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					                     Akamai Technology Solutions, Inc.

                                   KAYA ALPAN

                  CEO, Founder and Principal Consultant

                                   903 Puuomao Place
                                   Honolulu, HI 96825
                                  office: (808) 396-7639
                                   cell: (808) 375-8480

                             PROFESSIONAL PROFILE

Software Architect, Lead Developer and Entrepreneur with Web, Enterprise and
Database application design and development savvy.

Experience with pattern-driven approach to end-to-end design and implementation of
distributed systems with high-volume and complex transactional requirements.

Methodical engineer and creative problem solver with propensity for getting the job done
in an innovative, timely and cost-effective manner.

Time-tested ability, proclivity, and track record in bringing pragmatic software solutions
to highly complex, theoretically vague and logic-defying problems.

Technical leader, mentor and team player with large scale project experience.

Well-rounded consultant with strong engineering, rigorous business background and
global worldview.

Resident of Hawaii since January 1998.

Technical skill set:
Web & Web2:
    HTTP, HTML/XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, JSP, JSTL, Tag
    Libraries, JSF, PHP5, Ruby on Rails, ASP.
    Struts and Spring Frameworks. DOM Scripting. PHP5 programming with
    Dreamweaver8 and Flash8.
    Increasingly Familiar with Search Engine Optimization and Internet Advertising.
Java: last 10 years:
     Light-weight enterprise programming with Spring Framework.
     Java Network Programming: TCP/IP programming with sockets. HTTP
     Concurrent Java with Java Threads: multi-threaded, asynchronous real-time
     Expert JDBC Programming: against Oracle, DB2, and MySQL.
     Java XML: JAXP API, SAX, DOM, XSLT, XPath, XML Schema, DTD.
     Java I/O programming with IO and NIO libraries.
     Java Security, Serialization, Internationalization, Localization, and Reflection

J2EE: last 7 years:
    EJB: Advanced EJB programming with Stateful and Stateless Session Beans,
    CMP and BMP Entity Beans, Message Driven Beans. Container-managed
    transaction demarcation as well as complex JTA based transactions. Designed and
    developed EJBs to carry out complex transactions, light-weight transactions as well
    as for non-transactional utility purposes to interact in a 3-tiered CORBA compliant
    distributed environment. Designed and developed web services for MMS wireless
    value-added communications.

   Web Engineering:
    Portlet, Servlet, JSP, JSF, Struts, Spring, JavaScript, Tag Libraries, I18N, L10N,
    JSTL, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax.

   Web Services: JAXB, JAXM, JAX-RPC, JAXP, SOAP with SAAJ, WSDL, Axis.
   Web Services Security.

    Java Messaging Service API (JMS): High-volume Point-to-Point messaging with
    Message Driven Beans, Listeners and Queues.

   JMX: Standard MBeans to monitor and manage J2EE applications.


   Open Source Frameworks, APIs,Tools:
    Tomcat, Ant, XDoclet, Struts, Log4J, Hibernate, Spring, JUnit, Quartz, Linux,
    JBoss, Apache, Eclipse, NetBeans, CVS, SVN, Apache DBCP, C3P0, Quartz,
    XDoclet, Maven, Pluto, Jetspeed, and more.

Database:      last 12 years
     Oracle 5.x, 7.x, 8.x, 8i, 9i, 10g:
     Advanced SQL and PL/SQL programming. Knowledge of Relational Algebra.
     Proficiency in DML and DDL., Oracle 10g RAC and TAF.
     Data mining, DSS, OLAP, Data Warehousing: Discoverer, Hummingbird, Cognos
     DB2, MySQL: Advanced SQL via JDBC. XML programming on DB2 6.x and 7.x.

Design:       Experience at all levels of Software Development Life Cycle:
     Fluent in UML, Use Cases, Gang of Four Design Patterns, Refactoring, XP,
     Unified Process.
     OOA-OOD-OOP, AOP, Structured Design and Development Data
     Modeling/ERD, MVC.

   Performance tuning, profiling and optimization of Java, SQL and PL/SQL code,
       database objects and J2EE components. Familiar with Optimizeit, Sun HProf,
       Oracle SQL Trace.
   GIS – Geoenabling data to create geo-sensitive information that can be displayed
       in an interactive geographic map.
   XML – Experience with both SAX and DOM.
   Sugar CRM, Drupal, Mambo, Joomla, XOOPS, osCommerce shopping cart
       and similar Open Source familiarity.
   Occasional DBA and System Administration work experience.
   Proficient in PHP5, C/C++, shell scripting, Perl.
   Good command of C#; ASP; Interest in exploring the NET architecture further.
   Increasing familiarity with Flash 8, Dreamweaver8, Flash Remoting and other
       Macromedia tools.
   RFID, microprocessor programming, electronics for Enterprise as well as X10
       based Home automation.
   Increasing familiarity with Microsoft technologies including ASP2, SqlServer
   Increasing knowledge of Internet Video, Streaming Video Server technology,
       RTPand RTSP protocols.

WORK HISTORY: Last ten years (eight years in Hawaii) in reverse chronological

 Akamai Technology Solutions, Inc. –, Honolulu, HI
CEO, Founder and Principal Consultant: September 2006 - Present
Founded Akamai Technology Solutions Inc with professional support of Cloud Creek
Systems Inc. in order to:
 Offer an integrated approach to empowering Hawaii businesses through effective use
   of high-technology enabling them to become and/or remain competitive in an
    increasingly web and technology driven business environment with shrinking global
   Provide high-tech start-ups high quality, cost-effective, end-to-end, one-stop-shop
    technology assistance.
   Pursue web business ideas that can be of valuable service to a group of people or
    companies and generate substantial profit.
   Provide local businesses with advanced Internet as well as traditional application and
    database services.
   Leverage rigorous in-house R&D efforts in emerging technologies, Web2, SEO,
    SEM, Grid Computing, etc. to the benefit of local businesses.
   Provide assistance in exploring Open Source alternatives such as Sugar CRM,
    osCommerce, Drupal CMS, MySql, Jboss, etc.
   To collaborate with local companies to undertake large scale web projects on a
    national and international scale.
   To offer extremely competitive rates by keeping operating costs low and through
    creative financing options.

 Cloud Creek Systems Inc –, Agoura Hills, CA – Honolulu,
Senior Consultant – J2EE Technical Lead: December 2003 - Present
Remotely working out of Honolulu, Hawaii.

CCS Inc is an Oracle Certified Partner and specializes in all aspects of Oracle products.

Clients & Projects:

Oracle and Java EE Consulting for a start-up January 2007:, California
Stickam is a Flash Video based Social Networking site with high-volume requirements.
Advanced Jboss 4, Hibernate 3 and Oracle 10g performance tuning.

Oracle Consulting January – May 2007:, California
Support Ellison's in their data migration efforts into Oracle 10g r2 databases and assisst
with pertinent reporting and Business Intelligence requirements.

Oracle Consulting for a start-up November – December 2006:, Pasadena, California
Support efforts to move their SQL Server 2000 databases to Oracle 10g r2
J2EE and Oracle Consulting for a start-up June 2006-Present:, Los Angeles, California
Prepared initial project estimates for the Child Custody Calculations start-up. Later,
stepped in to salvage and lead this project. Currently working on a Calendar plugin
which makes advanced use of CSS, Ajax/JavaScript, JSP, Tag Libraries, Spring
Framework and Oracle 10g. Leading analysis, top-to-bottom design and implementation
efforts to finish and deploy production version. Tools and technologies employed: Spring
Framework, Spring MVC, Acegi Security, Hibernate, Ant, XDoclet, JSP, JSTL, JSP Tag
Libraries, Ajax, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, PL/SQL, JDeveloper, Dreamweaver8, Oracle 10g
Database, Oracle 10g Application Server, Oracle HTTP Server, Vi, Bash Shell scripting.

This has been an enriching project in terms of pushing the envelope with Spring
Framework, Spring MVC, CSS Best Practices and DOM Scripting.

J2EE and Oracle Consulting for a start-up Dec 2003-Jan 2007:, Glendale, California

On-going support, refactoring, design and development of Struts based large-scale web
application and its sub-applications which involve multi-faceted and layered work using
J2EE (JSP, EJB) /Java, BC4J, OC4J, JavaScript, XML, SQL and PL/SQL. This
application provides an easily configurable, multi-channel web driven
telecommunications messaging platform to be used by corporations, educational as well
as government institutions.

Preparation of project estimates for client’s as well as internal needs. Evaluation of third
party vendor solutions. Integration of third party as well as other internal solutions. R&D,
evaluation, proposal and implementation of various solutions. Direct interaction with
upper management of client.

Web-Tier: Struts, Servlet, JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax.
Middle-Tier: Oracle 9i and 10g Application Servers, OC4J, BC4J, Java/J2EE (EJB 2.0,
Servlet), Web Services, JDBC.
Back-End: SQL, PL/SQL, Perl, Bash, Hibernate, Quartz, Oracle 9i and 10g ORDBMS,
Apache DBCP, C3P0.

Additional Sub-projects:
   Struts Localization: Lead all localization – L10N work.
   Universal Messaging Interface: Led technical integration with a third party
       framework geared toward high-volume processing of diverse channels, e.g. email
       (POP3, SMTP), IM, SMS, Pagers, etc under one roof. Took over from where
       third-party failed and delivered.
   Job Scheduling: Designed and developed job scheduling sub-system in Java
       using open source Quartz framework as a replacement for Oracle Job Scheduler –
       DBMS_JOB. My solution has replaced DBMS_JOB across the system.
      GIS: Led technical integration with a third party Geo-Mapping system to support
       911 messaging capabilities. Designed and developed GIS features using ArcSDE
       and ArcIMS. Devised and developed pattern based address standardization and
       used it to geocode feeder subsystem. Enhanced system by adding the ability to
       retrieve user data by drawing on an arbitrarily shaped polygon on the displayed
       map image – involves substantial work at all layers.
      RAC: Designed and developed OCI based JDBC database connection pooling
       that supports Oracle’s TAF with RAC.
      Web Services Security in a clustered Web Cache environment: SSL-based, WS-I
       based (XML Digital Signatures, XML Encryption).
      Participated in systemwide performance analysis and tuning efforts.

Advising management and the client with project estimates, RFP and R&D efforts.

Tools and frameworks: Struts, JDeveloper, Eclipse, Vi, BC4J, Toad, Oracle 9i, Oracle
10g, Oracle 9iAS, GIS with ESRI – ArcIMS, ArcSDE.

J2EE and Oracle Consulting Assignment Jan 2005:, Santa Monica, California
Assisted in J2EE performance tuning of online business running on WebLogic, JBoss and
Oracle 10g.

 Spirent Communications Inc –, Calabasas, CA, USA
Independent Contractor: Sr. Java Engineer: Performance Analysis J2EE Infrastructure
Team, October – December 2003
Took over an unfinished and failing CMP and Reflection based persistence engine with
complex requirements – a graph with thousands or more of nodes, whose nodes can point
to itself or more than one of any other node in the graph had to be persisted - and
completed for System Release 1.
Took over Ant based build file generation that wasn’t working and brought solution
promptly. Mentored less experienced Business Layer as well as Presentation Layer
developers in getting over J2EE, JBoss, Ant and Persistence Layer hurdles. Worked on
the redesign of the Persistence Layer for Spirent’s next generation Performance Analysis
and Assurance product suite.
Tools: Eclipse, Rational XDE, JDeveloper, JBoss 3.2.2, Ant, Lomboz.
 Iris Wireless Development Llc, Honolulu, HI, USA
Sr. Java Engineer: R&D Lead Programmer/Architect, November 2002 – October 2003

High-paced inter-carrier wireless messaging R&D environment where main technologies
     Java
          1. J2EE: EJB 2.0 (Message Driven Beans, Session Beans, CMP and BMPs),
              Java Messaging Service, Servlets.
           2. J2SE: real-time multi-threaded TCP/IP programming with sockets as well
              as over HTTP. Java Management Extensions (JMX): Standard MBeans;
           3. Java web services: JAXB. JAXM, JAX-RPC, SOAP, Axis.
           4. JSPs for demo screens and testing.
           5. Struts to standardize testing and monitoring UI framework.

      XML: XSLT, XPath, XML Schema, DTD, SAX, DOM.
      Database: Oracle 8i/9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle JDBC.
      Application Server: JBoss 3.x.
      Web Server: Tomcat, Apache.
      OO Design methodology: UML.
      HTTP, SMTP, POP3, MIME.
      Wireless messaging: SMS, MMS.
      Substantial use of open source: Linux, JBoss, Ant, Log4J, CVS, NetBeans,
       Eclipse, XDoclet, JUnit.
      Oracle: Oracle Enterprise Manager, JDeveloper. XML processing with XMLType
       data type, CLOB and BLOBs.

Fine-tuned and brought solution to problems in the existing Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
code in production programmed by J2EE developers who did not have an in-depth
understanding of SQL and by Oracle DBAs and developers who did not know enough
Java or OOP.

Led design and development of high volume inter-carrier Short Messaging Service
(SMS) Gateway for Nokia’s CIMD2 protocol. This real-time system was hosted in JBoss
application server and Oracle 8i. JMX MBeans were used to kick off and monitor system
which contained multiple autonomous sub-systems implemented as Stateful and
Stateless Session EJBs (2.0), Java Messaging Service through Message Driven Beans,
asynchronous listener classes. This was a real-time applications with 24x7 high-volume
and concurrency requirements where efficient multithreading coupled with effective use
of SQL and PL/SQL were key to its success.

Designed and developed HTTP and SMTP gateways in a fashion similar to that of
CIMD’s to support CIMD2 and SMPP 3.4 SMS gateways such that SMS gateways could
communicate with different kinds of external entities e.g. client-sending message via
HTTP, e-mail gateway, etc. between the US wireless carriers and our potential client
overseas. EJBs (2.0), Servlets, JSPs and SQL are used.

Designed and developed demo system that provided TCP/IP based real-time SMS
message translation capabilities between English and Japanese, Korean, Traditional as
well as Simplified Chinese. EJBs (2.0), Servlets, JSPs and SQL were used.

Design and architecture of real-time SMS and MMS plug-and-play messaging
infrastructure into which value-added third party as well as internal services provided
through different technologies such as web services, EJBs, TCP/IP socket connections,
etc could be added on the fly.

Design and implementation of interface for Vidiator MMS Transcoding web services so
that multimedia transcoding needs of high volume inter-carrier MMS messages could be
served real-time. Vidiator accepted service requests through HTTP as an XML file with
binary data embedded and responded in a similar fashion. I had the system set up such
that once they started using SOAP we would be ready to go. EJBs (2.0), Servlets, JSPs
and SQL were used in web services context.

Design and development of MM7 web services support for MMS systems using EJBs
(2.0), Servlets, JSPs and SQL.

R&D of the latest in J2EE/Java, Concurrency, XML and Oracle9i in order to innovate
and enrich our products.
 ISDI (Interisland Systems Development and Integration) Inc, Honolulu, HI, USA
Sr. Systems Analyst, December 1999 – November 2002

Consulting Assignment 1999-November 2002:
Redesign and development of State of Hawaii Criminal Justice Data System.

My responsibilities could be summarized as work in the capacity of a system analyst,
system architect, software engineer and lead programmer. At the incubation phase of the
project, I convinced the management to go with XML and J2EE as choice of technology
and Java and SQL as the primary languages of development.

Led the effort to design and develop the server-side system interfaces to facilitate 24x7
exchange of information between various actors that are mainly state law enforcement
agencies, online as well as off-line end users and the criminal justice data warehouse.
Used a SDLC methodology similar to that of Rational Unified Process. This was a
J2EE/Java, XML, SQL/JDBC, DB2, JTA, CORBA, RMI-IIOP project. Wrote, tested
and debugged over a quarter million lines of Java and SQL code including most of the
transactional and non-transactional EJBs.

Software requirements specification through Object-Oriented Analysis.

System architecture modeling and prototyping of an evolutionary server-side
application framework, infrastructure and component model engineered to support highly
volatile business as well as technical requirements. The n-tiered application environment
mainly consisted of Sybase’s EAServer, J2EE/Java components, XML Parsers, DB2
relational database, SQL through JDBC technology, browser as well as server-side client

Object Oriented Design and Programming of the complete J2EE server-side
architecture which involved:
      A component-based distributed system that is programmed in Java, SQL and
       XML within the framework of J2EE (EJB, Servlets and JSPs) which took about
       three years:
       1. EJB 1.x, 2.0: Bean as well as Container Managed Stateful and Stateless
           Session Beans, Bean Managed Entity Beans to perform highly complex as
           well simple transactions. I have designed and developed close to a hundred
           EJBs for this system.
       2. Servlets 2.x, JSP: as entry points and for reporting purposes.
       3. Helper Java Classes: Business Rules, Infrastructure, Utilities, XML parse
           helpers, Serializable bulk data accessors, JavaBeans classes which are good
           size sub-projects.
       4. Advanced SQL programming of complex search algorithms (RLM search) as
           well as simple ones using JDBC 2.0 against DB2 database.
       5. Transaction Management by EJB Container as well as using Java Transaction
       6. XML programming using JAXP based DOM parser.
       7. Supporting and leading the team for matters concerning server-side
           components, Java, J2EE: EJBs and Servlets, JSPs, SQL, JDBC, XML, HTTP.
       8. Gained in-depth understanding of EJBs, how distributed computing works;
           CORBA, RMI/IIOP, stubs, skeletons, serialization issues, etc.
       9. Use of UML, Design Patterns, Refactoring techniques.
       10. Use of Visual Source Safe.

Testing and performance tuning of J2EE components, Java code, SQL statements,
application server configurations.

System is in production and was televised as an IT success story in the state of Hawaii.

 Rare & Dear Inc., Eleele and Honolulu, HI, USA
Oracle Consultant, January 1998 - November 1999

Clients & Projects:
Oracle Consulting Assignment June-November 1999:, Redwood Shores, California
Developed many of the Oracle8i back-end processes of a dotcom venture using SQL and
PL/SQL. Efficient and mission-critical processing of incoming data in excess of millions
rows each day was vital. Highly sophisticated SQL and PL/SQL work was needed.

Oracle Consulting Assignment February 1998-October 1999:
Bank of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
Performed a number of tasks, including:
     Report development with Oracle Discoverer 3.0 for Decision Support purposes in
       a Banking Data Warehouse environment, which included extensive analysis,
       design and SQL, PL/SQL programming with emphasis on high-performance SQL
       and PL/SQL turning. Report work included programming of very complex Cross-
       Sell and Combination of Services for Marketing. Devised own method for
       transforming Data Warehouse data into strategically useful information using
       provided tools and programming languages.
      Mentoring of staff in Forms 5.0, SQL, PL/SQL.
      Mentoring of staff in transforming Data Warehouse data into meaningful
       information to be used in strategic decision making.
      Automating SQL scripts used in generating periodic reports for Merchant
       Services operations by writing server as well as Forms PL/SQL code taking
       advantage of Oracle’s dynamic SQL feature to the edge.
      Creating Reports 2.5 and Reports 3.0 for Merchant Services new report
       generation system.
      Tracking and finding source of errors in SQL-based monthly report generation
       system used by Merchant Services
      SQL and PL/SQL programming in order to move subset of data from existing
       Data Warehouse data to reengineered data warehouse prototype with data
       integrity issues in mind.
      Fine tuning SQL, PL/SQL code for top performance in addition to efficient
       indexing taking advantage of cost-based optimizer’s strengths.
      Analysis, design and programming of Database Audit System with Forms 5.0,
       Reports 3.0 and PL/SQL.
      Cognos Decision Support Systems Design and Development work in an Oracle
       Banking Data Warehouse environment.

Oracle Consulting Assignment April-June 1999:
National Marine Fisheries, Honolulu, Hawaii
Oracle Forms 5.0, SQL and PL/SQL mentoring and programming work.

Oracle Consulting Assignment March-November 1999:
Cheap Tickets, Inc. – Honolulu, Hawaii
Designed and developed an Oracle interface to act as an intermediary between Java
clients and ZP4, a Windows based zip code utility program, using DBMS_PIPE and DDE
programming concepts.
Also Debugged and improved back-end process for data clean-up for web-based
reservation system.

Oracle Consulting Assignment July 1998:
Bay Networks, Inc. Millenia Vision Project, Honolulu, Hawaii – San Francisco, CA
Performed Oracle database trigger development in PL/SQL in order to validate business
rules on the server.

 LHS AG, Zurich, Switzerland
Freelance Consultant, October 97 - January 98
Debugging and programming code segments in million plus line BSCS, a GSM wireless
billing system, using Pro*C, C, SQL and PL/SQL on UNIX platform at ISO 9001
certified German telecom solutions firm.

 Global Securities Inc., Istanbul, Turkey
Senior Analyst / Programmer, September 96 - September 97
    Financial Trading System development involving pertinent systems analysis,
       design, and client/server implementation work with Oracle 7.3 that included
       extensive SQL and PL/SQL. My share of the 24x7 real-time trading system was
       Fixed Income Securities module.

      GUI development of Financial Trading System using Delphi Client/Server
       Enterprise Edition in light of MVC principles.

S-Designer CASE work in which Conceptual Modeling of Financial Trading System led
to final Physical Model including all SQL DDL, and DML code for Oracle 7.3.

WORK HISTORY: Before last ten years

 QuickTech AB, Lund, Sweden
Sales Assistant, October 94 - April 95, and on other occasions.
Performed User Guide Authoring, Program Testing, and Debugging of C++ code for a
Decision Support Systems program patent pending at the time. Patented now. QuikTech
was an expert in SGML technology. Assisted in terms of sales and marketing ideas to
launch the product in the US.

 Globe-Strat, Inc, Hicksville, NY, USA
Division Manager, 1993
Ran business founded by college classmate to make as much money as possible in as
short time as possible. Designed and developed Inventory Tracking and Bookkeeping
System with Paradox and C. Managed and administered various aspects of Direct Sales
Business: Finances; Information System, Analysis/Programming; Sales & Marketing;
Research; Training of employees.

 Geden Line (Cukurova Group), Istanbul, Turkey
Assistant Manager, June 91 - February 92
Advised general management in issues pertinent to: bulker vessel sale and purchase,
international shipping loan negotiations and agreements. Performed capital investment
and feasibility analyses. Combined C and Excel programming skills with financial
expertise effectively.
 Citibank, NA, Istanbul, Turkey
Management Associate, November 90 - May 91
Performed the duties of a junior securities trader in Money Markets that involved REPO
(repurchase agreement) trading, participating in Central Bank Bill Auctions. Used strong
C and Excel programming skills to automate routine trading chores.

 Shearson Lehman Hutton, Inc, Garden City, NY, USA
Trainee: Computer Analyst, September 89 - March 90
Designed, developed and maintained Lotus 1-2-3 based Fixed Income portfolio
management system for SVP.

 Venture Communications International, Inc, New York, NY, USA
Trainee: Summer 89
Designed, developed and maintained the marketing database.

Diverse freelance programming and technical authorship contracting work in Europe and
USA, 1987-2007

Experience with all stages of Software Development Life Cycle, team building and team

Primary Programming and Scripting Languages: Java, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, JSP, JSF,
PHP5, JavaScript.

Secondary Programming and Scripting Languages: Ruby, Flash ActionScript, Bash, Perl,
ASP, C/C++, Perl, Delphi/Object Pascal, Smalltalk/Visual Works, SRC Modula-3,
Pascal, Prolog, SPARC Assembly, Z80 Assembly, FORTRAN 77, Basic.

Primary Application and Web Servers: Oracle AS, Sybase EAServer, JBoss; Tomcat,
Secondary Application Servers: WebSphere, WebLogic.

Databases: Oracle, DB2, UDB, MySQL.
Database tools: SQL*Plus, Toad, DB2 Command Center, Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Open Source: Tomcat, Ant, XDoclet, Struts, Log4J, Hibernate, Spring Framework,
Spring MVC, JUnit, Quartz, Linux, JBoss, Apache, Eclipse, NetBeans, CVS, SVN,
Apache DBCP, C3P0, Quartz, XDoclet, and more.

Programming concepts and frameworks: J2EE: EJB and Servlets JSP, JSF, JMX, JMS
API, Java Web Services, JAXB, JAX-RPC, JDBC 2.0 and earlier, Transaction
Management with JTA - Java Transaction API, JAXP API, CORBA, RMI-IIOP, SOAP
with SAAJ, XSLT, XPath, XML Schema, DOM, SAX, WSDL.

Wireless Protocols: SMS: CIMD2, SMPP 3.4; MMS: MM1, MM4, MM7.

Methodologies: Object oriented as well as structured analysis, design and
implementation. UML notation. Use cases. Design Patterns by GoF. Component-based
java enterprise computing using EJB technology. ERD. Relational algebra, data
modeling. Refactoring experience. Extreme programming experience.

Development tools: Dreamweaver8, Flash8, Eclipse, NetBeans, Oracle JDeveloper,
PowerJ, Oracle Forms and Reports, PowerBuilder, Delphi, VisualWorks, Vi, various
UNIX shells.

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows XP, NT 4.0, Win 2000, Mac OS X, UNIX/Solaris,
AIX, HP Unix.

Decision Support Systems: Oracle Discoverer, Cognos DSS tools: Impromptu,
Transformer, PowerPlay and Scenario.

Case tools: S-Designer (now PowerDesigner), Oracle Designer/2000.

Source Control: CVS, SVN, CMVC/RCS, PVCS, Microsoft VCS.

Specialized Training
    Building Enterprise Java Beans Apps Using PowerJ and EAServer September 11-
       13, 2000
    Building Web Applications Using EAStudio December 13-15, 1999
    Building Applications Using PowerBuilder and EAServer December 16-17, 1999
    iDeveloper 1999, participant, Redwood Shores, CA
    Hummingbird tools training, 1999
    Oracle Discoverer 3 for End Users, January 1998
    Oracle Discoverer 3 Administration, January 1998
    10-day BSCS GSM billing system training, Frankfurt, Germany, November 1997.
    Oracle Training Seminar: Oracle Workgroup Server, Personal Oracle, OPO,
       Softem A.S., One Week training, October 1996
    International Sales & Marketing Planning, Mercuri International AB, January-
       July 1994
    Treasury Simulation Game (Money and FX Markets), Center for International
       Banking Studies: week-long training, 1991

Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, June 1987:
Defended bachelor’s thesis regarding the design and construction of a 3D pneumatic
robot arm controlled by a Commodore 64 micro computer.

Kauai Chamber of Commerce meeting, Kauai, HI, USA, February 1998:
Represented Rare & Dear Inc by performing a Discoverer 3.0 demo.

Hawaii Oracle Users Group (HOUG), Honolulu, HI, USA, November 1998:
Participated in a Discoverer 3.x presentation and spoke about common difficulties in
Decision Support problem solving and reporting and how to get around them in light of
advanced SQL, PL/SQL programming and tuning.


Computer Science / Informatics 94-96
Lund University, Lund, Sweden
Top grades in majority of courses in Computer Science and Informatics.
Lund University claims to be the best in Theoretical Computer Science in Europe.

Master of Business Administration – Finance and Banking 87-90
C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University, Brookville, New York

Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering 83-87
Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
Major: Applied Systems and Control Engineering
Thesis: Design, construction and programming of microcomputer-controlled 3D
pneumatic robot arm.
Bogazici aka Bosphorus University is the “Harvard” of Turkish Ivy League. Bogazici
University used to be called Robert College and is the first American College ever
founded outside the U.S.

English Language Proficiency education 82-83 at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey.

Lycee de Galatasaray 74-82
Francophone highschool education sponsored by Turkish and French governments.
Galatasaray Lisesi is the oldest educational institution in Turkey with a history in excess
of 500 years.

Award: Graduate Academic Achievement Award 87-90
Honor: Member of Delta Mu Delta, National Honor Society in Business Administration
Passed National Test of Swedish Proficiency for college level studies 1994
Fluent in English, Turkish and Swedish.
Reasonable comprehension of French, Danish and Norwegian

Member of high school and college alumni organizations, Rotary, ACM, AITP.

Excellent References and proof of delivery track record will be furnished upon request.