BETCHWORTH PARISH COUNCIL
MONDAY, 6TH APRIL 2009 at 8pm in the Hamilton Room.

Present: Councillors Wilson, Hardy, Higgins, Hurman, and the Clerk. Parishioners
Gill Sperrin, June Butler, Rod Smith from Barley Mow Court and Paul Tanner also

(450) Apologies received from Councillors Innes, Stimpson and Chalker, District
Councillor Homewood, and PC Loraine.

(451) The Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd March 2009 were approved as a true
and correct record and the Chairman duly signed the minutes.

(452) Councillor Hardy was thanked for writing a parish magazine article seeking a
co-ordinator for the Parish Emergency Plan. There was no response as yet. A copy
of the Acorns Emergency Plan was tabled and passed to Councillor Hardy to study.

(453) Nothing to report in the absence of PC Dominic Loraine.

New Applications and Appeals
(454) MO/2009/0050/PLA       Land adjacent to 78 Nutwood Avenue, Brockham
(Within 20m of Betchworth). Erection of 1 No. dwelling with associated parking and
access. Agreed to request a hedge at bottom of garden to preserve rural character.
                                                               Action Clerk, letter

(455) MO/2009/0224/PLA         22A Tweed Lane, Strood Green (Within 20m of
Betchworth). Alterations to fenestration. No comment.

(456) MO/2009/0230/PLA Burleigh, Holmes Farm, Pebble Hill Road, Betchworth.
First floor side extension.    Previous application accepted as no impact on
neighbours, situation unchanged. No comment.

(457) MO/2009/0252/TFC 14, Rykens Lane, Betchworth. Reduce the height of a
Leylandii tree (T1 on plan) by 50%. No comment.

(458) MO/2009/0275/PLA 1, Tynedale Road, Strood Green. Modified scheme to
that permitted under MO/2007/1953: changes to east, west and south elevations.
(Within 20m of Betchworth). No comment.

(459) MO/2009/0057 Brockham Park House, Rykens Lane, Betchworth Installation
of black metal gate at entrance to sunken garden. Approved with Conditions.

(460) MO/2009/0078/CAT 3, Home Farm Close, Betchworth. Removal of 2 No.
Ash trees and 2 No. Horse Chestnut trees. No objection.

(461) MO/2008/1740/PLA        Dawcombe Nature Reserve, Pebble Hill Road,
Betchworth. Creation of service vehicle area with access from Pebble Hill Road.
Approved with Conditions.

Other Matters
(462) Dolphin Inn Councillor Hardy and the Clerk had attended a meeting with
MVDC Planners to discuss plans for a new kitchen and toilet extension. Proposed
changes to previous plans not yet available. Emphasized that the character of a
village public house must be retained. Agreed to write to the Brewery giving local
concerns. Letter to be circulated prior to dispatch.          Action Clerk, letter

(463) Barley Mow Housing            Revised plans received from Peter Charman,
although the Happy Eater and the former Barley Mow Landfill Sites were no longer
included. The Plans proposed a second entrance towards Mill Hill Lane but excluded
access from the A25. This was criticized as being detrimental to the character of the
area as it broached the high bank, and an entrance from the A25 was strongly
preferred. Concern was expressed that the 7 houses on the Old Barley Mow site
were rather cramped and lacked adequate parking. Barley Mow Court residents
welcomed the proposals and wanted these houses, to follow the same style as their
existing properties which are close by. They were keen to formally incorporate these
houses into the Barley Mow Residents Association and make them subject to the
same permanent constraints.

(464) The site was accepted as being a mixture of (contaminated) brownfield and
Green Belt land. There were no details of how the contaminated land was to be
treated and it was felt that details/estimates for this should be provided with the
plans. Councillors wanted any planning permission to contain conditions that the
lorry park should cease prior to the commencement of building work, and that this
would be completed as a whole, i.e. to avoid the possibility of omitting development
of the contaminated area.

(465) Council agreed on balance to support the proposal providing the planning
gain of the removal of the lorry park/storage activity was achieved, and subject to the
following conditions:-
           a)     Second entrance required elsewhere, preferably from A25
           b)     High bank in Old Reigate Road to be raised to improve landscaping
           c)     No Street Lighting
           d)     New houses on Old Barley Mow Site to be sympathetically styled
           e)     Estimates/Details of Decontamination work are provided
           f)     All proposed building work is completed together
           g)     Footpath is secured in the vicinity of properties

(466) The Barley Mow Residents present thanked the Council for their time and
agreed to meet with the Architect to discuss the proposals further. The Clerk was
invited to attend.            Action: Clerk to provide notes of above to BMRA

(467) Footpath to Brockham Paul Tanner provided photographs of impassable
clay pockets along the path and suggested that an 80% improvement could readily
be achieved by dealing with just these areas. SCC were reported to still be working
on creating a Bridleway but were unable to fund the £40k required for scalpings etc.
Councillor Higgins expected to address this by applying for a grant once the Village
Plan was approved. He would ask Karen Wilson to expedite the approval of the
Footpath section of the Plan and promptly make the application. (Photos passed to
Cllr. Higgins).                                               Action: Cllr. Higgins

(468) Common Field Paul Tanner noted that the Planning Permission for the
Common Field was granted over a year ago, and that conditions 14 & 15 were due
to be approved within one year. In view of local skepticism about SCC monitoring
and enforcement he suggested that progress should be checked. In view of the
current financial situation he also thought that it was time to establish if the filling of
the existing quarry was on target. Agreed to write to SCC.
                                                    Action PT to Draft letter for Clerk

(469) Councillor Higgins had recently observed skylarks soaring over the Common
Field and suggested that their habitat should be protected from roaming dogs.
Agreed to write to Lady Hamilton requesting permission to place notices at both ends
of the Bridleway requesting dog owners to keep their animals to the path.
                                                                Action: Clerk, letter
(470) The Clerk reported that he had cancelled the cheque for £100 in favour of
Capel Action Group.

(471) An updated monthly financial summary was tabled showing the limited
changes to the year end.

(472) Councillor Hardy and the Clerk had visited The Acorns School, and were
impressed with the work in hand in the School Garden. They were in favour of
contributing to the provision of a fence around the pond. Agreed to send a donation
of £400.

(473) The following accounts were approved for payment and cheques duly signed:-
     i.) Norbury Wood Products (2 Benches)        £1311.00 (Incl £171 VAT)
    ii.) MVDC (BG Rates)                            £72.15
   iii.) SCAPTC (Annual Subscription)              £275.66 (Incl £6.23VAT)
   iv.)  Betchworth Village Hall                    £24.50
    v.)  CPRE (Annual Membership)                   £29.00
   vi.)  Acorns School                             £400.00

(474) Councillor Higgins observed that Kiln Lane was marked up in readiness for
surface dressing and reported a pot hole developing in Old Reigate Road just east of
the junction with Kiln Lane.                                         Action: Clerk

(475) Reported that Dave Ellott was willing to undergo training as a “Lengthsman”
and that the Dorking Rural Transport Meeting had concluded that any work on or
around “the highway” i.e. including town paths, required the additional insurance
cover offered by SCC under this scheme. Councillors were averse to paying locally
for highways activities but acknowledged that this would provide the ability to
respond speedily to particular local requirements which SCC would not undertake.
Agreed to join the Scheme and to arrange training for Dave Ellott.   Action: Clerk

(476) Confirmed that Helyn Clack should be advised that the three worst roads in
the Parish were Pebblehill Road for drainage works, Old Reigate Road and
Wellhouse Lane for edge repairs and resurfacing. Clerk to emphasize the nature of
work requested, simple surface dressing would be a waste of money. Action: Clerk

(477) The presentation of the Draft Final Plan to the Parish Council had been
deferred to the May meeting, following the initial presentation to the Annual Parish
Meeting of the basic data obtained.                              Action: Cllr. Wilson

(478) Allianz Insurance had stipulated a number of conditions for the Easter Duck
Race which could not be met. This would be replaced by a Duck Hunt on land. A
new Risk Assessment was being prepared by Philippa Schaefli.

(479) A memorial for Arthur Leslie Lill in light grey matt finish was approved.
                                                                          Action: Clerk

(480) A letter from Mrs. J Medhurst querying the charges for placing a memorial on
her mother’s grave was discussed. The charging structure was reviewed and it was
agreed to reduce the charge for non-parishioners to £220 i.e. twice the parishioner
rate. Revised schedule to be passed to Sherlocks and Stonemans requesting that
they should make the charges clear to customers from the outset.     Action: Clerk

(481) Two fine looking Tilford Benches were now installed on the Green. Ground
anchors were being investigated by the Chairman who would liaise on this with Ken
Webb.                                                       Action: Cllr. Wilson

Active Papers
(482) Items received requiring a Council response were distributed, as per
Appendix 3 (Active Items) and resolved as follows:-
           i.) SCA Conference “Funding in Tough Times” 25/6/09. Declined.
          ii.)  Invitation to comment on the Future of High Ridge Woods.
                                                              Action: Cllr. Higgins
Passive Papers
(483) These were distributed to Councillors to study and report back.

(484) Future meetings of the Council were confirmed as:-

Tuesday 5th May & Monday June 1st both at 8.00pm in the Hamilton Room.
                                                                  Action: ALL

(485) Parish Magazine Article for May Magazine (Deadline 14/4/09)       Action: Clerk

(486) Annual Parish Meeting Monday 27th April 2009 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

(487) Chairman closed the meeting at 10.07pm.


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