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									Report of Town Clerk and Chief Executive
To Monthly Development Committee
-Tuesday, 13th April, 2010.

Matters for Decision.

1.          Resignation of Alderman M. Hamilton from Western Cluster for Rural
            Development for 2008-2013.

            I have received letter from Alderman Hamilton advising that she unable to
            continue as a Member of the Western Cluster for Rural Development due
            to other commitment and being unable to devote the necessary time to the

            The Member has pointed out in her letter that she is not a Rural Councillor
            but was appointed to the Cluster Committee because of Party

            I would therefore seek a nomination to the Western Cluster for Rural
            Development for 2008-2013 to replace Alderman Hamilton.

2.          Funding for Derry Visitor and Convention Bureau.

            In the current rates estimates (2010/11) a figure in the sum of £365,200
            has been set aside for the staffing and day to day operation of the DVCB.
            To facilitate the operation of this organisation permission is sought for the
            release of these monies based on vouched expenditure on a phased
            basis, paid quarterly in advance to the DVCB.

            I await your comments and recommendations.

3.          Millennium Forum – Management Fee.

            In the current rates estimates (2010/11) a figure in the sum of £443,300
            has been set aside for the Management Fee for the Millennium Forum.
            Permission is sought for the release of these monies on a phased basis,
            paid quarterly in advance to the Millennium Forum.

            I await your comments and recommendations.

4.          Cities in Transition Conference – 22nd – 29th May, 2010 – Mitrovica

            Members are advised that invitations have been extended to the Elected
            Members who attended the Cities in Transition Conference and also an

Officer from Derry City Council to attend a Cities in Transition Conference
in Mitrovica (Kosovo) from the 22nd – 29th May 2010. A draft Programme
is attached for Members‟ information as Appendix A. Members will recall
that 3 elected Members from Derry City Council along with several
community activists attended the first Cities in Transition Conference in
Boston in April 2009.

The Forum for Cities in Transition aims to engage representatives from
areas coming out of conflict to learn from each other in terms of physical
development, community development, economic development and
community relations.

The Conference this year has several key themes which all participants
can benefit from including:

Mitrovica North

      Physical infrastructure projects and regeneration
      Overview of education systems
      overview of conflict related issues e.g. mental health issues, issues
       around victims, property disputes, right to return etc;

Mitrovica South

      Sustainable development and the involvement of NGO‟s
      Sustainable development and civic engagement in divided
      Overview of youth work and related projects
      Building an acceptable Police Service
      Business development planning in divided cities

The objectives which have been set by DCC for the trip are outlined below:

      Learn from examples of best practice in terms of developing of
       community relations in other areas.
       Learn from examples of best practice in terms of regeneration,
       education, Policing, etc in other areas.
      Use any learning when developing new projects/strategies locally.
      Assess how affects of the conflict on citizens and groups were
       addressed in other areas.
      Look at how the „Hard Issues‟ were addressed in other areas, e.g.
       Dealing with the past, truth recovery, dealing with issues around
       victims, removal of physical divisions, etc.
      Build relationships with other members from Derry/Londonderry to
       make roll out of learning easier on return.

           Present Derry/Londonderry in a positive light and highlight any
            examples of best practice in relation to Community Relations or
            issues around the conflict e.g. parading.
           Assess the effectiveness of the conference and the topics
            discussed in terms of Derry~Londonderry possibly hosting the
            conference in 2013 and meet with conference hosts to ascertain
            the budgetary and organisational requirements of hosting the

     The benefits to participation include:-

           Fulfilment of the objectives will provide Council with a greater
            understanding on working in a divided society and information on
            approaches which worked elsewhere.
           It will establish further international network of contacts.
           Showcasing Derry~Londonderry on an international stage in terms
            of its community infrastructure, physical regeneration projects,
            economic regeneration, community relations successes, etc in the
            presentation which will be given on the 24th May.
           Continue the work which has been initiated with Forum for Cities in
            Transition to ensure that the learning from the Conference is
            embedded locally.
           To learn from other Cities which have come out of conflict in terms
            of how the community relations issues were dealt with in other
           Updating of knowledge of other conflicts to use in development of
            training courses, workshops, delivery of Epilogues training
            programme, etc.

     Invites have also been issued to Cllr Gerard Diver, Cllr Maurice Devenney
     and Cllr Maeve McLaughlin. All costs for the trip are covered for the
     participants through the Forum for Cities in Transition Programme.

     It is recommended that Angela Askin. Community Relations Officer
     attend the Conference in Mitrovica form 22nd – 29th May 2010.

     I await your comments and recommendations.

5.   Community Centre Funding.

     I wish to advise Members that Council has recently received
     representations in relation to the financial hardship which is being
     experienced by Community Centres in the Council‟s area. In particular the
     Newbuildings Community Association has indicated that it may have to
     drastically reduce its level of operation in the near future. Clearly Council
     has already made its funding allocations by way of Service Level

     Agreements for the 2010/11 financial year. In these circumstances I am
     proposing that an urgent meeting is convened with key funding
     stakeholders including WELB, DARD and DSD in relation to the future
     funding climate.

     During these discussions I would propose that the issue of core funding is
     considered as a priority. Whilst considerable funding continues to be
     made available in programming terms ultimately this will not be deliverable
     unless the delivery organisations have some core funding to address their
     fixed costs.

     I await your comments and recommendation.

6.   Community Support Plan 2006/07 – 2009/10.

     I wish to advise Members that the current Community Support Plan is due
     for renewal this year. Following consultation with the Department for
     Social Development, Council has been advised that it will be appropriate,
     in the present circumstances, to continue with the existing Support Plan for
     a further year as we await clarification on proposals regarding the Review
     of Public Administration. If Members are agreeable with this suggestion
     the Community Services Team will revise the existing document to cater
     for developments at community level and to comply with the budgetary
     allocation which is anticipated for this financial year.

     I await your comments and recommendation.

7.   Derry City Council Support Grant Aid 2010-11.

     For Members‟ consideration please find attached as Appendix B the
     presented Support Grant-Aid results for 2010-11.

     Members are advised that as yet Council has not received a letter of offer
     from the Department of Social Development and whilst this grant aid is
     presented for members‟ recommendations it is subject to Council receiving
     an offer of grant that is similar to last year‟s allocation. The purpose of
     presenting this paper is to allow officers to progress with the administration
     of the grant aid as soon as the Department of Social Development Letter
     of Offer is received.

     I await your comments and recommendations.

8.   Sports Development Budgets.

     Members will be aware that at the Special Development Committee in
     January the new Sport and Physical Activity Strategy (2010-2015) and

     Staff Structure was approved. This involved making a number of posts
     within Sports Development permanent. The posts within Sports
     Development previously had been funded through a combination of Rates
     Estimates allocations and external funding. Within the Rates Estimates
     allocations the posts were funded through a Sports Development budget
     and Community Services Grant Aid budget.

     Following discussions with the City Treasurers Department it has been
     suggested to seek approval to move the grant allocation under Grant Aid
     directly to the Main Sports Development Cost Centre.

     In addition Sports Development has a full-time administration position
     which previously has been funded in part through Sports Development and
     Community Services. Approval is sought to move the monies allocated for
     the Sports Development posts from the main Development Department
     budget directly to the Sports Development cost centre. Both of these
     transfers will improve the administration of the financial budget within
     Sports Development and Community Services.

     I await your comments and recommendations.

9.   Annual Subscription – “Friends of The Somme”.

     Correspondence has been received from the Somme Association
     requesting Council to renew its subscription to the “Friends of the
     Somme”. The subscription rate remains unchanged at £370.00 plus VAT,
     giving a total of £434.75. The organisation also expressed its appreciation
     for the help and support given to it.

     Council has made an annual subscription to this organisation over the past
     number of years. The Somme Association was set up to research and
     commemorate the role of Irish people in World War One. It does this
     through the provision of a museum in Newtownards – the Somme Heritage
     Centre – and through the maintenance and provision of visitor services at
     the Ulster Memorial Tower in France. The Association has a strong cross-
     community ethos.

     The Heritage and Museum Service has worked with the Somme
     Association on a number of recent projects, including the recent touring
     exhibition „Cracking the Code‟ which was on display in the Tower Museum
     in February 2010. In June 2010 the Museum Service will be organising an
     event for Archaeology Day which will also involve the Somme Association.

     It is recommended that Council renews its subscription at the cost of
     £370.00 plus VAT.

      I await your comments and recommendations.

10.   Drumahoe Playing Fields.

      Purpose of Report

      The purpose of this report is to provide Members with an update on the
      acquisition of the above Playing Fields.

      Members may recall that at the February 2009 Meeting of Committee (Ref:
      D36/09) that it was recommended that Council advise the Western
      Education and Library Board that it wishes to proceed with the acquisition
      of the Drumahoe Playing Fields at nil cost.

      I now attach, as Appendix C copy of letter which has been received from
      Mr. Barry Mulholland, Chief Executive of the Western Education and
      Library Board.

      In view of the content of Mr. Mulholland‟s letter and taking into account the
      views expressed by Members at its Meeting in January 2009 regarding the
      importance of these playing fields (Ref: D14/09), I now request Members‟
      approval to proceed with the purchase of the land.

      I await your comments and recommendation.

11.   Leafair Pitch – EG (Phase 2 – Synthetic Carpet and Floodlighting).

      Members will recall that Council appointed White Mountain in the sum of
      £253,783.30 + Vat to undertake Phase 1 of this project (bitmac surface,
      fencing and enabling works) (C45/10).

      In consultation with Council‟s appointed engineers, Scott Wilson)
      (ES356/08), the estimated cost (inclusive of professional fees) to complete
      Phase 2 of this project is £320,000 + VAT. For Members information,
      Council has previously approved a select list to tender for these works

      Subsequent to the recent Rates Estimate process cross-Party support has
      indicated that the procurement of Phase II of this project is a priority. In
      relation to the funding arrangements for Phase II, Members should
      consider three options, namely,

      1.     Using the capital allocation for the Strategic Leisure Estate as
             approved in the Rates Estimate process.
      2.     Applying funds currently in the capital reserves.
      3.     Making provision by way of a loan charge.

      Notwithstanding the above options I will seek capital support for the project
      from DSD, although it is not yet clear what level of allocation will be
      available for such projects in this financial year.

      It is estimated post Full Council approval that three months will be required
      to design/tender and obtain Council approval to appoint the successful
      contractor. Scott Wilson, estimate that a12 week contract will be awarded
      to the successful tender given the lead in time in ordering floodlights and

      I hereby seek approval to make the necessary arrangements to
      commence the second Phase of the project.

      I await your comments and recommendation.

12.   Old Library Trust.

      Members may be aware that prior to the refurbishment at the Bishop‟s
      Field Synthetic Pitch last year, the facility was serviced by a four room
      changing pavilion. This allowed for an effective changing system to be put
      in place for teams that were using half the synthetic pitch for training
      purposes. There was changing provision for two teams utilising the playing
      surface as well as for the two teams waiting to play. When the new
      Community Sports Hall was opened there were two new changing rooms
      designated within that building that would service the Synthetic Pitch with
      an additional two changing rooms provided within the confines of the co-
      joined Old Library Trust Building. No formal agreement was reached with
      the management of the Old Library Trust for the hire of their two changing
      rooms but invoices to the value of £200 per week for the use of these
      rooms have been received by Council. These have not been paid.

      An officer from our Community Services section has been in touch with the
      manager of the Old Library Trust in an effort to arrive at a way forward in
      respect of the use of these changing rooms and has suggested the
      following course of action.

      A representative from Land and Property services is engaged in order to
      place a value on the hire of the changing rooms in question.

      This representative is asked to place a value on the transfer (purchase) of
      these changing rooms to Council (with the understanding that these rooms
      would need to be integrated in to the necessary services such as
      electricity, heat, water and waste).

      As a measure of good faith and awaiting the outcome of the
      aforementioned options, a sum is made payable to the Old Library Trust
      for the hire of the changing rooms to date. This sum should equate to the
      value of 50% of the total amount of the invoices held by Council.

      I await your comments and recommendations.

13.   “Slam Dunk”.

      Members will remember that Community Relations and Sports
      Development developed a joint project in November 2008 which aimed to
      tackle community relations issues through sport called „Slam Dunk‟. This
      project, which is run through various, schools, involves coaching in various
      sports by qualified coaches identified by Sports Development and a
      Community Relations element which addresses prejudices and bias. The
      contract for the delivery of the community relations element of the project
      was awarded to The Nerve Centre after a competitive tendering process.

      Within the original Terms of Reference, it was stated that the contract may
      be extended after the pilot phase into 2010 – 11. It is now proposed to
      initiate this extension for the project into 2010-11.

      I await your comments and recommendations.

14.   Europe Direct.

      Purpose of Report

      To inform Members of a forthcoming payment to be issued to the Western
      Education and Library Board (WELB) re. hosting of the European
      Information Relay in the Central Library.

      Europe Direct was a joint DCC/ WELB initiative in 08/09 which provided a
      European Information relay hosted in the city‟s Central Library. The main
      objective of the project was the physical establishment of the Europe
      Direct information centre for Derry and the North West in the Central
      Library facility. The purpose of this centre was to provide an in depth
      range of European information resources for access by the general public.
      In addition, the Europe Direct Centre provided general information about
      EU matters in any of the official EU languages and ran a series of
      seminars and events on a range of subjects including employment rights.

             Financial Implications

             Derry City Council as main budget holder for this project is responsible for
             issuing payments to WELB for staffing and overhead costs associated with
             management of the European Information Relay. DCC has now received
             all funding (£21,013.12) from DG Communications regarding this project.
             A final eligible claim has been presented by WELB for £2,042.52


             It is recommended that a payment of £2,042.52 be issued to WELB to
             enable project closure.

             I await your comments and recommendations.

Matters For Information.

   15.       UK City of Culture 2013.

             The purpose of this report is to provide Members with an update on the
             current status of the bid for UK City of Culture 2013.


             Since the announcement on short listing of the four cities for UK City of
             Culture, the City of Culture Steering Group has been working through a
             number of work streams in order to complete the final bid. Members may
             recall from the previous report to Committee that the final bid must be
             submitted by 21st May 2008 with a decision expected early July.

             The work streams are focussing on cultural programming, stakeholder
             engagement, finance, marketing and communications, public realm,
             partnering, competitor intelligence and lobbying/advocacy. A programme
             management approach has been applied which provides a structured
             framework for the completion of the final draft submission.

             A detailed communications and pr work plan has been developed which
             provides opportunities to profile the campaign. This includes daily press
             releases and updates through social networking on for example our
             stakeholder engagement, role of the cultural champions, local talent and
             emerging cultural partnering opportunities. Part of the pr campaign has
             involved the development of a mark which is associated as part of the

             Over the past few weeks there has been a range of stakeholder
             engagements primarily with children and young people, individual artists,
             older people and cultural organisations. Further engagement has been

      arranged for the general public of the City, good relations groups, ethnic
      minority communities and regional partners. A number of key events are
      also being planned which involve both a local and regional launch of the
      submission of the bid and a show casing event for our local artists and

      Members are encouraged to participate in the various stakeholder and
      communication events. In relation to providing content for the
      communications Members are also requested to forward their ideas for
      case studies and cultural champions.

16.   Additional funding for General Community Support Programme.

      Members are aware that Department of Social Development has allocated
      an additional £57,007.68 for the Community Support Programme Budget.
      As agreed at the Development committee Meeting an application form was
      sent to community managed and community owned Community Centres
      and £28229.50 was requested. As agreed at the Full Council Committee
      meeting an application form was sent to the council owned and community
      managed Centres to complete a submission,

      The table below shows the allocations to the various community centres

        Organisation               Description of               Amount Allocated
                                   expenditure requested
        Newbuildings               Tutor costs, salaries        £11552.00
        Community Association      Heat and light
        Eglinton Community Ltd     Salaries                     £2120.00
                                   Heat and light
                                   Paper towel dispenser
                                   for toilets to comply with
                                   Health and Safety
        Gasyard Development        Heat and light               £6157.50
        Trust                      Cleaner salary
        Ballymagroarty             Facilitation costs           £5200.00
        Community Association      Committee Skills
                                   Residential costs
        Tullyally & District       Heat, light and oil          £2000.00
        Development Group          Installing security to
                                   reduce costs from
                                   Equipment to reduce

                                    administration costs of
                                    the centre
          Longtower Community       Facilitators for Health     £2050.00
          Centre                    and Fitness Programme
                                    for Parents and Children

                                    Residential to address      £3000.00
                                    Anti Social for staff and
          Diamond Centre            Heat, Light, salaries,      £9611.99
                                    facilitation fees,
                                    Insurance, Gas
          Total for community                                   £41691.49
          owned community
          managed centres
          Irish Street Community    St Patrick Carnival         £1895.00
          Centre                    Event                       £1600.00
                                    Luncheon Club for Older
          Lincoln Courts            Health and Beauty           £2100.00
                                    Programme and weekly
                                    luncheon Club
          Creggan                   St Patrick Day Carnival     £2200.00
          Neighbourhood             workshops and
          Partnership               participating in the
          DCC                       Fire Safety Training        £1000.00
          Glen Development          Health programme            £500.00
          Initiative                Complete research and
                                    compile information on
                                    The Glen reaching out
                                    Project                     £1500.00
          Total                                                 £52,486.49

      This leave a balance of £4520.51 .

          £1500.00 will be allocated to running Effective Management Training
           for Management Committees in our Community Centres.

          £3020.51 will be allocated to the running costs of Shantallow
           Community Centre and Clondermot Site.

17.   Post event report for Women of the Year Awards for 2010.

      The Women‟s Officer organised the Women of the Year awards in the City
      Hotel on Friday 5th March 2010. This event incorporated the launch of
      events for International Women‟s Day on the 8th March 2010.

      The purpose of the event was to highlight the work of women within the
      Derry City Council Area and to celebrate their achievements and reward
      their dedication and hard work. All nominations received a certificate in
      recognition of their work and dedication. There were 32 nominations and
      300 women attended the event. This event was very successful and it
      gave Derry City Council the opportunity to enable women to reflect and
      celebrate the achievements of women within the Council area.

      The following media representatives completed the judging:

      Erin Hutcheon       Derry Journal
      Darinagh Boyle      Local Women Newspaper
      Eimear O‟Callaghan Radio Foyle
      Olga Bradshaw       Londonderry Sentinel

      The Local Women‟s Newspaper sponsored the awards and the Editor
      Darinagh Boyle presented the overall prize to Julie Byron and the Judges
      presented the certificates and prizes to the category winners as follows:

      1.    Contribution to Women‟s Community Development – Nuala Crilly
      2.    Contribution to Community Relations – Margaret Mc Glinchey
      3.    Contribution to Sport or Dance – Kim Watson
      4.    Contribution to Arts – Pauline Ross
      5.    Contribution to Formal/Informal Education – Tracy Healy
      6.    Contribution to the Older People – Eileen Doherty
      7.    Contribution to Youth – Julie Byron
      8.    Contribution to Childcare– Rose Doherty
      9.    Contribution to Caring – Mary Doherty
      10.   Young Women‟s Award – Stephanie Cooke

      Overall Winner

      Women of the Year 2010 – Julie Byron

      The feedback from those who attended was extremely positive and they
      would like to see this event run on an annual basis. The media exposure
      for the event was exceptional with all the local newspapers given coverage
      of nearly two pages with editorial and pictures.

18.   Northern Ireland Forum of Community Relations Officers – Annual

          Members will remember that The Northern Forum of Community Relations
          Officers held their very successful annual conference, Café Culture, on the
          24th September 2009 in the City Hotel, Derry/Londonderry. The forum is
          made up Community Relations Officers from the following Council areas:
          Moyle District Council, Ballymoney Borough Council, Coleraine Borough
          Council, Magherafelt District Council, Limavady Borough Council and
          Derry City Council.

          Over 100 participants attended the event, the theme of which was to
          engage with difference respectfully. Such was the success of the project
          that it was shortlisted for a NILGA award 2010. At the NILGA awards on
          the 18th February 2010, Café Culture was selected as the winner under the
          Best Joint Initiative between local council‟s category.

          The Community Relations Officers are delighted that their project achieved
          this accolade as it is recognised for the innovation of the event and the
          very positive community relations results which it achieved.

19.       Creative and Cultural Skills Information Video with Heritage and
          Museum Service.

          Museum Service staff have worked with Creative and Cultural Skills in the
          development of an online video, which provides information on careers
          and employment in heritage and museums.

          Creative & Cultural Skills (CC Skills) is the Sector Skills Council for Crafts,
          Cultural Heritage, Design, Literature, Music, Performing and Visual Arts. CC
          Skills aim to bridge the gap between industry, education and the
          government, and seek to give employers an influence over education and
          skills in the UK. Originally founded in May 2004, CC Skills is one of the 25
          Sector Skills Councils across the UK. It received a new license from the
          UK Commission for Employment and Skills in December 2009.

          Creative & Cultural Skills is an industry-led body which:
         Campaigns for a more diverse sector and raises ambition
         Helps better inform career choices people make
         Ensures qualifications meet real employment needs
         Develops solutions that upskill the workforce
         Produces high quality industry intelligence.

          CC Skills originally approached the Museum Service because of the range
          of specialisms within the Service. The video looks at some of the different
          jobs which are available within museums and heritage, and together with
          the wider website, provides careers information and guidance. It can be
          viewed at:

20.   Project Kelvin Update (April 2010).

      Purpose of Report

      The purpose of this report is to update Members on the activity, which has
      taken place since the International Connectivity Marketing Strategy and
      Plan was produced to capitalise on project Kelvin in October 2009.


      Following the initiation of Project Kelvin, Council explored how best to
      maximise the economic opportunities enabled by the international
      telecoms connectivity, capacity, security and low costs associated with
      Project Kelvin. Following consultation with numerous local stakeholders on
      this, a new strategy was devised with three key objectives;

      1. To enhance knowledge and awareness of the NW Investment Product
         (with a focus on new direct international connectivity) in order to attract
         increased technology based FDI in pre-defined target sectors

      2. To enhance awareness of the benefits of direct international
         connectivity among the NW business Community in order to grow the
         indigenous knowledge and technology focused SME base

      3. To ensure the wider investment product for telecommunications
         infrastructure and associated skills is developed where appropriate.

      To take this forward the International Connectivity Steering Group was
      established in October. This group includes representatives from, Derry
      City Council, ERNACT, Invest NI, University of Ulster, Londonderry
      Chamber of Commerce (including private sector membership) and Ilex. A
      number of steps have been taken on new initiatives in respect of the
      above objectives. These are highlighted below.

            Production of new investment promotional material with a focus on
             International Connectivity and Sector Propositions (circulated to
             international sales offices of INI, Diaspora and stakeholders)
            Production of a new investment website with a focus on connectivity
             and exemplifying the new City Brand
            Data Centre Attraction – An investor is currently working with
             Council and the private sector and Data Centre World Expo was

       also attended by officers to make further connections with the
      Derry/Boston Conference (October 2009)
      Telehouse Opening Event Scheduled post election (May 2010)
      London-Derry-Connected Investment and Outsourcing Initiative
       being planned with the Corporation of London and London Derry
       Connections for late September 2010.
      Doing Business With Canada Event held in January 2010 to
       establish transatlantic linkages utilising the potential of Project
      Consultation with telecoms market and data centre experts. This
       has established a firm leading role for the private sector in this area
       with support from the public sector, potentially as facilitators,
       lobbyists and anchor tenants
      Study of the suitability and competitiveness of the current NW fibre
       infrastructure initiated by ERNACT.

Exploiting Project Kelvin for Knowledge Sector Development

Following the „Monetizing Kelvin‟ Event held in Derry and Belfast last
November, the strategy has evolved with a particular focus on the
identification and development of best prospects for knowledge sector
development. In order to take forward new and innovative products and
services globally and the exploit the speed, resilience and capacity offered
by Project Kelvin, it has become clear that distinct groups of local
stakeholders with the know-how and ability to fully exploit the technology
need to be facilitated to work together to develop new projects. There are
opportunities in numerous areas including digital media, financial services
systems, cloud computing, connected health, business services and
government modernisation. Yet, business needs to know it can do it and
want to do it.

To identify these areas, a workshop was held on February 22nd 2010. It
was facilitated by Sinclair Stockman, Former Chief Scientist of BT, now
head of the Digital NI 2020 Initiative, and Norman Apsley of NI Science
Park. NI 2020 will aim to maximise knowledge sector growth through full
exploitation of the potential of the various investments in components of
NI‟s ICT infrastructure. Priority areas for action will include:

1. Additional Infrastructure
2. Business Sector Programming
3. Nationally Significant Projects - potentially across Health and

It was agreed that Derry should not wait to be asked to develop projects.
The process of development has begun in order to feed into the NI 2020

process. However it was also recognised by the group of the strategic
importance of working both with NI PLC as well as developing discrete NW
Projects, particularly on a cross border basis was a key opportunity. The
following key points of action were agreed at this workshop and are under
development. Champions have been identified to lead development efforts
across each of the following sectors. Small delivery teams are now being
assembled to work with and support selected champions. Outline sector
development proposals/plans are being produced by each agreed area
identifying the economic and social benefits to be gained from a proactive
exploitation of the ICT infrastructure. These are summarised below;

Additional Infrastructure - Data Centre development with associated cross
border power supply efforts and cross border property/tax propositions
across Derry, Donegal/Strabane. This is Private Sector led with support
from Council and ERNACT ongoing.

Modernisation of Government – Initiating the potential development of a
„Common Services Organisation‟ for local government. Headed by Valerie
Watts, this nationally significant project can potentially be developed if
there is sufficient support from local government partners. This team will
be supported by private sector business service specialists and ERNACT.

Creative Digital Content in line with the Digital Derry Strategy - Strategy
execution is ongoing with the Digital Derry Action Plan now initiated. A
high profile sector specialist has been approached to become an
international ambassador for Digital Derry and appointment of a full time
sector Champion is due to be initiated in April. A funding application to
DETI is now going forward for Economic Appraisal.

Health Sector to include C-TRIC – Led by C-TRIC‟s Research and
Innovation Board, headed by Dr Maurice O‟Kane and supported by
members the University‟s Intelligent Systems Research Centre, this group
is currently developing new proposals to exploit healthcare and
international connectivity. The private sector is also being consulted.

University and learning development with worldwide academic centre‟s of
technological expertise The University of Ulster is developing these
proposals at present, fostering the University of Ulster‟s existing
international linkages.

Business Services - Potentially including Financial Systems Software and
wider Business Services, this being taken forward in conjunction with
members of the Derry Investor Forum.

Community Development – affordable, accessible and reliable access; the
skills, education and capacity to effectively utilise the ICT infrastructure is

      vital to enable the individual and local communities to achieve their full
      potential in promoting their sustainable development and improve their
      quality of life. The mechanism to take forward is currently under

      To maintain the same momentum on a cross border basis, ERNACT has
      hosted the first of two cross border workshops in Letterkenny on March
      11th. Several of the existing proposals were advocated and some discreet
      cross border proposals were also outlined. The second follow up workshop
      was held in Derry on March 31st and considered the progress of all
      proposals developed to date. This aimed to ensure the coordination of
      cross border and NI based activity to exploit Project Kelvin.

21.   Update on Investment and Enterprise Support Activity.

      Purpose of Report

      The purpose of this report is to update Members on recent investment and
      enterprise activity undertaken by EDS.

      Funding Submissions to LED Competitiveness Programme.

      As updated in February 2010, officers have prepared three funding
      submissions to the LED Competitiveness Programme. These projects
      have been assessed successfully by the DETI/Invest NI scoring panel and
      are now undergoing economic appraisal. By way of summary the projects
      undergoing appraisal are;

      a.     Enterprising Derry

      This is a £240K programme of enterprise support and promotion targeted
      at entrepreneurs and micro enterprises in order to protect and sustain local
      economic development and augment the Invest NI Enterprise
      Development Programme (EDP). This programme of niche, complimentary
      support will be underpinned by Derry‟s new status as most enterprising
      city in NI.

      b.     Digital Derry

      This proposed £149,000 programme is designed to deliver the action plan
      recommended by the „Digital Derry Strategy: A Strategy for the
      Development of the Creative Digital Content Sector‟. Derry City Council
      and its partners are embarking on a two-year programme of action,

devised to increase the rate of growth of the digital content sector in the

c. Clinical Translational Research and Innovation Centre (C-

This £250,000 programme of support proposes to achieve key economic
development objectives over a three-year period:

      Provision of scientific business support and subsidised rental space
       to incubate fledgling businesses in the life and health science
       sector, ensuring survival and growth of those businesses – 15
       companies supported in 2010-2013
      Promotion in selected global target markets with a view to
       attracting R&D projects - 6 inward investment based R&D
       projects attracted in 2010/13
      Increase volume of commercially sponsored pharmaceutical
       clinical trials - 12 additional clinical trials in 2010/13
      15 additional commercial tenants undertaking collaborative
       research in C-TRIC in 2010/13
      To become an internationally recognised model of best practice
       for translational medicine in UK/Europe by 2012

1.     Lessons from Boston Diaspora

On March 24th Derry City Council and the Londonderry Chamber of
Commerce jointly held a successful seminar to gain an insight into the
business model of Boston World Partnerships (BWP). The aim of the
seminar was to learn from the model employed by Boston World
Partnerships in expanding international networks for economic and cultural
benefit with the objective of evolving the region‟s Diaspora work in the
context of the UK City of Culture bid, the Ireland North West Diaspora
Programme and other international development priorities.

Dave McLaughlin, CEO of BWP presented at the seminar his experience
of developing BWP. This visit was funded by the Irish Institute of Boston
College and the US State Department. Boston World Partnerships was
created by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, to raise global awareness of Boston
as one of the world's foremost centres of intellectual capital and
innovation, offering tremendous competitive advantages to growth-minded
businesses. BWP is a public-private partnership, with seed funding from
P&G/The Gillette Company and the Boston Redevelopment Authority.
The event was attended by 34 local stakeholders and the model of BWP
will now be explored in more detail by local stakeholders.

22.   Western Perspective Proposed Conservation and Tourism-led Public
      Realm Project.

      Purpose of Report

      To provide Members with an update in relation to the Western Perspective
      Public Realm Project.


      Members may recall previous items presented at the Development
      Committee in relation to this project, in particular the item in July 2009 at
      which the design concept was endorsed (Item ref. D185/09).

      The project has arisen from recommendations contained within the City
      Walls Conservation Plan in terms of improving the presentation and
      appearance of key public open spaces next to the historic City Walls. In
      addition to this, the local community organisation, Bogside and Brandywell
      Initiative (BBI), have been keen to support Council in identifying design
      solutions that will create a high quality, effective and managed area of
      open space to address some of the anti-social issues experienced there.

      A small working group made up of representatives from BBI, NIHE, DOE
      Planning Service, DOE NIEA, DRD Roads Service, DCC and Council was
      established to bring forward design solutions. This process culminated in
      professional urban designers being appointed by Council and presenting a
      design concept which has subsequently been endorsed by Committee.
      This design concept had factored in a number of key points arising from
      the public consultation information day held in October 2008.

      Project Overview

      The project has been costed at £1m and will include design features

            Pathway re-alignment to maximise connectivity of the space with
             neighbouring areas
            Landscaping
            High Quality Planting
            Boundary treatment to include walls/railings in key locations
            Lighting located on Nailors Row and Fahan Street to illuminate
             the space at night.

      The proposal has been designed in a way so as not to detract from the
      sensitive setting of the adjacent historic City Walls.

      Since the endorsement of the project, officers have been working to
      identify suitable funding sources and submitted an application to the
      PEACE III programme in November 2009 for 75% of the funding. An
      application was submitted under Priority 1; Reconciling Communities,
      Theme 1; Building Positive Relations at the Local Level (Regional
      Projects). The funding administrative body SEUPB wrote to Council in
      January requesting that it be re-submitted in its current form into Priority 2;
      Contributing to a Shared Society, Theme 1; Creating Shared Public

      The application was duly submitted and Officers are in receipt of a letter
      dated 18 March advising that the application has progressed beyond the
      initial assessment stage and that it will now be subject to economic

      Next Steps

      In terms of match funding, Officers are liaising with DSD as well as
      seeking to identify resources from the future Economic Development
      Programme to cover the remaining 25% (if successful). Officers continue
      to work with BBI and are planning to hold a public information/update
      session in due course to provide an update on the project.

      A further report will be presented to Committee as soon as further updates
      become available.

23.   Appointment of Consultants to Prepare Business Plan/Feasibility
      Study for Glen Court/Cedar Court Proposed Community Facilities.

      Purpose of Report

      To formalise the appointment of consultants in relation to the preparation
      of a business plan/feasibility study for Glen/Cedar Court proposed
      community facilities.


      Members will recall the item presented to March 2010 Development
      Committee at which authority was granted to allocate a specific budget for
      the costs associated with the preparation of a business plan/feasibility
      study for proposed community facilities as part of the Glen/Cedar Court
      social housing development.

It was reported at this Committee that there was the need to prepare a
business case/feasibility study to inform the preparation of a technical
design brief in relation to the scale and scope of community facilities
required. The commission will also address key issues in relation to
sustainability, value for money, current/future need and demand.


Following approval, quotations were issued to four companies considered
to have suitable experience and expertise in preparation of similar
commissions. Only one submission was received from ASM Horwath, with
two companies replying to inform that they did not wish to provide a quote
on this occasion.

Given that only one submission was received, a minimum threshold of
65% was set in order for it to be considered for appointment. The
submission from ASM was assessed by the Temporary Senior Economic
Development Officer and Regeneration Projects Officer with input from the
Payments and Procurement Manager.

The quotation from ASM demonstrated a good level of experience of
preparation of similar commissions within a public and community sector
environment with particular emphasis on capital facilities. Both lead
consultants from ASM demonstrated the requisite experience and
expertise in preparing business plans and feasibility studies. The
submission also came within budget £4940 +VAT and met the timescales
as set out in the terms of reference. Accordingly, the submission from
ASM scored 76%.

Financial Implications

A budget has been set aside within the 2009/10 Community Services
allocation for this sum.


As the contract sum falls within Town Clerk and Chief Executive‟s
delegated authority, ASM Horwath have been appointed.

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