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					          Isle of Man Yoga Network
                                                                                                      Issue 17, October 2007

                                                   Promoting Yoga in the Isle of Man

 Geoff Powell Yoga Workshops
   Sat 17th November 4-6pm                                                       Dates for your diary
 Sunday 18th November 10-4pm                                                    Yoga events at a glance
                                                                       Dates for 2007
Geoff Powell will be visiting us next month to
teach his popular yoga workshops. There will be                        17(eve)&18 November: Geoff Powell Workshops
a two hour class on the Saturday evening, 17th
November (4-6pm at Karma studio in Douglas)                            23, 24, 25 Nov: London Yoga Show
After the class there will be an opportunity for a                     web:
social meal at La Piazza, near the Jubliee Clock.
If attending please let Janet know before 10th by                      Dates for 2008:
calling 835524 so she can book a table. There will
also be a full day workshop on Sunday 18th                             9 & 10 Feb 2008: Ruth Gilmore Visit
November, at the Riverside in Laxey (PLEASE                            Anatomy & Yoga. (Sunday counts as IST)
NOTE: Change of venue) Both Saturday and
Sunday sessions are open for all levels of ability.                    12-19 May Yoga in Turkey with Geoff Powell
A booking form is included with this newsletter.
There will be a raffle in aid of Hospice. Please                       9-11 May Kundalini Yoga weekend at Brightlife
do bring something along to help this good cause.
                                                                       15 May – 5 June Ruth White Yoga holiday on
Geoff also provides teacher training courses on                        the Greek Isle of Lesbos
Island so this will be an opportunity to meet and
discuss this with him during his visit. If you are                     Gary Carter Anatomy Training Course:
interested please turn up at 3pm on Saturday at                        Mar 1st -2nd 2008
Karma for an introduction to the course. ( you can                     April 26-27 2008
also chat him during the lunch break on Sunday).                       Oct 1/2nd Nov 2008
                                                                       Further weekend to be confirmed „Anatomy
Geoff has also announced the dates for his next                        Trains & Fascia‟ proposed for Dec 2008 or Jan
Yoga holiday. By popular demand this will be                           2009 (IST).
held in Turkey again, between 12-19th May 2008.
Several network members attended last year and
by all accounts it was a superb experience. Geoff                      Members of the IOM Yoga Network receive a
will be bring details of the holiday when he visits.                   regular newsletter detailing details of Yoga events
Alternatively you can call him on 01286 650647 or                      arranged by the network. Membership costs £6 and
e-mail                                        can be added to the booking form.

                                                     Yoga Network Committee Members:
           Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                          Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 17, October 2007

Chairman’s Message:                                                   numbers. Remember that IOM Yoga Network
                                                                      exists for YOUR benefit, so please take
Namaste                                                               advantage of what it has to offer.

After the summer break, lots of you were keen to                      Om Shanti
get back into Yoga again – evidenced by the
fantastic turn-out for our Local Yoga Day.                            Sue Woolley                              (BWY Dip. chairman)
The theme of the day was „Detox With Yoga‟ – a                        All events are on a first come first booked basis. If
                                                                      you require a booking confirmation please include
topic that tied in nicely with the autumn equinox,
                                                                      a SAE.
which is said to be an ideal time to detox. We
promised „A day of invigorating yoga and                              Newsletters are issued at least quarterly. If you
relaxation with local teachers‟ and that is what we                   know anyone who would like to join please ask
got!                                                                  them to contact or
                                                                      call 461461 for a form.
Vino Frances, Vicki Cox, Meena Sidpra and
Esther Jones led nearly 30 students in a diversity
of yoga styles. Vino raised our energy levels with                              Update: Gary Carter’s
Kundalini sequences, Vicki took us out of our
comfort zone with some pretty challenging asanas                                Anatomy course 2008:
and after a faith lunch we learnt how to care for
our feet the Ayurvedic way with Meena. Esther                         Gary Carter will be teaching his „Structural,
introduced us to Yin Yoga in a slow but powerful                      Functional and Experiential Anatomy‟ course on
slowing down session ending with a blissful                           the Isle of Man starting in 2008. This course is
savasana.                                                             currently running in London over nine months and
                                                                      Gary has agreed to teach the same course based
As a result of the raffle we were able to make a                      on the Island. We have a list of names of those
donation of £67 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.                        interested and will be contacting you in due
Thank you to everyone who supported this very                         course with booking details. If you‟d like to
successful day, which demonstrated the broad                          register your interest call Heidi (461461), Meena
range of styles and the high quality of teaching                      (816611) or e-mail
available here on the Island.                                         and we will keep you posted.

Now to November. The Yoga Network is delighted                        Gary Carter Anatomy Training Course:
that one of our favourite visiting tutors, Geoff
Powell from North Wales will be leading two                           Mar 1st -2nd 2008
sessions over the weekend of Saturday &                               April 26-27 2008
Sunday, November 17 & 18. Geoff is a very                             Oct 1/2nd Nov 2008
experienced teacher, whose classes are suited to
all levels of practice, so if you are just a beginner                 A further weekend concluding session is to be
you can rest assured that you will feel quite at                      confirmed „Anatomy Trains & Fascia.‟ This is
ease.                                                                 proposed for Dec 2008 or Jan 2009 and will count
                                                                      as „In service Training‟ (IST) for teachers.
The Saturday session will be from 4pm – 6pm at
Karma Studio, Douglas and the Sunday session                          Dates have been adapted where possible so that
– PLEASE NOTE NEW VENUE – will be at the                              they do not clash with other Yoga events.
Riverside Pavilion, Laxey Glen Gardens from
10am – 4pm. The booking form is attached.                                                            
Please book early so we have a good idea of

                                                  Yoga Network Committee Members:
        Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 17, October 2007

      IOMYN Yoga Philosophy                                           details). We acknowledge that up to recently
                                                                      most classes have been dominated by women so
Continuing with our theme „working through the 8                      perhaps this will encourage more men to take it
limbs of yoga‟ in this issue we are looking at the                    up. Dave will be sharing his „How I came to Yoga‟
Niyamas or spiritual observances (the second                          experience in the next newsletter. As Geoff is
limb of yoga):                                                        visiting next month he has offered his account of
                                                                      his first yoga experiences back in the 60‟s.
The five niyamas are:

Saucha: cleanliness                                                         How I came to Yoga Geoff
Santosha: contentment

Tapas: discipline, spiritual austerities                              „I always remember my first teacher, Silva Mehta,
                                                                      telling me that “you don‟t go to yoga but when you
Svadhyaya: study of the sacred scriptures and of                      are ready yoga comes to you”. And I guess that is
one's self                                                            how it did happen to me.
Isvara pranidhana: devotion or surrender
                                                                      I cannot say why I had always had an interest in
                                                                      eastern philosophy and yoga but there was no
                    Santosha                                          way of following up this interest in deepest Essex
                                                                      in the mid „60‟s as there were no classes and
The second Niyama Santosha translates as                              certainly no teachers available.
„contentment.‟ How often do we give thanks for
the blessings in our lives? Santosha means being                      However, later living in London I had an invitation
in a state of happiness where we are satisfied with                   from a friend to visit him while he was staying at
what we have, and desire nothing else. So next                        the Scottish Yoga Centre (long defunct) in
time you find yourself complaining about                              Edinburgh. I decided that this might be the
something why not change it around and                                opportunity to find out more so hitched up only to
appreciate what you have. You never know it                           find that the two principal teachers were leaving
may even provide the key to changing the                              for a retreat in India -so no teaching.
situation for the better!
                                                                      However, they gave me the address of newly
If you wish to read more about yoga philosophy                        established Iyengar classes at the Bhavan Centre
you can borrow books from the IOM Yoga                                in London and on my return booked myself in to
Network Library. Please contact Linda Greggor by                      take private classes with Silva Mehta - B.K.S.
e-mailing or tel. 844270.                           Iyengar‟s principal teacher in the UK- for the
                                                                      costly sum of £1.00 per session!
                                                                      Silva was a short, stocky woman and she would
               Yoga For Men                                           stalk round me during the session correcting me
                                                                      with few words and steely eyes. She was quite
For the first time we are pleased to announce we                      terrifying!
have some male yoga teachers on the Island.
Dave Sykes has completed the Sun Power Yoga                           I graduated to regular weekly classes with Silvia
teaching diploma and is teaching an intermediate                      Prescott and then was invited to join the teacher
mixed class on Fridays at Karma in Douglas.                           training classes. These were very different to how
Chris Pycroft is teaching a „Men only‟ Yoga class                     a teaching course would now be structured
in Laxey, on Thursday evenings at The Laxey                           consisting of about 50 people in a large gym in
Football Club, 6.30-8pm ( Tel: 863130 for more                        Marylebone. The class took place on a Friday

                                                  Yoga Network Committee Members:
        Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 17, October 2007

evening and would take up to 4 hours or more!.                                           Book Review
People would be summoned to the front of the
class and you would be asked to teach a posture
–you never knew who would be asked or what                                   BKS Iyengar: The path to
posture it would be or when!
                                                                                 Holistic Health
There were many contemporaries like Ruth White,
John Claxton and Maxine Tobias in the same
class but at the end of four hours of concentrated
yoga all I was capable of doing was to stagger
home to bed and didn‟t in fact meet Ruth or John
until some years later.

During this time Mr Iyengar would come to
London from time to time to teach but I‟m afraid
we never did quite see eye to eye. His shouting
and his Bang, Kick, Slap approach (as he became
known after his initials) was never my style or
attitude to teaching.

At this time I was also very influenced by the
words of the Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti
and used to attend his fascinating talks at                                           by Howard Cain
Brockwood Park in Hampshire for a number of
years. So together with the physical influences of
the Iyengar technique and the philosophical                           To call Mr Iyengar‟s book “Yoga, the path to
aspects of Krishnamurti‟s words I have                                Holistic Health” a heavyweight tome is something
experienced over the years real insight into the                      of an understatement. Personally, I needed
wonderful process we call yoga; it gets richer all                    hospital treatment for a hernia after lugging its 400
the time.                                                             plus pages in A4 hardback cover the length of
                                                                      Strand Street to get back to the car. Having now
“Meditation is a state of mind which looks at                         recovered, I can tell you that the book itself is
everything with complete attention, totally, not just                 really rather good. There are plenty of large full
parts of it.” J. Krishnamurti                                         colour photographs of the asanas with various
                                                                     models, male and female, and including the
                                                                    venerable Mr Iyengar himself who, despite being
                                                                      a thousand years old, is still apparently made of
Look out for Dave Sykes‟s „How I came to Yoga‟                        plasticine and able to get into the most powerful
in the next newsletter. Perhaps you are inspired                      and strenuous of poses with ease.
to start on writing up your own review? If you
would like to share with us your story of now how                     The accompanying text touches on all aspects of
you      started      yoga      please      e-mail                    yoga including the chakras, eight limbs etc and is or call Heidi on                              concise and easy to read, assuming of course
461461.                                                               you‟re strong enough to actually pick the book up.
                                                                      There are tips on self correction of postures,
                                                                      explanations of the benefits and of course words
                                                                    of caution about each of them.

                                                  Yoga Network Committee Members:
        Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 17, October 2007

Overall, a good introduction to how yoga can be of                    I then discoursed with Dharma Mittra on the “guru-
benefit to the modern, active, stressful life, both                   sisha” (teacher-student) tradition and          its
physically and mentally, with inspirational phrases                   relevance today, I opened my chakras with Sean
such as “If you practise yoga every day with                          Corn and the vinyasa flows,        I then got a
perseverance, you will be able to face the turmoil                    treatment of the anti-aging miracle (forward
of life with steadiness and maturity” I‟m still                       bends) with Maxine Tobias and danced the dance
working on this one . . . particularly the latter. It‟s               of Shiva with Andrey Lappa.
also comforting to see that the guru himself, likes
to practise his yoga in a big nappy, something
which I‟ve been accused of myself!
Well worth checking out at any price, a bargain if
you see it in a remainder bookshop. Just
remember to buy a van or bring a strong friend…..

 Celebrating the Life and Honouring
  the Achievements of Yogacharya                                                    Andrey Lappa - Dance of Shiva
          Sri B K S Iyengar
                                                                      I laughed till I had tears in my eyes with Alan
                                                                      Finger ( Ishta yoga ) with his witty take on the
Meena‟s visit to Santa Clara, California                              famous leading lights of yoga who have made the
                                                                      cover of Yoga Journal and I quietened my soul
Meena shares with us her account of her visit to a                    with Ramanand Patel and H.S Arun with their
US yoga festival which she simply described to                        experience of the guru-sisha tradition.
her husband as a seminar “Over the water!!” …….
                                                                      I was walking on air when I left the Yogacharya on
„Once I got the cash and the childcare in place I                     Monday morning, at 2 am. However, the
then hit Expedia and booked my place for the                          adventure did not end there. Coming back home,
Yogacharya. It was only a bit later that Kevin                        we were all sitting on the Flybe aircraft at Gatwick
found out the actual location of over the water!                      ready to take off at 2.30 pm and they announced
                                                                      a delay, finally we left at 6.15 in the evening!
At last Thursday 12 July came and I was off. I got
to San Francisco with a bit of an adventure and                       Whilst sitting on the tarmac, I was re-playing my
for all my efforts I was treated to one of the triple                 weekend in my head and my seminars with Alan
„A‟ rooms in the hotel… Beautiful!… The next                          Finger came flooding back – the world of chakras
morning I went to my first seminar with Shiva Rea.                    which bring together the physical, emotional,
The group was outside and the early morning                           mental and energetic bodies of the “self”. The use
practice with the rising sun got all the jet lag out of               of asana, meditation, visualization, mantra, yantra,
the system and I was ready for the rest of the                        tantra and philosophy opened my closed doors
weekend.                                                              and I saw a glimpse of me “experiencing true
           Surya Namaskar with Shiva Rea
                                                                      balance and expanded consciousness.” Sitting on
                                                                      that tarmac, I felt rebalanced, invigorated and
                                                                      amazed. It is 29 September 2007 at 8.00 am in
                                                                      the morning and I still feel the same.


                                                  Yoga Network Committee Members:
        Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 17, October 2007

                                                                      outside of your left foot or ankle. To avoid
                                                                      compression in your lower back, actively lift your
                                                                      pubis toward your navel, and at the same time,
                                                                      press your tailbone toward the floor.

                                                                          Begin to lift your left foot up, away from the
                                                                      floor, and back, away from your torso. Extend the
                                                                      left thigh behind you and parallel to the floor.
                                                                      Stretch your right arm forward, in front of your
                                                                      torso, parallel to the floor.

                                                                          The second option with the hands is to sweep
                                                                      your right hand around behind your back and
                                                                      catch hold of the inner left foot. ( using a belt if for
                                                                      assistance if required) Then sweep the left hand
                                                                      back and grab the outside of the left foot. This
                                                                      variation will challenge your balance even more.
                                                                      Then raise the thigh as described in step 3. This
     Posture of the month                                             second variation will increase the lift of your chest
 Natarajasana : Cosmic dancer                                         and stretch your shoulders.

                                                                          Stay in the pose for 20 to 30 seconds. Then
      Stretches the shoulders and chest                              release the grasp on the foot, place the left foot
                                                                      back onto the floor, and repeat for the same
      Stretches the thighs, groins, and abdomen                      length of time on the other side.
      Strengthens the legs and ankles                                Full Pose
      Improves balance                                               For the full pose, perform step 1 as described
                                                                      above. Then turn your left arm actively outward
Contraindications and Cautions                                        (so the palm faces away from the side of the
                                                                      torso), bend the elbow, and grip the outside of the
      Low blood pressure
                                                                      left foot. (You can also grab the big toe with the
                                                                      first two fingers and the thumb.) The fingers will
                                                                      cross the top of the foot, the thumb will press
Getting into the posture:                                             against the sole. Inhale, lift the left leg up, and
                                                                      bring the thigh parallel to the floor. As you do this,
    Stand in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Inhale,                        rotate the left shoulder in such a way that the bent
shift your weight onto your right foot, and lift your                 elbow swings around and up, so that it points
left heel toward your left buttock as you bend the                    toward the ceiling. It requires extreme flexibility to
knee. Press the head of your right thigh bone                         externally rotate and flex the shoulder joint in this
back, deep into the hip joint, and pull the knee cap                  way. Reach the right arm straight forward, in front
up to keep the standing leg straight and strong.                      of the torso and parallel to the floor. Hold for 20 to
                                                                      30 seconds, release, and repeat on the second
    There are two variations you might try here                       side for the same length of time.
with your arms and hands. In either case, try to
keep your torso relatively upright. The first is to                   To modify try bracing the free hand against a wall
reach back with your left hand and grasp the                          to help you stay stable.

                                                  Yoga Network Committee Members:
        Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 17, October 2007

Kundalini Yoga with Vino Frances                                      a combination of yoga and talking therapies based
                                                                      on psychodynamic systemic and neuro-linguistic
Vino‟s journey into Yoga began two decades ago                        programming.’
with Ken and Angela Thompson and a decade
ago with Ruth White, learning meditation in her                       Vino holds various qualifications including MBBS
home. Meditation was something Vino very much                         (Medicine),    MRC      Psych.    and    Kundalini
appreciated, working as a psychiatrist with a busy                    International Teachers‟ Association (KITA).
mind and in need of stillness. Vino worked as a
GP as well as in Mental Health. It was at a                           Vino teaches a Saturday morning yoga class in
conference in New York that she first encountered                     Derby Square (9-10.30am) and is also available
a yoga tradition that is a powerful psychologists                     for one to one sessions. She can be contacted by
resource, with health benefits for stress,                            telephoning     484185      or     by     e-mail:
especially anxiety and obsessive thinking. It is the        
„Yoga of Energy and Elevation to Higher
Consciousness‟ and is called the „Mother of

Introduced into the USA by the late Yogi Bhajan in
the 1960s, it works on our „chakras‟ to balance our
magnetic energy field, working on our glandular
secretions and nervous system and helping us to
master our minds. The journey is to find God, or
our essence, and then see the essence of others.
Hatha Yoga makes the journey via our body
postures (asanas), Karma Yoga by community
service, and the focus in Raja yoga is meditation.
This Energy Yoga tradition uses three tools
together i.e. short rapid body moves with
breathing techniques and a mantra, repeated
silently or as a chant. A warm-up is followed by a
set of Kriyas specifically for certain chakras or a
particular condition i.e. anger, tiredness, liver
function etc. This is followed by a relaxation and a
short chanting session which opens up the
acupressure points inside the mouth.
                                                                                    Are you still a member?
Vino did her Teacher Training at the Kriya Centre
in North London. Vino says, „When I came to                             If you‟re not sure that your membership is
work in the Isle of Man, I wanted to carry this tool                    up to date, give Janet a call on 835524. The
with me. I am now retiring from the Health Service                      renewal is £6 and was due in July.
after 20 years commitment to the severe mental
illness services. I would like to offer my                                                         
experience and skills to people here in the Island,
especially in the Douglas/Onchan area, employing

                                                  Yoga Network Committee Members:
        Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 17, October 2007

                   IOM YOGA NETWORK LOCAL CLASSES 
    Below is a list of some of the yoga teachers working in the Isle of Man. Please send any updated
       information ( venue/class changes) or ring Heidi on 461461.

           Zoë Campbell Karuna Cert.                                          Iyengar Inspired Hatha Yoga
           Ballastowel Farm, Braddan.                                       Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher
            Tel: 625588 (Office hours)                                      All Abilities – Beginners welcome
            E-Mail:                                          Braddan – Tues. & Wed. eve
                Christina Clayton                                                        Hatha Yoga
        37 Clybane Rise,Farmhill, Braddan                            Classes: Karma Yoga & Pilates Studio, Douglas
  Tel: 613124 or 482782. Email:                                  Beginners/Intermediates
                    Vicki Cox                                            Sivananda Classes. Private one to one.
         Santa Fe, Old Laxey Hill, Laxey.                                         Tel: 434831 for details
        Heidi Danaher BWY Dip.& Karuna                                            Hatha Yoga. All levels
  Hazel Bank, Minorca Hill, Laxey. Tel 461461.                        Classes: Monday Ballacottier, via IOMCollege
             E-mail:                                                    Laxey: Tues eves
                                                                       Also Yoga for Pregnancy & Children‟s yoga
     Vino Frances Kundalini Yoga Diploma                                               Kundalini Yoga
 23 Derby Square E-Mail:                        Saturday Mornings 9am-10.30am. Mixed ability.
                  Tel: 484185
           Linda Greggor BWY Dip.
          Email:                                         Hatha Yoga. Mixed Style. All Levels.
            Tel: 844270 or 456782.                                        Classes: Douglas, Peel and St John‟s.
                                                                                   Yoga for Pregnancy
 Eileen Hayward 3 Raad ny Gabbil, Ballalough,                                       Pranayama yoga.
                  Castletown.                                             Classes: Castle Rushen High School,
                  Tel: 822772                                                     (Thursday evenings)
          Candice Jones BWY Dip.
                  Tel: 437826                                               Hatha Yoga. Mixed style. All levels.
         E-Mail:                                            Braaid Hall. (Weds eve)
                                                                                     Private classes
                  Esther Jones                                                  Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy
  Flat 23 Derby Square, Douglas, Tel: 416654                                    Classes Douglas & Ramsey                                                 Private classes
                 Barbara Thorn                                                       Hatha/Pranayama
        31 Ballakermeen Drive Douglas                                       Classes: Douglas and Onchan area.
                Tel: 614676, Email:                                              Private and IOM College
       Dave Sykes Sun Power Yoga Dip                                     Karma Yoga & Pilates Studio, Douglas
                    Tel: 491901                                                      Intermediates
   Samantha Walker BWY Dip/Yoga Alliance                                 Karma Yoga & Pilates Studio, Douglas
          Tel: 663300 (mobile: 470522)                               Sun Power Yoga (Ashtanga,Shivananda,Hatha)
            E-Mail:                                          Classes for all levels inc private.
                                                 Pregnancy and post natal
       Sue Woolley BWY Dip. & Karuna                                                  Hatha Yoga.
              ( Ruth White) teacher.                                              Classes: Ramsey
     Arbory, 3 Brookfield Terrace, Ramsey,                                (Mon & Tues evenings, IOM College)
      Tel: 815705. Email:                                  Saturday Mornings, The Gym Ramsey
      Contributions to the newsletter on yoga topics / recipes are very welcome. Send them to

                                                  Yoga Network Committee Members:
        Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                       Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).
Issue 17, October 2007


GEOFF POWELL YOGA – November 17th and 18th 2007
                                                                         IOMYN Members               Non-Members
Saturday, November 17th:
2 hour Yoga Class at Karma Studio, Douglas                                           £12             £15

Sunday, November 18th:
Full-day Workshop at Riverside Pavilion, Glen Gardens Laxey £30
    10am-12 noon         General yoga postures
    12 noon-1pm Lunch
    1pm – 2pm Talk
    2.15 pm- 4pm         Release postures/breathing & relaxation

       Faith Lunch: bring something to share (or your own packed lunch)
       Tea/Coffee etc. will be provided.
       There will be a raffle in aid of Hospice local charity.
                         Please Book Early to Avoid Disappointment
Please reserve me a place on the following yoga events: -

Saturday, November 17th: GEOFF’s YOGA CLASS ( KARMA) £12/£15
Sunday , November 18th GEOFF’s WORKSHOP ( RIVERSIDE)     £30


I am a member of IOM Yoga Network (IOMYN)

I would like to renew/become a member of IOMYN                           ( £6)

(Please note that in order to participate in the workshop you need to be a member of the IOMYN)
I enclose my cheque made out to the ‘IOM Yoga Network’ to the value of £ ……….
NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

ADDRESS ……………………………………………………………………………………………….


TEL No/s……………………….. E-MAIL ……………………………………………………………..
Preferred form of contact for newsletter: (please tick)         Post              E-mail
Please send your cheque to: Mrs. J. Thompson, Cott ny Greiney, Beach Road, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man.
Telephone: 835524 after 4p.m.
I understand that the cost of the day is returnable in the event of any course cancellation.
I also understand that the fee is non-returnable in the event that I am unable to attend.
NB No receipts will be issued, assume you are booked on the course unless you hear otherwise.

                                                   Yoga Network Committee Members:
         Heidi Danaher (Newsletter and Memberships) 461461, e-mail: Linda Greggor (Secretary) 844270,
                        Janet Thompson (Treasurer) 835524, Sue Woolley (Chairman) 815705, Howard Caine (Media).