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					                              My Crazy Run-Ins with “22”
Born on March 22nd
    Marshelle Butler
    Nicole Nuttall (great friend and co-worker)
    Randy Moore (friend at Moore’s Pine Inn in Marysvale)
    Marcel Marceau (and died on a 22nd)
    Andrew Lloyd Weber (composer)
    Louis L’Amour (author)
    Reese Witherspoon (actress)
    William Shatner (actor)
    George Benson (musician)
    Bob Costas (sports announcer)

Other 22 important celebrations
    My parent’s wedding anniversary is on July 22nd
    Judy’s birthday (my mother-in-law) is on November 22nd

Other 22 noteworthy moments
    My name: Marshelle Griffin Butler contains 22 letters.
    Ashton’s classroom for 3rd grade at his new school was #22. (Mrs. Shewmake)
    Ashton’s first baseball try-out #22
    I sat in seat #22 at the 2002 SLC Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies
    My parents went to Vegas in March 2010 –the elevator stopped on the 22nd floor two
      different times in one day. The door opened to an empty hallway.
    People who are 22s are said to find themselves feeling as if they live in two worlds, one
      which is overwhelmed by the mundane and the other by the fantastic.
    A good friend/co-worker’s son is getting married on May 22nd of 2010.
    A man at a recent RV show has my same birthday of March 22nd birthday; Harrison spun
      the wheel and it landed on #22!
    I sat in seat #22 at the Paul Cardall concert
    Sign at entrance gate to Neon Garage at Nascar said, “IF 22”
    A business card fell out of an envelope my cousin was opening at work. She noticed it
      had the #22 printed on it. It contained a bible verse-Matthew 21:22 – And all things
      whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Take your troubles to the
      cross. Jesus will meet you there.
    While on a trip to Georgia ran into a University of Georgia football quarterback who
      happened to be #22!
    90% of the time when I look at the time, it is the 22nd minute!
    While driving behind a bus, most of the time it is #22
    Father-in-law’s license plate is 0221T
    Mother-in-law’s phone number ends in 22
    I see 22 on jerseys, license plates, store windows, in the background of movie scenes

       And the list shall continue…as long as I see 22!

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