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									                             Motion Capture Technology

Motion capture technology is a good example of how digital techniques are being applied
to the movie (and related) industries to allow more convincing visualizations of
imaginary or composite images. For motion capture you use human actors who are
dressed in a leotard with integral reflective or magnetic markers. The actor performs the
actions that are required, and the digital cameras - or array of cameras - capture the
motion of the reflective markers.

Computer Processing with Human Intervention

                             You subject the data to a computer process that converts this
                             motion into a composite figure. You then modify this
                             composite figure by normal computer animation software.

                             The end product gives the effect of animated character acting
                             directly with human actors. Gollum, in the Lord of the Rings,
                             was shot in this fashion, giving an absolutely life-like image
                             of a composite character. That guy on the left here? That
                             would be Gollum, or at least the movements of Gollum.

Motion capturing techniques are very effective, but the computer processing needs much
human intervention, and if there is any error in the data, you can find it more effective to
re-shoot the whole scene rather than correct the data. However, motion capture
technology is so much more effective and realistic than traditional techniques, and
ultimately less time consuming, that its future looks assured in movies and in video

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