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					 Responding to
Community Needs

  December 2008

Community Challenges                                  3
School-based Challenges                              18
Outings/Events Challenges                            26
Local Environment Challenges                         28

  Please note that we are unable to guarantee the
     availability of any Team Challenge listed as
  Challenges are regularly being taken up, added,
  and/or may be affected by seasons/the weather.

If you are interested in a particular Challenge please
 contact the Community Development Team as soon
    as possible to ensure your choice and for more

               Rosie Colls/Katharine Lightbown
               Community Development Team
                     Leicestershire Cares
                       42 Tower Street
                           LE1 6WT


                       (t) 0116 275 6469
                      (m) 07843 350 124

                     Community Challenges
Community            Donisthorpe Methodist Church Hall
Organisation         The hall is situated in the small, rural village of Donisthorpe and
                     is currently the only community facility available for OAP clubs,
                     Weight Watchers, children‘s events, etc. It is a very attractive
                     building from the outside, having been built in 1929 with lovely
                     brick features and stained glass windows. Its original use was as
                     a Methodist Sunday school for over 100 children. Next to the hall
                     is a modern (rebuilt) Methodist Chapel.
                     The elders of the chapel would like to see this wonderful hall
                     used as a facility for the local community. There is a great need
                     for such a facility since two other venues have recently closed.
                     However, the chapel has no funds available to undertake the
                     decoration it badly needs. It is anticipated that once the hall has
                     been decorated, it can be promoted for wider community use
                     including as a base for youth club activities.

The Challenge          To paint the hall (brick walls) (c. 18x10m) and skirting boards
                        (some of the walls have varnished panels which do not need
                       OPTIONAL - to paint the ceiling (this is high and would require
                        a scaffolding tower)

Resources Required     Paint could be provided by the church. Additional resources –
                        brushes, dustsheets, ladders, etc would need to be sourced by
                        the team
                       Scaffolding may be required to reach higher areas of wall. (a
                        scaffolding tower can be hired at a cost of approx £50 per

Location             Donisthorpe (North West Leicestershire)
Additional Notes      Photos available
                      This challenge would suit a team of 10 – 15 volunteers


Community            Leicester New Start Families Project
Organisation         This charity works with families who have been evicted or are
                     facing eviction for anti-social behaviour in Leicester and Melton
                     Mowbray. Families are intensively supported in settling into a new
                     home and helped with successful strategies to curtail anti social
                     behaviour. The families learn how to function so that hey can fit
                     into a community and live peacefully with neighbours. These
                     vulnerable families are being helped to make a new, positive start
                     in a new home.
The Challenge         To develop a back garden into more manageable and more
                      accessible area for a family and their children to enjoy during a
                      difficult life situation.
                      This may include putting down turf, painting garden walls, adding
                      trellis for climbing plants, and planting shrubs in borders and
                      large pots etc.

Resources Required      There is a limited budget for plants, turf, paint, etc. available
                         for each garden
                        Spades and other gardening equipment would need to be
                         sourced by the team.

Location              Melton Mowbray
Additional Notes       Photos showing similar sorts of garden needing development
                         are available


Community            Next Generation
Organisation         This charity was set up to provide drug prevention and
                     rehabilitation services and a safe and secure environment for
                     gaining information and advice for vulnerable young people in
                     Hinckley and Bosworth. It is the only organisation offering this vital
                     work. Emotional and practical support services include counselling,
                     drug and alcohol services, alternative therapies, employment and
                     training, and sexual health. Next Generation also have a mobile
                     outreach bus delivering youth issue-based sessions and
                     educational materials to young people in surrounding villages.

The Challenge    Challenge a
                    Paint the reception and lobby area, interview room, training
                       room and kitchen. These areas have become scruffy and
                       need freshening up to maintain standards and a bright
                    Paint therapy room upstairs
                    Optional – enhance outdoor yard area with planters and
                       more seating. Ideas would be welcome
Expected Impact Maintaining the building as a fresh and clean environment helps to
of the Challenge build the self esteem of the young people and would give a boost
                 to the staff. The project‘s work invests time and effort to help
                 children and young people to understand and deal with difficult
                 issues and it would very much appreciate the support of
                 volunteers. The project does not have the funds to cover this
Resources           Next generation may be able to contribute towards the cost
Required               of paint, but volunteers would need to source their own

                           funds for most of the project materials.

Location              Hinckley
Additional Notes        Photos available
                        Challenges a and c will need 6-7 volunteers, and challenge d
                           10-12 volunteers.


Community             Herrick Plagroup
Organisation       The playgroup is a registered charity run by a committee of
                   volunteers and was established in 1990. It provides a breakfast
                   club, playgroups during the day and an after school club, in total
                   for about 60 children in a diverse community. It is financed by
                   the fees and its own fundraising. The group has recently moved
                   into a new mobile classroom in the grounds of Herrick Infant
                   School. These are better facilities than before, but the external
                   environment is very bare and the playgroup would like to
                   brighten it up and make it more attractive to local families and
                   young children.
The Challenge         Challenge
                      1. Brighten up the playground area by painting colourful
                          games and a fence in bright colours
                      2. Paint murals and a sign on the outside wall of the mobile
                      3. Brighten up an internal wall for the children with murals
Expected Impact of     This will make the new premises more attractive to parents
the Challenge            and children and make it more noticeable which will help to
                         boost numbers attending
                       The group will not be able to achieve its aim to maximise
                         the attractiveness of the outside areas for the children to
                         play in without this assistance as they do not have the staff
                         time or funds to manage or deliver it themselves
                       With its new premises, the playgroup should be able to
                         carry on being a vital resource for the families of the local
                         diverse community. This work would immediately contribute
                         to this aim
Resources Required     Paint and painting equipment to be resourced by the
                         volunteer team
Location              Rushey Mead, Leicester
Additional Notes       Suitable for a team of 10-15 volunteers ( or possibly more
                         depending upon complexity of murals etc)
                       Photos available


Community            The GAP Project
Organisation         A voluntary sector project providing supported accommodation
                     for teenage homeless parents.
                     GAP provides small flats for seven single parents and seven
                     couples aged 16-22yrs for up to 2 years. During this time,
                     parents work towards a support contract, identifying and meeting
                     their needs, with the aim of moving to independent living.
                     Parents are referred by a variety of professional agencies such as
                     Sure Start and Connexions.
                     The Project also provides opportunities for all parents to meet in
                     a communal lounge to develop friendships and for children to
                     play with educational toys and games.
The Challenge        Challenge a
                          To erect a short fence and gate to divide two areas of the
                           large garden area

Expected Impact of         The GAP project fundraised to build a conservatory and
the Challenge               small area of specialized soft-play surface. This increases
                            and extends the communal living space for parents.
                            Parents have started work on tidying up the garden itself
                            but have identified the need to make a much safer, child-
                            friendly and clearer environment in which the children can
                            play (all aged under 2yrs).
                           By dividing the garden into two areas with a fence,
                            children will not be able to wander out of the garden and
                            unwelcome visitors will be deterred.

Resources Required      There is no budget available for the challenge so the Team
                         would have to fund and source all equipment and materials
                         for the project.
Location                Beaumont Leys, Leicester
Additional Notes        Photos available
                        The challenge would accommodate a small team of 3-4


Community             Charnwood Independent Youth Action
Organisation          Provides a wide range of services to vulnerable young people who
                      face homelessness. It provides accommodation for about 20,
                      actively supports a further 20 living in council flats and supports
                      more that 30 unaccompanied minors. It also provides a drop in
                      advice centre. The challenges will create a usable social space for
                      the young people to enjoy in secure surroundings.

The Challenge      Challenge a

                      Re-planting two areas of about 3mt x 3mt each with marsh
                       grasses and moisture loving plants to effectively create marsh bog
                    Challenge b
                     Creating a decking area of about 7mt x 7mt over grass area.
                       Decking area could possibly incorporate a small BBQ area.
                    Challenge C
                     To erect a gazebo on the decked area once the decked area has
                       been done.

Resources                The organisation will be able to provide some gardening
Required                  equipment.
                         The Organisation has a budget for plants but has no budget
                          available for the decking or gazebo projects. The volunteer team
                          would have to source and fund all materials and equipment bar
                          some gardening equipment to complete the challenges.

Location             Loughborough
Additional Notes        Photos Available
                        Challenge a is recommended for a small team of about 4-5
                        Challenge b and c are suitable for a larger team of about 8-10
                          volunteers per challenge.

Community               Shree Sanatan Community Project
Organisation            An under funded voluntary project in a deprived area of Leicester.
                        The project currently offers a daily after-school drop-in for 8-14yr
                        olds and an evening drop-in project for older teenagers (14-
                        22yrs) twice a week. The Project centre is very run-down and is
                        undervalued by the young people as a consequence. The Project
                        would like to hire out their rooms during the daytime to external
                        groups (older people, women‘s groups, unemployed) and general
                        public but cannot do so whilst the centre facilities look so
                        unwelcoming and tired.
The Challenge           Challenge b
                           To paint training/meeting rooms on first floor and office
                            space to improve for external hiring opportunities and income

                        Challenge c
                          To paint stairs/entrance throughout building

                   Challenge d
                     To paint top-floor music room
Resources Required    There is no budget for this project. Volunteers would need
                        to source their own funds for the painting materials. Some
                        walls will require small areas to be filled before painting.

Location              Rushey Mead, Leicester.
Additional Notes      Whilst Challenges could take place during term-time this
                       would mean having to cancel a drop-in session so the
                       Project would prefer Challenges to take place during school
                      Ample parking available
                      Photos available
                      Challenge c could accommodate a large team of up to 20
                       volunteers or be split into smaller teams

A 60
Community             2nd 60th Leicester Scout Group (Braunstone)
Organisation         A total of 40 children attend the Beaver, Cub and Scout groups
                     here each week. These groups provide much needed fun and
                     stimulation for boys and girls living in this disadvantaged area
                     of Leicester. The group is doing well in terms of membership,
                     but struggles to sustain the number of adult volunteers needed
                     for leadership of the groups. However, the current team of 5
                     leaders manages to provide a full range of scouting activities
                     and it is keen to maximize the use of the scout building it has
                     for the benefit of the boys and girls.

The Challenge        Challenge a
                     1. Paint walls, woodwork and lockers of the hall
                     2. Paint a mural on the back wall of the hall (optional)
                     3. Buff and re-polish the wooden floor ( optional)
                     4. Paint downstairs lobby – walls and doors
                     Challenge b
                     1. Paint upstairs activity room
                     2. Provide curtains, carpet and sink (optional)
Expected Impact of    Brightening up the hall will help to boost the morale of
the Challenge           leaders and scouts and provide a more welcoming,
                        attractive environment
                      It may also attract other community groups to use the hall
                        and this would provide much needed additional income for
                        the group
                      Decoration of the upstairs activity room will enable this
                        room to be brought into use as an arts and crafts and IT
                        area. This will enable a wider variety of badges to be
Resources Required    Paint and painting equipment
                      Hire of floor buffer/polisher (optional)
                      Contribution to activity room furnishings (optional)
Location             Braunstone, Leicester
Additional Notes      Challenge a would suit a team of 10-12 volunteers
                      Challenge b would suit 5-8 volunteers
                      Both challenges together would suit a team of 20 volunteers

Community          Thurmaston Community Centre
Organisation       This is a charity run by Trustees and a committee of local
                   volunteers. The centre is a wooden building which was built as a
                   temporary measure 50 years ago. It is well used by a variety of
                   community groups and local families. However, some areas of the
                   building are in a poor state of decoration. The committee and the
                   local community dream of raising enough funds to build a new
                   community centre, and are putting great efforts into fund raising to
                   this end. It will take many years for them to raise the huge amount
                   needed for this project and so, in the meantime, assistance with
                   redecoration of the worst parts of the building would be much
                   appreciated and very worthwhile.

The Challenge        Challenge a
                     1. Transform the kitchen by painting the walls and cupboards
                     2. Optional: source and replace the kitchen sink units
                     Challenge b
                     1. Paint the lobby and office
                     2. Optional extra painting: toilet walls and ceilings
                     3. Optional: source small amount of carpeting or vinyl for the
                          lobby area
Expected Impact       This is a well used community building. It has classes of kick
of the Challenge        boxing, karate, dance and children‘s parties at the week ends.
                        Sprucing up the kitchen and lobby will benefit all the 300
                        current local users and greatly enhance the attractiveness of
                        this building
                      Taking away the current worry of maintaining the building will
                        enable the voluntary committee to concentrate on raising
                        money for the future.
Resources             There is no budget for these projects. Volunteers would need
Required                to source their own funds for the project materials

Location             Thurmaston
Additional Notes      A large team of 10 -15 could manage both painting
                       challenges in one day
                      Challenge a could be tackled by a team of about 6
                      Challenge b by a team of about 5
                      Photos available

Community              Melton District Scout Campsite
Organisation           This campsite is open for use by all Leicestershire youth
                       groups for camping week ends and holidays. Scouts and
                       Guides are the main users. The camp site is a charity run by
                       volunteers. It provides an exciting and varied terrain for young
                       campers, a camp fire area and a climbing tower. It also has a
                       number of large huts which provide indoor activities in poorer
                       weather, such as an indoor rifle range and games rooms.

                       About 1,000 youngsters use and enjoy this facility each year.
The Challenge          Challenge a – Main Hut
                       1. Maintenance and freshening-up painting of the main hut (
                           15m x 8m)
                       2. Paint the internal walls to make the building lighter and
                       3. Treat/paint the external walls ( one coat)
                       Challenge b – Sleepover Room
                       1. Paint the exterior of the ―sleepover‖ room ( an old mobile
                           classroom) in brown
                       Challenge c – Activity Room
                       2. Paint the walls of a newly created activity room
                       3. Paint murals to help create a fun atmosphere
                       4. ( NB – this room needs electrical wiring and equipment too
                           – an optional part of this challenge would be to source
                           assistance for these elements as well)
                       Challenge d – Camp Fire
                        Tidy up the outdoor campfire area
                        Dig to make the fire circle deeper
                        Build up the bank of tyres which forms the seating and infill
                           with rubble to stabilise
                        Cut steps into the steep bank using soil from the fire circle
Expected Impact of      Any of this work would help greatly to sustain the current
the Challenge             facilities
                        Scout leader volunteers would be freed up from basic
                          maintenance work to get going on other projects
                        Painting the exterior of the sleepover room brown would
                          meet (new) environmental impact requirements
                        Enhancing the campfire arrangements would assist in
                          meeting a basic community principle of scouts and guides –
                          meeting round the camp fire
Resources Required     Paint and other materials would need to be sourced by the
                       team, although the camp site may be able to find some limited
                       funds as well.
Location                Melton Mowbray ( 3 miles north of the town)
Additional Notes        A large team of 20 volunteers could tackle all the challenges
                        Smaller teams of 8 – 15 volunteers could pick and mix the
                          challenges to suit
                        Any work that could be offered which would help towards
                          completing the above work would be gratefully accepted


Community            The Adhar Project
Organisation         Based in the Highfields area of Leicester city, this charity was set
                     up in 1989 to support Asian people experiencing a range of
                     mental health difficulties, their families, and young (8-18yrs) and
                     adult carers.

                       The project began informally and has grown to provide a range of
                       services including family intervention projects, advocacy and 1-1
                       work, and single-sex and mixed support groups.
                       Over 150 people access the service which helps to overcome
                       isolation and segregation. Referrals come from social and
                       community workers, GPs, etc. Clients are supported by staff and
                       "ADHAR" originates from the Indian language and means
The Challenge          Challenge a
                       To create an outdoor seating area for service-users visiting the
                       Project including:
                          Dismantling existing and unused (plastic) greenhouse
                          Light weeding
                          Repainting building walls and ‗garden‘ walls
                          Repainting window sills
                          Replanting existing planters
                          OPTIONAL: putting in a small bench/garden furniture and new

                   Challenge b
                     To paint the walls, skirting boards, and windows in the
                      kitchen, 4 offices, filing room, and corridors/staircase
Expected Impact of    Staff perceive a definite increase in well-being and sense of
the Challenge            value/respect in their clients when in a welcoming, brighter
                         and positive environment. They would like their own Project
                         premises to reflect this when clients visit for meetings,
                         referrals, to use the IT equipment, and treadmill.
                      It is also hoped that a fresher and professional exterior will
                         encourage more people to notice, and access, the service
Resources Required   The team would need to source all materials and equipment
                       required for the Challenges. The Adhar Project has no budget
                       available for Challenge.
Location           Highfields, Leicester city centre
Additional Notes     Challenge a would suit a small team of 5-6 volunteers.
                     Challenge b would be suitable for small or larger teams
                       dependent on how much work the team would like to


Community              Ratby Church Rooms
Organisation           Run as a local community building for the village of Ratby, the
                       Rooms welcome c. 300 people though their doors every week.
                       Groups include a daily preschool, Brownies, Beavers, Cubs and
                       Scouts, youth group, and neighborhood watch. The Rooms are
                       also hired out for private functions to bring in much-needed

                      running costs.
                      The Rooms receive a small annual donation from the Church but
                      must fundraise themselves to ensure they remain open for the
                      community around them.
The Challenge         Challenge a
                         To decorate the Committee Room (used by the Committee
                          and Lighthouse Youth Group) including painting walls,
                          skirting boards and window sills.

                   Challenge b
                     To decorate the Preschool ‗Reading Room‘ where children
                       can have quiet time. This would include painting the walls,
                       ceiling, skirting boards, radiator, and window sills.
                     Optional: paint a simple mural or educational images onto
                       the walls.
Expected Impact of   The Rooms want to continue to provide welcoming and
the Challenge          respectable community facilities for groups and private
                       functions. At present, both rooms detailed above are well-
                       used and run-down.
Resources Required   Whilst the community group has a small supply of paint, the
                       Team would need to source the majority of the materials and
                       equipment required.
Location           Ratby
Additional Notes     Both Challenges would accommodate a small team of 4-5
                       volunteers OR one larger team of 10 volunteers could tackle
                       both Challenges.
                     Timing Restrictions: Challenges can only be completed on
                       weekdays during school holidays or at weekends during term
                       times. This is due to daily preschool use.


Community             Enderby Cricket Club
Organisation          Run by a small voluntary committee, Enderby Cricket Club has
                      seven active cricket teams of different ages including over 70
                      young people and children. Participation is open to all in the
                      village – women, men, boys and girls, and the grounds are used
                      regularly throughout the week during the cricket season.
                      The Club raises a small income through fundraising events and
                      membership fees in order to maintain running costs. In addition,
                      the pavilion is rented out to a play group. These funds cover
                      maintenance of the wicket and outfield but cannot stretch to
                      anything else.

The Challenge         Challenge a
                        To paint the exterior of the pavilion building (c. 25x10m in

                      Challenge b
                        To develop a picnic area adjacent to the pavilion

                   Challenge c (From January 2009)
                    o To tidy up and clear boundary areas ready for cricket season
                       beginning in April
Expected Impact of   It is vital that the Club continues to generate revenue from
the Challenge          events and hiring out of the pavilion facilities. A more
                       welcoming, cleaner and more professional exterior and
                       grounds will enhance the building considerably and raise the
                       profile of the club within the local community.
                     A neater and clearer boundary will ensure fewer balls are lost
                       and also attract greater interest in the club and matches.
Resources Required   Whilst the community group has a small number of
                       strimmers, mowers, etc. the Team may need to source
                       additional items.
                     In addition, the majority of the painting materials and
                       equipment would need to be sources by the Team.
Location           Enderby
Additional Notes     The Club would most benefit from Challenges being
                       completed before April 2009
                     Challenge a would suit a small team of 5-6 volunteers
                     Challenges b and c would suit a team of 10—11 volunteers


Community             Home-Start Blaby District
Organisation          A charity providing support, practical assistance and friendship to
                      mums and dads with children under 5yrs, who are experiencing
                      Trained volunteers currently befriend 27 families through weekly
                      home-visiting including widowed fathers and families with
                      multiple-births. Families are referred though midwives, GPs, social
                      workers, etc.
                      In addition, Home-Start offers a Family Group Project where
                      families are encouraged to play and learn in a positive way with
                      their children.
                      The charity has recently received funding to expand their services
                      into the Oadby & Wigston areas and work with BME families.
The Challenge         Challenge a
                         1. To paint the volunteer training/meeting room including
                             skirting boards and window sills, filling in small holes, etc.

                      Challenge b
                        2. To paint the admin office including skirting boards and
                            window sills, filling in small holes, etc.

Expected Impact of        The Training/meeting room and office have not been

the Challenge                decorated for at least 6 years and strategically placed
                             photographs hide wear and tear.
                            Staff feel that a lick of paint will help present a professional
                             image and lift the environment for visitors, volunteers and
                            The branch has recently undergone re-branding and would
                             like the walls to reflect their new corporate colours.
                            Without Team Challenge volunteer help, the rooms will
                             remain worn and tired-looking as the charity does not want
                             to ask volunteers to detract from their vital work with
                            Although Home-Start is a national charity, each branch
                             operates independently and must source their own
                             funding/volunteer support.
Resources Required          The charity will provide the paint required. All equipment
                             must be sourced by the volunteer team (dust sheets, rollers,
                             brushes, etc.)
Location                    Braunstone
Additional Notes            Home-Start are happy to welcome a time at any time during
                             the week or weekends
                            A team of 10-11 volunteers could complete both Challenges


Community          Westfield Kids Club
Organisation       The out-of-school Club provides a range of activities for 5-14yr
                   old children including arts and crafts, pool, IT, swimming, and
                   snacks. The Club is open before and after school hours through
                   the week and during school holidays, with c. 50 children
                   accessing the activities.
The Challenge         Paint and decorate the Art Room including walls, ceiling,
                        windowsills, skirting boards and door.
                      The Club would like some fresh images painted on the walls
                        – with ideas coming from children and staff.
The Impact              The Art Room has not been decorated for at least 7 years
                          and shows a lot of wear and tear. The existing colour
                          scheme means the room has very gloomy light under which
                          to complete arts activities.
                        A newly-decorated room will be much more pleasant for
                          the young people – particularly if they are able to
                          contribute ideas for wall images – and will create a better
                          impression for parents and other visitors.
Resources Required    The Club can provide some paint but the team will need to
                        source most materials and equipment.

                         A cherry-picker (moveable scaffolding tower) will be required
                          to reach the ceiling. Average hire costs – c. £45.

Location              Hinckley
Additional Notes        Would suit a team of 11-15 volunteers. An additional room
                         and hallway is also in need of redecorating should a larger
                         team wish to tackle more of the building.
                        The Club staff will paint over existing images in preparation of
                         the team arriving.
                        The Room will be closed for the day of the Challenge and the
                         Challenge could be completed at any time during the week or


Community          Headway
Organisation       Since 1990, the Headway charity has provided a range of support
                   for people with acquired brain injuries including information,
                   advice, an outreach service and day centre.
                   1 in 300 families is affected by brain injury. At the Headway
                   Centre, staff and volunteers work with people with greater needs
                   with the aim of moving clients onto volunteering, employment,
                   education, or other groups, as they gain confidence and
                   experience. Activities include arts and crafts, IT, gardening,
                   Maths, English, reading, woodwork, painting, etc – according to
                   the interests of each member. Members are aged 18-65 years old
                   and there are up 12 members at the Centre every day.
The Challenge         To decorate the main activity room including painting walls,
                        skirting boards and window sills.
                      Optional: to scrub the pathway around the building to
                        remove lichen – a potential slip hazard when wet.
Expected Impact of    The Activity Room has not been decorated for 3 years and is
the Challenge           showing wear and tear from high use.
                      Headway feels it is very important to have a nice
                        environment for their members and visitors. They want first
                        impressions to reflect the standard of professional service
                        they deliver.
                      Without the support of Team Challenge volunteers, Headway
                        would have to find funding to pay for the work to be
                        completed – funding that would otherwise go towards
                        member activities.
Resources Required    Some paint will be provided by Headway and they also plan
                        to buy buffer rails to put up around the walls to prevent
                        further damage to walls from chairs, etc.
                      All other equipment and materials must be sourced by the
Location           Evington

Additional Notes           Headway would be prepared to close the Activity Day to
                            members for the Team Challenge given enough notice.
                           Photos available


Community             25th Leicester Queniborough Scout Group
Organisation       This scout group has been running for 40 years and now runs
                   Beaver, Cub and Scout sessions each week. The group and its
                   meetings are run entirely by volunteers. It is housed in a wooden
                   building and the scout leaders have had to but a lot of recent
                   effort and resources into structural maintenance work to bring
                   the building up to acceptable standards. This has involved
                   constant fundraising etc. The group is now keen to bring the
                   internal decoration of the hall up to an equally attractive
The Challenge         Challenge
                      1. Paint the wooden walls, doors and window frames of the
                      2. Optional if team numbers and logistics allow – also paint
                          the ceiling of the hall
Expected Impact of     This hall is very much in need of a brightening up lick of
the Challenge            paint. The painting work would be relatively easy to do, with
                         an immediate visual impact
                       The work would support the committee and scout leaders in
                         their considerable efforts to date to restore and maintain the
                       An attractive hall and safe environment will help to attract
                         local families and children to participate in scouting activities
                         and support the group in the future
Resources Required     The group is currently building up supplies of paint but may
                         not have sufficient for the whole hall, so some paint may
                         need to be provided by the volunteer team
                       Painting equipment will be needed
Location              Queniborough, Leicestershire
Additional Notes       Would suit a team of 10 – 20 volunteers
                       Photos available


Community                   Gingers Childcare
Organisation             Gingers Childcare is a pre-school and after school club for
                        children from 2 – 7 years. It is run by a not-for-profit community
                        company with a committee of volunteers. The group is housed in
                        a new mobile classroom in the grounds of Richard Hallam Primary

The Challenge              Challenge a

                     1. To decorate the back outside wall of the mobile with a
                          mural with a garden theme – featuring bugs, flowers etc.
                     2. to decorate the outside end of the mobile – either
                          continuing the theme, or using fresh ideas
                     Challenge b
                     1. to paint some bright, welcoming murals on the front of the
                          building and a sign for Gingers Childcare
                     2. to decorate the outside end of the mobile (facing the
                          primary school) with a mural, using own ideas or ideas
                          contributed by the children
Expected Impact of     the overall aim is to get all four outside walls bright,
the Challenge            interesting and attractive so that parents and children notice
                         the play group and are attracted to it
                       an attractive building will enhance the local environment –
                         important for the nearby school and for nearby houses
                       creation of an inviting environment for new parents and
                         young children
Resources Required     the group may be able to contribute some paint, but most
                         of the paint required will need to be resourced by the team
Location              (south) Beaumont Leys, Leicester
Additional Notes      Teams of 10-15 could tackle either challenge a or b. A team
                          of 20-25 could complete both challenges.
                      Photos available

School-based Challenges

Community            Burton-on-the-Wolds School
Organisation         Burton-on-the-Wolds School has c. 115 children that attend from
                     the surrounding communities

The Challenge          To develop the entrance to the school to make more inviting
                        for pupils, parents, and visitors. This will include, digging and
                        planting, trimming and weeding area.

Resources Required     There is no budget for this project. Volunteers would need to
                        source their own funds for the project materials.

Location             Burton-on-the-Wolds, Loughborough
Additional Notes       Photos available

B5 a – f

Community            Herrick Primary School
The Challenge         Challenge a.
                      Continue to develop a safe play area (nature trail) in a wooded
                      section of land including:
                        Trimming lower tree branches and bushes to safe level
                        Clearing overgrowth, bushes, and refuse
                        Putting down plastic sheeting and bark chippings to create
                         pathways between trees
                        Developing (slabbed or wooden/woodchip) pathway between
                         the school yard and play area

                        OPTIONAL: creating wooden tee-pee structure for play den
                         and tree trunk seating

                      Challenge b.
                       To erect picnic tables around the school grounds

                      Challenge c.
                        To create a small allotment area in the school‘s Eco Garden -
                         digging beds ready for planting by pupils

                      Challenge d.
                        Re/painting Key Stage 1 and 2 playgrounds with games,
                         numbers, etc. including benches

                     Challenge f.
                        Tidying up Key Stage 1 ‗courtyard area including weeding,
                         planting, and painting benches

Resources Required      There is no budget for these projects. Volunteers would need
                         to source their own funds for the project materials.

Location             Rushey Mead, Leicester
Additional Notes       Challenge a requires a team of c. 15-20 volunteers
                       Challenge c would require a small team of 4-5 volunteers
                       Volunteers will be responsible for designing the layout of all
                       For the playground Challenges, pupils will be encouraged to
                        suggest their own ideas and designs for volunteers to use
                       Challenges should take place during school hours – rather
                        than at weekends or school holidays


Community                Langmoor Primary School
The Challenge
                         Challenge b
                         Level ground and erect a large shed. Dig and tidy the
                         surrounding area
                         Challenge c
                         Create a outdoor reading and drama area and some seating
                         under some trees.

Resources Required        The school has some funds available for shed and wood.
                          Team would have to source spades and tools for the
                           challenge work

Location                  Oadby, Leicester

Additional Notes          Could be undertaken in term time or in the school holidays
                          Each challenge would involve 8 – 10 volunteers
                          Photos available on request


Community             Imperial Avenue Infant School
Organisation          Based in Braunstone, the school has 230 pupils aged 3-7yrs. A
                      high percentage of pupils have free school meals. This year, the
                      school will celebrate its 75th anniversary.

The Challenge      To overhaul an overgrown quad garden (c.13x15m) including:
                       Clearing and digging over a small vegetable patch
                       Weeding pathways
                       Pruning and cutting back overgrown trees, bushes and
                       Checking border walls for loose stones and re-cementing
                         into place
                       Optional extras: jet-washing the pathways; filling in some
                         flowerbeds with pebbles and bark chippings, and putting in
                         5-8 planters for each classroom to maintain.
Expected Impact of     Several classrooms border the quad garden. An overhaul
the Challenge            of the area would allow pupils to take part in more
                         gardening projects and other activities in this outdoor
                         learning space.
                       Once everything has been cut back, the area can be more
                         easily maintained by volunteers from the Parent & Friends

Resources Required         The team would be required to source the gardening
                            equipment required for the Challenge. The school will
                            provide a mini-skip into which to place cuttings, etc.
Location              Braunston, Leicester
Additional Notes          Photos available
                          Challenge available during term times and school holidays


Community                Thurnby Lodge Primary School
Organisation          This is a typical primary school for 200 children from 3-11years.
                      The catchment area is a housing estate in the Thurnby Lodge
                      area of east Leicester and is an area of social deprivation.

The Challenge           Challenge
                        1. Create a vegetable plot 3m x 4m for children aged 5 years
                        2. This would involve digging and preparing ready for planting
                           ( the school would arrange for the ground to be rotovated
                        3. In the sunny walled area around the plot, provide other
                           planting opportunities for the children such as tomato grow
                           bags, planters. Ideas welcomed from the team for use of
                           this area
Expected Impact of      This work would give the younger children a chance to
the Challenge            experience growing plants and food and to learn about
                         different food types
                        A real opportunity for children to begin to understand about
                         the environment and healthy eating
Resources Required      A small budget may be available from the school

Location               Thurnby Lodge, Leicester
Additional Notes        Challenge suitable for a team around 8 volunteers


Community            Greystoke Primary School
Organisation         Two years ago the school was in special measures but has
                     worked hard to address this. The staff and PTA are now keen to
                     address neglected physical projects around the school grounds
                     which will enhance the environment for pupils.
                     There are 317 pupils at the school aged 3½ - 11yrs.

The Challenge        Challenge a
                       1. To complete a much-needed natural shaded seating area
                           for pupils including: levelling area and placing breathable
                           membrane to be covered with bark chippings and slabbing
                           in designs.
                       2. To remove one sloping tree
                       3. (School will be providing benches/seating)

                     Challenge b
                        To clear and prepare area of overgrown shrubs and trees to
                          side of playing field. This will include mass-clearance of
                          shrubs, nettles, bushes, and low-hanging branches.
                        A skip would be required to remove garden refuse
                        Optional: to turf over area ready to use.

Expected Impact of      Challenge a - The school has no natural shaded areas for
the Challenge            pupils which is desperately needed for sunnier months when
                         school activities (e.g. sports events) take place outdoors.
                        Challenge b – pupils lose many balls in the overgrowth
                         and/or face being stung by nettles and thorns when
                         rescuing balls. This will expand the area for safe play, open
                         up the area for pupils and local residents, and ensure the
                         school can monitor school boundaries for repairs, etc.
                        For all Challenges, the PTA would find volunteers to
                         maintain the areas once brought back to a manageable

Resources Required      There are no funds in place for the materials so the team
                         would have to resource these.

                        The team would need to recourse the equipment required
                         such as strimmers, wheelbarrows, etc.
                        The school has specific funding in place for benches/seating
Location             Narborough

Additional Notes        Challenge a and b would be suitable for larger teams of 15-
                         20 volunteers
                        Photos available
                        Opportunity to have a school dinner available!


Community            Richard Hill Primary School
Organisation         Richard Hill is the first federated school in Leicestershire – sharing
                     a head teacher and governors with a second primary school in
                     Anstey. Richard Hill Primary is a church-aided school with c. 178
                     pupils aged 4-11yrs.
The Challenge        Challenge a
                     To Kick-start the Garden Club area including:
                       Cutting back and clearing large areas of nettles, weeds, etc.
                       Shaping pathways through area to allow easy access
                       Putting in c. 7 raised beds (2x2m) ready for planting by pupils
                       OPTIONAL: Putting in hedgehog boxes to encourage local

                     Challenge b
                       To overhaul the overgrown pond area including cutting back
                        grass, shrubs, nettles; pruning low branches, and bricking
                        round pond area itself.

                     Challenge c
                       To develop woodland walkway beneath trees including cutting
                        back low-hanging branches and shrubs and creating bark-chip

Expected Impact of      With the support of a very enthusiastic Year 6 teacher, the
the Challenge            school aims to use the newly-developed areas as an
                         Outdoor Classroom and to start a Garden Club for pupils.
                        Each class will be allocated one of the raised beds in which
                         to plant and grow vegetables/fruit

Resources Required      The school will provide the wood required for raised beds.
                        All other equipment and materials required will need to be
                         sourced by the team.

Location             Thurcaston

Additional Notes        Each Challenge would suit a team of 10/11 volunteers and

                          can be completed during term times or school holidays


Community            St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School
Organisation         An inner-city, voluntary-aided school with c. 250 pupils from
                     across the city – many from the Polish community. The school
                     always has to raise a lot of funds for projects and maintenance.

The Challenge        Challenge a
                     To brighten up the outdoor Nursery area (4-5yrs olds) including:
                       Painting sections of the nursery wall with murals or simple
                         images/shapes. (Three areas identified)
                       To paint two walls with blackboard and metallic paint
                       To refresh an existing mural – or replace with a new picture

                     Challenge b
                       To paint designs onto Nursery playground (c. 20 x 7m)
                         including footprints to lead children into classrooms, clock
                         face and games.
                       To paint clock face onto Junior playground

                       NOTE: For both Challenges, pupils will be asked to contribute
                        ideas and designs

Expected Impact of      To encourage more constructive play and a more positive
the Challenge             play environment for pupils
Resources Required      Blackboard and metallic paint will be provided by the school.
                        All other resources and equipment would need to be
                          sourced by the Team
Location             Belgrave
Additional Notes        Challenge a would accommodate 10-11 volunteers
                        Challenge b could accommodate 4-5 volunteers


Community            Merrydale Junior School
Organisation         This school serves the Northfields Estate which is close to the city
                     centre and multi cultural. Its original buildings are now 125 years
                     old and further buildings have been added on over the years to
                     accommodate increasing need. The roll is now 310 children.

The Challenge          Challenge a
                       To brighten up the approach to the school by:
                       1. Restoring/painting the outside walls of the school dining
                          room and adjacent building
                       2. painting a couple of welcome designs on the newly painted

                          walls ( as designed by pupils at the school)
Expected Impact of     This is the first area seen as parents and children enter the
the Challenge          school gates and enhancing its appearance is a priority for the
                       school as it will
                       1. provide an opportunity to reinforce the school‘s efforts to
                            be friendly and welcoming
                       2. make the dining hall more attractive and therefore
                            encourage school meal take up
                       3. put new parents and children more at ease with a fun,
                            bright atmosphere
Resources Required     The team would be required to source most of the paint and
                       equipment needed. However, the school may also be able to
                       One of the walls is quite high and would need ladders or a
                       scaffolding tower
Location               Leicester ( east of city centre)
Additional Notes        challenge would suit a team of 10 – 15 volunteers
                        photos available
                        challenge available during term time and school holidays


Community            Dunton Bassett Primary School
Organisation         A small, rural school with 73 pupils which has been running for
                     160 years.
                     There are just four classes in the school taking pupils from the
                     surrounding areas and five members of teaching staff.
The Challenge        To develop a small sensory garden including:
                          Clearing existing weeds and pruning back trees
                          Developing sensory ‗plots‘ sectioned off with gravel
                          Putting in a short wheelchair-friendly pathway (slabbing
                          Planting range of suitable plants
                      The school have obtained ideas and suggestions from pupils
                         and have a good idea of what they would like. This includes a
                         small seating area with a metal mirror behind it and heart-
                         shaped stones in a footpath - because the children love the
The Impact               The sensory garden has been a dream of the school for a
                           couple of years – this will bring to life a longstanding idea.
                         The current area is overgrown, untidy and inaccessible to
                           staff and pupils. A sensory garden will be used as a
                           resource for learning and encourage pupils to consider
                           aspects of disability
                         The newly-developed area will improve relations with local
                           residents as the area is unsightly at present.
                         Without the support of a Team, the school will struggle to
                           complete the project.

Resources Required      All materials and equipment will need to be sourced by the
                          Team including removal of any garden waste.
Location             South Leicestershire
Additional Notes      Challenge would suit a small team of 5-6 volunteers
                      Photos available

Outings/Events Challenges
Community            Leonard Cheshire Centre for the Disabled
Organisation         The Leonard Cheshire Centre is a residential centre for people
                     with learning and physical disabilities.

The Challenge         Challenge a.
                       Arrange a summer/winter/Easter ball for clients

                      Challenge b.
                       Organise a quiz/entertainment for clients

                      Challenge d.
                       Arrange a day trip out for clients
Resources Required     There is no budget for this project. Volunteers would need to
                        source their own funds for challenge resources.

Location             Sileby, Leicestershire
Additional Notes      Volunteers would receive disability awareness, health and
                         safety, and manual handling training
                      Residents would be supported on trips/events by Leonard
                         Cheshire staff
                      Additional (smaller) Centres in Coalville and Anstey would also
                         welcome the above challenges.

Community            COPE Prostate Cancer Support Group
                     COPE supports a group of prostate cancer sufferers by providing a
                     monthly meeting for them and their partners. The meetings allow
                     members to give comfort and support to each other and regular
                     speakers provide interest and helpful information. The group would
                     also greatly benefit from an occasional outing or special event.

The Challenge          Challenge
                       1. To organise a day out/day of activity and enjoyment for this
                       2. Activities could range from BBQ and entertainment to a days
                          outing to a place of interest
Challenge Impact        This would provide some positive light relief for the sufferers
                          and their loved ones
                        Encourage bonding of the group enabling more effective
                          mutual support in the future
Resources Required      This depends on the activity chosen – group members may
                          be able to make a contribution to costs involved
Location               Leicester
Additional Notes       This would suit a small team           of 5-6 imaginative and
                       enthusiastic volunteers

Community             Charnwood Independent Youth Action
Organisation          Provides a wide range of services to vulnerable young people who
                      face homelessness. It provides accommodation for about 20,
                      actively supports a further 20 living in council flats and supports
                      more that 30 unaccompanied minors. It also provides a drop in
                      advice centre.

The Challenge      Challenge
                    Organise a fun and informative day trip for approximately twenty
                      five 16+ year olds.

Required           The Organisation has no budget available. Resources needed would
                   depend upon the activity/outing chosen

Location           Loughborough
Additional Notes

Local Environment Challenges


Community              Sence Valley Forest Park
Organisation          This area was once part of a vast opencast coal mine. Once
                      mining ceased, the land was returned to open fields and three
                      lakes were created. 98,000 trees have now been planted,
                      creating varied blocks of coniferous and broadleaved
                      woodland. Areas of woodland, grassland, meadows, lakes and
                      rivers have been developed to help make the park a haven for
                      wildlife. The park is managed by the Forestry Commission
The Challenge         Challenge a
                      1. Provide a makeover of a bird hide by painting the walls
                      2. And sourcing further improvements such as the provision of
                          benches and bird spotting charts
                      Challenge b
                      1. Wetland management work – coppicing and pollarding,
                          planting and weeding in wetland area
Expected Impact of    a) The current bird hide has been open to all comers whilst the
the Challenge         park is open. It has been subject to vandalism. The Ranger
                      would like to spruce it up and will then make it available only
                      to bird watchers and for study groups of local school children.
                      The makeover would principally encourage schools and
                      children to use the facility
                      b) wetland management is aimed at keeping the status quo
                      such that current species (eg. birds and otters) can stay in the
Resources Required    a)
                       Paint and painting equipment
                       Optional - Wood for making simple benches and display
                       The Forestry Commission may be able to help with some
                      b) wellies and waders and equipment would be supplied by the
Location               Ibstock/Coalville, NW Leicestershire
Additional Notes      Photos available. Wetland management work can take place in
                      Sept – Nov and Jan – March, but not in spring and summer.


Community             Riverside Rangers (Leicester City Council)
The Challenge           To help extend the unique recycled plastic boardwalk project
                         through the Riverside Park – a 9 mile ―Green Corridor‖ that
                         follows the River Soar

                   Tasks include:
                        Bolting on boards to a framework which has already been
                        Passing places putting in to allow wheelchair access – tasks
                        include removal of existing boards which will be replaced
                        with new longer boards, extra posts and rails need to be
                        fitted to the edge of the boards to prevent slippage of
                        Also an opportunity to help with tree felling and putting in
                        seating area
Resources Required - No previous skills are required as rangers work alongside the
                    volunteers and will provide full training.

Location              Riverside Park
Additional Notes        Maximum 10 volunteers per team


Community             Greenlife Boat (Riverside Rangers - Leicester City Council)
Organisation          The ―Greenlife‖ boat began in 1995 to address the daily problem
                      of floating debris on our waterways

The Challenge           Volunteers are needed to assist the Riverside Cleansing staff
                         that work on the Greenlife boat - by removing the litter and
                         rubbish floating on the River Soar and the Grand Union Canal
                         in Leicestershire.

Resources Required N/A
Additional Notes     The ―Greenlife‖ boat operates generally one day each week
                      but please note that weather conditions or high water levels
                      may result in last minute cancellations
                     Working periods: 10am – 12noon; 1pm - 3pm (Lunch break:
                      12noon - 1pm)
                     Hand washing facilities are limited and the work is dirty
                     Maximum 6 volunteers per team due to space restrictions on


Community            Outwoods
Organisation         Outwoods is a very important scientific site covering over 100
                     acres of land. It breeds rare plants, and is home to special
                     species of birds and fossils.
The Challenge          Coppicing, felling and tidying up the nature area
                       Path laying
                       Fence making
                       Dry stone walling (Outwoods and Morley Quarry locations)

Resources Required     Volunteers are requested to wear appropriate gardening
                        clothes and sturdy shoes. All other equipment will be provided

Location             Between Loughborough & Woodhouse Eves
Additional Notes       Tree felling and coppicing needs to be carried out pre-March
                        or post-October
                       All work will be supervised


Community            Saffron Resource Centre Allotment Project
Organisation         The Allotment Project involves development of 75 previously
                     disused allotment plots (c. 4 acres) to provide activities and
                     involvement for 500 local young people and 10 healthy-eating

The Challenge        A range of Challenges are available throughout the year
                     depending on the season and how far plots have been developed.
                     Examples include:
                         Developing the tool storage shed
                         Painting the ‗mess‘
                         Developing a picnic area
                         Erecting polytunnels (plastic greenhouses)
                         Clearing plots of refuse/rubble
                         Sowing seeds and weeding
                         Sowing an apple orchard
                         General planting and gardening activities

Resources Required         Some materials and tools will be provided depending on
                            the project.

Location             Saffron Lane, Leicester
Additional Notes         The project can accommodate teams of any size (up to 30
                            on one day).


Community               Melton and Oakham Waterway Society
Organisation         The society‘s overall interest is the River Wreak. In particular, its
                     long term focus is to restore navigation to the Melton Waterway.
                     It is also concerned to tidy up banks and ensure riverside
                     walkways are accessible and attractive for local people to enjoy.
                     It is run entirely by volunteers and often works in partnership
                     with the local authority.
The Challenge        To restore a section of a riverside path near on the outskirts of
                     Melton Mowbray. The path is currently very muddy and
                     The challenge involves:
                          loading a boat/barge with sacks of gravel
                          transporting the barge across the river and unloading
                          laying the gravel on the pathway
                          shoring up the path structure I some places
Resources Required   Materials for the path and barge will be provided by the society.
                     Some rakes and wheelbarrows would need to be sourced by the
Location                Melton Mowbray
Additional Notes         A few of the Society‘s own volunteers would work alongside
                            the challenge team
                         Photos available
                         Would suit a team of 15-20 volunteers
                         Some weather conditions could be a problem


Community               Leicester and Rutland Red Cross - Allotments
Organisation         The Leicester and Rutland Branch of this international charity
                     provides a variety of support services for local people: leaving
                     hospital; with disabilities; in difficult family situations; and the
                     destitute. A growing part of its local work is to assist destitute
                     refugee and asylum seeking families by passing on donations of
                     much needed food and clothing. These families are often
                     traumatized by recent war and persecution experiences in their
                     home country and, until their immigrant statuses are settled in
                     the UK, are not able to have a job and are not entitled to
                     benefits. To help the refugees and asylum seekers to help
                     themselves in some way, Leicester Red Cross has procured an
                     allotment for use by refugees so that they can use their skills to
                     grow their own food. Many of those they support are keen to get
                     started on this project of growing their own food.
The Challenge           Challenge
                        1. To assist Red Cross staff to continue to develop an
                           overgrown allotment by digging over and preparing soil as
                           necessary. A large part of the allotment has been rotavated
                           and weeds have been suppressed in other smaller areas.
                        2. Lay a simple path (using slabs) down the middle of the

                         main allotment strip
                     3. Erect a greenhouse on an already existing slabbed area
Expected Impact of    The aim would be to enable the allotment to be in a
the Challenge           condition such that refugee families could complete
                        preparation of the soil fairly easily and start sewing and
                        planting. The allotment would then be cultivated and
                        maintained on an ongoing basis by them
                      Besides providing a valuable source of fresh food, this will
                        give work and dignity to many of the adults who are
                        adjusting to a new environment and new life
                      There are refugees who are keen to do this and the Red
                        Cross staff need this assistance to enable this project to get
                        going as soon as possible.
Resources Required    Slabs, greenhouse and materials would be supplied by the
                        Red Cross
                      Gardening equipment would be supplied by Groundwork
                        (who could also supervise and help to direct the work)
Location             Braunstone, Leicester
Additional Notes      Teams of 15-20 volunteers could contribute one days work
                        to this project or a larger team could contribute several days
                        of work, working in teams of about 15 each day
                      Photos available


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