts have turned to or have used
“temporary” prefab accommodations. Unfortunately, many times              Theme: White House Redesign
these schools have had to use the same “temporary” structures for         No matter which candidate wins election for President in No-
longer than expected periods, far exceeding their design lives. In        vember 2008, their place of residence is of prime importance to
some cases, current students/teachers now find themselves in the          the successful completion of their responsibilities and duties.
sub-standard, dilapidated structures. The challenge is to design a        The challenge is to redesign a new residence for the world’s most
transportable pavilion (or temporary structure that can be “added”        powerful individual. To address this challenge you must answer
to the existing facilities) that will function as a learning center for   these and many other questions: (1) where would you locate this
school children – without leaving the impression or feeling that          new “White House” (justify your decision); (2) what would be its di-
it is second rate and/or undesirable. The aim of the proposal is to       mensions, size, elevations, etc.; (3) how can you make it accessible
create a space that meets expanding student populations needs             while secure; (4) what new technologies, smart building features
in one district, but then can be used (moved) to another loca-            would you incorporate; (4) what would the immediate surround-
tion once the community matures and the number of students                ing area look like; (5) how would you include use of materials,
dwindles or shifts to other local school districts. (Dimensions,          building techniques, and approaches that emphasize sustainabil-
size, costs, etc. must be determined by the team, but all decisions       ity, energy efficiency, and recyclable eco-friendly products; and (6)
should be explained and warranted based on the resources likely           how would it continue to serve its traditional function as a public
to be attracted to such a proposal in the given community). As in         residence and symbol of freedom? These are just some of the
the other project options, use of materials, building techniques,         challenges encompassing the best ideas, designs, descriptions,
and approaches that emphasize sustainability, energy efficiency,          and images that will make a “winning” entry.
and recyclable eco-friendly products as well as being equipped
with the latest smart building and security technologies should
be integral to the design proposal.
                                                                          Mark A. Casso, Esq., President       Pamela R. Mullender
Theme: London 2012 Olympic Stadium                                        Construction Industry Round Table    President/CEO
The “Bird’s Nest” as it came to be known was the most distinctive         8115 Old Dominion Drive              ACE Mentor Program of America
lasting structure of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing,            Suite 210                            400 Main Street, Suite 600
China. This design challenge is intended to create a memorable
                                                                          McLean, VA 22102                     Stamford, CT 06901
stadium for the 2012 Games in London, England. The proposed
                                                                          202.466.6777 - office                203.323.0020 - office
structure should be approximately the same size (i.e., hold a similar
capacity) and serve a similar function as did the “Bird’s Nest.” (Back-                      203.323.0032 - fax
ground structural information gathering is part of the project).                                               203.461.2127 - cell
The design proposal should capture the history, culture, nature,                                     
scope, and architectural tradition of London, while at the same
time propose materials, building techniques, and approaches that
fully express the current values placed on sustainability, energy ef-
ficiency, and building with recyclable eco-friendly products as well
as being equipped with the latest smart building communication
and security technologies. Let your imagination soar while design-
ing for the ages, and yet make it say: “London 2012”.                                                                                          4
                                        2009 DESIGN COMPETITION
                                           AWARDS PROGRAM
                                           Registration Application
Instructions: This form must be completed entirely and returned with the project boards when your team
makes its submission for the competition. If you need more space, please attach a separate page. If you
have any questions, please contact Mark Casso at CIRT at 202-466-6777; email: Mail
submissions by March 9, 2009 to: CIRT, 8115 Old Dominion Dr., Suite 201, McLean, VA 22102-2324.

Exact Name of Team / ACE Affiliate:

Chapter Location (City):                                              _______           State:

Project Category:

Name of Project:

Mentor Name(s) & Company:




Team Member Names: (if you need more room, please attach a separate page.)










If CIRT has a question about your entry, please provide a point person that we may contact:

                                  CIRT 2009 DESIGN COMPETITION AWARDS PROGRAM
                           A Partnership with the ACE Mentor Program of America

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