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Nissan Altima Hybrid Brochure

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     T   he first hybrid to drive like a Nissan. An incredible fuel economy of 35 mpg(2) without sacrificing the performance
         that makes Nissan special. Mile after exhilarating mile, up to 600 miles per tank. With a sleek, sophisticated
         design, environmental technology and a smooth, silent ride, Nissan Altima Hybrid triumphs over every hybrid
                                                                                                       model on the market.

AltiMA Hybrid’s tecHNology sHAres A gAsoliNe eNgiNe ANd
electric Motor. tHe systeM AlWAys delivers poWer froM its
Most efficieNt source.

HOw IT wORks:

1    LOw spEEDs: for maximum fuel economy and minimum
     environmental impact, the gasoline engine shuts down at low
     speeds and Altima uses the electric motor exclusively.

2    HEavY aCCELERaTION: smooth, instant power comes from the
     gas engine and electric motor.

3    CRuIsING: during freeway driving power comes mostly from
     Altima’s gas engine, since its more efficient at high speeds. the      displAy screeN of Hybrid systeM iN ActioN
     electric motor assists if needed.

4    BRakING/COasTING: during braking or coasting the gas engine
     shuts off, as it is no longer needed. Momentum, kinetic energy that
                                                                            loW eMissioNs:
                                                                            AltiMA Hybrid surpAsses super ultrA loW eMissioNs
     would otherwise be wasted, is converted into electricity, recharging   veHicle (sulev) stANdArds. it’s 90% cleANer tHAN tHe
     the battery.                                                           AverAge NeW Model yeAr veHicle, & Meets tHe ultrA-
                                                                            striNgeNt pArtiAl Zero veHicle (pZev) requireMeNts,
5    aT a sTOp: to conserve fuel, reduce emissions and prevent idling,
     the gas engine shuts off and the electric motor stays ready.
                                                                            iNcludiNg NeAr-Zero evAporAtive eMissioNs & 15
                                                                            yeAr/150,000-Mile WArrANty oN eMissioNs coNtrol

04   Nissan Altima Hybrid show in precision grey
pusH BuTTON IGNITION: you’ll be stunned by the silence as

Altima starts up and begins accelerating in “ev” mode, running
solely on the electric motor.

                                                                      & HaNDLING
198 Hp: Altima Hybrid’s energy drive shares work duties
between an ultra-clean gasoline-powered 158 Hp 2.5-litre
4-cylinder engine, emissions-free 40 Hp electric motor, and uses
a continuously variable transmission (ecvt).

ElEctronic DrivE-by-wirE throttlE: A standard sensor
on the gas pedal transmits throttle position to the engine
electronically, providing on-demand torque control for smoother

sTEERING: traditional front-wheel drive layouts offer many          Without compromising power, Altima Hybrid’s full
advantages, including excellent traction. but on a high-powered     hybrid engine drives at low speeds solely on the electric
vehicle, you might notice what is called “torque steer” – the       motor, reserving the gas engine for higher speeds or a
tendency of the steering to pull to one side under acceleration.
                                                                    combination of both. this helps deliver an outstanding
by employing a rigid pattern, lowering the engine slightly, and
using specially designed suspension components, torque steer in     5.6 l/100 km(1) and a driving range of over 1300 km.
Altima is virtually nonexistent, letting you enjoy both power and   that gives the Altima Hybrid the greatest driving range
handling as they were meant to be.                                  of any car sold in canada.

suspENsION: Many sport sedans feature independent
suspensions. but Altima takes the extra step, and employs a
350Z-inspired multi-link design for quick response, while still
providing a supple ride. by separating the springs and shocks,
friction is reduced, allowing the components to respond to the
road without compromise.

Anti-lock brAking SyStEm (AbS): in addition to standard
4-wheel disc brakes, a standard Anti-lock braking system (Abs)
helps you maintain steering control in an emergency stop. it
works by pumping the brakes faster than humanly possible to
help keep the wheels from locking up.

SpEED-SEnSitivE StEEring: Altima’s vehicle speed-sensitive
power steering constantly adjusts to give you the ideal amount
of power assistance. More boost at lower speeds makes parking
and maneuvering easier, while less boost at higher speeds gives
a secure, confident feel.

ElEctronic brAkE forcE DiStribution (EbD): Altima’s
Abs features electronic brake force distribution (ebd) to
constantly monitor weight distribution and adjust rear brake
force for balanced braking power.
         sLEEk INTERIOR: before you drive
         off, pause a moment to take in the rich
         materials, the feel of the buttons and
         switches, even subtle things like the
         flowing contour line above the centre
         vents. think of it as quality time.

         illuminAtED           StEEring-whEEl-
         MOuNTED CONTROLs: Allowing you to
         change your cruise control, volume and
         song while you drive.

         8-wAy powEr ADjuStAblE DrivEr’S
         sEaT: in the midst of all that space inside
         the Altima cabin, you can still find a very
         personal fit when you get in the driver’s
         seat. After all, it adjusts eight different
         ways to put you in just the right position.

         HEaTED FRONT sEaTs: Altima Hybrid’s
         heated cloth front seats let you and your
         passenger crank the heat, low or high, for
         a warm and comfortable ride through the
         cold winter months.

         spaCIOus: A large interior space allows
         seating for 5 with a space of 20 cubic
         feet. An abundance of storage solutions
         allow for a comfortable trip no matter
         the distance. the Nissan Altima Hybrid
         contains 9 cup holders, a large storage
         container located behind the gear shift,
         and various side panels. A center fold-
         down arm rest in the rear-passenger seat
         provides comfort and additional storage

saFETY                                                                                                                                    INTERIOR
5-StAr crASh tESt SAfEty rAting

LaTCH sYsTEM: (lower Anchors and tethers for children)
lets you secure lAtcH-compatible child restraints without                            sMaRT DIspLaYs: if you choose the available
having to use seat belts or a locking clip. Available with your                      touch-screen Navigation system, you’ll have
Nissan Altima Hybrid and online at nissan.ca, the snug Kids                          real-time display that shows the hybrid system
child safety guide which alerts you to which car seat is an                          at work. A unique power meter lets you track
ideal fit for your Nissan Altima Hybrid.                                             how much energy is in the system. you’ll even
                                                                                     see when you’re running solely on electric
                                                                                     power and when you’re generating more.
sIX sTaNDaRD aIRBaGs: and front-seat Active Head                                     Also available is voice-recognition, bluetooth®
restraints are among the more than 50 standard safety                                Hands-free phone system and rearview
features you’ll find on every Altima. it’s all part of the                           Monitor2 - a tiny camera allowing you to
Nissan safety shield, our comprehensive approach to help                             see the back end of your car for convenient
inspire confidence every time you get behind the wheel.                              parking.
the Nissan Advanced Airbag system (AAbs) includes dual-
stage supplemental front airbags with seat belt sensors and
an occupant-classification sensor. the inflation rate of these
dual-stage airbags adjusts depending on crash severity and
seat belt usage. if the front passenger seat is empty, a sensor
will deactivate the airbag¹.

ZONE BODY CONsTRuCTION: front/rear crumple zones,
hood buckling creases and an energy-absorbing steering
column play an important role in helping keep you safe in the
event of an accident.

sTaBILITY CONTROL: stability control automatically senses
when the vehicles handling limits have been exceeded and
reduces engine power and/or applies select brakes to help
prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle.                                                                                 sTaNDaRD INTELLIGENT kEY: ultimate convenience
                                                                                                                                       is yours with Altima’s standard intelligent key. As you
¹ Airbags are only a supplemental restraint system; always wear your seat
belt. even with the occupant-classification sensor, rear-facing child restraints                                                       approach, your Altima recognizes your intelligent
should not be placed in the front passenger’s seat. Also, in addition to any                                                           Key’s unique signal and allows you to tap a button on
other requirement of applicable law, all children 12 and under should ride                                                             the door handle or trunk to unlock them.
in the rear seat properly secured in child restraints, booster seats, or seat
belts according to their size. Airbags will only inflate in certain accidents; see
your owner’s manual for more details. inflated airbags shown for illustration                                                          auDIO sYsTEM: enjoy the sweet sounds of Altima’s
                                                                                                                                       6-speaker AM/fM/cd sound system.

purposes only. Actual airbags deflate after deployment.


                            satin White         satin green

                            ebony            toasted Almond

                            precision grey      Mystic Jade


                            blond cloth       charcoal cloth

           Nissan Navigation system with gps, dvd atlas, Hybrid                   8-way power adjustable driver’s seat                              16” x 7.0” 6-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels



           energy status, and 7” color lcd monitor
                                                                                  Heated front seats                                                p215/60tr16 tires
           bluetooth© connectivity with voice recognition
                                                                                  cloth seats (available in blond or charcoal)                      tire pressure Monitoring system (tpMs)
           Nissan intelligent Key ® with push button ignition
                                                                                  leather-wrapped steering wheel                                    Wheelbase – mm (inches) 2776 (109.3)
           dual-zone Automatic climate control (Acc) with
                                                                                  Metallic-tone trim (frost and charcoal cloth interior)            fuel consumption estimates – l/100 km (mpg) – 5.7 (50)

           in-cabin microfilter
                                                                                                                                                    Hybrid, ecvt (city)
                                                                                  Wood-tone trim (blond interior)
           rear passenger floor vents
                                                                                                                                                    fuel consumption estimates – l/100 km (mpg) – 5.9
                                                                                  rear fold-down centre armrest
           cup holders (9)                                                                                                                          (48) Hybrid, ecvt (Hwy)
                                                                                  emissions – ulev

           power Windows                                                                                                                            Nissan advanced airbag system (AAbs) with dual-stage

                                                                                  continuously variable valve timing control system                 supplemental front airbags with seat belt sensors
           driver one-touch auto-up/down and anti-pinch feature
           front–passenger one-touch auto-up/down and                                                                                               driver and front-passenger seat mounted supplemental
                                                                                  variable intake system                                            side-impact
           anti-pinch feature
                                                                                  Nissan direct ignition system with platinum-tipped                roof-mounted curtain side-impact supplemental
           power door locks with auto-locking feature
                                                                                  spark plugs                                                       airbags front and rear-seat outboard occupants head
           remote keyless entry with trunk release                                                                                                  protection
                                                                                  electronic drive-by-wire throttle
           remote keyless front windows down                                                                                                        front seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters
                                                                                  Hybrid system Net power – 198 (148 kW)
           Key-operated front windows up/down                                                                                                       Active front-seat head restraints
                                                                                  qr23de – 2.5-litre doHc 16-valve 4-cylinder
           cruise control with steering-wheel-mounted controls                                                                                      3-point Alr/elr passenger seat belts (elr for driver)
                                                                                  Horsepower – 158 Hp @ 5200-600 rpm
           fine vision gauges                                                                                                                       lAtcH system (lower Anchors and tethers for
                                                                                  torque – 162 lb-ft @ 2800-4800 rpm
           trip computer with multiple displays                                                                                                     children)
                                                                                  permanent magnet Ac synchronous electric motor
           tilt and telescopic steering column                                                                                                      energy-absorbing steering column; pipe-style steel side
                                                                                  199 lb-ft @ 0-1500 rpm (105 kW @ 4500 rpm)                        door guard beams
           speed-sensitive variable intermittent flat-blade wipers
                                                                                  voltage – 650 v maximum                                           Zone body construction with front and rear crumple
           dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors with sun visor                                                                                     zones
                                                                                  Key-operated front windows up/down
                                                                                  sealed Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) – 40 Hp (30 kW)                Hood-buckling creases
           12-volt dc power outlets (2) and retained accessory
           power                                                                  voltage – 244.8 v                                                 immobilizer key system

           AM/fM/cd audio system with six speakers                                front engine/front-wheel drive                                    Anti-theft system


           illuminated steering-wheel-mounted audio controls                      continuously variable transmission (ecvt)
           Auxiliary audio input jack                                             vehicle dynamic control (vdc)                                     FOR a FuLL LIsTING OF pRODuCT FEaTuREs,
                                                                                  electronic drive-by-wire throttle                                 MODELs spECIFICaTIONs aND pRICING
                                                                                                                                                           INFORMaTION vIsIT us aT:
                                                                                  11.7” vented front disc/11.5” rear disc brakes

                                                                                  4-wheel Anti-lock braking system (Abs)                                       NIssaN.Ca/HYBRID
                                                                                  electronic brake force distribution (ebd)

About tHis cAtAlogue: since the time of printing, some of this information may have been updated. Ask your retailer for details before ordering. specifications, descriptions and
illustrations contained in this catalogue are based on information believed to be correct at the time this publication was approved fro printing. However, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
Nissan reserves the right to discontinue models of options at any time or change specifications and materials, equipment or design without notice and without incurring obligation.
some of the equipment may not be exactly as shown in this catalogue. some of the equipment you desire or verification of specifications and equipment availability described or
illustrated in this catalogue may not be standard, and may be available only at extra cost, as factory installed or retailer installed; items described as “available” may be standard on some
models and optional, or not available, on others. equipment referred to as “available” or “optional” may be at extra cost. some options are required in combination with other options.
for the price of the model with the equipment you desire or verification of specifications and equipment availability described herein, see your Nissan retailer. colour availability may
vary by model. due to printing limitations, the colours shown here and throughout the catalogue may vary slightly from the actual hue. see your retailer to view accurate colour chips.
Nissan is a registered trademark. © 2008 Nissan canada inc.


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