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        FEBRUARY 2010
          thirty pence
Father Peter Writes

Someone said to me the other day, Father, do you not find
Lent and Holy Week depressing ? The answer was no, it is a
lot of things but it is not depressing.

It is solemn, as we reflect on the nature of all that we are
commemorating. It is moving, as we recall the great love of
God and the sacrifice of Himself. It is challenging, as it is a
time of year that asks things of us, things that sometimes it
would be easier not to offer, things that are intrinsic to
oneself, time, talents, treasure. It is a time of hard work, for
the clergy and indeed for all Christians as they journey with
Jesus through this season.

Perhaps it is not depressing because we know the whole
story, the full picture. We know that after Lent and Holy Week
comes the truth and reality of Easter, which in its turn, gives
us the reason for all that has gone before.

Lent and a good keeping of Lent, allows us to appreciate
Easter. Without knowing why the Resurrection was
necessary, we cannot understand fully the power of the
Resurrection. Without experiencing the drama of Lent and
Holy Week we cannot really appreciate the greatness of

Lent, Holy Week and Easter, together, give us the picture of
the love and power of God. One without the other is
insufficient and incomplete and makes little, if any, sense. To
celebrate Easter we first need to celebrate Lent and we do
that by making extra effort in our relationship with God. There
are many ways on offer that we can do this in our parish this
year as the rest of this magazine will show us.

Wishing you every blessing
Fr Peter Walker

Monday Mass
Monday 1st February St James       7-00pm
Monday 8 February Colonia Crt     11-00am
Monday 15th February Cranmere Crt 11-00am
Monday 22nd February No Monday Mass

The Holy Rosary
The Rosary will be prayed in the St Paul centre at 7-30pm on
Monday 15th February. Everyone is welcome and if this style of
prayer is new to you, instruction is given.

From the Parish Registers

Holy Marriage
23rd December
Dmitri Frederick Halajko & Melissa Claire Smart

Holy Baptism
17th January 2010
Elivia-Marie Grothier

Saints Days
Tuesday 2nd February
The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple
10-00am Mass                       The St Paul Centre
7-30pm Sung Mass                   St James.

Ash Wednesday
Wednesday 17th February
12-30pm Mass                        St James
7-30pm Sung Mass & Sermon           St James

To Fr Robert Springett, former assistant priest at St James, who is
to be the next Archdeacon of Cheltenham in the Diocese of
Gloucester. Fr Robert was at St James from 1989 to 1992. Our
prayers are with him, Helen his wife and Charlotte and Alice their
daughters as they prepare to move to this new position.

Stations of the Cross.

We are, once again, to join together with our brothers and sisters,
from St James the Less, in Priory Street, for Stations of the Cross
this Lent. We will begin at Priory Street on the first Friday of Lent,
19th February, then take it in turns for the rest of Lent. Stations of
the Cross will be at 7-30 every Friday be it in Priory Street or St
James on East Hill.

Lent Preachers 2010.

Ash Wednesday 17th February
The Rector

Lent 1         21st February
Canon Andrew Knowles
Canon Theologian Chelmsford Cathedral

Lent 2          28th February
Fr Haley Dossor SSC

Lent 3           7th March
Canon Simon Pothen
Canon Precentor Chelmsford Cathedral

Lent 4            14th March    Mothering Sunday
The Rector

Lent 5            21st March
Canon Hugh Beavan

Good Friday        2nd April
The Bishop of Colchester

The Preachers will follow the set Sunday readings for their theme.
The Lent Study Groups will follow this up with a Bible Study on the
Gospel and other readings for that Sunday.

Lent Study Groups
The Lent Study Groups will take the form of Bible Studies on the
Gospel reading and other readings for the Sunday of that week.
We may also be able to follow up the input from our guest
preachers. The Study groups will take place on the Wednesdays
of Lent at 7-45pm and will meet at the Rectory, following the
Wednesday Mass.
If there is sufficient support, I will also run a Bible Study on Friday
afternoon at 2-00pm for anyone who would prefer to attend at that
time, perhaps those who do not like to go out at night or who have
children and evenings are therefore difficult. Both Bible Study
groups will last about 1 hour. This will also happen at the Rectory
unless there is someone else who would like to host it. They
would have to live near to school to allow anyone who wanted to
attend to go on to collect their children from school at 3-15.
Please add your name to the list at the back of St James or let Fr
Peter know if you would like a Friday afternoon Study Group.

Lent Disciplines
The Lent disciplines of Prayer, Almsgiving, fasting and Service are
once again at the forefront of our minds as Lent approaches. To
help with this, the usually Lent collection boxes, to support the
work of the Mampong Babies’ Home in Ghana, will be available in
church. The Saturday morning Lent working party in St James will
also meet on each Saturday morning of Lent at 9-30am until 11-

As far as our prayer life goes, there are many things on offer to
us. Why not attend an extra Mass during Lent or make it your
special discipline to be at mass every Sunday for this Lent and
Easter. The Lent Journey of Prayer books will be available as
usual, as are the regular daily Bible readings. The Study groups
also allow us to reflect more on our faith and what it means, why
not join one of the Lent study groups ? If you are coming to the
Saturday working party, perhaps you could make it your practice
to attend Mass first and so deal with two aspects of your Lenten
discipline at the same time. Last year many people made use of
the opportunity to have a spiritual MOT, if you did, would you like
to follow this up this year with Fr Peter to review how things have
gone ? If so, have a word with him to make a suitable appointment
to do this. If you wish to make your confession, as we all ought
before Easter, but this is new to you, you may like to use Lent to
prepare for this. If this is true for you then you may also like to
speak with Fr Peter or Fr Alan to explore how to go about making
use of the wonderful Sacrament.
Communicant Figures 2009

People made their communion 6751 times in or from St James
last year, a weekly average of 130.

People made their communion 342 times in or from the St Paul
Centre last year, a weekly average of 7.

Total for the parish 7093, a weekly average of 136.

The other registers show, 21 people received the Sacrament of
Baptism, 11 people were Confirmed and 3 couples were married
in St James.
Fr Peter officiated at 29 funerals, 10 in St James and 19 at the
crematorium or cemetery. The number of funerals officiated at
remains about the same as most years but the number held in St
James’ is much higher, 10 last year 5 the year before. This is also
true of the number of Baptisms, until last year we would number
anything from three to six people being Baptised last year, at 21, it
was much higher.
Deanery News !
The Parish of St Mary Wivenhoe
The new rector will be the Reverend Eddy Lammens, currently
Team Vicar in the Harwich Team Ministry. His induction will be on
Tuesday 9th March, please keep him and his family in your

Thanks to all involved in the TRIO weekend at the end of January.
Please return your pledge forms to St James’ Church or to the
Rectory by Ash Wednesday, 17th February 2010.

Tree of Light
Many thanks to those who supported the 2009 Tree of Light,
which shone out for the twelve days of Christmas outside St.
James. This was our most successful result ever, so thank you if
you sponsored the whole venture or individual lights.
                                             Caroline and Sheila.

Saturday 13th February    Pre-Lent Supper St James’ School 7-00pm
Sunday 21 March          Annual Parochial Church Meetings 7-15pm
Monday 29th March      The Chrism Mass 12-00 noon Chelmsford
Monday 3 May           St James Family Day 12noon – 3-00pm St
                       James’ School
Thursday 13 May          Ascension Day
Thursday 3 June          Corpus Christi
Saturday 12th June     Cheese & Wine Party for the Organ Fund at
                       the home of Martin Woods
Friday   25 June         Confirmation Service at Thorpe le Soken 7-
Saturday 26th June     At Home with Jeff & Lucy Mason 3-00pm
Saturday 17 July       Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of

Sunday   18th July     Strawberry Tea at Rowhedge
Sunday   25th July     St James’ Day.
                      Principal Celebrant and Preacher Bishop Keith
Sunday    1 August       At Home with Janice Fielden 3-00pm
Sunday    5th September At Home with Fr Alan and Susan Cross 3-
Saturday 25th September Harvest Supper St James’ School 7-00pm
Saturday 9 October      Parish Auction St James’ School
Sunday 21st November Sunday Lunch in aid of the Restoration Fund
                       St James’ School

St James Family Fun Day
As a new venture, it is proposed that we hold a Family Fun Day on
Monday 3rd May, from 12-00 until 3-00pm, which is the May Day
Bank Holiday. It will be held in School, hopefully on the school
field and will be open to all church members, especially those with
younger families and others too. A simple day, bring you own
picnic, enjoy some games together and buy a Tabletop for a
tabletop sale. Anything could be sold; children’s toys, clothes and
equipment might sell particularly well. More details as time goes

St James Messy Church
Messy Church will meet for the next time in St James’ School on
Monday 8th February at 2-30pm. This is aimed at those who are
under five and their parents and carers. If you would like to come
along or know someone who might please let them know or better
still bring them with you. This is a time of activity, worship and
socialising for those who come.
Electoral Roll
The annual revision of the Electoral Roll for the Parish Church will
commence on Sunday 14th February and finish on Sunday 28th
February. If you are new to the parish and are eligible, you may
wish to join the Electoral Roll, which is the basic membership roll
of the church. Membership of the roll will allow you to attend and
vote at the Annual Parochial Church meetings which this year will
be held on Sunday 21st March at 7-15pm. If you have moved
please fill in a new form to help keep the roll up to date. Forms
available from Sheila Sansom or from church.

                          Creation Stories        Psalm 104

Until the reigns of David and Solomon reading and writing had
mainly been confined to a few lawyers and administrative staff.
Songs and stories were preserved by constant use and re-telling.
The new era of prosperity and confidence brought a more
widespread literacy. This extended readership accounts for the
stories of David's life being written in a popular style quite distinct
from annals of kings found in other kingdoms of the period which
are little more than lists of battles. It also resulted in poets
creating longer psalms that could be both performed and
preserved by choir guilds. These carefully structured longer works
with complex themes would have been unsuitable for a society
dependent solely on memory.              Literary quality was also
demonstrated by an occasional couplet taken from a creation
story or simply reference to a mythical monster.

An account of creation that the Israelites may have met with in
their days as nomads was that of a God wandering over parched
lands where the soil was occasionally dampened by a spring or
mist. God used this muddy earth to model creatures into which he
breathed life. The Hebrew word for man and earth are similar,
adam and adamah.

A more watery version of creation was to be found in the area
stretching from the Euphrates flood plain across Syria and south
into Palestine. This account commences with a cosmic war. God
struggles with the waters and the monster which lives within them.
This beast is variously named Leviathan, seven-headed Lotan,
Rahab or the sea serpent. References to God riding a cloud
chariot and using wind and meteorites as messengers may be a
Palestinian version of this struggle. Once the monster is crushed
and the flood calmed, God sets up his throne and court, angels,
ministers and hosts, above the waters. Within this vast sea,
directly beneath his throne room, is built a vault or dome in which
the world is formed. The ceiling is the sky while ground at the
base is raised by one means or another before being drained to
provide dry land, after which the extent of the seas is firmly
limited. From this basic structure stem numerous variations as
well as a natural confusion in the minds of readers that arises
when God's dwelling and the sky, which are separated by the
vault roof and upper waters, are both called the heavens.

The psalter is a treasure store of fragments from such creation
stories. Psalm 104 differs in that it is a longer recital forming a
complete poem. It unfolds a wonderful creation idyll showing the
emergence of rural life in both its natural and agricultural aspects.
The setting in Palestine is clear which explains the importance
given to God's provision of springs and rain in a region prone to

'From thy high pavilion thou doest water the hills
the earth is enriched by thy provision.'

The chaos myth is no longer taken seriously; leviathan has
become a pet. Even the dome over which the water rests is
replaced by all things, a tent. In a stunning opening image the
light of heaven comes from God's clothing, part of his glory. The
account of the formation of the earth is told in beautiful lines and
carefully observed wildlife detail.
'The trees of the LORD are green and leafy
The cedars of Lebanon which he planted
the birds build their nests in them
the stork makes her home in their tops.
High hills are the haunt of the mountain goat,
and boulders the refuge for the rock badger.'

Only in the final stanza is a discordant note introduced like a
smooth driver deliberately crashing the gears.

'Away with all sinners from the earth
and may the wicked be no more!'

The inappropriateness of sin and evil in such a wonderful setting
or as a response to God's bounty is in this brutal manner made
starkly clear. The poet can only pray that sinners and evil doers
will be moved from God's creation and perhaps hope that we will
cut the offending couplet from his own work leaving us to share
with him in a more seemly reaction to the marvels of God's natural

'I will sing to the LORD as long as I live
All my life I will sing psalms to my God.'

John Thompson

                     School News


Below you will find a copy of the commentary sent to parents
at the end of December, following our church school inspection
in November 2009.
“The Governing Body welcomes this report, which highlights
the significant improvements that the school has made in just
over 2 years since the last church school inspection. The
school is inspected in 4 main areas and I have summarised
these below, with the inspection gradings that our school has
 Area                                      Inspection
How the school, through its distinctive    2 = good
Christian character, meets the needs of
all learners
The impact of collective worship on the    1 = outstanding
school community.
The effectiveness of Religious Education   2 = good
The effectiveness of the leadership and    2 = good
management of the school as a church

It is a privilege to lead our school community and I would like
to take this opportunity to thank governors, staff, parents,
the local church community and most importantly, our pupils,
for making the school the warm, welcoming and open
community that it is today.”

Extract from the report

The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St James’ as a
Church of England school are good.
The school is very effectively fulfilling its stated aim to be „a
Christian School serving the community‟. Christianity is an integral
part of the life of the school. The Head teacher, supported
effectively by the governing body, provides outstanding
leadership and a clear vision for the school as a church school.
The school serves its diverse community very well providing both
practical and spiritual support for pupils and their families,
especially those who are vulnerable for various reasons.
       Established strengths
   The outstanding leadership of the Head teacher based on a
    very clear understanding of the qualities which make a good
    church school.
   The central place of worship in the life of the school and the
    enjoyment and involvement of pupils.
   The effective and sensitive response of the school to the
    needs of the community which it serves.

       Focus for development
   to embed effective assessment for learning strategies in
    religious education (RE)
   developing tasks and questions in RE to extend and challenge
    pupils‟ thinking, particularly for the highest attaining pupils

Copies of the full report are available from the back of the
church or by contacting the school.


Pupils enjoyed a pantomime performance of Aladdin in January,
when a theatre group came to perform in the school hall. Our
thanks to „The Friends of Saint James' School‟ for funding
this visit and enabling pupils to watch a live theatre
performance free of charge.


I am very proud of the commitment of our staff in January
2010, which meant that we were open for the 3 days of snow,
when the vast majority of schools in the area were closed.
Staff and pupils enjoyed having snowball fights and making
snowmen and we had our postponed Christmas dinner on


We welcome Jenny King, a Learning Support Assistant, who
has joined us this term to work in Class 1 with our youngest

AND FINALLY .........

An inflatable child went to an inflatable school and wasn‟t
having a good time. He had a row with his inflatable teacher,
pricked her with a drawing pin, ran out of the school and hid.
He realised he was in big trouble so ran back in to the school
and stuck a drawing pin in his Head teacher and in the school
wall. He then ran away. Feeling really bad about what he had
done, he also pricked himself.

Days later he woke up in an inflatable hospital with his Head
teacher in one bed beside him and his Class teacher on the
other side in bed. His Head teacher said to him, “ I am really
disappointed in you Johnny, you‟ve let down your school, you‟ve
let down your Head teacher, you‟ve let down your Class
teacher, but most importantly, you‟ve let down yourself!”

Jeff Graham
Head teacher

                   INTERMEDIATE SUDUKO

     Mass and Prayer Intention for February

1    Mon                    The PCC
2    Tue                    Thanksgiving
3    Wed                    TRIO
4    Thu                    The Homeless
5    Fri                    Beacon House
6    Sat                    Christian Martyrs
7    SUN                    Church and Parish
8    Mon                    Churches Together
9    Tue                    Messy Church
10   Wed                    St James’ School
11   Thu                    The Children’s Society
12   Fri                    Mampong Babies’ Home
13   Sat                    Parish Social Life
14   SUN                    Church and Parish
15   Mon                    Penitents
16   Tue                    Preparation for Lent
17   Wed                    Ash Wednesday
18   Thu                    Our Lent Preachers
                            Laura & Laurence’s
19   Fri                    Wedding
20   Sat                    Deanery Synod
21   SUN                    Church and Parish
22   Mon                    Ecumenical Relations
23   Tue                    Archdeacon of Colchester
24   Wed                    Lent Bible Study Groups
25   Thu                    Colchester Night Shelter
26   Fri                    Ecumenical Relations
27   Sat                    Walsingham
28   Sun                    Church and Parish

                   Diary for February

 1 Mon                 19-00    Mass              St James
 2 Tues Presentation   10-00    Mass              St Paul
                       19-30    Sung Mass         St James
 3 Wed                 19-00    Mass              St James
 4 Thur                12-30    Mass              St James
 5 Fri                  9-00    Mass              School
 6 Sat                  9-00    Mass              St James
 7 SUN                  8-00    Mass
                       10-00    Sung Mass
                       18-30    Evening Prayer
 8 Mon                 11-00    Mass              Colonia Ct
 9 Tues                10-00    Mass              St Paul
10 Wed                 19-00    Mass              St James
11 Thur                12-30    Mass              St James
12 Fri                  9-00    Mass              School
13 Sat                  9-00    Mass              St James
14 SUN                  8-00    Mass
                       10-00    Sung Mass
                       18-30    Evening Prayer
15 Mon                 11-00    Mass              Cranmere Ct
                       19-30    The Holy Rosary   St Paul
16 Tues                10-00    Mass              St Paul
17 Wed Ash Wednesday   12-30    Mass              St James
                       19-30    Sung Mass         St James
18 Thur .              12-30    Mass              St James
19 Fri                  9-00    Mass              School
                       19-30    Stations of Cross Priory St
20 Sat                  9-00    Mass              St James
21 SUN                  8-00    Mass
                       10-00    Sung Mass

                        18-30 Evening Prayer
  22 Mon                      NO MASS
  23 Tues               10-00 Mass                St Paul
  24 Wed                19-00 Mass                St James
  25 Thur .             12-30 Mass                St James
  26 Fri                 9-00    Mass              School
                        19-30    Stations of Cross St James
  27 Sat                 9-00    Mass              St James
  28 SUN                 8-00    Mass
                        10-00    Sung Mass
                        18-30    Evening Prayer

Churchwardens of the Parish

                 Mr Paul Bareham        01206 210270
                 90 London Road
                 Copford CO6 1BJ

                 Mrs Janet Walker   01206 790448
                 38 Gladstone Road
                 Colchester CO1 2EA

Parochial Church Council Officers

Secretary        Mrs Pamela Lee        01206 573491
                 Hillside 4 Acland Avenue
                 Colchester CO3 3RS

Treasurer        Mr Michael Batten  01206 792017
                 18 Hillsleigh Mews
                 Colchester CO1 2QV

Electoral Roll    Mrs Sheila Sansom       07905516502
Officer           14 Greyfriars Court
                 The Secret Garden
                        Castle Road
                        Colchester CO1 1TL

Child Protection         Mr David Howse         01621 892425
Officer                  8 Wellands Close,
                        Wickham Bishops
                        Witham CM8 3NE

Health & Safety          Mrs Janet Walker       01206 790448
Officer                  38 Gladstone Road
                        Colchester CO1 2EA

St James’ Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary
Headteacher        Mr Jeff Graham      01206 865747

Bible Reading             Mrs Janice Fielden      01206 574600

Childrens’ Society        Mrs Joyce Mays          01206 841681

USPG                    Mrs Gill Scott         01206 867403
(Mampong Babies Home)

The Church Union          Mrs Claire Epsom        01255 861202
(Local Contact)

Child Contact Centre                        07855 752421

Sidesmen                Mr Paul Bareham         01206 210270

Readers                 Mrs Janet Walker        01206 790448

Intercessions            Fr Peter Walker            01206 866802

Stewardship            Mrs Kate Thurston          01206 793243

Organist               Mr Ashley Thompson           07968375566
& Choir Leader

Sacristan               Mr Brian Appleby            01206 852073
Team                    Mr Paul Bareham              01206 210270
                       Mr Stephen Pawlak            01206 729810

Children’s’ Liturgy       Mrs Diana Irven            01206 386393
& Flowers

Magazine Editor           Mrs Lucy Mason               01206 386766

St Paul’s Centre     Mr Brian Appleby     01206 852073
Manager & Bookings
Rector               Fr Peter Walker SSC      01206 866802
                   The Rectory               07867 972231
                   76 East Hill              01206 799444
                   Colchester CO1 2QW
Father Peter and Caroline are always happy to welcome parishioners to the

Hon Ass. Priest         Fr Alan Cross SSC                01206 790984
                       Canon’s Retreat
                       11 Grayling Drive
                       CO4 3EN

Services at St James the Great, East Hill
Sundays                  Morning Prayer           07:25
                         Said Mass               08:00

                    Sung Mass            10:00
                    Evening Worship      18:30
Weekdays             Morning Prayer       07:45
                    Evening Prayer       18:00
Monday               Mass                 see page 3
Wednesday            Mass                 19:00
Thursday             Mass                 12:30
Friday              Mass in School       09:00
Saturday             Mass                 09:00
        Festivals and Saints Days see monthly calendar.

Services at The St Paul’s Centre, Belle Vue Road
Tuesday             Mass                 10:00

Confession            By appointment with the clergy
Holy Baptism         By arrangement after preparation
Ministry to          Names of the Sick to the clergy, the
the Sick            Sacrament is reserved for the communion of
                    the Sick, and the Oil of the Sick for


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