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					Recovery and User Firmware Upgrade Procedure:
1.   Setup the firmware upgrade program:
     It can be downloaded at the following link:
     a.   Run the installation program “MixMax_RecoveryTool_v1_0_2_fw_v1_4_000_20070512.exe”
     b.   The following screen will appear.   Press Run.

     c.   The Recovery Tool will install automatically

2.   Recovery Upgrade:
          Step 1: Run the program “Mix-Max Recovery Tool” by click on your START button < All
          Programs < Mix-Max Recovery Tool < Mix-Max Recovery Tool

          When you see this box, the program has started (the “+” button means the volume up button
          on the player and not the + sign on your keyboard, please see below before continuing)
Step 2: Please make sure that your Disney Mix Max is turned off. While the unit is off, press
and hold the “+” button while connecting it to your PC, you will see the following pop up

Step 3: Select “Yes, this time only” and click on “Next”
Step 4: Select “Install the software automatically (Recommended)” and Click “Next”

Step 5: The program will automatically find the USB driver, and pop up the following screen
Step 6: Click on “Continue Anyway” to continue the installation
Step 7: Click on “Finish” and you will see that the “Start“ button on the “Mix Max Recovery
Tool” is active now.

Step 8: Click on the “Start” button, and the firmware upgrade will begin automatically.

When the firmware recovery process has finished, the following message will be shown

Step 9: Disconnect the device from PC, close the “Mix-Max Recovery Tool” program, and
power on the device again.
3. Firmware upgrades verification
          Step 1: Enter the “Settings” Menu

          Step 2: Enter the sub-menu “About   Mix Max”

          Step 3: Check that the Firmware version is “P.1.4.000”. If so, the firmware upgrade
          was a success.

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